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Liberty Co, Texas



1880 Texas, Liberty County, Precinct No. 4 census
1880 Texas, Liberty County, Precinct No. 4 census
Andrew Jones
1880 Texas, Liberty County, Precinct 4 Census
1880 Texas, Liberty County, Precinct 4 Census
Jones, Cyrus, Nancy, Daisy, Mabra Madden, Clarence Y


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abshire (Abshier), Ada  12 Nov 1901Liberty Co, Texas I47271
2 Abshire (Abshier), J.E.  1863Liberty Co, Texas I93522
3 Abshire (Abshier), Monroe  1866Liberty Co, Texas I93523
4 Adair, Adalin  1854Liberty Co, Texas I44426
5 Adair, J.J.  1854Liberty Co, Texas I44425
6 Adair, Martha  1849Liberty Co, Texas I44424
7 Adair, Tiney  1859Liberty Co, Texas I44427
8 Anderson, Mary Elizabeth  1853Liberty Co, Texas I44329
9 Bellar (Bellard), Alice L.  1879Liberty Co, Texas I47080
10 Bellar (Bellard), Homer W.  1878Liberty Co, Texas I47079
11 Bellar (Bellard), May A.  1876Liberty Co, Texas I47078
12 Brown, Barbara Ann   I8443
13 Brown, Betty Jane   I8442
14 Brown, Charles Stafford   I8445
15 Brown, Donald Ray   I59777
16 Brown, Emma Jan   I8449
17 Brown, Gary Dean   I8450
18 Brown, James Edward   I59778
19 Brown, Mary Kathryn   I8447
20 Brown, Nocona Sue   I8448
21 Brown, William Joseph "Billy Joe"   I8444
22 Burrell, Claude Villard  10 Jun 1910Liberty Co, Texas I8423
23 Burrell, DiAnne   I8463
24 Burrell, John Wayne   I25648
25 Burrell, Melvin Roy   I8432
26 Carpenter, Josephine  10 Jul 1850Liberty Co, Texas I32835
27 Carr, Lorenzo  23 Feb 1853Liberty Co, Texas I22739
28 Carter, Cindy Lou   I34392
29 Carter, Sherran Jeanne   I34390
30 Clough, Abe Mulkey  1898Liberty Co, Texas I44327
31 Clough, Ella M.  1895Liberty Co, Texas I44326
32 Clubb, Arthur J.   I54099
33 Cole, Clark  25 Nov 1828Liberty Co, Texas I13910
34 Cole, Margaret Elizabeth  15 Sep 1869Liberty Co, Texas I79982
35 Gibbons (Hartwell), William K.  1840Liberty Co, Texas I6955
36 Gillen, Michael  6 Nov 1839Liberty Co, Texas I31892
37 Hartwell, Albert Henry  1 Jul 1846Liberty Co, Texas I26277
38 Hartwell, Shelton  15 Apr 1850Liberty Co, Texas I26278
39 Higginbotham, Nancy  25 Aug 1847Liberty Co, Texas I58360
40 Higginbotham, Seth E.  14 Mar 1880Liberty Co, Texas I38829
41 Hill, W.F.  1872Liberty Co, Texas I44333
42 Holst, Wilda Marie  12 Dec 1920Liberty Co, Texas I47260
43 Hylton, Mary Ann "Alice"  Abt 1860Liberty Co, Texas I257
44 Jackson, Decandia  17 Jul 1851Liberty Co, Texas I26626
45 Jackson, Hugh  1851Liberty Co, Texas I31358
46 Jackson, Letitia  1 Jul 1846Liberty Co, Texas I31356
47 Jackson, Rufus Humphrey  7 Nov 1847Liberty Co, Texas I31357
48 Jett, Amanda C.  26 Feb 1852Liberty Co, Texas I78324
49 Jones, M.J.  1880Liberty Co, Texas I44336
