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Lafayette Co, Missouri


Latitude: 39.0031288, Longitude: -93.9878427


Matches 1 to 53 of 53

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Finis Ewing  1820Lafayette Co, Missouri I7290
2 Allison, Henry  1845Lafayette Co, Missouri I9115
3 Allison, James F  Abt 1847Lafayette Co, Missouri I9116
4 Allison, James Henry  16 Feb 1833Lafayette Co, Missouri I60748
5 Allison, Martin Trapp  1822Lafayette Co, Missouri I35712
6 Allison, Martin Trapp  15 May 1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I60746
7 Allison, Rachel  9 Jul 1827Lafayette Co, Missouri I60744
8 Allison, Robert Claiborne  1826Lafayette Co, Missouri I35713
9 Barnes, Martha  2 Jan 1900Lafayette Co, Missouri I49098
10 Bounds, Eustacia (Stacy)  Jan 1829Lafayette Co, Missouri I7291
11 Bounds, James Lovelady  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I7294
12 Bounds, Martha  1824Lafayette Co, Missouri I7303
13 Bounds, Obediah  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I7295
14 Bounds, William L  1835Lafayette Co, Missouri I7301
15 Bray, John W.  1850Lafayette Co, Missouri I45758
16 Cooper, (child)  Between 1905 and 1910Lafayette Co, Missouri I49095
17 Cooper, George  1850Lafayette Co, Missouri I79417
18 Cooper, John L. Jr.  1911Lafayette Co, Missouri I49096
19 Cooper, Maria  1848Lafayette Co, Missouri I79416
20 Dysart, John V.  20 Oct 1849Lafayette Co, Missouri I7308
21 Dysart, Robert  Mar 1887Lafayette Co, Missouri I49075
22 Elliott, Sarah E  1837Lafayette Co, Missouri I9505
23 Elliott, Thomas Benton  27 Apr 1831Lafayette Co, Missouri I1450
24 Elliott, William Mann Sr.  29 Sep 1838Lafayette Co, Missouri I9453
25 Ewing, (dau)  Between 1821 and 1825Lafayette Co, Missouri I45732
26 Ewing, (dau)  Between 1821 and 1825Lafayette Co, Missouri I45733
27 Ewing, Evaline Jack  26 Mar 1827Lafayette Co, Missouri I74902
28 Ewing, Finis  1809Lafayette Co, Missouri I74877
29 Ewing, Joel Harver  18 Oct 1824Lafayette Co, Missouri I74878
30 Ewing, Neander  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I74903
31 Ewing, Young  10 Dec 1828Lafayette Co, Missouri I74876
32 Fox, Kenneth Stanley  1 Oct 1904Lafayette Co, Missouri I49104
33 Lankford, Martha  1836Lafayette Co, Missouri I45748
34 Linville, Abraham  1825Lafayette Co, Missouri I31052
35 Linville, Zachariah  1829Lafayette Co, Missouri I13625
36 Lovelady, Elizabeth  1819Lafayette Co, Missouri I7274
37 Lovelady, Rebecca  1819Lafayette Co, Missouri I7273
38 Lovelady, Sarah Agnes "Sally"  1829Lafayette Co, Missouri I7275
39 Shelby, Thomas Jr.  1847Lafayette Co, Missouri I49087
40 Swift, Emily Dean  1835Lafayette Co, Missouri I32412
41 Swift, Lavina M.H.L.  23 Aug 1833Lafayette Co, Missouri I32396
42 Swift, Mary E.  1838Lafayette Co, Missouri I32413
43 Trapp, William Rodney (Rodman?)  22 Sep 1818Lafayette Co, Missouri I33095
44 Waddell, James W.  1850Lafayette Co, Missouri I45744
45 Young, Camillus Barrett  1849Lafayette Co, Missouri I45804
46 Young, Emma  Aft 1854Lafayette Co, Missouri I45806
47 Young, George  1851Lafayette Co, Missouri I45805
48 Young, Laura Matilda  8 Nov 1844Lafayette Co, Missouri I45802
49 Young, Mary C.  Aft 1854Lafayette Co, Missouri I45807
50 Young, Mary E.  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I45756
51 Young, Mary L.  1845Lafayette Co, Missouri I45795
52 Young, Thomas Calloway  1841Lafayette Co, Missouri I45793
53 Young, William  1843Lafayette Co, Missouri I45794


