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Little River Co, Arkansas


Latitude: 33.6808926, Longitude: -94.1923400


Matches 1 to 97 of 97

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Akins, John   I79043
2 Akins, Mike   I79042
3 Bates, Andrew Caleb Jr.  Abt 1899Little River Co, Arkansas I79010
4 Bates, Anna E.  14 Jan 1901Little River Co, Arkansas I71340
5 Bates, Benjamin Monroe  22 Jan 1909Little River Co, Arkansas I71342
6 Bates, Lewis James  20 Aug 1897Little River Co, Arkansas I71341
7 Bates, Lora Belle (or Zora)  17 Jun 1897Little River Co, Arkansas I73944
8 Broomfield, Norman Allen  8 Mar 1918Little River Co, Arkansas I51396
9 Brown, Arden Pickney  11 Mar 1886Little River Co, Arkansas I72990
10 Brown, Braxton T.  1867Little River Co, Arkansas I72983
11 Brown, Lillian Viola  27 Apr 1887Little River Co, Arkansas I72973
12 Brown, Ozella Christine "Ozie"  Jul 1877Little River Co, Arkansas I72988
13 Cooper, Burton Dexter  16 Dec 1881Little River Co, Arkansas I79539
14 Cooper, Hale M.  1902Little River Co, Arkansas I81876
15 Cooper, Lela Belle  9 May 1904Little River Co, Arkansas I81838
16 Cooper, Lena Bell  25 Jan 1879Little River Co, Arkansas I79549
17 Cooper, Paul M.  Abt 1904Little River Co, Arkansas I81877
18 Cooper, Paul Rutherford  10 Apr 1927Little River Co, Arkansas I81879
19 Crocker, Marques DeLafayette "Fate"  20 Jun 1904Little River Co, Arkansas I73858
20 Dickerson, Mack Neal (or McNeil)   I79058
21 Frady, Billy Gene   I82139
22 Frady, Mack Edward   I82138
23 Frady, Margie Lee  28 Jan 1925Little River Co, Arkansas I66540
24 Frady, Melissa Irene  5 Oct 1927Little River Co, Arkansas I82137
25 Gallagher, Bertha Mae   I66539
26 Gallagher, Melissa J.   I82176
27 Gallagher, Ruthie Ellen (A-DNA-3rd)   I66535
28 Gallagher, Vernon Ray Sr.   I66533
29 Gallagher, Vernon Todd   I81993
30 Gallagher, Vesta Louise "Lou"  12 Aug 1932Little River Co, Arkansas I81410
31 Garrett, Darces M.  1919Little River Co, Arkansas I83455
32 Garrett, Ruby  10 Jun 1917Little River Co, Arkansas I83464
33 Gorman, Charles Everett "Ebb"  25 Jan 1930Little River Co, Arkansas I81297
34 Gorman, James Henderson  1 Nov 1922Little River Co, Arkansas I81296
35 Gorman, Mary E.  1898Little River Co, Arkansas I71329
36 Gorman, Thomas Lavan "Bill"  26 Nov 1935Little River Co, Arkansas I81295
37 Helms, Della Cordellia  8 Sep 1897Little River Co, Arkansas I71490
38 Johnson, Ethel Elizabeth  18 Nov 1919Little River Co, Arkansas I82354
39 Madden, Artimies  1873Little River Co, Arkansas I81536
40 Madden, Florence C.  1876Little River Co, Arkansas I81538
41 Madden, Jo Ann (or Joan) (twin)   I81511
42 Madden, Joseph M. (son of Immigrants)  1 Nov 1852Little River Co, Arkansas I81534
43 Madden, Mary Jo (twin)   I81513
44 McCoy, Andrew Johnson  4 Jul 1918Little River Co, Arkansas I81289
45 McElhannon, Gabriel Francis  12 Sep 1908Little River Co, Arkansas I85379
46 McFarlin, John Patrick  2 Feb 1901Little River Co, Arkansas I71326
47 McGough, Andy Leroy  11 Mar 1945Little River Co, Arkansas I82169
48 Moler, James Trigg  21 Mar 1883Little River Co, Arkansas I104236
49 Morgan, Nora Aretha  18 Mar 1904Little River Co, Arkansas I81294
50 Oglesby, (daughter maybe)   I82851
51 Oglesby, (infant)  2 Nov 1924Little River Co, Arkansas I51391