50 Jones, Shadrich W.  1856Liberty Co, Texas I26301
51 McLaughlin, David  14 Jan 1830Liberty Co, Texas I60388
52 McLaughlin, Emily  Abt 1823Liberty Co, Texas I60386
53 Meadows, Dewey Glen "Bucky"  26 Jun 1937Liberty Co, Texas I98328
54 Means, Katie  29 Aug 1887Liberty Co, Texas I23385
55 Means, Mary  04 Sep 1840Liberty Co, Texas I23448
56 Means, Winnie  07 Apr 1899Liberty Co, Texas I23383
57 Mercer, Bertie Lee  18 Nov 1915Liberty Co, Texas I87586
58 Mercer, Joseph Raleigh   I87588
59 Mercer, Margie Mae  7 Feb 1918Liberty Co, Texas I87587
60 Ozan (Auzenne), Nora  18 Jul 1916Liberty Co, Texas I107035
61 Shelton, Winfred  Jul 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6925
62 Sherman, Florence Irene  21 Oct 1909Liberty Co, Texas I44084
63 Sherman, William L. "Willie"  1905Liberty Co, Texas I44131
64 Spinks, William "Willie"  15 Feb 1862Liberty Co, Texas I9798
65 Stengler, A.I.  1877Liberty Co, Texas I93519
66 Stengler, Ida I.  1868Liberty Co, Texas I93509
67 Stengler, J.C.  1875Liberty Co, Texas I93518
68 Stengler, J.P.  1874Liberty Co, Texas I93517
69 Stengler, Jenetta E.  1866Liberty Co, Texas I93508
70 Stengler, L.L.  1879Liberty Co, Texas I93520
71 Stengler, S.M.  1873Liberty Co, Texas I93516
72 Stephenson, Baret Boyd   I6281
73 Stephenson, Chris Conrad   I6282
74 Townsend, Irving   I44531
75 Trail, Jesse James Jr.   I44141
76 Weaver, Alfred (or Alford)  1864Liberty Co, Texas I93513
77 Weaver, Andrew  1858Liberty Co, Texas I93511
78 Weaver, Caroline  1862Liberty Co, Texas I93512
79 Weaver, Ellen  1846Liberty Co, Texas I93528
80 Weaver, Frances  1854Liberty Co, Texas I93507
81 Weaver, Isabel  1856Liberty Co, Texas I93510
82 Weaver, Joseph Leonard  1848Liberty Co, Texas I93506
83 Weaver, Laura  1869Liberty Co, Texas I93514
84 Weaver, Martha  1844Liberty Co, Texas I93527
85 Wiggins, Milfred (or Medford)  15 Nov 1933Liberty Co, Texas I6258
86 Wilborn, Andrew C.  3 Oct 1858Liberty Co, Texas I58371
87 Wilborn, Charles Johan  26 Jul 1863Liberty Co, Texas I58373
88 Wilborn, George Frederick  26 Sep 1861Liberty Co, Texas I58372
89 Wilborn, James I.  4 Jan 1853Liberty Co, Texas I58362
90 Wilborn, Jeanette Louise  17 Apr 1869Liberty Co, Texas I58375
91 Wilborn, Martha Lurenda  6 Jan 1855Liberty Co, Texas I58363
92 Wilborn, Wilhelm  24 Jul 1865Liberty Co, Texas I58374
93 Winters, Christopher Wayne  13 Mar 1963Liberty Co, Texas I84951
94 Wiser, Adrian Lee  1898Liberty Co, Texas I38834
95 Wiser, Anna Belle  1906Liberty Co, Texas I38836
96 Wiser, Clay Henry  1900Liberty Co, Texas I38835
97 Wiser, Edith  1903Liberty Co, Texas I38839
98 Wiser, Elmer Eugene  9 Apr 1901Liberty Co, Texas I38833
99 Wiser, Mae Stella  1914Liberty Co, Texas I38840
100 Wiser, Robert Hobson  1906Liberty Co, Texas I38841