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allison, Finis Ewing  16 Nov 1874Lafayette Co, Missouri I7290
2 Allison, James Andrew  1862Lafayette Co, Missouri I35708
3 Allison, John Alexander  10 Nov 1851Lafayette Co, Missouri I35699
4 Bonham, John Clinton  15 Sep 1882Lafayette Co, Missouri I5403
5 Bounds, Obediah  1842Lafayette Co, Missouri I1569
6 Breckenridge, Nimrod "Roddy" Hannah  10 Apr 1887Lafayette Co, Missouri I5812
7 Callaway, Thoedosia  5 Jul 1888Lafayette Co, Missouri I45792
8 Cole, Jesse  11 Apr 1897Lafayette Co, Missouri I71221
9 Cole, Lewis Biddle (or Louis)  1906Lafayette Co, Missouri I2443
10 Cooper, John L.  17 Sep 1948Lafayette Co, Missouri I49092
11 Corder, State Senator Aldridge  14 Jul 1912Lafayette Co, Missouri I50582
12 Cox, Ruth  1899Lafayette Co, Missouri I71220
13 Doak, William H.  7 Sep 1880Lafayette Co, Missouri I50164
14 Dodson, Jemimah Ruth  1879Lafayette Co, Missouri I10801
15 Dysart, Mary  19 Nov 1909Lafayette Co, Missouri I7306
16 Ellison, Eleanor  Aft 1823Lafayette Co, Missouri I32702
17 Ennis, John  1841Lafayette Co, Missouri I51793
18 Ewing, Chatham  12 Feb 1839Lafayette Co, Missouri I74875
19 Ewing, Joel Harver  13 Jan 1904Lafayette Co, Missouri I74878
20 Ewing, Reuben (or Robert)  29 Apr 1853Lafayette Co, Missouri I74900
21 Ewing, Judge Young  28 Oct 1844Lafayette Co, Missouri I74901
22 Ewing, Young  12 Jan 1870Lafayette Co, Missouri I74876
23 Hockensmith, William Harrison  13 May 1884Lafayette Co, Missouri I79415
24 Kerfoot, Sarah Jane  Bef 1880Lafayette Co, Missouri I36327
25 Linville, Thomas* Sr.  1836Lafayette Co, Missouri I3126
26 Lovelady, Elizabeth  Bef 1840Lafayette Co, Missouri I7274
27 Lovelady, John W.  1 Dec 1869Lafayette Co, Missouri I1445
28 Lovelady, William Thomas D  21 Jan 1886Lafayette Co, Missouri I13148
29 McChesney, Elizabeth S.  30 Dec 1845Lafayette Co, Missouri I45767
30 Myers (Miers), Mary E  Bef 1920Lafayette Co, Missouri I7278
31 Parman, Jacob  2 Sep 1870Lafayette Co, Missouri I37763
32 Shelby, Thomas Jr.  4 Dec 1877Lafayette Co, Missouri I49087
33 Slusher, Thomas Holt  15 Apr 1874Lafayette Co, Missouri I79412
34 Swift, Dean  12 Sep 1839Lafayette Co, Missouri I32404
35 Young, Alfred Armstrong  8 Sep 1918Lafayette Co, Missouri I45769
36 Young, Caroline (Hawkins TN)  31 Mar 1889Lafayette Co, Missouri I45785
37 Young, Lt. Gov. James R. (Hawkins TN)  9 Feb 1878Lafayette Co, Missouri I45749
38 Young, John (Hawkins TN)  9 Feb 1878Lafayette Co, Missouri I45763
39 Young, Martha (Hawkins TN)  12 Dec 1908Lafayette Co, Missouri I45796
40 Young, Rachel W.  Between 1840 and 1850Lafayette Co, Missouri I45707


