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Franklin Co, Georgia



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aderhold, Abraham  12 Dec 1790Franklin Co, Georgia I100370
2 Ayers, Cuthbert D.  1829Franklin Co, Georgia I100372
3 Ayers, Sarah Angela  28 Sep 1853Franklin Co, Georgia I100373
4 Bond, Lucinda Cornelia  25 Apr 1864Franklin Co, Georgia I88605
5 Bray, John Bunyan  16 Jul 1821Franklin Co, Georgia I88603
6 Brown, Mattie Lee  3 Dec 1885Franklin Co, Georgia I100376
7 Chastain, Floyd Taylor  12 Feb 1922Franklin Co, Georgia I88608
8 Denman, Adeline  17 Mar 1834Franklin Co, Georgia I22363
9 Denman, Emmaline  1836Franklin Co, Georgia I22364
10 Denman, Gilbert  1838Franklin Co, Georgia I22365
11 Denman, Prentis  1840Franklin Co, Georgia I22366
12 Denman, Washington Lafayette  23 Nov 1831Franklin Co, Georgia I22362
13 Denman, William L Storm  09 May 1805Franklin Co, Georgia I22360
14 Harbour, John Wesley  1776Franklin Co, Georgia I73655
15 Harbour, Johnson Hamilton  26 Jun 1828Franklin Co, Georgia I13196
16 Harbour, Seaborn Jones  25 Sep 1810Franklin Co, Georgia I73677
17 Harbour, Seaborn Jones  25 Sep 1830Franklin Co, Georgia I13197
18 Holbrook, Lewis H. (or Louis)  1816Franklin Co, Georgia I105565
19 Hollingsworth, Acenith Louisa  10 Nov 1811Franklin Co, Georgia I89556
20 Liner, Mary B. "Polly"  1795Franklin Co, Georgia I101453
21 Moulder, Patsy Elizabeth  5 Apr 1820Franklin Co, Georgia I100384
22 Parr, Henry  1788Franklin Co, Georgia I22368
23 Sartain, Frances Hellica  24 Jan 1830Franklin Co, Georgia I88600
24 Sartain, Mary "Polly"  Apr 1821Franklin Co, Georgia I88602
25 Sewell, John David  Feb 1852Franklin Co, Georgia I100374
26 Sewell, Marvin Riley  13 Jan 1885Franklin Co, Georgia I100375
27 Sparks, Frances "Fannie"  1796Franklin Co, Georgia I81786
28 Sparks, Mary "Polly"  1795Franklin Co, Georgia I81787
29 Sparks, Matthew  1797Franklin Co, Georgia I81785
30 Sparks, Sarah "Sallie"  1799Franklin Co, Georgia I81784
31 Sparks, Thomas Jr.  Abt 1774Franklin Co, Georgia I81732
32 Sparks, Col. William Crain Sr.  14 Jun 1798Franklin Co, Georgia I81697
33 Wheeler, John Franklin  8 Aug 1839Franklin Co, Georgia I100387
34 Williams, Littleton Meeks  1817Franklin Co, Georgia I101528
35 Worthy, Abraham (Absalom)  11 Nov 1818Franklin Co, Georgia I52240