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abshier, Alvina (or Lavina)  17 Jul 1876Liberty Co, Texas I24591
2 Abshier, Marie Zilpha  1847Liberty Co, Texas I75476
3 Abshire (Abshier), Austin  24 Sep 1880Liberty Co, Texas I28318
4 Adair, Benjamin  21 Nov 1874Liberty Co, Texas I44273
5 Anderson, Mary Elizabeth  24 Jan 1877Liberty Co, Texas I44329
6 Andrus, John  Abt 1879Liberty Co, Texas I33780
7 Barrow, Sarah Jane  1876Liberty Co, Texas I17944
8 Bean, Nelson Scott  11 Sep 1987Liberty Co, Texas I102105
9 Clay, Bertta Lee "Birtie"  Aft 1930Liberty Co, Texas I47007
10 Cole, Jacob Caswell "Cas"  23 May 1932Liberty Co, Texas I83520
11 Elkins, James William  28 May 1963Liberty Co, Texas I25540
12 Fitzgerald, Jane  Bef 1850Liberty Co, Texas I31095
13 Gillen, Ettie Mae  4 Feb 1975Liberty Co, Texas I105917
14 Harmon, John  15 Jul 1907Liberty Co, Texas I14275
15 Harmon, Joshua  2 Nov 1896Liberty Co, Texas I8251
16 Harmon, Nancy Rebecca  1882Liberty Co, Texas I14273
17 Hayes, Calvin W.  28 Sep 1934Liberty Co, Texas I54092
18 Hayes, Jack Armender  20 Jan 1957Liberty Co, Texas I1524
19 Higginbotham, Caleb  10 Oct 1897Liberty Co, Texas I58357
20 Higginbotham, Seth E.  29 Sep 1880Liberty Co, Texas I38829
21 Hill, Gertrude Levert  20 Aug 1949Liberty Co, Texas I87698
22 Hoffpauir, Thomas  07 Jun 1865Liberty Co, Texas I27329
23 Jackson, Hugh  Aft 1851Liberty Co, Texas I31358
24 Landrum, John Perry "Johnnie"  30 Oct 1979Liberty Co, Texas I25486
25 Lange, Edna Irene  16 Aug 1923Liberty Co, Texas I84950
26 Lee, Altha Ann  29 Jul 1925Liberty Co, Texas I33781
27 Mayes, Abner  Aft 1850Liberty Co, Texas I31524
28 McCauley, Robert Henry  26 Apr 1903Liberty Co, Texas I28259
29 McManus, Martha Leola  25 Feb 1963Liberty Co, Texas I34378
30 Means, Antoine  Aft 1860Liberty Co, Texas I23395
31 Means, Mrs Elmira (..)  Aft 1880Liberty Co, Texas I23394
32 Means, John J  Bef 1870Liberty Co, Texas I23393
33 Means, John William  Aft 1882Liberty Co, Texas I23187
34 Meeks, Donald Elbert  24 Jan 1948Liberty Co, Texas I6263
35 Moor, James C  11 Jul 1870Liberty Co, Texas I24590
36 Munger, Robert Henderson  30 Jan 1955Liberty Co, Texas I6654
37 Parker, Freddie  Bef 18 Jun 1942Liberty Co, Texas I102679
38 Reeves, Curtis Thurman  21 Jan 1994Liberty Co, Texas I6889
39 Sherman, Richard O.  9 Dec 1944Liberty Co, Texas I5560
40 Sturrlock, Thira Belle  30 Dec 1989Liberty Co, Texas I38765
41 Taylor, Walter Brashear  04 Oct 1887Liberty Co, Texas I24316
42 Teal, Leona Octavia (twin)  15 Jun 1995Liberty Co, Texas I102456
43 Weed, Tabitha Isabella M.  25 Jan 1922Liberty Co, Texas I58358
44 Wheat, Fannie Ellen  23 Sep 1942Liberty Co, Texas I98343
45 White, Marie  Between 1862 and 1870Liberty Co, Texas I8065
46 Wiggins, Jesse  25 Jul 1941Liberty Co, Texas I6212
47 Wiggins, Milfred (or Medford)  1 Jun 1946Liberty Co, Texas I6258
48 Williams, Donald Louis "Tubby"  7 Mar 1989Liberty Co, Texas I98327
49 Williamson, Amanda "Mandy"  17 Jun 1948Liberty Co, Texas I107389
50 Winters, James V.  18 Dec 1996Liberty Co, Texas I84949
51 Wiser, Elmer Eugene  9 Jun 1901Liberty Co, Texas I38833
52 Worten (or Wooten), Sudie Elizabeth  20 Jul 1931Liberty Co, Texas I26365


