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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albrecht, Frederick C. (immigrant)  Oct 1851Germany I87335
2 Behn (immigrant)  Germany I87331
3 Behn, Adoph (immigrant)  1865Germany I87348
4 Belke, Frederick Henry  1796Germany I50195
5 Belke, John Henry  1844Germany I47089
6 Belke, Manah  1850Germany I50197
7 Belke, Menah (..)  1824Germany I50196
8 Belke, Mrs. Sophie (..)  1820Germany I50201
9 Boerzel, Irmgard   I8756
10 Brown, Angelina Emily  26 Nov 1877Germany I27635
11 Bruhl, Louis Herman  1850Germany I32476
12 Cline, Sadie  1664Germany I69057
13 Colberg, Maria Katharina  1694Germany I68775
14 Crainer, F.  1812Germany I24633
15 Crainer, Mrs Mary (..)  1816Germany I24634
16 Crawford, Mrs. Mattie (..)  1876Germany I32024
17 Crossman, (lighthouse keeper) Charles (immigrant)  1821Germany I54112
18 Diese, Hannah C  Abt 1836Germany I20846
19 Dirr, Phillipina (immigrant)  1 Feb 1758Germany I80767
20 Doebner, Christian (immigrant)  1782Germany I85876
21 Doebner, Mary (immigrant)  1840Germany I85877
22 Doebner, Matilda (immigrant)  Abt 1841Germany I85878
23 Dressier, Ann  1837Germany I8780
24 Drost, Louis Charles  1850Germany I83729
25 Eisman, Henry (immigrant)  1861Germany I80138
26 Emnentrout, Elizabeth Catherine (immigrant)  1727Germany I6224
27 Ender, Jacob G  1805Germany I21331
28 Ender, Mary Rosalie  1836Germany I21312
29 Ender, Rosalie  1836Germany I21428
30 Ender, Rudolph  1838Germany I21429
31 Eye, Christopher (immigrant)  1747Germany I56161
32 Fechner, Juliana  3 Feb 1835Germany I40473
33 Felix-Klee, Ella (immigrant)  1872Germany I101340
34 Fischer, William F.  24 Apr 1869Germany I25453
35 Franke, Louis Ludwig  27 Feb 1817Germany I47845
36 Fredenberg, Mary (..)  1830Germany I28098
37 Fritz, Mary Lee (Immigrant)  1751Germany I64130
38 Gentz, Albert Heinrich (immigrant)  11 Feb 1860Germany I106242
39 Gentz, Bertha M. (immigrant)  Nov 1872Germany I106244
40 Gentz, Caroline Emile Louise (immigrant)  26 Aug 1865Germany I106243
41 Gentz (Genz), Caroline Auguste Friederike  1 Mar 1857Germany I106241
42 Gentz (Genz), Friedrich Wilheim  23 Oct 1851Germany I106239
43 Gentz (Genz), Wilhelmine Albertine  14 May 1854Germany I106240
44 Geske, August  Jul 1870Germany I16694
45 Gielen, Maria Kathrina (immigrant)  Dec 1864Germany I98381
46 Gochenauer (Cochenour), Hans*  Abt 1665Germany I49854
47 Hankamer, Johannes Wilhelm  1 Apr 1798Germany I38891
48 Hann, John M.  Abt 1864Germany I25449
49 Harbinger, Joseph  1847Germany I40075
50 Hargroder, Johannes Heinrich (John)  Abt 1740Germany I8131
51 Harmon, Mrs. Mary (..)  Abt 1737Germany I8220
52 Hartmann, Arthur Robert  16 Jun 1865Germany I65182
53 Heckwine, Amelia "Millie" (immigrant)  1859Germany I78966
54 Heiman, Sarah Elizabeth  Oct 1828Germany I59473
55 Hildebrand, Gottlieb  Dec 1834Germany I20852
56 Hoffman, Mrs. (..)(..)  Abt 1840Germany I65512
57 Hoffman, Louisa (..)  1840Germany I65516
58 Hooter, Michael  Abt 1727Germany I13884
59 Horn-Bacon, Mariah Christina (immigrant)  4 Oct 1826Germany I74797
60 How (Haw), Charley  Sep 1844Germany I59814
61 Hutto, Charles (Immigrant)  1724Germany I86974
62 Ingle, George (immigrant)  1735Germany I80937
63 Kalmage, John F William  Abt 1845Germany I52
64 Kauss, Anna (immigrant)  23 May 1873Germany I91890
65 King, (..)  Abt 1800Germany I22451
66 King, Mrs (..)(..)  Abt 1800Germany I22452
67 Knodell, Claud (maybe) (Nodel)  Abt 1798Germany I28061
68 Krumholt, Jacob  1855Germany I66219
69 Kunkel, Louise (..)  1840Germany I34374
70 Landis (?), Anna Babara* (Immigrant)  Abt 1674Germany I839
71 Lutz, Lena (immigrant)  1879Germany I9836
72 Maass, Mrs. Oelze (..)  Abt 1820Germany I82859
73 Maass, William  Abt 1840Germany I82858
74 Meyer, Henry (immigrant)  14 Jun 1792Germany I47854
75 Michel, Hans  Abt 1669Germany I42156
76 Milter, Ida Elizabeth  30 May 1866Germany I106259
77 Molkentine, Albertina Harrietta (immigrant)  7 Aug 1862Germany I106005
78 Möschter, Ballard Louise (Beate)  Germany I101341
79 Möschter (Felix), Gottlieb (immigrant)  Germany I101333
80 Moyers, Peter (Immigrant-PA)  Dec 1721Germany I54936
81 Nehm, Anna Margarete  1730Germany I68773
82 Nussli, Anna*  Abt 1665Germany I49855
83 Obermeyer, Ludwig F.Joseph (immigrant)  Sep 1846Germany I87350
84 Olenbush, (..)  Abt 1830Germany I56961
85 Overland, Conrad  Abt 1800Germany I27981
86 Overland, George Guadaloupe  Abt 1825Germany I27912
87 Overland, John Frederick  Aug 1821Germany I27969
88 Parker, Mrs. Patience R. (..)  1835Germany I41879
89 Pistorius, Mary Elisabeth  1761Germany I68771
90 Propst, Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth (..)  1720Germany I56167
91 Prudhomme, Marie Louise  Abt 1766Germany I8127
92 Raueser (Raisor), George Adam  Abt 1730Germany I45000
93 Reel, Dorothea (immigrant)  1780Germany I101093
94 Rosenbaum, Henry D. (immigrant)  1832Germany I101274
95 Schneider (Snyder, Snider), Anna Elisabetha (Immigrant)  Germany I22294
96 Schneider (Snyder, Snider), Mrs. Catherine (..) (immigrant)  1718Germany I107771
97 Scholl, Capt Peter  Abt 1699Germany I11034
98 Sell, Marie Louise (immigrant)  1850Germany I101334
99 Sharp, Heinrich or Henry Honas "Pioneer" (Immigrant)  4 May 1735Germany I68201
100 Shively, Henry (immigrant)  Jun 1760Germany I101085

