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Fairfax Co, Virginia



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bosman, Sarah* Celeste  20 Mar 1734Fairfax Co, Virginia I1441
2 Coffer (or Cofer), Francis  1748Fairfax Co, Virginia I93375
3 Ferguson, Joshua  8 Dec 1753Fairfax Co, Virginia I93386
4 Gardner, Elizabeth  Abt 1708Fairfax Co, Virginia I28345
5 Hayes, Bosman Sr.  1755Fairfax Co, Virginia I1575
6 Hayes, John "Jean"  1770Fairfax Co, Virginia I1439
7 Hayes, Louise "Lucy"  1765Fairfax Co, Virginia I1573
8 Hayes, Maria  1757Fairfax Co, Virginia I1578
9 Hayes, Marie  Abt 1781Fairfax Co, Virginia I1595
10 Hayes, Martha "Patsy"  1767Fairfax Co, Virginia I1577
11 Hayes, Thomas  1762Fairfax Co, Virginia I1587
12 Hayes, William* III  1768Fairfax Co, Virginia I1576
13 Key, Anne  Aft 1700Fairfax Co, Virginia I93352
14 Key, Elizabeth  Aft 1700Fairfax Co, Virginia I93354
15 Lewis, Sarah "Sally"  14 Dec 1776Fairfax Co, Virginia I28457
16 Manley, John Jacob  1735Fairfax Co, Virginia I47539
17 Patterson, Hannah Bonham  6 Feb 1790Fairfax Co, Virginia I40597
18 Payne, Ann  Abt 1769Fairfax Co, Virginia I60986
19 Payne, Benjamin  Abt 1761Fairfax Co, Virginia I60979
20 Payne, George  1763Fairfax Co, Virginia I60981
21 Payne, Ginney  Abt 1775Fairfax Co, Virginia I60983
22 Payne, Helen  Abt 1771Fairfax Co, Virginia I60987
23 Payne, James  Abt 1776Fairfax Co, Virginia I60960
24 Payne, Lishyea  1767Fairfax Co, Virginia I60984
25 Payne, Sanford  Abt 1773Fairfax Co, Virginia I60982
26 Payne, Sarah  18 Mar 1786Fairfax Co, Virginia I60992
27 Payne, Sarah "Sally"  1765Fairfax Co, Virginia I60985
28 Payne, William (poss f/o Ann* Payne??)  21 Mar 1755Fairfax Co, Virginia I60899
29 Posey, Hon. Thomas  9 Jul 1750Fairfax Co, Virginia I91518
30 Turner, Judge Edward  25 Nov 1778Fairfax Co, Virginia I28328
31 West, Anne  Abt 1735Fairfax Co, Virginia I34049
32 West, William  Abt 1708Fairfax Co, Virginia I28344


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ball, Dr. Mottrom  23 Aug 1842Fairfax Co, Virginia I91471
2 Barnes, Jane  17 Mar 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I108132
3 Coffer (or Cofer), Anne  Aft 1741Fairfax Co, Virginia I93371
4 Coffer (or Cofer), Francis  Bef 17 May 1744Fairfax Co, Virginia I93370
5 Coffer (or Cofer), Thomas Withers  Between 1 Jan 1781 and 16 Sep 1783Fairfax Co, Virginia I93369
6 Dent, George Jr  30 Aug 1757Fairfax Co, Virginia I16079
7 Ferguson, John  Bef Oct 1760Fairfax Co, Virginia I93372
8 Ferguson (or Farguson), Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  Bef 1761Fairfax Co, Virginia I93382
9 Ferguson (or Farguson), John  Bef 19 Feb 1761Fairfax Co, Virginia I93381
10 Ferguson (or Farguson), Joshua  Bef 16 Apr 1770Fairfax Co, Virginia I93383
11 Ferguson (or Farguson), Mary  Aft 1761Fairfax Co, Virginia I93378
12 Hereford, James II  1720Fairfax Co, Virginia I108133
13 Hollingsworth, Isaac  12 Sep 1759Fairfax Co, Virginia I47667
14 Jones, Alicia  31 Oct 1760Fairfax Co, Virginia I61015
15 Key, Anne  Aft 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93352
16 Kincheloe, Daniel  1785Fairfax Co, Virginia I47560
17 Lester, Virginia Plough  25 Feb 1976Fairfax Co, Virginia I84800
18 Love  Aft 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93355
19 Love, Ann  Aft 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93360
20 Love, Charles  Aft 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93359
21 Love, Elizabeth  Aft 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93357
22 McCarty, James  Abt 1788Fairfax Co, Virginia I47785
23 Parker, Nicholas  1755Fairfax Co, Virginia I22895
24 Parkins, Rachel  10 Sep 1805Fairfax Co, Virginia I47668
25 Payne, George  1799Fairfax Co, Virginia I60981
26 Tuberville, Martha Corbin  26 Mar 1685Fairfax Co, Virginia I91472
27 Wickliffe (maybe), Elizabeth  1765Fairfax Co, Virginia I93384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Payne, Col. Edward  19 May 1761Fairfax Co, Virginia I61004


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Ferguson, Joseph  30 Oct 1760Fairfax Co, Virginia I93392
2 Ferguson, Joshua  30 Oct 1760Fairfax Co, Virginia I93391
3 Ferguson (or Farguson), John  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93381
4 Ferguson (or Farguson), Joshua  19 Feb 1761Fairfax Co, Virginia I93383
5 Ferguson (or Farguson), Mary  19 Feb 1761Fairfax Co, Virginia I93378
6 Hayes, John  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I16538
7 Hayes, John (son? bro of Guillermo?)  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I95915
8 Hayes, William* "Guillermo" II (son?)  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I1555
9 Key, Anne  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93352
10 Key, Elizabeth  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93354
11 Love  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93355
12 Love, Thomas  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93356
13 Neavill, Elizabeth  25 Nov 1745Fairfax Co, Virginia I5959


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Bosman, Betty  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I1568
2 Bosman, Martha  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I1567
3 Bosman, Sarah* Celeste  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I1441
4 Ferguson, Josiah  19 Feb 1761Fairfax Co, Virginia I93388
5 Love, Ann  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93360
6 Love, Charles  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93359
7 Love, Elizabeth  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93357
8 Love, Mary  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93358
9 Love, Thomas  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I93356


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Love, Thomas  1782Fairfax Co, Virginia I93356


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Bosman (Bozman), Thomas*  9 Dec 1753Fairfax Co, Virginia  I1565
2 Coffer (or Cofer), Thomas Withers  16 Sep 1782Fairfax Co, Virginia I93369
3 Ferguson (or Farguson), Joshua  16 Apr 1770Fairfax Co, Virginia I93383
4 Love, Mary  4 Jan 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia I1571
5 Payne, Sanford  17 Dec 1792Fairfax Co, Virginia I60966


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ferguson / Stone  Abt 1773Fairfax Co, Virginia F31440
2 Hayes / Bosman  1753Fairfax Co, Virginia F637
3 Kincheloe / Wickliffe (maybe)  Abt 1745Fairfax Co, Virginia F31438
4 Lillard / Key  Fairfax Co, Virginia F31419
5 Love / Key  Bef 1754Fairfax Co, Virginia F31425
6 Payne / Grymes (Grimes)  Abt 1775Fairfax Co, Virginia F19935
7 Payne / Jennings  1 Mar 1763Fairfax Co, Virginia F19969
8 Payne / Lane  5 Mar 1775Fairfax Co, Virginia F19980
9 Payne / Lay  Abt 1760Fairfax Co, Virginia F19958