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Granville Co, North Carolina



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1797Granville Co, North Carolina I67482
2 Bass, Winifred  1755Granville Co, North Carolina I52506
3 Bledsoe, Jane R. "Jensy"  7 Apr 1784Granville Co, North Carolina I67459
4 Bledsoe, Lewis  15 Dec 1756Granville Co, North Carolina I67460
5 Boswell, Ann  1750Granville Co, North Carolina I81636
6 Chandler, James M.  1791Granville Co, North Carolina I101451
7 Chandler, Lewis Lenier  1821Granville Co, North Carolina I72711
8 Chandler, Wyatt Jackson  1791Granville Co, North Carolina I101452
9 Coker, Jesse Evans  1784Granville Co, North Carolina I62662
10 Forsythe, John  1789Granville Co, North Carolina I93816
11 Forsythe, John "Red Buck"  1828Granville Co, North Carolina I93818
12 Forsythe, Phillip  Abt 1825Granville Co, North Carolina I93817
13 Forsythe, Simpson  1826Granville Co, North Carolina I93819
14 Gaunt, Elizabeth  1762Granville Co, North Carolina I104124
15 Graves, John  1775Granville Co, North Carolina I90979
16 Harris, Selvah  1732Granville Co, North Carolina I95765
17 Henderson, Elizabeth  1763Granville Co, North Carolina I67995
18 Horton, Joseph  Abt 1725Granville Co, North Carolina I22335
19 Jones, Sylvia  1814Granville Co, North Carolina I93801
20 Linville, Aaron  1750Granville Co, North Carolina I10978
21 Loyd, Jarrett  1765Granville Co, North Carolina I37080
22 Moore, Frances  6 Feb 1756Granville Co, North Carolina I67461
23 Moore, Mark Noah  Abt 1743Granville Co, North Carolina I68528
24 Paschall, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1761Granville Co, North Carolina I88596
25 Roberts, Marcus William Jr.  16 Sep 1814Granville Co, North Carolina I93800
26 Roberts, Monroe  Aug 1837Granville Co, North Carolina I93803
27 Roberts, Simeon W.  1838Granville Co, North Carolina I76408
28 Rose, Anna B.  Abt 1777Granville Co, North Carolina I55639
29 Rust, Jeremiah Turner  11 Dec 1795Granville Co, North Carolina I67483
30 Searcy, Reuben  22 Jun 1729Granville Co, North Carolina I65140
31 Searcy, William  1 Jan 1769Granville Co, North Carolina I65144
32 Stone, Conway  16 Jul 1761Granville Co, North Carolina I19223
33 Stone, Ephraim  1763Granville Co, North Carolina I19224
34 Stone, James  1760Granville Co, North Carolina I19222
35 Stovall, Elizabeth Ann  1769Granville Co, North Carolina I101450
36 Stovall, George M.  20 Jul 1768Granville Co, North Carolina I81637
37 Stovall, Susannah "Susan"  13 Sep 1776Granville Co, North Carolina I81635
38 Terry, Henrietta  1805Granville Co, North Carolina I50581
39 Wilkins, Mary Ann  1742Granville Co, North Carolina I101449


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bledsoe, Lewis  24 Jun 1833Granville Co, North Carolina I67460
2 Boswell, Ann  7 Aug1809Granville Co, North Carolina I81636
3 Boyd, Robert C. Sr.  25 Aug 1783Granville Co, North Carolina I72754
4 Collins, Catherine  1807Granville Co, North Carolina I96086
5 Crockett, Jason Spotswood (pos anc of Davy Crockett)  Aft 1740Granville Co, North Carolina I47437
6 Driskell, Dennis (immigrant)  1768Granville Co, North Carolina I102587
7 Drury (or Daulton?), Dorcas Poole  1775Granville Co, North Carolina I81629
8 Dukes (Duke), John  Abt 1755Granville Co, North Carolina I56292
9 Evans, Pallatiah  Aft 1791Granville Co, North Carolina I101951
10 Forsythe, John  1855Granville Co, North Carolina I93816
11 Forsythe, John "Red Buck"  16 Sep 1912Granville Co, North Carolina I93818
12 Forsythe, Phillip  1870Granville Co, North Carolina I93817
13 Harris, Selvah  1810Granville Co, North Carolina I95765
14 Hayes, Joshua (twin)  9 Apr 1797Granville Co, North Carolina I16547
15 Henderson, Susanna  5 Dec 1778Granville Co, North Carolina I65141
16 Horton, Joseph  1768Granville Co, North Carolina I22335
17 Jones, Ambrose  1792Granville Co, North Carolina I96085
18 Knight, William  4 Mar 1791Granville Co, North Carolina I101950
19 Moore, Frances  1850Granville Co, North Carolina I67461
20 Roberts, Macus William "Mark"  26 Jul 1821Granville Co, North Carolina I93814
21 Stokes, Elizabeth  Feb 1762Granville Co, North Carolina I67490
22 Stovall, John Sr.  Between 29 Jul 1781 and Nov 1781Granville Co, North Carolina I81628
23 Stovall, John  6 Nov 1820Granville Co, North Carolina I60147
24 Stovall, Susannah "Susan"  Aft 1778Granville Co, North Carolina I81635
25 Thacker, Margaret (immigrant)  1753Granville Co, North Carolina I102588
26 Wilkins, Mary Ann  1820Granville Co, North Carolina I101449


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Rentfroe, Enoch Sr.  1760Granville Co, North Carolina I15123


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Rentfroe, Enoch Sr.  1754Granville Co, North Carolina I15123


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Bledsoe  1 May 1810Granville Co, North Carolina F21827
2 Blaylock / Ward  2 Sep 1808Granville Co, North Carolina F12817
3 Forsythe / Bledsoe  11 Feb 1846Granville Co, North Carolina F31580
4 Hayes / Harris  1750Granville Co, North Carolina F32232
5 Jones / Collins  1736Granville Co, North Carolina F32320
6 Lollar / Burgess  1804Granville Co, North Carolina F13340
7 Roberts / Jones  2 Sep 1782Granville Co, North Carolina F31577
8 Roberts / Jones  27 Oct 1835Granville Co, North Carolina F31573
9 Stovall / Boswell  1774Granville Co, North Carolina F26686
10 Stovall / HIcks  Abt 1775Granville Co, North Carolina F26681
11 Upchurch / Jenkins  3 Mar 1803Granville Co, North Carolina F22186

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