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Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Colberg, Maria Katharina  1740Germany I68775
2 Davies (or Davis?), Robert Alexander  7 Nov 1918Germany I79339
3 Gallier, S/Sgt Albert Pierre  12 Feb 1945Germany I21248
4 Gentz (Genz), Caroline Auguste Friederike  Yes, date unknownGermany I106241
5 Gentz (Genz), Wilhelmine Albertine  Yes, date unknownGermany I106240
6 Mayer, Hans* Georg (Jerg) Sr  1693Germany I840
7 Nehm, Anna Margarete  Aft 1770Germany I68773
8 Snyder, Johann Philip  1798Germany I68772
9 Snyder (Snider), Johann Georg  1759Germany I68774


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cook, Frederick (Fritz) William (Koch)  Jan 1845Germany I22587
2 Rainey (Renard, Raynor), Ananciade Georgetta "Georgia"  Germany I25885


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Smith, Nicholas (immigrant)  1762Germany I13983


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Albrecht, Frederick C. (immigrant)  1881Germany I87335
2 Behn, Adoph (immigrant)  1886Germany I87348
3 Bruhl, Louis Herman  Bef 1872Germany I32476
4 Echner, Johanna Pauline (Ekner)  1886Germany I20856
5 Fischer, William F.  1882Germany I25453
6 Freitag, Augusta (Friday)  1874Germany I20853
7 Hankamer, Frederich Adolph "Fritz"  1845Germany I38884
8 Hankamer, Johann Karl "Charles" Christian  1845Germany I38892
9 Hildebrand, Gottlieb  1872Germany I20852
10 Neugenbauer, Sophia Marguerite  1860Germany I50186
11 Obermeyer, Ludwig F.Joseph (immigrant)  1867Germany I87350
12 Obermeyer, Marie N. (..)  1867Germany I87351
13 Sell, Marie Louise (immigrant)  1871Germany I101334
14 Smith, Jacob (immigrant)  1762Germany I36168
15 Will, Gustave Adolph  1886Germany I20855


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Goloven, Ralph I. "Sonny"  7 Jul 1944Germany I49986


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Myers (Moyers), Love Joy (twin)  Germany I59445


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Stone, Larry   I33394


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Belke / Belke  Abt 1845Germany F16538
2 Doebner /   Abt 1808Germany F28220
3 Forman / Boerzel  Sep 1970Germany F3513
4 Gentz / Molkentine  1886Germany F35840
5 Hildebrand / Freitag  1874Germany F7672
6 King / King  Abt 1820Germany F8199
7 Mayer (Meyer)(Myer) / Kinisley  Abt 1865Germany F19274
8 Myers (Moyers) / Kretschmer   F19509
9 Opdengraeff / Aldekerk  Abt 1510Germany F21231
10 Opdengraff van de Aldekerk / Opdengraeff van de Aldekerk  Abt 1554Germany F21229
11 Schneider (Snyder, Snider) / Duenschmann  1684Germany F22230
12 Shoffner / Fogleman (Vogleman)  Abt 1751Germany F7078
13 Snyder / Nehm  Abt 1762Germany F22236
14 Snyder (Snider) / Colberg  Abt 1724Germany F22237
15 Snyder (Snider) / Snyder (Snider)  Abt 1659Germany F22231
16 Vogt (Vaught) / Vogt  Bef 1714Germany F397
17 Weaver / Weaver  Abt 1800Germany F31467
18 Will / Diese  Abt 1851Germany F7669
19 Will / Jahans  1907Germany F7670

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