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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adair, Jean Agnes (Immigrant)  1735Ireland I61884
2 Alexander, Susan  1749Ireland I35546
3 Allison, Henry  Abt 1702Ireland I64886
4 Allison, Jean  1705Ireland I64891
5 Baldridge, Margaret (immigrant)  1751Ireland I51767
6 Barnhill, Elizabeth  1757Ireland I62227
7 Barnhill, Margaret  1755Ireland I62226
8 Barnhill, Robert* (Immigrant)  Abt 1730Ireland I62229
9 Barrow, Mrs. Ann M. (..)  1799Ireland I26331
10 Barrow, Susannah  1823Ireland I26322
11 Beard, Andrew (Immigrant)  Abt 1777Ireland I48612
12 Beatty, David  1713Ireland I69767
13 Beatty, Ensign Francis Sr. (immigrant)  Abt 1707Ireland I49629
14 Beatty, William  1709Ireland I69766
15 Birch, Sarah Ellis (Sadie)  Abt 1870Ireland I21611
16 Blackburn, Samuel (immigrant)  1724Ireland I879
17 Blackburn, William (immigrant)  Abt 1714Ireland I876
18 Blair, (Mrs. Hugh) (immigrant)  Abt 1718Ireland I97073
19 Boggs, Mary  1710Ireland I37065
20 Brady, Ellanor (immigrant)  Dec 1877Ireland I94330
21 Bratton, Matthew  Feb 1826Ireland I13623
22 Brown, Jennet (immigrant)  Abt 1719Ireland I91901
23 Bryan, William  1685Ireland I10954
24 Burns, Thomas Clarence (immigrant)  1846Ireland I84507
25 Burris, William Thomas  Abt 1745Ireland I8035
26 Calvert, Ann  Abt Nov 1650Ireland I47712
27 Campbell, Captain Charles  Abt 1721Ireland I50005
28 Campbell, John  1698Ireland I49757
29 Campbell, Nancy  1753Ireland I36679
30 Cardwell, Ellen (immigrant)  1715Ireland I53874
31 Chesnut, Alexander Samuel (immigrant)  1672Ireland I91898
32 Chesnut, Jennet (immigrant)  Abt 1756Ireland I91912
33 Conner, John (immigrant)  1721Ireland I105640
34 Coote, Laetitia  Abt 1618Ireland I56521
35 Coote (1st Earl Bellomont), Gov New York, Mass Bay, New Hampshire Richard (2nd son) (Immigrant)  1636Ireland I56480
36 Corbett, Mary  Abt 1778Ireland I56580
37 Cowan, Elizabeth^ (Immigrant)  Abt 1740Ireland I19369
38 Craig, Capt. John (Immigrant)  1731Ireland I64778
39 Crockett, Thomas Stewart  9 Mar 1704Ireland I47433
40 Crow, Robert  1 Jan 1750Ireland I36678
41 Cuffe, Dorothea*  Abt 1580Ireland I56484
42 Cunniff (Cuniff), John  9 Mar 1818Ireland I24154
43 Curtis, Ann  Abt 1641Ireland I49456
44 Dunn, Peter (Immigrant)  1840Ireland I82846
45 Dyer, Nancy  1841Ireland I38707
46 Finley, William  Abt 1718Ireland I53309
47 Fitzpatrick, William  1694Ireland I56428
48 Fox, Thomas  1834Ireland I32427
49 Foy, Mary  Abt 1776Ireland I13758
50 Frazier, George (Immigrant-Ireland)  13 Feb 1805Ireland I55862
51 Freemon, Mary (immigrant)  1749Ireland I84317
52 Galbreath, Martha  27 Dec 1770Ireland I45359
53 Gallagher, Mrs. Hannah Mary (..)^  1785Ireland I52485
54 Gallagher, James^ (Immigrant)  Feb 1822Ireland  I52481
55 Gallagher, Martin (immigrant)  1830Ireland I80491
56 Gorrell, Ralph Sr. (Immigrant)  1735Ireland I71412
57 Goulden, Margaret (immigrant)  1832Ireland I80492
58 Graham, Margaret  1695Ireland I67932
59 Greene (or Stewart?), Elizabeth (immigrant)  1739Ireland I63444
60 Greer, John  Abt 1760Ireland I8096
61 Hammil, Margaret "Peggy"  9 Jun 1788Ireland I61851
62 Harper, Charles  1872Ireland I50835
63 Hogshead, Agnes (Nancy)  Abt 1740Ireland I30951
64 Hollingsworth, Mary  25 Mar 1656Ireland I44920
65 Jackson, Hugh  1751Ireland I26603
66 Johnson, John  Abt 1750Ireland I2185
67 Keeney, Leo John Patrick  17 Jun 1924Ireland I94328
68 Kennedy, Isabelle  1698Ireland I68301
69 Kennedy, Jane (immigrant)  1727Ireland I78916
70 Kerfoot, William I  1723Ireland I41028
71 Lamb, Mary Sarah (immigrant)  1749Ireland I84315
72 Lee, James  31 Jul 1753Ireland I56669
73 Lennon, John Sr.  Abt 1720Ireland I41682
74 Long, Capt William (immigrant)  1755Ireland I78646
75 Lynch, Hugh (immigrant)  26 Jun 1813Ireland I96232
76 Lyons, Thomas (Immigrant)  1817Ireland I75766
77 Madden, Henry (Immigrant)  1615Ireland I72901
78 Madden, John (immigrant)  1635Ireland I72900
79 Mahanay (Mahana), Benjamin  1750Ireland I36996
80 Maxwell, Elizabeth (immigrant)  1720Ireland I105259
81 McBride, Ann (immigrant)  1800Ireland I105972
82 McBride, Mary (immigrant)  Abt 1844ireland I105975
83 McCarty, Silas (immigrant)  Abt 1700Ireland I17634
84 McClinton, John (immigrant)  1766Ireland I82583
85 McCloskey? or Doughery?, Bridget ^ (immigrant)  Apr 1820Ireland I52482
86 McClure, Mrs. Agnes (..)  Abt 1710Ireland I53269
87 McClure, James  Abt 1710Ireland I53268
88 McClure, Jane  Abt 1737Ireland I53267
89 McClusky, Mary  1820Ireland I94317
90 McCormick, William (immigrant)  1809Ireland I93051
91 McGee, John  Abt 1809Ireland I17955
92 McLaughlin, James (immigrant)  1782Ireland I2133
93 McLean, Eleanor  1707Ireland I51736
94 Mills, James  1730Ireland I56735
95 Mitchell, Mary  1747Ireland I52541
96 Mitchell, William  Abt 1711Ireland I49736
97 Mullins (immigrant)  Ireland I97922
98 Nichols, Sarah  1760Ireland I63447
99 O'Draine, Mary Adrian (immigrant)  Abt 1683Ireland I91899
100 OBrien, Mary (immigrant)  1851Ireland I106372

