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Henderson Co, Kentucky



1850 Kentucky, Henderson County, District 2 census
1850 Kentucky, Henderson County, District 2 census
A transcription of listing of several members of the Melton, Russell, Hankins, Oglesby, Grayson, Shelton, Hill, Sparks, Frazier, Marks, and Brackett families living in the Henderson County, District 2, in 1850 within their own community.


Matches 1 to 83 of 83

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, John  8 Feb 1820Henderson Co, Kentucky I72402
2 Allen, Nancy Clementine  19 Apr 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I72404
3 Allen, Permelia Millie  25 Jan 1822Henderson Co, Kentucky I52182
4 Anthony, Benjamin H.  1820Henderson Co, Kentucky I37583
5 Anthony, Ellen M.  1833Henderson Co, Kentucky I37591
6 Anthony, James William  1829Henderson Co, Kentucky I37590
7 Anthony, Missouri D.  1815Henderson Co, Kentucky I37589
8 Brackett, Burrell Adkins  20 Aug 1849Henderson Co, Kentucky I52453
9 Brackett, John D. (relative)  1845Henderson Co, Kentucky I52455
10 Denton, Lucinda F.  1837Henderson Co, Kentucky I71668
11 Fraser (Frazier), James Harvey  4 Feb 1832Henderson Co, Kentucky I52777
12 Fraser (Frazier), Mary Ann  28 Feb 1834Henderson Co, Kentucky I52779
13 Frasier (Frazier, Fraser), William Thomas  11 Sep 1855Henderson Co, Kentucky I60507
14 Frazier, Benjamin  1842Henderson Co, Kentucky I52784
15 Frazier, Finley C.  Abt 1871Henderson Co, Kentucky I51119
16 Frazier, Job  10 Dec 1838Henderson Co, Kentucky I52782
17 Frazier, John  29 Mar 1846Henderson Co, Kentucky I52785
18 Frazier, Virgil Azores  16 Mar 1873Henderson Co, Kentucky I51120
19 Frazier, Woodward  18 Mar 1841Henderson Co, Kentucky I52783
20 Gibson, Susan A.  24 May 1833Henderson Co, Kentucky I71554
21 Grayson, Elizabeth  1844Henderson Co, Kentucky I52432
22 Grayson, Lettice  1849Henderson Co, Kentucky I52409
23 Grayson, Louisa J. (Larisa)  Nov 1847Henderson Co, Kentucky I51948
24 Grayson, Melvina  1842Henderson Co, Kentucky I52408
25 Grisham, Joseph  1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I51167
26 Hankins, Martha  1846Henderson Co, Kentucky I51523
27 Hill, Frances  1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I52441
28 Hill, Wiley W.  1842Henderson Co, Kentucky I52438
29 Hoskins, Joseph "Joe"  Abt 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I84424
30 Jones, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I84425
31 Lively, Margaret Louisa  Abt 1853Henderson Co, Kentucky I50970
32 Lynn, Elias Givens  1809Henderson Co, Kentucky I61146
33 Lynn, Lucinda  1810Henderson Co, Kentucky I61127
34 Marks, Martha Jane  4 Oct 1833Henderson Co, Kentucky I52426
35 Melton, Elbert  1849Henderson Co, Kentucky I52186
36 Melton, Elisha A.  27 Apr 1844Henderson Co, Kentucky I51101