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barrow, Benjamin Franklin  1855Liberty Co, Texas I26341
2 Barrow, Solomon  16 Sep 1850Liberty Co, Texas I14336
3 Burrell, Clarinda  1860Liberty Co, Texas I21338
4 Burrell, Clarinda  1900Liberty Co, Texas I21338
5 Doebner (Shelton?), Mrs. Mariah Q.D. (..)  1855Liberty Co, Texas I59370
6 Gibbons (Hartwell), William K.  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6955
7 Gibbons (Hartwell), William K.  1855Liberty Co, Texas I6955
8 Hamshire, John  30 Sep 1850Liberty Co, Texas I8382
9 Hankamer, Frederich Adolph "Fritz"  1870Liberty Co, Texas I38884
10 Harrington, Zildia  1930Liberty Co, Texas I24359
11 Hartwell, Albert Henry  1855Liberty Co, Texas I26277
12 Hartwell, Timothy Ripley  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6957
13 Heiman, John Henry Heinrich Sr.  22 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I24493
14 Hill, John Allen  1880Liberty Co, Texas I44265
15 Jackson, Hugh  1850Liberty Co, Texas I26621
16 Jackson, James Merriman  1850Liberty Co, Texas I26436
17 Jackson, John "Smith Point John"  1850Liberty Co, Texas I26309
18 Jones, James J  1850Liberty Co, Texas I6941
19 Jones, Martin H  1850Liberty Co, Texas I7016
20 Jones, Shadrach M Jr  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I7009
21 Jones, Shadrach Martin Sr  1850Liberty Co, Texas I7007
22 Jones, Shadrach Martin Sr  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I7007
23 Means, Celestine "Sallie"  26 Jun 1860Liberty Co, Texas I8402
24 Means, Celestine "Sallie"  1870Liberty Co, Texas I8402
25 Means, Celestine "Sallie"  22 Jun 1900Liberty Co, Texas I8402
26 Means, Mrs Elmira (..)  26 Jun 1860Liberty Co, Texas I23394
27 Means, James A.  22 Jun 1900Liberty Co, Texas I23357
28 Means, James A.  1910Liberty Co, Texas I23357
29 Means, John J  26 Jun 1860Liberty Co, Texas I23393
30 Merritt, Hosea Holly  1950Liberty Co, Texas I14526
31 Parker, James Silas  21 Jun 1900Liberty Co, Texas I22468
32 Shelton, Amos  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6938
33 Shelton, Amos Clinton  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I550
34 Shelton, Candice Mariah "Marie"  1850Liberty Co, Texas I6932
35 Shelton, Candice Mariah "Marie"  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6932
36 Shelton, Cordelia Frances (Cornelia)  1850Liberty Co, Texas I26300
37 Shelton, Cordelia Frances (Cornelia)  1850Liberty Co, Texas I26300
38 Shelton, George Washington Jr.  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6931
39 Shelton, John W.  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I26276
40 Shelton, Maria  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I26275
41 Shelton, Martha Wilson  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6934
42 Shelton, Thomas W.  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6907
43 Shelton, Winfred  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6925
44 Sherman, Shelby Star (twin)  1920Liberty Co, Texas I7055
45 Speights, Asa (white)  1850Liberty Co, Texas I76726
46 Speights, Asa (white)  1860Liberty Co, Texas I76726
47 Wallis, Francis Marion "Frank"  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6963
48 Wallis, Francis Marion "Frank"  1855Liberty Co, Texas I6963
49 Wallis, Hansel Roberts "Robert"  28 Aug 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6959
50 Wallis, Hansel Roberts "Robert"  1855Liberty Co, Texas I6959
51 Walter, Mrs Mary (..)  22 May 1850Liberty Co, Texas I24497
52 White, James Taylor  23 Sep 1950Liberty Co, Texas I2160
53 White, John Booth (DNA Circle-g)  24 Sep 1850Liberty Co, Texas I6910
54 Wiggins, Daniel M. (grandson?)  1870Liberty Co, Texas I9772
55 Wiggins, Daniel Prairie  1850Liberty Co, Texas I14381
56 Wiggins, Elizabeth Ann  1870Liberty Co, Texas I44202
57 Wiggins, Martha A. (granddaughter?)  1870Liberty Co, Texas I44380
58 Wiggins, Michael Warren  1880Liberty Co, Texas I44344
59 Wooten, John Rebel  1870Liberty Co, Texas I8828
60 Wooten, Lela  1880Liberty Co, Texas I30310
61 Wooten, Thomas Anderson  1860Liberty Co, Texas I44201


