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Jefferson Co, Mississippi



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clark, Abijah Archibald J.P.  21 Jul 1787Jefferson Co, Mississippi I7581
2 Compton, Alee  1831Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105887
3 Compton, Elizabeth Ann (dau of who?)  20 Apr 1797Jefferson Co, Mississippi I78454
4 Compton, Indian  1854Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105891
5 Compton, Richard Jr.  1846Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105892
6 Davidson, Filmer William  28 Feb 1809Jefferson Co, Mississippi I90594
7 Forman, Charles H.  1826Jefferson Co, Mississippi I90599
8 Forman, Rev. Edward James  01 Jul 1787Jefferson Co, Mississippi I26787
9 Forman, Elizabeth  02 Sep 1824Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28661
10 Forman, Evelyn  Abt 1830Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28429
11 Forman, George Washington Andrew  20 Dec 1831Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28651
12 Forman, Martha H.  1832Jefferson Co, Mississippi I90601
13 Forman, Mary Jane  1828Jefferson Co, Mississippi I90600
14 Forman, Minerva Jane  18 Aug 1835Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28664
15 Forman, Richard Brent  19 Feb 1833Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28427
16 Forman, Sarah  10 May 1841Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28652
17 Forman, Stephen Burr  04 May 1835Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28428
18 Green, Thomas Jefferson  06 Jun 1804Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28433
19 Lindsey, Margaret Caroline "Maggie"  16 Apr 1845Jefferson Co, Mississippi I31263
20 Montgomery, James "Jefferson"  1805Jefferson Co, Mississippi I90619
21 Osteen, Gabriel (occupant 1850)  1830Jefferson Co, Mississippi I90398
22 Osteen, Richard (occupant 1850)  1833Jefferson Co, Mississippi I90397
23 Owens, Nancy Jane  1 Nov 1785Jefferson Co, Mississippi I90104
24 Searcy, Asa  1804Jefferson Co, Mississippi I65142
25 Searcy, Frances Lavender  Abt 1805Jefferson Co, Mississippi I65146
26 Selser, Nimrod R.  24 Jan 1787Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105871
27 Stampley, Mrs. Alice A. (..)  Abt 1846Jefferson Co, Mississippi I78456
28 Stampley, Clara D.  1842Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105883
29 Stampley, David Noll  1782Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28667
30 Stampley, Emma V.  1854Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105876
31 Stampley, Henry Evans  Jul 1851Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105873
32 Stampley, John LLand  18 Apr 1789Jefferson Co, Mississippi I78453
33 Stampley, Julia  1857Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105878
34 Stampley, Martha  24 Sep 1791Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105870
35 Stampley, Martha  1841Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105898
36 Stampley, Robert L.  1856Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105879
37 Stampley, Susan  1855Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105874
38 Stampley, William Camp  10 Aug 1798Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105869


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carnes, John  Aft 1810Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28842
2 Cole, Hannah  Aft 1810Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28843
3 Cole, Jean  Aft 1810Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28841
4 Cole, Mary  Aft 1811Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28853
5 Cole, Susannah  12 Sep 1843Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28839
6 Coleman, Nathaniel  13 Oct 1833Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28740
7 Compton, Elizabeth Ann (dau of who?)  1 Dec 1842Jefferson Co, Mississippi I78454
8 Curtis, Jonathan  Aft 1800Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28644
9 Davidson, Filmer William  28 Feb 1835Jefferson Co, Mississippi I90594
10 Ellis, Jenny Ann  Aft 1811Jefferson Co, Mississippi I10494
11 Erwin, Sarah Jane (Irwin)  28 Dec 1848Jefferson Co, Mississippi I7584
12 Forman, George  25 Feb 1823Jefferson Co, Mississippi I7583
13 Howell, Charles Burr  22 Sep 1822Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28418
14 Howell, Keziah Burr  15 Nov 1847Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28425
15 Jones, James  Aft 1810Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28844
16 King, Prosper  27 Feb 1827Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28840
17 Lee, (not bro to Peter) Thomas Sr.  17 Mar 1860Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28376
18 Roberts, Mary Isabel "Molly"  Jan 1931Jefferson Co, Mississippi I88411
19 Smith, Director  18 Aug 1857Jefferson Co, Mississippi I78450
20 Stampley, George  1803Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28683
21 Stampley, Henry Evans  31 Dec 1902Jefferson Co, Mississippi I105873
22 Stampley, James Henry  21 Aug 1858Jefferson Co, Mississippi I78449
23 Stampley, John (immigrant)  16 Aug 1823Jefferson Co, Mississippi I27990
24 Stampley, John LLand  5 Dec 1846Jefferson Co, Mississippi I78453
25 Stampley, Phoebe  1826Jefferson Co, Mississippi I27989
26 Stampley, William  Aft 1818Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28680
27 West, Col. Cato Sr.  1819Jefferson Co, Mississippi I28325


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Stampley, James Henry  1830Jefferson Co, Mississippi I78449


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Forman, George  13 Jan 1823Jefferson Co, Mississippi I7583


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bolls / Cole  07 Mar 1811Jefferson Co, Mississippi F10077
2 Carnes / Cole  15 Mar 1801Jefferson Co, Mississippi F10072
3 Coleman / Jones  Abt 1804Jefferson Co, Mississippi F10042
4 Davidson / Green  19 May 1803Jefferson Co, Mississippi F9913
5 Forman / Gaskins  8 Jan 1824Jefferson Co, Mississippi F3005
6 Forman / Stampley  08 Jun 1808Jefferson Co, Mississippi F9797
7 Jones / Cole  06 Apr 1805Jefferson Co, Mississippi F10073
8 Jones / Griffing  10 Oct 1799Jefferson Co, Mississippi F18847
9 Jones / Ross  13 Aug 1828Jefferson Co, Mississippi F18848
10 Martin / Stampley  3 Apr 1872Jefferson Co, Mississippi F35787
11 Montgomery / West  11 Mar 1829Jefferson Co, Mississippi F30233
12 Scarborough / Connell  22 Apr 1824Jefferson Co, Mississippi F23766
13 Scarborough / Garnder  17 Jan 1822Jefferson Co, Mississippi F23765
14 Selser / Stampley  13 Oct 1808Jefferson Co, Mississippi F35786
15 Stampley / Compton  1814Jefferson Co, Mississippi F25499
16 Stampley / Stampley  10 Jun 1847Jefferson Co, Mississippi F25498

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