37 Melton, Elizabeth  1842Henderson Co, Kentucky I52760
38 Melton, Floyd Cosby  28 Feb 1845Henderson Co, Kentucky I51113
39 Melton, Franklin  1845Henderson Co, Kentucky I71670
40 Melton, James  19 Jan 1849Henderson Co, Kentucky I51115
41 Melton, Jennetta  1845Henderson Co, Kentucky I52761
42 Melton, Jesse James  1848Henderson Co, Kentucky I52762
43 Melton, Jessie James  13 Oct 1857Henderson Co, Kentucky I51110
44 Melton, John D.  1846Henderson Co, Kentucky I71671
45 Melton, Joseph  1848Henderson Co, Kentucky I52421
46 Melton, Joseph T.  15 Mar 1857Henderson Co, Kentucky I52433
47 Melton, Larkin  20 Apr 1855Henderson Co, Kentucky I51111
48 Melton, Lettice  1849Henderson Co, Kentucky I52414
49 Melton, Louise Clementine  10 Feb 1853Henderson Co, Kentucky I51117
50 Melton, Mary Elizabeth  25 Dec 1847Henderson Co, Kentucky I51114
51 Melton, Reuben Anderson  12 Apr 1814Henderson Co, Kentucky I50964
52 Melton, Samuel  1846Henderson Co, Kentucky I52185
53 Melton, Sarah F.  3 Mar 1852Henderson Co, Kentucky I52763
54 Melton, William Crockett  1835Henderson Co, Kentucky I71667
55 Melton, William Wiley  8 Dec 1845Henderson Co, Kentucky I51102
56 Newton, Lucretia  18 Oct 1840Henderson Co, Kentucky I52766
57 Oglesby, Hamilton P.  31 Jan 1866Henderson Co, Kentucky I51109
58 Posey, Martha Anne Thompson  1815Henderson Co, Kentucky I91513
59 Shelton, Agnes  11 Jun 1817Henderson Co, Kentucky I61505
60 Shelton, Amanda L.  1917Henderson Co, Kentucky I88830
61 Shelton, Ann M.  1855Henderson Co, Kentucky I52384
62 Shelton, Arizonia  1899Henderson Co, Kentucky I63735
63 Shelton, Bessie   I88828
64 Shelton, Elizabeth  1843Henderson Co, Kentucky I61263
65 Shelton, George W.  1849Henderson Co, Kentucky I52381
66 Shelton, Josiah L.  1844Henderson Co, Kentucky I52378
67 Shelton, Louisa C.  1853Henderson Co, Kentucky I52382
68 Shelton, Lucy Ann  1834Henderson Co, Kentucky I52442
69 Shelton, Presley C.  1845Henderson Co, Kentucky I52379
70 Shelton, Presley K.  1892Henderson Co, Kentucky I63734
71 Shelton, Robert S.  1854Henderson Co, Kentucky I52383
72 Shelton, Sarah Elizabeth  1919Henderson Co, Kentucky I88829
73 Shelton, Tina  1887Henderson Co, Kentucky I63732
74 Shelton, William  1847Henderson Co, Kentucky I52380
75 Shelton, William Lynn  9 Jan 1823Henderson Co, Kentucky I61139
76 Stone, Clyde C.  24 May 1899Henderson Co, Kentucky I98170
77 Wilson, Amos Melcoy  1915Henderson Co, Kentucky I63738
78 Wilson, James F.  1832Henderson Co, Kentucky I60787
79 Wilson, Levi Jeff  1834Henderson Co, Kentucky I60788
80 Wilson, Phil H.  1841Henderson Co, Kentucky I60790
81 Wilson, William Fred  1837Henderson Co, Kentucky I60789
82 Yates, Greenberry  1849Henderson Co, Kentucky I61291
83 Yates, Luther G.  27 Jul 1885Henderson Co, Kentucky I51131


