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Hardin Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 90 of 90

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashworth, Albert Sidney  27 Mar 1899Hardin Co, Texas I22674
2 Ashworth, Frank F  25 Jun 1901Hardin Co, Texas I22673
3 Ashworth, Stella B  1904Hardin Co, Texas I22672
4 Cook, A.E.  1876Hardin Co, Texas I22599
5 Cook, Alvina Augusta  30 Sep 1895Hardin Co, Texas I22641
6 Cook, Bennie Bessie  20 Mar 1896Hardin Co, Texas I22625
7 Cook, Daniel Hausey  16 Feb 1889Hardin Co, Texas I22657
8 Cook, Elizabeth  1880Hardin Co, Texas I22601
9 Cook, Ernest  Feb 1883Hardin Co, Texas I22651
10 Cook, Ernest Christopher  24 Aug 1853Hardin Co, Texas I22591
11 Cook, Hulda A  1878Hardin Co, Texas I22600
12 Cook, Minnie M  Oct 1891Hardin Co, Texas I22658
13 Cook, Ora A  Aug 1899Hardin Co, Texas I22653
14 Cook, Paul  31 Jul 1880Hardin Co, Texas I22650
15 Cook, Rannie Lou  01 Apr 1892Hardin Co, Texas I22624
16 Cook, Robert Lee  23 Aug 1896Hardin Co, Texas I22660
17 Cook, Ruby Leona  27 Mar 1905Hardin Co, Texas I22628
18 Courts, David Wakefield   I34748
19 Cuniff, Joseph Bailey "Joe"  18 Sep 1920Hardin Co, Texas I47023
20 Cuniff, Ovia Mack Jr.  22 Jul 1926Hardin Co, Texas I47303
21 Edwards, Tiffanie Leanna   I44101
22 Franklin, Elzie Wain   I31480
23 Gray, Phillip Duke   I48494
24 Guynes, Christene Elizabeth   I31426
25 Guynes, Wilbur Lee  11 May 1938Hardin Co, Texas I31427
26 Hamshire, Tiney Lee (or Tiny)  27 Jun 1919Hardin Co, Texas I100854
27 Hargraves, Ada Belle  19 Apr 1911Hardin Co, Texas I100184
28 Hargraves, Appalonia "Abbie"  11 Jul 1860Hardin Co, Texas I24348
29 Hargraves, James Hillard  28 Aug 1928Hardin Co, Texas I100133
30 Hargraves, Joseph Ona  5 Dec 1897Hardin Co, Texas I87575
31 Hargraves, Osa  12 Nov 1900Hardin Co, Texas I87574
32 Hargraves, Richard  16 Apr 1907Hardin Co, Texas I100183
33 Hargraves, Robert Munson  15 Oct 1921Hardin Co, Texas I100187
34 Knupple, Abert B  1870Hardin Co, Texas I22634
35 Knupple, Annie I  31 Dec 1868Hardin Co, Texas I22633
36 Knupple, Carra  Jul 1897Hardin Co, Texas I22648
37 Knupple, Charles A  1876Hardin Co, Texas I22638
38 Knupple, Clyde Everett Sr  Sep 1892Hardin Co, Texas I22646
39 Knupple, Cora Octavine  09 May 1880Hardin Co, Texas I22611
40 Knupple, Dara Cornelia  20 May 1867Hardin Co, Texas I22619
41 Knupple, Emma S  09 May 1878Hardin Co, Texas I22610
42 Knupple, Hulda  1875Hardin Co, Texas I22637
43 Knupple, John O  09 Sep 1873Hardin Co, Texas I22607
44 Knupple, Laura  1871Hardin Co, Texas I22606
45 Knupple, Mark  1878Hardin Co, Texas I22639
46 Knupple, Mary Elizabeth  25 Nov 1866Hardin Co, Texas I22632
47 Knupple, Maxine S  1915Hardin Co, Texas I22644
48 Knupple, Mira  1872Hardin Co, Texas I22635
49 Knupple, Nora  1867Hardin Co, Texas I22605
50 Knupple, Ogden Sr  Abt 1901Hardin Co, Texas I22670
51 Knupple, Oliver Benjamin  20 Feb 1895Hardin Co, Texas I22647
52 Knupple, Oliver F  1873Hardin Co, Texas I22636
53 Knupple, Thomas Jamie  1875Hardin Co, Texas I22608
54 Knupple, Winnie Selina  23 Sep 1871Hardin Co, Texas I22617
55 Lewis, Arthur  Feb 1879Hardin Co, Texas I100177
56 Lewis, George Jr.  Feb 1881Hardin Co, Texas I100178
57 Lewis, Joseph  Jul 1883Hardin Co, Texas I100179
58 Linscomb, Ada  24 Nov 1873Hardin Co, Texas I87637
59 McGallion, Shirley Fay  18 Oct 1951Hardin Co, Texas I102354
60 McGee, Pearl E.   I31429
61 Nobles, George Washington  Abt 1873Hardin Co, Texas I21546
62 Odonnell, Kathy Lucille   I101864
63 Phillips, Eugenia Alvina  18 Jan 1889Hardin Co, Texas I22677
64 Punter, Imogene "Jean"  26 Jan 1922Hardin Co, Texas I46792
65 Puntes, Mattie M.  1 Aug 1913Hardin Co, Texas I46794
66 Read, Lawrence  Abt 1914Hardin Co, Texas I87578
67 Sherman, Elizabeth Louise  30 Jun 1981Hardin Co, Texas I44112
68 Smith, Nathan C.  1879Hardin Co, Texas I32167
69 Sparks, (3 children)   I100127
70 Spell, (infant son)  Mar 1910Hardin Co, Texas I35687
71 Spell, Beauford  1904Hardin Co, Texas I35685
72 Spell, Cintha  Feb 1893Hardin Co, Texas I35693
73 Spell, Connie  1898Hardin Co, Texas I35683
74 Spell, Dave  Mar 1892Hardin Co, Texas I35692
75 Spell, Earl Ernest  1907Hardin Co, Texas I35686
76 Spell, Floyd  1915Hardin Co, Texas I35696
77 Spell, Gerald  19 Sep 1917Hardin Co, Texas I35698
78 Spell, Jewell  19 Sep 1917Hardin Co, Texas I35697
79 Spell, John M.  Dec 1899Hardin Co, Texas I35694
80 Spell, Johnny Carl  1897Hardin Co, Texas I35682
81 Spell, Lonzo  1874Hardin Co, Texas I35679
82 Spell, Mary E.  Aug 1877Hardin Co, Texas I35689
83 Spell, Oscar  Sep 1889Hardin Co, Texas I35691
84 Spell, Sterling  Feb 1888Hardin Co, Texas I35690
85 Spell, Thomas Sterling  1895Hardin Co, Texas I35681
86 Spell, Vicie  1901Hardin Co, Texas I35684
87 Stinnett, Jewel Ernest   I26505
88 Stinnett, Michael Wyane   I26508
89 Stinnett, Steven Martin   I26506
90 Williamson, Lillie Roseline   I23863