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Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Coote, Laetitia  Aft 1640Ireland I56521
2 Cuffe, Dorothea*  Aft 1625Ireland I56484
3 Dunn, Peter (Immigrant)  Aft 1880Ireland I82846
4 Forbes, Vice-Admiral, 3rd Earl of Granard George  29 Oct 1765Ireland I56439
5 Jackson, Hugh  1810Ireland I26603
6 Kennedy, Isabelle  1790Ireland I68301
7 Moore (or Muir), Janett*  1670Ireland I62238
8 Raiford, Esther  Aft 1720Ireland I42882
9 Tennent, William  1832Ireland I26618
10 Thompson, Letitia  Feb 1826Ireland I26604


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Graves, Elizabeth Anna "Ann"  1620Ireland I21750


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Stewart, Hon., "Mary of Montjoy" Mary*  4 Oct 1758Ireland I53321


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Blackburn, Benjamin* I (Immigrant)  1724Ireland I855
2 Blackburn, John (immigrant)  1724Ireland I875
3 Blackburn, Samuel (immigrant)  1724Ireland I879
4 Blackburn, William (immigrant)  1724Ireland I876
5 Clark, Patrick* "Francios" (Immigrant)  Bef 1767Ireland I1791
6 Poague, Robert  1739Ireland I56443
7 Robert, Benjamin* (immigrant)  Bef 1750Ireland I2181


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Bratton, Matthew  1847Ireland I13623
2 Craig, William M.  Abt 1712Ireland I52262
3 Matthews (Mathes), James Sr.  1718Ireland I49613
4 Mitchell, John  Abt 1720Ireland I49733
5 Wear, Robert* (immigrant)  Bef 1719Ireland I3141


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Coote, 1st Earl of Mountrath Charles*  1626Ireland I56481


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Stewart, Hon., "Mary of Montjoy" Mary*  24 Aug 1734Ireland I53321


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allison / Wray  1715Ireland F13506
2 Barnhill / Barnhill  Dec 1750Ireland F14033
3 Barnhill / Wilson (or Dixon)  Abt 1728Ireland F14121
4 Barrow / Barrow  Abt 1820Ireland F9324
5 Beatty / Cairnes  Abt 1705Ireland F22541
6 Chesnut / Brown  1739Ireland F30844
7 Coote / St. George  Abt 1699Ireland F18574
8 Doak / Doak  Abt 1706Ireland F149
9 Dongan / Dongan  Abt 1551Ireland F6555
10 Dorris / Roake  1736Ireland F29928
11 Emerson / Tennent  Abt 1820Ireland F9410
12 Forbes / Stewart  1701Ireland F18541
13 Gallagher / McCloskey? or Doughery?  1859Ireland F17197
14 Hollingsworth / Atkinson  22 Aug 1688Ireland F15754
15 Hollingsworth / Calvert  12 Jun 1672Ireland F15766
16 Jackson / Thompson  Abt 1780Ireland F9406
17 Johnston (Johnson) / Boggs  1730Ireland F12723
18 McClure / McClure  Abt 1730Ireland F17415
19 McCormick / McFarren (or Carruth)  Abt 1728Ireland F14431
20 Nichols / Greene (or Stewart?)  1760Ireland F20496
21 Paisley / McLean  Abt 1736Ireland F16990
22 Patton / Borden-Osborne  Abt 1724Ireland F15907
23 Patton / Lynn  Abt 1683Ireland F15896
24 Patton / Preston  Abt 1717Ireland F15895
25 Preston / Patton  1723Ireland F15894
26 Read (or Reed) / Murray  1726Ireland F29698
27 Souls / McBride  1819Ireland F35827
28 Stone / Stone  1763Ireland F19340
29 Tennent / Jackson  1805Ireland F9407
30 Wilson / Kennedy  1710Ireland F22085

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