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Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, James Debney Jr.   I102630
2 Adams, Thomas Oscar   I102631
3 Bean, Fannie (twin)  1892Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102542
4 Bean, Lucy  31 Aug 1888Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102265
5 Bean, Maud (twin)  1892Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102538
6 Charlton, Sudie Bernice  22 Aug 1910Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102537
7 Ferguson, Drucilla Mae  9 Dec 1884Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102523
8 Ferguson, Jeff Randy "Fergie"  20 Mar 1957Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102381
9 Ferguson-Bryan, Jimmie Modene  12 Apr 1926Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102551
10 Hatchell, Ima Louise  9 Jan 1925Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I46184
11 Jones, Bonner Ray  2 Aug 1911Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102626
12 Whittaker, Lettie Jamie  29 Jan 1907Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102608


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bean, Annie  Aug 1969Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I82983
2 Bean, Culie  12 Mar 1957Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102317
3 Bean, Elizabeth Jane  1974Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I82977
4 Bean, Jessee Burke  30 Jan 1960Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I82978
5 Bean, John Kyle  29 Jun 1940Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I82976
6 Bean, Maud (twin)  1962Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102538
7 Bean, Minnie  24 Jan 1999Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102175
8 Block, Lawrence Otis  Aug 2004Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I31609
9 Bruce, Irene  19 Nov 2002Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I8498
10 Chapman, Myrtie Frances  3 May 2015Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I101986
11 Cooper, Robert Jackson  22 May 1958Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I82984
12 Davis, Thomas C.  14 May 1928Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I98640
13 Ferguson, Clara Eugenia  4 Jul 1968Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102524
14 Ferguson, Drucilla Mae  8 Jul 1952Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102523
15 Ferguson, Jeff Randy "Fergie"  14 May 2014Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102381
16 Ferguson, Lewis Jefferson  22 Jan 1943Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102370
17 Ferguson, Maudie Louise  15 Feb 1964Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102522
18 Ferguson-Landrum, LIsa Gayle  2009Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102568
19 Fowler, Cecil Leray  19 Dec 2003Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102388
20 Gentz, Alfred Woodrow II  31 Oct 1970Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I16302
21 Granger, Hester Estelle  1 Jun 1930Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102290
22 Jones, Bonner Ray  30 Aug 1992Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102626
23 Jones, Mrs. Ethel Jesse (..)  2005Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102627
24 Knupple, Cora Octavine  24 Aug 1970Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I22611
25 Lee, Angeline Elizabeth  11 Mar 1935Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I94259
26 Love, John Henry  1 Jun 1952Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102615
27 Oglesby, Chester Lee  9 Jul 1997Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I51258
28 Ponder, John Luther  7 Feb 2002Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I79912
29 Powell, Nancy Crilla  2 Apr 1968Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102374
30 Richardson, Lillie Mae  10 Oct 1959Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I97585
31 Rodgers, Daniel Newton  30 Jan 1967Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I82887
32 Roy, Gertrude Mae  20 Dec 2009Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I53498
33 Sanders, Benjamin Worth  21 Jan 1942Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I73286
34 Walker, Sarah Jane (or Jemima)  11 Apr 1939Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102371
35 Watkins, Zera Cora  11 Jan 2002Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I39570
36 Watson, John Calvin  21 Oct 1911Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I94202
37 Wetzel, Robert  1940Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102539
38 Whittaker, Lettie Jamie  13 Sep 1992Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102608
39 Withers, McLerie Elizabeth  29 Mar 1897Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I102529


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Cones, William A.  1910Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I39928
2 Guidry, Amos George  1910Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I39825


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Sanders, Thomas Russell  21 Jan 1942Kirbyville, Jasper Co, Texas I73293