52 Oglesby, Albert Connie  2 Jan 1925Little River Co, Arkansas I51193
53 Oglesby, Anita Gail   I51378
54 Oglesby, Bessie Lena  25 Mar 1923Little River Co, Arkansas I83810
55 Oglesby, Brom (or Brown)   I52394
56 Oglesby, Bruce   I52390
57 Oglesby, Clifton Dale   I52391
58 Oglesby, Conred Martin  14 Jul 1964Little River Co, Arkansas I81933
59 Oglesby, Darrel Clifton Jr.  21 Sep 1960Little River Co, Arkansas I81932
60 Oglesby, Darrell Clifton   I51350
61 Oglesby, Emmett Noland  3 Jan 1946Little River Co, Arkansas I51342
62 Oglesby, Harlan   I51355
63 Oglesby, Ira Arthur (twin)  13 Oct 1899Little River Co, Arkansas I51184
64 Oglesby, Iris Rudene (A-1st-2nd-T)  12 Apr 1936Little River Co, Arkansas I81386
65 Oglesby, Iva Gertrude (twin)  13 Oct 1899Little River Co, Arkansas I51185
66 Oglesby, James Gale (?) "Jimmy"  Abt 1959Little River Co, Arkansas I82850
67 Oglesby, James Thomas "Jimmy"  4 Dec 1919Little River Co, Arkansas I51191
68 Oglesby, John Leaton  2 Nov 1939Little River Co, Arkansas I51341
69 Oglesby, Katheryn   I52392
70 Oglesby, Kevin Howard   I81448
71 Oglesby, Leon C.  27 Sep 1929Little River Co, Arkansas I51194
72 Oglesby, Marie Elizabeth "Minnie"  25 Jan 1931Little River Co, Arkansas I51368
73 Oglesby, Norma Gran   I51357
74 Oglesby, Odis Oran  1904Little River Co, Arkansas I51187
75 Oglesby, Reuben Lee  3 Mar 1902Little River Co, Arkansas I51186
76 Oglesby, Ronnie Lee Jr.  8 Apr 1982Little River Co, Arkansas I81382
77 Oglesby, William Carl  4 Jan 1930Little River Co, Arkansas I51222
78 Parr, Arlene  16 Jul 1946Little River Co, Arkansas I83243
79 Parr, David Earl  2 Apr 1940Little River Co, Arkansas I83241
80 Parr, Linda Joyce  6 Oct 1952Little River Co, Arkansas I83244
81 Ridge, Loid Edd  5 Mar 1889Little River Co, Arkansas I73832
82 Ridge, Martha (or Mertha)  Nov 1897Little River Co, Arkansas I71318
83 Sanders, (infant daughter)  1 Jan 1932Little River Co, Arkansas I81339
84 Sanders, Charles Albert  7 Mar 1927Little River Co, Arkansas I81337
85 Sanders, Mary Ellen  Abt 1916Little River Co, Arkansas I71476
86 Smith, Leonard Ray  26 Apr 1918Little River Co, Arkansas I79038
87 Stanley, Dovie Ola  30 Aug 1896Little River Co, Arkansas I60868
88 Stanley, Herman Andy  28 Sep 1909Little River Co, Arkansas I101466
89 Stanley, Linnie Charlotta  10 May 1888Little River Co, Arkansas I60863
90 Stanley, Ocie Lawrence  26 Jun 1892Little River Co, Arkansas I60865
91 Stanley, Polly Ann  1 Mar 1890Little River Co, Arkansas I60864
92 Thomas, Darrell Kenneth  30 Sep 1941Little River Co, Arkansas I82093
93 Thomas, Glenna Marie   I79035
94 Thomas, Harold   I79036
95 Wade, Ben Evan  2 Apr 1934Little River Co, Arkansas I83957
96 Wright, Avia Helen  1909Little River Co, Arkansas I85375
97 Wright, Fred  1907Little River Co, Arkansas I85374


Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (mother of Carrie)  Aft 1917Little River Co, Arkansas I82323
2 Baker, Benjamin Franklin  1 Dec 1981Little River Co, Arkansas I81571
3 Baker, Etta M.  25 Jun 1931Little River Co, Arkansas I81575
4 Bates, Anna E.  14 Jan 1901Little River Co, Arkansas I71340
5 Bates, Jessie Leon  1 Nov 1965Little River Co, Arkansas I79607
6 Childs, Ada Lee  26 May 1976Little River Co, Arkansas I81486
7 Cleghorn, Billye Jo  23 Dec 1997Little River Co, Arkansas I72215
