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Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas


Latitude: 29.9482695, Longitude: -93.9171155


1936 City Directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Port Arthur (Groves addn)
1936 City Directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Port Arthur (Groves addn)
S Helmer Courts and Clyde "Sonny" and Lenia Arvidson Courts
1938 city directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Port Arthur
1938 city directory, Texas, Jefferson Co, Port Arthur
Wiley and Bea Choate
Port Arthur News
Port Arthur News
Friday, April 16, 1937, Page 17
"Groves News" little gossip column that includes many of the residents' social activities, including members of the Courts and Jones families; i.e. Sonny, Bea (Mrs. Wiley Choate), Hal, and Lillian and Kyle and children Gloria and OK Jones, Jr., and Kyle's brother Clyde Jones and his wife Mary Esther Miia Jones. (d)


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Carl Howard  15 Sep 1917Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23551
2 Beaumont, Dirk Albert   I26067
3 Choate, Sherley   I23559
4 Courts, Dorothy Faye "Dot"  20 Jun 1940Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I1361
5 Smith, Gladys Dios  3 May 1922Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80021


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Albers, Minnie  9 Oct 1990Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I433
2 Arvidson, Arvid  12 Aug 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23566
3 Arvidson, Clarence R  Oct 1977Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23569
4 Beaumont, Samuel Woodrow Sr.  6 Oct 1982Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23552
5 Beaumont, Walter Lee  Jan 1986Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I431
6 Blanchard, Walter  4 May 1964Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I98979
7 Born, Flora Bell  30 Apr 1992Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I62126
8 Campbell, Cora Mae  Feb 1978Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I24247
9 Choate, George King  14 Dec 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23518
10 Dewees, Harkaway Lovan  04 Nov 1972Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I21504
11 Flurry, Virgil Richard  2 Jun 1978Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I8518
12 Garrett, Julia Nettie  15 May 1970Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I107124
13 Gonzales, Julian Romulo  21 Mar 2012Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I107396
14 Grannis, Hilma  14 Sep 1939Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23567
15 Hamilton, Ruby Emma  1996Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I68953
16 Hargraves, Walter Leslie  16 Nov 1981Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I25550
17 Jimerson, Rayford E.  3 Oct 2014Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I73731
18 LeBouef, Odelia  28 Jan 1970Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23602
19 Lee, Anita Elizabeth  8 Aug 1957Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I8373
20 Lee, Emma Ann  05 Sep 1960Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I430
21 Lee, Franklin Dewey  Aft 1912Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I8371
22 Lee, James Singleton Jr  6 Mar 1962Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I8374
23 Martin, Cova Elizabeth  06 Sep 2001Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I26143
24 Miller, Mary Kate  16 Mar 1983Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I41077
25 Morgan, Leona  16 Jan 1989Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I35459
26 Mudd, Amelia  1991Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23607
27 Mudd, Clyde  26 Feb 1973Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23610
28 Mudd, Earl Douglas Sr  26 Mar 2004Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I1363
29 Mudd, Edward "Eddie"  15 Nov 1970Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23561
30 Olivier, Ella Mae  23 Sep 2000Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80045
31 Parrish, Loe Alice "Lula"  12 Nov 1970Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I26145
32 Pate, Vernon Hubie  Dec 1980Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I50080
33 Peveto, Lula  12 Nov 1970Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I31971
34 Peveto, Michael Everett  17 Sep 1953Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I31879
35 Phelps, William Douglas  20 Nov 1979Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I31117
36 Piazza, Martin  16 Apr 1994Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23543
37 Simmons, Mary Adeline  5 Jan 1966Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I102000
38 Smith, Gladys Dios  6 May 1928Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80021
39 Smith, Raymond Charles  28 May 2003Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79937
40 Smith (Schmidt), Bailey Stanford  22 Dec 1966Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79933
41 Stanley, Clarence E. Sr.  9 Nov 1950Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I76843
42 Turnbull, Afred Victor  14 Aug 1967Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I8592
43 Walles, Benjamin Franklin  15 Nov 1964Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I101999
44 Whittington, George Oscar  16 Sep 1939Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I74766


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Arvidson, Lenia  21 Apr 1930Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I1358
2 Arvidson, Viola  21 Apr 1930Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23568
3 Choate, John Whitney Sr  23 Apr 1930Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23554
4 Mudd, Edward "Eddie"  23 Apr 1930Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23561
5 Mudd, John Baptiste  23 Apr 1930Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23560


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Gentz, Betty Jo  7 Jun 1945Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I44733