Matches 1 to 64 of 64

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Emmer  12 Dec 1971Henderson Co, Kentucky I60708
2 Alexander, Mary  18 May 1837Henderson Co, Kentucky I91515
3 Arnett, Elizabeth Ann "Betsy"  2 Sep 1852Henderson Co, Kentucky I45293
4 Arnett, Joseph B.  12 Feb 1852Henderson Co, Kentucky I45292
5 Beverley, Lucy Maria  Aft 1870Henderson Co, Kentucky I91522
6 Beverley, William  5 Jul 1845Henderson Co, Kentucky I91521
7 Brown, Bernice Gladys  11 Jun 1938Henderson Co, Kentucky I84865
8 Cabell, John Breckenridge  18 Jul 1862Henderson Co, Kentucky I91512
9 Cabell, Joseph  31 Aug 1831Henderson Co, Kentucky I91509
10 Duncan, Susan A.  2 Feb 1865Henderson Co, Kentucky I60774
11 Foster, Ida Bell  21 Sep 1985Henderson Co, Kentucky I51140
12 Frazier, John  Bef 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I52785
13 Frazier, William  Aft 1820Henderson Co, Kentucky I52772
14 Frazier, Woodward  Bef 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I52783
15 Frazier (Fraser), John Thomas  Bef 22 Jul 1838Henderson Co, Kentucky I52770
16 Gibson, Berryman  1 Sep 1870Henderson Co, Kentucky I60773
17 Gibson, Mayme Lee  20 Jan 1983Henderson Co, Kentucky I60707
18 Gibson, Robert  Aft 1800Henderson Co, Kentucky I60782
19 Gibson, Susan A.  18 Mar 1887Henderson Co, Kentucky I71554
20 Gorman, Sarah  Aft 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I51012
21 Matthews, Martha "Patsy"  1865Henderson Co, Kentucky I78131
22 Melton, Daniel  7 May 1846Henderson Co, Kentucky I71665
23 Melton, Eli  30 Sep 1846Henderson Co, Kentucky I52743
24 Melton, Eli J.  Aft 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I52415
25 Melton, Elizabeth  Aft 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I52167
26 Melton, Henry  Aft 1830Henderson Co, Kentucky I52751
27 Melton, Jesse E. Sr.  1831Henderson Co, Kentucky I52168
28 Melton, Jessie James  5 Oct 1933Henderson Co, Kentucky I51110
29 Melton, John Martin  1853Henderson Co, Kentucky I52166
30 Melton, Samuel Norvell  18 Aug 1834Henderson Co, Kentucky I52179
31 Melton, Selah  17 Dec 1867Henderson Co, Kentucky I52427
32 Melton, Spencer  21 Oct 1874Henderson Co, Kentucky I52748
33 Oakley, Leslie David  7 Aug 1960Henderson Co, Kentucky I51008
34 Oglesby, Hamilton P.  22 Apr 1868Henderson Co, Kentucky I51109
35 Oglesby, Omer Lee  13 Dec 1974Henderson Co, Kentucky I60706
36 Posey, John  25 Nov 1851Henderson Co, Kentucky I91517
37 Powell, Clistie Jane  24 Dec 1983Henderson Co, Kentucky I63703
38 Shelton, Agnes  Abt 1855Henderson Co, Kentucky I51027
39 Shelton, Carrie Vinson  17 Jan 1992Henderson Co, Kentucky I51007
40 Shelton, Elizabeth  1857Henderson Co, Kentucky I61263
41 Shelton, Elizabeth "Betsy"  22 Sep 1892Henderson Co, Kentucky I61149
42 Shelton, Minerva "Kitty"  5 Dec 1858Henderson Co, Kentucky I50961
43 Shelton, Sarah Ann  13 Jan 1912Henderson Co, Kentucky I50998
44 Shelton, Susannah  1830Henderson Co, Kentucky I63753
45 Sights, Mary I.  13 Jun 1902Henderson Co, Kentucky I71666
46 Stone, Abraham J.  25 Aug 1978Henderson Co, Kentucky I60505
47 Stone, Andrew Jackson "Jack"  25 Aug 1978Henderson Co, Kentucky I51153
48 Stone, David Edward  26 Apr 1941Henderson Co, Kentucky I60510
49 Stone, George William "Bud"  15 Dec 1924Henderson Co, Kentucky I60509
50 Stone, Henry Lewis  8 Jun 1936Henderson Co, Kentucky I98167
51 Stone, James Adre  18 Jan 1977Henderson Co, Kentucky I51154
52 Stone, John Theodore  28 Dec 1957Henderson Co, Kentucky I51152
53 Stone, Rhoda Betty  12 Nov 1979Henderson Co, Kentucky I51148
54 Stone, Samuel Otho  14 Nov 1951Henderson Co, Kentucky I60508
55 Teague, William Edward "Willie"  25 Jun 1946Henderson Co, Kentucky I23790
56 Thornton, Dr. Churchill Jones  11 Sep 1845Henderson Co, Kentucky I91523
57 Thornton, Lucy Frances  Bef 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I91516
58 Wilson, James F.  1900Henderson Co, Kentucky I60787
59 Wilson, Susan Katherine  1 Jun 1936Henderson Co, Kentucky I63728
60 Woodward, Mary  Aft 1820Henderson Co, Kentucky I52774
61 Yates, Bettie J.  1 Jun 1946Henderson Co, Kentucky I63713
62 Yates, Nancy Jane  4 Jul 1930Henderson Co, Kentucky I60819
63 Yates, Russell  26 Feb 1972Henderson Co, Kentucky I63718
64 Yates, Vamey May  4 May 1931Henderson Co, Kentucky I63715