8 Cook, James Nolley Jr.  31 Aug 2009Little River Co, Arkansas I81277
9 Cooper, Brown G.  19 Dec 1951Little River Co, Arkansas I81874
10 Cooper, Jack E. (son of who?)  3 Apr 1941Little River Co, Arkansas I81839
11 Davis, Lillian  29 Mar 2001Little River Co, Arkansas I82174
12 Dickerson, Benjamin Franklin  Sep 1985Little River Co, Arkansas I73822
13 Frady, Alfus Olen  17 Oct 1996Little River Co, Arkansas I82140
14 Frady, Emma Minnie  20 Feb 1977Little River Co, Arkansas I82153
15 Frady, Frederick Hadden  Jan 1975Little River Co, Arkansas I82152
16 Frady, Laura A. Della  Oct 1930Little River Co, Arkansas I82144
17 Frady, Margie Lee  20 Oct 2005Little River Co, Arkansas I66540
18 Gallagher, Daniel Lewis "Dan"  5 Mar 1999Little River Co, Arkansas I51338
19 Gallagher, Donna Gail  25 Dec 1971Little River Co, Arkansas I81414
20 Gallagher, Henry Louis  11 Nov 1983Little River Co, Arkansas I66530
21 Gallagher, John Jackson "Jack"  27 Jun 1999Little River Co, Arkansas I51335
22 Garrett, Henry J. Jr.  14 Jan 1991Little River Co, Arkansas I71348
23 Garrett, Ruby  29 Jul 1918Little River Co, Arkansas I83464
24 Henley, Troy  27 Feb 1995Little River Co, Arkansas I73810
25 HIcks, William Travis  26 Feb 2006Little River Co, Arkansas I81512
26 Holder, Bertha Rae  28 Jan 2001Little River Co, Arkansas I51192
27 Holdridge, Carrie Elizabeth (Martha Holden?) (Choctaw or Cherokee)  1928Little River Co, Arkansas I71461
28 Hoover, Alberta H. "Bertie"  20 May 1986Little River Co, Arkansas I82157
29 Jackson, Robert E.  19 Apr 1965Little River Co, Arkansas I82693
30 Jagers, Jennie Walker  11 Apr 1925Little River Co, Arkansas I73815
31 Key, Lillie Maud  1 Jul 1900Little River Co, Arkansas I71912
32 Madden, Mrs. Ada Belle (..)  26 May 1976Little River Co, Arkansas I81515
33 Madden, Jo Ann (or Joan) (twin)   I81511
34 Madden, Luther Sydney "Luke"  14 May 1974Little River Co, Arkansas I81485
35 Madden, Mrs. Martha Jane (..)  27 Oct 1926Little River Co, Arkansas I81535
36 McClinton, Anise  9 Oct 1995Little River Co, Arkansas I51340
37 McCormick, Mrs. Esther E.  30 Dec 1964Little River Co, Arkansas I82135
38 Morgan, Nora Aretha  5 Apr 1949Little River Co, Arkansas I81294
39 Oglesby, (infant)  2 Nov 1924Little River Co, Arkansas I51391
40 Oglesby, Bessie Lena  Nov 1924Little River Co, Arkansas I83810
41 Oglesby, Cassendra  2015Little River Co, Arkansas I83278
42 Oglesby, Mrs. Helen (..)  8 Sep 1990Little River Co, Arkansas I51369
43 Oglesby, Hubert Hasten  10 Nov 2002Little River Co, Arkansas I51318
44 Oglesby, Ira Arthur Jr.   I71347
45 Oglesby, John Leaton  3 Jun 1985Little River Co, Arkansas I51341
46 Oglesby, Leon C.  14 Jan 1980Little River Co, Arkansas I51194
47 Oglesby, Odie Oletta  19 Jan 1998Little River Co, Arkansas I51220
48 Oglesby, Robert Wayne "Bob"  28 Nov 2011Little River Co, Arkansas I81453
49 Oglesby, Ruby Raye  19 Feb 1986Little River Co, Arkansas I51199
50 Oglesby, William Austin  29 Dec 1972Little River Co, Arkansas I51181
51 Pettigrew, Syntha Armenthia  28 Nov 1904Little River Co, Arkansas I82698
52 Picco (Olmstead), Norene Mercedes  14 Aug 1977Little River co, Arkansas I51393
53 Roller, Nancy Lou Ellen  23 Apr 1960Little River Co, Arkansas I81840
54 Sanders, (infant daughter)  1 Jan 1932Little River Co, Arkansas I81339
