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Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania



Matches 1 to 78 of 78

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Margaret  1731Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I64906
2 Allison, Rebecca (Rebekah)  Abt 1742Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I64894
3 Allison, Rose  1735Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I64904
4 Anderson, Ann  1704Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I64889
5 Burkett, John William  12 Jan 1774Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I68147
6 Caldwell, Andrew Jr.  Between 1747 and 1760Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I96916
7 Caldwell, Charles  Between 1747 and 1760Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I96918
8 Caldwell, John  Between 1747 and 1760Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I96919
9 Caldwell, Robert  Between 1747 and 1760Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I96917
10 Campbell, Patrick  1726Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I50024
11 Crawford, Mary (not dau of John)  Abt 1740Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I32597
12 Crockett, Elizabeth  1734Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I47423
13 Davis (or Dallas), Margaret Dunlap  1720Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I52922
14 Denny, Marianna  8 Jan 1750Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I78635
15 Edwards, Janis  1727Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I78637
16 Goff, Nancy  1781Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I50322
17 Grider, Frederick  1752Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I78057
18 Grider, Lieutenant Henry  9 May 1755Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I71917
19 Grider, Martin Bramlett I  1750Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I78056
20 Hannah, Mary  Abt 1740Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I53992
21 Johnston (Johnson), Alexander Sr.  1748Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I37044
22 Keller, Susanna  29 Sep 1829Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104350
23 Keplinger (Caplinger), Johan George (more at source)  13 Oct 1746Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I56146
24 Kintzer, Valentine  15 Nov 1740Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I69044
25 Landes, Anna  1 Nov 1787Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104349
26 Landis, Abraham  21 Jul 1754Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104341
27 Landis, Catherine  1747Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104347
28 Landis, David  1745Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104342
29 Landis, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1766Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104343
30 Landis, Henry  Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104348
31 Landis, Jacob  16 Feb 1756Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104344
32 Landis, Margaret  13 Jul 1763Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104340
33 Lewis, John W.  Jun 1833Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I107745
34 Lyons, Marguerite (Layens)  Abt 1750Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I2186
35 McBride, Francis  Abt 1734Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I73404
36 McBride, William  5 Jan 1744Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I52338
37 Mellinger, Elizabeth  5 Mar 1769Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104319
38 Meyer (Myers), John George Jr.  4 Oct 1742Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I58442
39 Mitchell, Mary (Elizabeth?) (dau?)  Bef 1747Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I49636
40 Mitchell, Samuel  5 Nov 1749Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I49742
41 Mitchell, Thomas  1733Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I49638
42 Mohler (Moler), Anna Catherine  Aft 1730Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104337
43 Mohler (Moler), Jacob  Bef 1769Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104333
44 Mohler (Moler), John (2nd son)  Bef Oct 1758Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104330
45 Mohler (Moler), Martin (eldest son)  Between Apr and Jul 1756Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104329
46 Mohler (Moler), Susannah  Bef 1769Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104332
47 Moler, Joseph* Sr. (Rev War)  Apr 1749Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I14486
48 Moler (Mohler), Allan  22 Sep 1810Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104284
49 Moler (Mohler), Elias  1810Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104247
50 Moler (Mohler), Eliza  19 Apr 1812Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104289
51 Moler (Mohler), Elizabeth  Abt 1765Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104268
52 Moler (Mohler), Ellhannon Abraham  Abt 1812Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104313
53 Moler (Mohler), Emanuel  23 Jun 1822Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104246
54 Moler (Mohler), Henry III  21 Oct 1754Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104318
55 Moler (Mohler), Henry IV  14 Jan 1786Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104282
56 Moler (Mohler), Jacob Jr.  24 Oct 1751Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104243
57 Moler (Mohler), Jacob  1816Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104248
58 Moler (Mohler), Jeremiah  19 Aug 1818Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104315
59 Moler (Mohler), John  14 Sep 1757Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104266
60 Moler (Mohler), John  6 May 1774Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104244
61 Moler (Mohler), Margaret  13 Mar 1767Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104271
62 Moler (Mohler), Mary  13 Oct 1750Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104267
63 Moler (Mohler), Salome  7 Sep 1761Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104270
64 Moler (Mohler), William  1 Oct 1828Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104249
65 Musser, Mary  Jun 1807Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I107765
66 Paisley, John  1745Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I78634
67 Phillippi, Anna Elizabeth "Betsy"  15 Nov 1764Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I83892
68 Pritz, George  23 Feb 1743Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I69047
69 Propst, Daniel  1736Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I56165
70 Rissler, John Thomas Sr  1765Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I10193
71 Shannon, James  Jun 1747Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I35549
72 Shannon, John  20 Jan 1743Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I35545
73 Shannon, William  May 1745Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I35547
74 Sutton, Elijah B.  9 Aug 1772Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I45358
75 Townsend, Jane  2 Aug 1813Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I65915
76 Welty, Nancy Ann  27 Nov 1793Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I94662
77 Woods, William II  Abt 1740Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I53991
78 Young, James  Abt 1780Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I8075