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Corder, Nathan  1850Lafayette Co, Missouri I37888
2 Cox, Jesse  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I32715
3 Cox, William  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I32714
4 Dysart, Dr. John B. (maybe grandson??)  1850Lafayette Co, Missouri I7276
5 Ewing, Young  1850Lafayette Co, Missouri I74876
6 Johnson, Moses  1850Lafayette Co, Missouri I71224
7 Lovelady, John W.  1850Lafayette Co, Missouri I1445
8 Wear, Jane*  Nov 1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I1053
9 Young, Adam (line to Greene Co)  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I45704
10 Young, Rev Duke  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I1601
11 Young, Rev Duke  1840Lafayette Co, Missouri I1601
12 Young, James (of Greene Co)  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I45683
13 Young, John (Greene Co)  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I45681
14 Young, John (NC) Jr.  1830Lafayette Co, Missouri I45825


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Myers (Miers), Emma L.  4 Feb 1920Lafayette Co, Missouri I49105


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Young, Absalom  28 Jul 1838Lafayette Co, Missouri I8916
2 Young, Absalom  28 Jul 1838Lafayette Co, Missouri I8916
3 Young, Absalom  28 Jul 1838Lafayette Co, Missouri I8916


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, John W.  Between 1817 and 1818Lafayette Co, Missouri I1445


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allison / Bounds  9 Nov 1843Lafayette Co, Missouri F3050
2 Allison / Linville  20 Feb 1834Lafayette Co, Missouri F13525
3 Allison / Trapp  15 Dec 1822Lafayette Co, Missouri F12337
4 Barnes / Myers (Miers)  Abt 1882Lafayette Co, Missouri F16203
5 Bounds / Hicklin  6 Apr 1854Lafayette Co, Missouri F3053
6 Bounds / Tweedy  1 Nov 1855Lafayette Co, Missouri F3056
7 Bray / Young  Abt 1849Lafayette Co, Missouri F15155
8 Cole / Cox  27 Mar 1836Lafayette Co, Missouri F23055
9 Cole / Dysart  1902Lafayette Co, Missouri F16194
10 Cooper / Dysart  25 Sep 1883Lafayette Co, Missouri F16201
11 Corder / Schofield  1865Lafayette Co, Missouri F12947
12 Dysart / Allstadt  Abt 1870Lafayette Co, Missouri F16191
13 Dysart / Lovelady  27 Sep 1841Lafayette Co, Missouri F3045
14 Ewing / Young  Abt 1820Lafayette Co, Missouri F15146
15 Henson / Bounds  28 Mar 1844Lafayette Co, Missouri F3057
16 Hockensmith / Dysart  19 Dec 1867Lafayette Co, Missouri F16190
17 Johnson / Cole  4 Dec 1823Lafayette Co, Missouri F23057
18 Linville / Burris  21 Feb 1839Lafayette Co, Missouri F11607
19 Linville / Ellison  15 Aug 1822Lafayette Co, Missouri F11450
20 Linville / Trapp  24 Mar 1824Lafayette Co, Missouri F3059
21 Lovelady / Cox  Jan 1818Lafayette Co, Missouri F643
22 Mooneyham / Barnes  1836Lafayette Co, Missouri F10929
23 Stark / Bounds  19 Mar 1855Lafayette Co, Missouri F3054
24 Trapp / Garner  18 Jan 1838Lafayette Co, Missouri F11596
25 Waddell / Young  Abt 1849Lafayette Co, Missouri F15152
26 Wahl / Dysart  Abt 1895Lafayette Co, Missouri F16192
27 Wahl / Nesmith  Aft 1910Lafayette Co, Missouri F16197
28 White / Bounds  31 Dec 1835Lafayette Co, Missouri F3048
29 Whitsett / Whitsett  Bef 1850Lafayette Co, Missouri F15150
30 Whitsett / Young  Between 1840 and 1850Lafayette Co, Missouri F15149
31 Wood / Blevins  6 Aug 1833Lafayette Co, Missouri F12879
32 Young / Callaway  23 May 1839Lafayette Co, Missouri F15163
33 Young / Galbreath  Abt 1790Lafayette Co, Missouri F15168
34 Young / Johnston (Johnson)  Abt 1827Lafayette Co, Missouri F12722
35 Young / Sallee  28 Dec 1863Lafayette Co, Missouri F32892
36 Young / Young  Abt 1820Lafayette Co, Missouri F15136
37 Young / Young  Abt 1843Lafayette Co, Missouri F15166