55 Sanders, Lewis L. "Mack"  6 Jun 1923Little River Co, Arkansas I73059
56 Sanders, William Clark  24 Mar 1938Little River Co, Arkansas I81328
57 Scott, Roy  27 Sep 1998Little River Co, Arkansas I81396
58 Smith, Clerman C.  8 Sep 1996Little River Co, Arkansas I51348
59 Smith, Elisha Flenoia  16 Aug 1950Little River Co, Arkansas I79468
60 Smith, Eula Marie  22 Feb 1923Little River Co, Arkansas I51349
61 Smith, Leona O.  8 Oct 1893Little River Co, Arkansas I79466
62 Smith, Lucy Nannie  24 Jun 1979Little River Co, Arkansas I79469
63 Smith, Robert Elbert  13 Mar 1911Little River Co, Arkansas I79461
64 Smith, Thomas Samuel  1961Little River Co, Arkansas I79467
65 Stanley, Dovie Ola  14 Oct 1965Little River Co, Arkansas I60868
66 Stanley, Joseph  31 Dec 1939Little River Co, Arkansas I51401
67 Stanley, Lavada  13 Feb 1932Little River Co, Arkansas I60869
68 Stanley, Polly Ann  6 Feb 1928Little River Co, Arkansas I60864
69 Webber, Nedra Arley  11 Jan 1980Little River Co, Arkansas I51395
70 Withem, Johnny Scott "Scotty"   I81493
71 Wyatt, Arizona "Zona"  25 Aug 1922Little River Co, Arkansas I79781
72 Wyatt, Augusta Jacqueline  21 Sep 1993Little River Co, Arkansas I51347
73 Wyatt, Elizabeth Evelyn  24 Mar 1997Little River Co, Arkansas I51390


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Curey (Curry), Lee Sabine (half bro to John Wesley)  5 Jun 1917Little River Co, Arkansas I71462
2 McCoy, Thomas Dennis "Tom"  5 Jun 1917Little River Co, Arkansas I81968
3 Oglesby, Thomas Avery^ Sr.  5 Jun 1917Little River Co, Arkansas I51182
4 Oglesby, William Austin  5 Jun 1917Little River Co, Arkansas I51181


Matches 1 to 81 of 81

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Averitt / Gallagher  20 Dec 1940Little River Co, Arkansas F21539
2 Bates / Cooper  26 Jul 1919Little River Co, Arkansas F23955
3 Brown / Hinch  28 Oct 1925Little River Co, Arkansas F23138
4 Brown / Hopson  11 Aug 1892Little River Co, Arkansas F23656
5 Brown / Parr-Oglesby  Aft 1960Little River Co, Arkansas F26819
6 Brown / Thompson  25 Nov 1927Little River Co, Arkansas F26801
7 Brown / Williams  13 Oct 1913Little River Co, Arkansas F23658
8 Bush / Barnett  Dec 1882Little River Co, Arkansas F26905
9 Cook / Gallagher   F26569
10 Cooper / Billingsley  11 Oct 1903Little River Co, Arkansas F25883
11 Cooper / Brown  29 Dec 1897Little River Co, Arkansas F26752
12 Cooper / Cooper  Abt 1920Little River Co, Arkansas F26969
13 Cooper / Davis  Aft 1940Little River Co, Arkansas F26847
14 Cooper / Roller  1903Little River Co, Arkansas F26739
15 Crocker / Bates  13 Aug 1902Little River Co, Arkansas F23937
16 Curey (Curry) / Mason   F26798
17 Curey (Curry) / Thompson  24 Nov 1915Little River Co, Arkansas F26799
18 Denson / Dollarhide  25 Aug 1929Little River Co, Arkansas F27398
19 Drake / Oglesby  3 Oct 1885Little River Co, Arkansas F25752
20 Frady / Davis  Abt 1934Little River Co, Arkansas F26846
21 Frady / Frady  Abt 1939Little River Co, Arkansas F26837
22 Frady / McCormick  Abt 1913Little River Co, Arkansas F26836
23 Gallagher / Chavis   F21542
24 Gallagher / Frady  Aft 1989Little River Co, Arkansas F21541
25 Garrett / Bartlett  25 Dec 1904Little River Co, Arkansas F27288
26 Garrett / Holder  14 Jun 1957Little River Co, Arkansas F23093
27 Gorman / Morgan  Abt 1921Little River Co, Arkansas F26573