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashworth, Phillip H.  30 Mar 1926Hardin Co, Texas I22671
2 Boulware, Robert W  28 Jan 1929Hardin Co, Texas I22712
3 Burrell, Harold (twin)  8 Mar 1995Hardin Co, Texas I59795
4 Cook, Albert Peter (Koch)  Bef 1920Hardin Co, Texas I22589
5 Cook, Ernest Christopher  26 Oct 1918Hardin Co, Texas I22591
6 Cook, Hulda Alice  19 Dec 1931Hardin Co, Texas I22593
7 Cook, Paul  01 Feb 1960Hardin Co, Texas I22650
8 Cook, Rannie Lou  05 Sep 1970Hardin Co, Texas I22624
9 Cuniff, Joseph F.  12 Sep 1945Hardin Co, Texas I24158
10 Gallier, Ether Josephine  01 Nov 1985Hardin Co, Texas I21445
11 Gallier, Rosalie  Aft 1880Hardin Co, Texas I8045
12 Hargraves, E. Munson  14 Aug 1938Hardin Co, Texas I100181
13 Hargraves, James Hillard  18 Mar 1998Hardin Co, Texas I100133
14 Hemmenway, Edward V. "Ned"  Aft 1910Hardin Co, Texas I28063
15 Hester, Walter Edward  22 Jan 1974Hardin Co, Texas I46960
16 Hill, Jane Ella  Aft 1920Hardin Co, Texas I6926
17 Johnson-McCormick, Lucille  20 Aug 1991Hardin Co, Texas I100861
18 Knupple, Annie I  29 Aug 1940Hardin Co, Texas I22633
19 Knupple, Winnie Selina  09 Jan 1933Hardin Co, Texas I22617
20 Koch, Louise  Aft 1860Hardin Co, Texas I22602
21 Lewis, Annette "Nettie"  24 Oct 1970Hardin Co, Texas I100180
22 Lewis, George Henry  12 Jan 1931Hardin Co, Texas I79502
23 Loftin, Rosella  21 May 1912Hardin Co, Texas I35680
24 Maass, Augusta  Aft 1900Hardin Co, Texas I22577
25 Maass, Mary (Johanna Gantzen) Mrs  Aft 1850Hardin Co, Texas I22579
26 Marble, John Lester  21 Jan 1931Hardin Co, Texas I107327
27 Meguess, Eva (Wead?) (dau of who?)  20 Feb 1946Hardin Co, Texas I107351
28 Meguess, Yead  20 Feb 1946Hardin Co, Texas I89149
29 Odom, Alfred Morgan  21 Apr 1951Hardin Co, Texas I87641
30 Oglesbee, James Edward (or August James)  01 Jan 1869Hardin Co, Texas I22618
31 Roberts, Lucy Emma  21 Dec 1952Hardin Co, Texas I22954
32 Rogers, Neamona D.  14 Jun 1990Hardin Co, Texas I100859
33 Shelton, Winfred  1920Hardin Co, Texas I6925
34 Smith, Naomi Lillie  19 Apr 1990Hardin Co, Texas I101275
35 Spell, Sterling  1876Hardin Co, Texas I13698
36 Wishard, Frank Wright  1929Hardin Co, Texas I22629
37 Yarborough, James Dempsey  17 Jun 1962Hardin Co, Texas I82591