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allison, Robert  Mar 1765Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I64885
2 Bucher, Maria  14 Nov 1851Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104325
3 Caldwell, Andrew  1768Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I96915
4 Crawford, John  1748Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I52278
5 Gochnauer, Abraham  15 May 1825Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I15994
6 Grider, Jacob^ (immigrant)  1758Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I78064
7 Hendricks (Hendrix), Tobias  21 Nov 1739Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I87047
8 Johnston (Johnson), Gavin "Gan" (immigrant)  1761Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I37064
9 Mitchell, Thomas  Oct 1734Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I49626
10 Mohler, Anna  1780Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104339
11 Moler (Mohler), Henry III  12 May 1833Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104318
12 Moler (Mohler), Jacob Jr.  26 May 1833Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104243
13 Moler (Mohler), Jacob  Dec 1865Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104248
14 Moler (Mohler), Jeremiah  24 Jan 1909Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104315
15 Moler (Mohler), John  6 Nov 1821Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104266


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Allison, John Phillip (of PA to NC and TN) (Immigrant)  Abt 1725Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I40142
2 Allison, William (Immigrant)  Abt 1725Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I40108
3 Becklbect (?), Anna Elizabeth* (immigrant)  29 Aug 1730Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104218
4 Mohler (Moler), Henry Sr. (immigrant) (son of who?)  Bef 1726Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104327
5 Moler (Mohler), George (immigrant)  29 Aug 1730Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104321
6 Moler (Mohler), Jacob (immigrant)  29 Aug 1730Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104222
7 Moler (Mohler), Johann Ludwig* Jr. (immigrant)  29 Aug 1730Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104213


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Doak, John (Immigrant)  Between 1733 and 1734Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I370
2 Landis, John Jr. (immigrant ?)  14 Apr 1774Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104335
3 Landis, John Jr. (immigrant ?)  9 Jul 1774Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104335
4 Landis, John Jr. (immigrant ?)  12 Oct 1776Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104335
5 Landis, John Jr. (immigrant ?)  26 Mar 1784Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104335


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Mohler (Moler), Elizabeth  14 Apr 1774Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104331
2 Mohler (Moler), Jacob  26 Mar 1784Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104333
3 Mohler (Moler), John (2nd son)  14 Apr 1774Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104330
4 Mohler (Moler), John (2nd son)  12 Oct 1776Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104330
5 Mohler (Moler), Martin (eldest son)  14 Apr 1774Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104329
6 Mohler (Moler), Susannah  14 Apr 1774Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104332
7 Mohler (Moler), Susannah  26 Mar 1784Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104332
8 Moler (Mohler), Elizabeth Barbara (..)  10 Jan 1763Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104328
9 Moler (Mohler), Elizabeth Barbara (..)  22 Aug 1769Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104328


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Landis, John Jr. (immigrant ?)  Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104335


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Crawford, John  Abt 1726Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I52278
2 Doak, John (Immigrant)  Bef 1737Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I370
3 Doak, Robert* (immigrant)  1728Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I5719
4 Mitchell, John  Between 1721 and 1737Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I49733
5 Mitchell, Thomas  1728Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I49626
6 Mohler (Moler), Henry Sr. (immigrant) (son of who?)  1726Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I104327


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Mitchell, Thomas  4 May 1734Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania I49626


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Anguish / Mohler (Moler)  Bef 1784Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35222
2 Beatty / Mitchell  Abt 1731Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F16359
3 Blackburn / Blackburn  1737Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F395
4 Bucher / Moler (Mohler)  30 Mar 1784Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35200
5 Crawford / Allison  20 Oct 1761Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F21041
6 Denny / Edwards  1744Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F25552
7 Doak / Mitchell  Abt 1738Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F158
8 Doak / Wilson(?)  Abt 1730Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F170
9 Finley / Doak  10 Apr 1724Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F147
10 Gochenauer (Cochenour) / Hunsaker  1732Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F5937
11 Goff / Price  6 Apr 1773Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F25608
12 Grider / Smith  Abt 1750Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F25369
13 Groethaus / Van Hooser  12 Aug 1749Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F7147
14 Herchelroth / Moler (Mohler)  Bef 1883Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35192
15 Herr / Moler (Mohler)  Bef 1883Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35199
16 Keller / Moler (Mohler)  27 Sep 1791Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35201
17 Konigmacher / Moler (Mohler)  30 Mar 1861Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35208
18 Landis / Naas  1721Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35225
19 Miller / Moler (Mohler)  Bef 1883Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35193
20 Mitchell / Wilson  Abt 1730Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F16362
21 Moler (Mohler) / Graff  Abt 1781Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35227
22 Moler (Mohler) / Keller  20 Nov 1845Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35209
23 Moler (Mohler) / Landes  1 Jan 1810Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35205
24 Moler (Mohler) / Landis  Abt 1749Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35215
25 Montgomery / Houston  21 Jul 1738Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F16607
26 Pfoutz / Moler (Mohler)  1767Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35198
27 Pollock / Cowan  12 Jun 1770Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F7103
28 Shurr / Landis  Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35226
29 Zugg / Moler (Mohler)  5 May 1789Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania F35197