28 Green / Ridge  22 Aug 1907Little River Co, Arkansas F23929
29 Green / Sugg  26 Aug 1906Little River Co, Arkansas F23936
30 Helms / Bates  10 Jan 1892Little River Co, Arkansas F23145
31 HIcks / Madden  Abt 1965Little River Co, Arkansas F26649
32 Holmes / Brown  Bef 1920Little River Co, Arkansas F26557
33 Hoover / Frady  Abt 1925Little River Co, Arkansas F26840
34 Jackson / Knighten  25 May 1902Little River Co, Arkansas F27023
35 Key / Bludworth  26 Oct 1919Little River Co, Arkansas F27457
36 Key / Chappell  28 Nov 1912Little River Co, Arkansas F23149
37 Key / Grider  28 Nov 1912Little River Co, Arkansas F23148
38 Key / Morgan  Aft 1950Little River Co, Arkansas F23150
39 Madden / Baughman   F26646
40 Madden / Madden  Abt 1872Little River Co, Arkansas F26658
41 Madden / Oglesby  Aft 1994Little River Co, Arkansas F26597
42 Martin / Oglesby  Aft 1930Little River Co, Arkansas F25711
43 McCoy / Brown  28 Apr 1914Little River Co, Arkansas F26780
44 McElhannon / Wright  10 Nov 1929Little River Co, Arkansas F28033
45 McFarlin / Sanders  18 Sep 1898Little River Co, Arkansas F23905
46 McGough / Frady  11 Sep 1940Little River Co, Arkansas F26844
47 Mears / Sanders  14 Oct 1929Little River Co, Arkansas F23668
48 Oglesby / Baker  22 Sep 1918LIttle River Co, Arkansas F16855
49 Oglesby / Baker  Abt 1919Little River Co, Arkansas F16829
50 Oglesby / Bates  1883Little River Co, Arkansas F16822
51 Oglesby / Broomfield  13 Jul 1960Little River Co, Arkansas F14406
52 Oglesby / Click   F26768
53 Oglesby / Cooper  18 Dec 1925Little River Co, Arkansas F16825
54 Oglesby / Dollarhide (also Thompson)  13 Jan 1957LIttle River Co, Arkansas F16872
55 Oglesby / Fairless  Abt 1932Little River Co, Arkansas F17170
56 Oglesby / Gallagher  1 Oct 1918Little River Co, Arkansas F16823
57 Oglesby / Holder  1928Little River Co, Arkansas F16824
58 Oglesby / Pond  2 Apr 1946Little River Co, Arkansas F16859
59 Oglesby / Ridge  Abt 1911Little River Co, Arkansas F16835
60 Oglesby / Smith  13 Mar 1942Little River Co, Arkansas F16862
61 Oglesby / Wyatt  Bef 1834Little River Co, Arkansas F16880
62 Sanders / Dollarhide  14 Mar 1886Little River Co, Arkansas F23143
63 Sanders / Johnson  2 Nov 1935Little River Co, Arkansas F26901
64 Sanders / Pettigrew  21 Jun 1885Little River Co, Arkansas F26896
65 Sanders / Sharp  8 Feb 1911Little River Co, Arkansas F26898
66 Sanders / Taylor  Abt 1919Little River Co, Arkansas F26586
67 Scott / Gallagher  13 Apr 1939Little River Co, Arkansas F26602
68 Shields / Brown  24 Jul 1923Little River Co, Arkansas F26567
69 Shields / Sparks  31 Mar 1926Little River Co, Arkansas F26568
70 Smith / Grider  Little River Co, Arkansas F25856
71 Smith / Grider  10 May 1891Little River Co, Arkansas F25857
72 Smith / Oglesby  25 Nov 1949Little River Co, Arkansas F25703
73 Stanley / Jones  1927Little River Co, Arkansas F19926
74 Stanley / Oglesby  1 Dec 1880Little River Co, Arkansas F16884
75 Sutton / Wyatt  Aft 1950Little River Co, Arkansas F25946
76 Taylor / Gallagher  Bef 1969Little River Co, Arkansas F27058
77 Thomas / Oglesby   F25702
78 Tolleson / Smith   F25706
79 Tyson / McCoy  15 Oct 1918Little River Co, Arkansas F27055
80 Wade / Green   F27463
81 Williams / Cooper  7 Feb 1935Little River Co, Arkansas F28187

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