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Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Hester (black)  14 May 1883Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107043
2 Hankamer, Albert Monroe  2 Jan 1865Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38904
3 Hankamer, Fay  19 Mar 1911Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I58391
4 Hankamer, Ira Alvin  18 Sep 1869Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I58377
5 Hankamer, Myra Lenora  9 May 1871Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38854
6 Harmon, Alva Joshua  Jan 1895Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38876
7 Harmon, Betty Kathleen  2 Feb 1931Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38767
8 Harmon, Carroll Henry  20 Nov 1905Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I33453
9 Harmon, David Richard  23 Dec 1903Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I33452
10 Harmon, Elnora Dell  3 Dec 1894Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I33448
11 Harmon, Mary Cora  7 Sep 1896Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I33449
12 Kirkwood, Mila Amma (black)  Feb 1888Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107056
13 Lee, Stella Mae  8 Dec 1877Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38832
14 Mayes, Daisy  12 Mar 1932Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107045
15 Mayes, Effie May   I107044
16 Mayes, Herbert (Mulatto)  13 Feb 1906Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107040
17 Sherman, Mary Leita  20 Dec 1867Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I91
18 Speights, Earl Lee  24 Dec 1926Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107054
19 Speights, Edwin Hannes  12 May 1912Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I44713
20 Speights, George M.  9 Aug 1886Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107064
21 Stengler, Annie May  15 Aug 1871Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38776
22 Weaver, Elsie Elner  11 Jul 1892Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38771
23 Weaver, Minerva  Mar 1851Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38885
24 White, Walter Larson (Mulatto)  18 Sep 1893Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I26383
25 Williams, Linda (black)  2 Oct 1915Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107041
26 Wiser, Henry Edward  22 Feb 1875Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38831


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Barrow, Vincent  28 Aug 1838Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I90268
2 Brown, Hester (black)  18 Apr 1958Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107043
3 Hankamer, Almond Dewey  Jan 1974Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I58386
4 Hankamer, Frederich Adolph "Fritz"  23 Jan 1917Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38884
5 Hankamer, Ira Jett  27 Aug 1992Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I58382
6 Harmon, Carroll Henry  14 Jan 1977Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I33453
7 Harmon, Ida Merle  28 Feb 1899Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I33457
8 Harmon, Joe Clarence  14 Mar 1984Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38769
9 Harmon, John Columbus  02 Mar 1921Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I23451
10 Higginbotham, Johanna  14 Feb 1877Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38905
11 Mayes, Daisy  3 Apr 2009Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107045
12 Mayes, Edra (or Elva) (Mulatto)(poss gs of Martha Mayes?)  22 Sep 1949Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107042
13 Mayes, Herbert (Mulatto)  7 Dec 1984Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107040
14 Peveto, Cleonice (Claraneese)  26 May 1916Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I23311
15 Scales, Evan  5 Sep 1924Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I6642
16 Schuster, Johanetta Margaretha  21 Feb 1877Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38906
17 Speights, Earl Lee  24 Mar 1996Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I107054
18 Stengler, Annie May  11 Sep 1959Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38776
19 Weaver, Andrew (immigrant)  10 Aug 1846Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I93504
20 Weaver, Mrs. Julia Maud (..) (immigrant)  12 Dec 1846Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I93505
21 Weaver, Minerva  30 Oct 1918Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I38885
22 White, Sara Secelia  28 Feb 1920Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas I93524


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Hankamer / Hankamer  1898Hankamer, Chambers Co, Texas F13213