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Gibson, Burgess  1830Henderson Co, Kentucky I60779
2 Grayson, Daniel  1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I51916
3 Shelton, Josiah Cyrus  1840Henderson Co, Kentucky I50736
4 Sparks, Noah  1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I51970
5 Stone, Phillip J. "Sonny" Sr.  1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I60713
6 Yates, John Martin (host Payne, Shelton, Stone, Hill)  1850Henderson Co, Kentucky I51170


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Stone, Josiah (also Jonah) (son of who?)  Between 1775 and 1783Henderson Co, Kentucky I60515


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allen / Oliver  31 Dec 1840Henderson Co, Kentucky F23453
2 Brackett / Crowley  29 Oct 1847Henderson Co, Kentucky F17186
3 Cabell / Posey  25 Apr 1839Henderson Co, Kentucky F30653
4 Fraser (Frazier) / Hobbs  Abt 1831Henderson Co, Kentucky F17282
5 Frazier / Melton  Abt 1873Henderson Co, Kentucky F16808
6 Hankins / Shelton  8 Oct 1845Henderson Co, Kentucky F16774
7 Hill / Shelton  20 Apr 1837Henderson Co, Kentucky F17181
8 Holtclaw / Shelton  14 Oct 1858Henderson Co, Kentucky F16775
9 Lively / Shelton  18 Mar 1852Henderson Co, Kentucky F16773
10 Lynn / Mathis  2 Nov 1810Henderson Co, Kentucky F35145
11 Marks / Melton  9 Mar 1830Henderson Co, Kentucky F17178
12 Marks / Newton  14 Nov 1857Henderson Co, Kentucky F17277
13 Melton / Allen  4 Aug 1837Henderson Co, Kentucky F17110
14 Melton / Grayson  9 Jan 1840Henderson Co, Kentucky F17119
15 Melton / Shelton  30 Dec 1841Henderson Co, Kentucky F16771
16 Melton / Sights  26 Mar 1835Henderson Co, Kentucky F23201
17 Oglesby / Gibson  Abt 1934Henderson Co, Kentucky F19882
18 Russell / Henson  Abt 1850Henderson Co, Kentucky F17100
19 Shelton / Grayson  9 Oct 1845Henderson Co, Kentucky F16772
20 Shelton / Stone  Abt 1890Henderson Co, Kentucky F19916
21 Stone / Adkins  31 Jan 1908Henderson Co, Kentucky F19883
22 Stone / Jenkins  16 May 1876Henderson Co, Kentucky F20061
23 Stone / Yates  27 Jan 1857Henderson Co, Kentucky F19877
24 Wilson / Stone  1828Henderson Co, Kentucky F19906
25 Yates / Foster  27 Jul 1885Henderson Co, Kentucky F16812
26 Yates / Grisham  Abt 1843Henderson Co, Kentucky F16810
27 Yates / Hill  10 Jan 1857Henderson Co, Kentucky F16819