Matches 1 to 72 of 72

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Albers, Minnie  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I433
2 Albers, Minnie  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I433
3 Albers, Minnie  22 Jun 1942Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I433
4 Arvidson, Lenia  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I1358
5 Bishop, Bobbye  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79938
6 Bozeman, Rosa Viola  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I44753
7 Bozeman, Rosa Viola  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I44753
8 Bozeman, Rosa Viola  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I44753
9 Braeuer, Amanda Helen (or Emile)  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79906
10 Braeuer, Amanda Helen (or Emile)  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79906
11 Braeuer, Amanda Helen (or Emile)  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79906
12 Braeuer, Elmeda N. (..)  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80039
13 Burns, Elise Lee  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I16305
14 Burns, Elise Lee  16 Sept 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I16305
15 Burns, Elise Lee  18 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I16305
16 Campbell, Cora Mae  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I24247
17 Courts, Alma Beatrice  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I1323
18 Courts, Margaret Claudie (Marguerite)  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I1325
19 Courts, Margaret Claudie (Marguerite)  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I1325
20 Courts, Margaret Claudie (Marguerite)  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I1325
21 Dorman, Annie Rae  22 Jun 1942Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80091
22 Eisman, Mrs. Etta M. (..)  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80147
23 Fuselier (or Fusilier), Mary Lourice (Laurice)  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I21549
24 Fuselier (or Fusilier), Mary Lourice (Laurice)  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I21549
25 Fuselier (or Fusilier), Mary Lourice (Laurice)  24 Jul 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I21549
26 Fuselier (or Fusilier), Mary Lourice (Laurice)  22 Jun 1942Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I21549
27 Fuselier (or Fusilier), Victoria Marie  22 Jun 1943Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80123
28 Gentz, Alfred Woodrow II  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I16302
29 Gentz, Betty Jo  24 Jul 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I44733
30 Gentz, Dora Mae   I16306
31 Gentz, Dora Mae   I16306
32 Gentz, Dora Mae   I16306
33 Gentz, Dora Mae   I16306
34 Gentz, Mrs Lillian (..)  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I22762
35 Gentz, Mrs Lillian (..)  22 Jun 1942Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I22762
36 Gentz, Olive Mae  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I16304
37 Griffith, Doris Eliza  22 Jun 1942Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80078
38 Hunt, Myrtle  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23562
39 Hunt, Myrtle  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23562
40 LeBouef, Odelia  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23602
41 LeBouef, Odelia  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23602
42 Martin, Cova Elizabeth  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I26143
43 Martin, Cova Elizabeth  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I26143
44 Mudd, Ada Cecilia  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23606
45 Mudd, Ada Cecilia  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23606
46 Mudd, Ada Cecilia  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23606
47 Mudd, Amelia  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23607
48 Mudd, Amelia  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23607
49 Mudd, Amelia  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23607
50 Mudd, Carrie  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I32004
51 Mudd, Mrs. Gladys (..)  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79925
52 Mudd, Mrs. Gladys (..)  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79925
53 Mudd, Mrs. Odelia (..)  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I31825
54 Mudd, Mrs. Odelia (..)  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I31825
55 Mudd, Mrs. Odelia (..)  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I31825
56 Mudd, Mrs. Odelia (..)  22 Jun 1942Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I31825
57 Olivier, Ella Mae  18 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80045
58 Peveto, Dorothy Olive  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79929
59 Peveto, Dorothy Olive  22 Jun 1942Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79929
60 Ponder, (daughter - Letha?)  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79932
61 Ponder, Mildred Alma  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79911
62 Ponder, Mildred Alma  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79911
63 Rodgers, Carrie A.  18 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80057
64 Rogers, Evelyn  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I31981
65 Rogers, Evelyn  22 Jun 1942Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I31981
66 Schmidt (Smith), Doris June   I80075
67 Schmidt (Smith), Shirley M.   I80074
68 Seiler, Amanda Emilie  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79931
69 Seiler, Amanda Emilie  16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79931
70 Seiler, Amanda Emilie  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79931
71 Seiler, Frieda Ella  5 Oct 1935Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I80136
72 Smith, William B. "Willie"  21 May 1941Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I79936


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Arvidson, Arvid  Bef 1913Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23566
2 Arvidson, Clarence R  1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23569
3 Brewer, Emma  1972Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I32050
4 Grannis, Hilma  Bef 1913Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas I23567


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arvidson / Dorion  Bef 1938Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas F8519
2 Bellaire / Schmidt (Smith)   F26079
3 Minner / Olivier  Abt 1944Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas F26069
4 Smith / Ponder  Bef 16 Sep 1936Groves, Jefferson Co, Texas F26006

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