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aderhold, Abraham  1872Franklin Co, Georgia I100370
2 Aderhold, Rebecca  11 Aug 1916Franklin Co, Georgia I100371
3 Ayers, Sarah Angela  5 Oct 1931Franklin Co, Georgia I100373
4 Beasley, Ann  1808Franklin Co, Georgia I83075
5 Bond, Lucinda Cornelia  4 Feb 1928Franklin Co, Georgia I88605
6 Boswell, John Young  20 Nov 1830Franklin Co, Georgia I79917
7 Bray, James York  5 Nov 1915Franklin Co, Georgia I88604
8 Bray, Mary Ada  20 Mar 1935Franklin Co, Georgia I88606
9 Brown, Mattie Lee  20 May 1937Franklin Co, Georgia I100376
10 Crider, Mrs. Barbara (..)  Aft 1798Franklin Co, Georgia I57465
11 Davis, Vann Jr.  1 Sep 1823Franklin Co, Georgia I103266
12 Eskew, John G.  6 Jan 1902Franklin Co, Georgia I100385
13 Eskew, Martha Jane  12 May 1928Franklin Co, Georgia I100386
14 Harbour, Catherine  1873Franklin Co, Georgia I100380
15 Harbour, Elias  15 Jul 1833Franklin Co, Georgia I73696
16 Harbour, Sarah "Sally"  6 Sep 1863Franklin Co, Georgia I100369
17 Harbour, Talmon  1797Franklin Co, Georgia I73702
18 Henderson, Mary  1828Franklin Co, Georgia I85727
19 Hendricks (Hendrix), Isaac  25 May 1803Franklin Co, Georgia I87032
20 Hollingsworth, Jacob Joseph  1826Franklin Co, Georgia I57488
21 Hollingsworth, Samuel  11 Feb 1817Franklin Co, Georgia I57503
22 Jones, Russell I  1828Franklin Co, Georgia I83074
23 Moulder, Lewis  1833Franklin Co, Georgia I100381
24 Moulder, Patsy Elizabeth  7 Mar 1879Franklin Co, Georgia I100384
25 Moulder (Mohler, Moler), Daniel William  1870Franklin Co, Georgia I104689
26 Parr, William  1857Franklin Co, Georgia I22370
27 Sartain, Mary "Polly"  4 May 1908Franklin Co, Georgia I88602
28 Sewell, Marvin Riley  13 Oct 1949Franklin Co, Georgia I100375
29 Sparks, Elijah  21 Dec 1832Franklin Co, Georgia I81731
30 Sparks, Elijah  21 Dec 1832Franklin Co, Georgia I81739
31 Sparks, James (or John?)  1807Franklin Co, Georgia I81727
32 Sparks, Thomas Jr.  1835Franklin Co, Georgia I81732
33 Stewart, Robert  May 1816Franklin Co, Georgia I40223
34 Stovall, Elizabeth Ann  1850Franklin Co, Georgia I101450
35 Wheeler, John Franklin  9 Jan 1927Franklin Co, Georgia I100387
36 Wheeler, Mary Elizabeth  21 May 1944Franklin Co, Georgia I100388


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Young, Dr. David Conger  1860Franklin Co, Georgia I82078


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Sparks, Elijah  2 Aug 1823Franklin Co, Georgia I81731


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aderhold / Harbour  5 Dec 1811Franklin Co, Georgia F33752
2 Ayers / Aderhold  20 Mar 1851Franklin Co, Georgia F33753
3 Bray / Bond  21 Oct 1880Franklin Co, Georgia F29415
4 Chandler / Liner  10 Nov 1814Franklin Co, Georgia F34193
5 Denman / Parr  23 Jul 1829Franklin Co, Georgia F8160
6 Eskew / Moulder  17 Dec 1835Franklin Co, Georgia F33759
7 Harbour / Blackwell  Abt 1805Franklin Co, Georgia F23864
8 Harbour / McKee  13 Dec 1808Franklin Co, Georgia F23887
9 Holbrook / Wilson  5 Mar 1812Franklin Co, Georgia F35668
10 Hollingsworth / Jones  6 May 1813Franklin Co, Georgia F18950
11 Jones / Neal  20 May 1838Franklin Co, Georgia F30830
12 Moulder / Harbour  1818Franklin Co, Georgia F33757
13 Parker / Wiley  1798Franklin Co, Georgia F34703
14 Parr / Parr  Abt 1787Franklin Co, Georgia F8162
15 Sartain / Paschall  29 Jan 1832Franklin Co, Georgia F29411
16 Sewell / Brown  Dec 1906Franklin Co, Georgia F33755
17 Skelton / Harbour  15 Dec 1844Franklin Co, Georgia F23888
18 Sparks / Elsberry  1790Franklin Co, Georgia F26054
19 Stephens / Jones  6 Mar 1860Franklin Co, Georgia F30831
20 Wheeler / Eskew  15 Oct 1866Franklin Co, Georgia F33760

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