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cook, Rufus William  1900Hardin Co, Texas I22596
2 Cuniff, Oliver Thomas  1940Hardin Co, Texas I24166
3 Cuniff, Willie Denice  1840Hardin Co, Texas I24165
4 Knupple, Oliver F  1920Hardin Co, Texas I22636
5 Koch, Louise  1860Hardin Co, Texas I22602
6 Means, James A.  1880Hardin Co, Texas I23357
7 Sheffield, Nancy Rebecca  1920Hardin Co, Texas I22621
8 Sparks, Isaac Johnathan "Ike"  1930Hardin Co, Texas I100129
9 Will (Wills), Bruce Alexander  1940Hardin Co, Texas I20847


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Kirk, Mary* Sophronia  26 Mar 1861Hardin Co, Texas I3537
2 Kirk, William Tolbert* (or John?)  26 Mar 1861Hardin Co, Texas I539


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ashworth / Knupple  Abt 1886Hardin Co, Texas F8258
2 Carr / Morris  20 Dec 1983Hardin Co, Texas F8788
3 Cook / Cain  Abt 1879Hardin Co, Texas F8237
4 Cook / Schwortz  1899Hardin Co, Texas F8251
5 Cook / Sheffield  06 Nov 1887Hardin Co, Texas F8245
6 Courts / Lilley   F12074
7 Cuniff / Cuniff  1929Hardin Co, Texas F15531
8 Cuniff / Cuniff  Bef 1940Hardin Co, Texas F15532
9 Cuniff / Karnes  Bef 1940Hardin Co, Texas F15533
10 Denson / Phillips  1906Hardin Co, Texas F8260
11 Dominque / Stoffer   F8618
12 Frazier / Lowe   F11064
13 Garrett / Garrett  Abt 1834Hardin Co, Texas F36250
14 Gore / Cook  25 Oct 1877Hardin Co, Texas F8244
15 Granger / Sherman   F24496
16 Guynes / McGee   F11062
17 Hanks / Courts   F12075
18 Hare / McGallion  12 Jul 1968Hardin Co, Texas F34542
19 Hooks / Herring  21 Jun 1892Hardin Co, Texas F24866
20 Jones / Wilson  17 Dec 1908Hardin Co, Texas F3856
21 Jordan / Reavis  Abt 1905Hardin Co, Texas F24499
22 Kerl / Carr  10 Feb 1992Hardin Co, Texas F8864
23 Knupple / Cryer  1889Hardin Co, Texas F8250
24 Knupple / Franklin  Abt 1868Hardin Co, Texas F8242
25 Knupple / Knupple  Abt 1914Hardin Co, Texas F8249
26 Mercer / Hargraves  3 Aug 1914Hardin Co, Texas F28962
27 Oglesbee / Knupple  29 Apr 1891Hardin Co, Texas F8243
28 Phillips / Knupple  Abt 1886Hardin Co, Texas F8259
29 Read / Hargraves  Abt 1913Hardin Co, Texas F28965
30 Riddle / Cook  Aft 1920Hardin Co, Texas F8248
31 Roney / Wagar   F11232
32 Sherman / Nixon   F24494
33 Smith / Gentz   F11191
34 Sparks / Boley   F33685
35 Spell / Loftin  1893Hardin Co, Texas F12323
36 Spell / Sargent  18 Dec 1873Hardin Co, Texas F12321
37 Spell / Spell  1887Hardin Co, Texas F12324
38 Spell / Spell  1914Hardin Co, Texas F12325
39 Stinnett / Wishard  Abt 1970Hardin Co, Texas F9377
40 Telger / Lynn   F14776
41 Votaw / Gregory   F35854
42 Wallet / Carson  30 Apr 1966Hardin Co, Texas F30169
43 Wishard / Knupple  Abt 1895Hardin Co, Texas F8246


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Breaux / Deitrich  01 May 1989Hardin Co, Texas F9174
2 Guynes / McGee   F11062
3 Kaspar / Burrow   F8496
4 Sparks / Hargraves  16 Dec 1974Hardin Co, Texas F33683
5 Westerterp / Seiley-Ward   F5343

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