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Sparks, Solomon  1863Liberty Co, Texas I403


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Orr, George  23 Apr 1831Liberty Co, Texas I7411


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 McLaughlin, James (immigrant)  Abt 1822Liberty Co, Texas I2133
2 Means, Celestine "Sallie"  Aft 1900Liberty Co, Texas I8402
3 Shelton, George Washington Jr.  1846Liberty Co, Texas I6931


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Forman, David  Jan 1893Liberty Co, Texas I1685


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Andrus / Lee  Abt 1869Liberty Co, Texas F11794
2 Barber / Hodges  1848Liberty Co, Texas F33042
3 Barnes / Hylton  7 Jan 1880Liberty Co, Texas F117
4 Bellar (Bellard) / Bellard (Bellar)  Abt 1876Liberty Co, Texas F15553
5 Burrell / Gillen  10 Mar 1912Liberty Co, Texas F35798
6 Carr / Abel  20 Oct 1909Liberty Co, Texas F8867
7 Carr / Moor  10 Apr 1901Liberty Co, Texas F8866
8 Clough / Clough  Bef 1930Liberty Co, Texas F14732
9 Cole / Hall  8 Jan 1874Liberty Co, Texas F27307
10 Corbello / Barrow  1870Liberty Co, Texas F6612
11 Cuniff / Richardson  26 Oct 1966Liberty Co, Texas F19092
12 Dugat / Gatlin  Abt 1915Liberty Co, Texas F14462
13 Fester / Wiggins  Bef 1870Liberty Co, Texas F14741
14 Gatlin / Abshier  Abt 1910Liberty Co, Texas F13202
15 Gentz / Barton   F14073
16 Gordon / Shelton  31 Mar 1884Liberty Co, Texas F2929
17 Hankamer / Noack  1885Liberty Co, Texas F19242
18 Harmon / Means  Abt 1856Liberty Co, Texas F8484
19 Harmon / Weed  27 Mar 1884Liberty Co, Texas F13178
20 Hartwell / Shelton  23 Sep 1847Liberty Co, Texas F2922
21 Jergins / Clark  7 Oct 1872Liberty Co, Texas F15474
22 Jones / Shelton  1854Liberty Co, Texas F9313
23 Jones / Sherman  9 Apr 1876Liberty Co, Texas F144
24 Lands / Jones  24 Jul 1899Liberty Co, Texas F2926
25 LeNormand / Abshire (Abshier)  27 Jan 1885Liberty Co, Texas F15609
26 McReynolds / Courts   F15487
27 Means / Stripling  11 Dec 1879Liberty Co, Texas F8472
28 Orr / Munson  Abt 1850Liberty Co, Texas F16165
29 Parker / Means  17 May 1899Liberty Co, Texas F8467
30 Ratcliff / Tanner  29 Mar 1911Liberty Co, Texas F27657
31 Sherman / Neuman  15 Sep 1920Liberty Co, Texas F2706
32 Smith / Barnes  4 Aug 1907Liberty Co, Texas F2642
33 Smith / Burrell  20 Aug 1976Liberty Co, Texas F3432
34 Stengler / Stengler  Abt 1872Liberty Co, Texas F31468
35 Wallis / Shelton  22 Jul 1854Liberty Co, Texas F2921
36 Weaver / Weed  Bef 1844Liberty Co, Texas F13214
37 Wiggins / Carpenter  1845Liberty Co, Texas F14736
38 Wilborn / Kranz  4 Apr 1850Liberty Co, Texas F19238
39 Wooten / Anderson  Between 1870 and 1872Liberty Co, Texas F14733
40 Wooten / Hill  Abt 1878Liberty Co, Texas F14703
41 Worthy / Sherman  29 Nov 1919Liberty Co, Texas F2800


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Cox / Cox  19 Jun 1986Liberty Co, Texas F9086
2 Holst / Theriot  7 Aug 1975Liberty Co, Texas F15611