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Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky


Latitude: 38.2526647, Longitude: -85.75845570000001


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baumgardner, Louisianna  22 Mar 1822Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I63486
2 Coombs, Carl Brooke  21 Jan 1938Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I100646
3 Forman, Thomas Seabrooke  8 Nov 1808Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I57044
4 Haydon, Donald Macpherson  24 Aug 1906Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I65220
5 Irwin, Margaret  1774Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I89725
6 Shrum, James Wakefield  27 Jul 1856Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I85164
7 Wells, Ellis H.  4 Apr 1827Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I5860
8 Yartz, Eric Christopher (E.Y.) (Ag-DNA-2nd)   I756
9 Yartz, John Claud Courtney   I757


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ayers, Cuthbert D.  13 Nov 1864Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I100372
2 Bell, William Albert III  8 Dec 1994Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I26171
3 Bishop, John Clay Breckenridge  28 Nov 1923Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I45529
4 Breckenridge, Gabriella Jones  20 Sep 1872Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I155
5 Courts, Emma Louise  9 Feb 2000Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I753
6 Duncan, Carl Daniel  6 Jan 1978Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I95269
7 Duncan, Robert B.  9 Jun 1936Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I95264
8 Floyd, James John  10 Apr 1783Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I48146
9 Ford, Bernice  28 Dec 1957Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I72073
10 Forman, Ezekiel Seabrooke  8 Apr 1867Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I57092
11 Forman, John Samuel  1 Mar 1879Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I57064
12 Forman, Thomas Seabrooke  24 Jun 1849Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I57044
13 Gividen, Joseph Buckingham  10 Dec 1934Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I89832
14 Haydon, Donald Macpherson  6 Nov 2003Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I65220
15 Haydon, Thomas Smith  Jul 1889Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I36190
16 Helm, Capt Leonard  4 Jun 1782Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I43267
17 Herndon, Claude  12 Jun 1931Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I66087
18 Herndon, Clyde Thomas  12 Jun 1931Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I66086
19 Hulett, John Wesley "J.W."  18 Nov 1928Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I89927
20 Jones, Calvin R.  17 Aug 1918Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I45398
21 Jones, Carlin C. (or Corbin)  Aft 2012Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I45185
22 Jones, Cordia L.  23 Aug 1946Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I89920
23 Jones, Ernest Herbert Reed  24 Feb 1964Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I45261
24 Jones, Fannie Lee  22 Mar 1921Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I45249
25 Jones, Newton F.  10 Oct 1920Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I45300
26 Jones, William Samuel  20 Dec 1929Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I89883
27 Jones, William Samuel "Bill Sam"  27 Apr 1948Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I89917
28 Lancaster, Mildred Marie  19 May 2001Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I79535
29 Macpherson, Gertrude Helen  7 Sep 1976Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I65219
30 Mahoney, Annis  23 Feb 1926Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I45528
31 Malloy, Sabina  Aft 1890Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I77269
32 Montgomery, Helen Laverne  26 Dec 2003Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I99167
33 Near, Henry  6 Feb 1865Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I72045
34 Netherton (Truax?), Carrie S.  14 Mar 1923Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I66084
35 Oglesby, Pauline  2 May 1950Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I72094
36 Oglesby, Richard  5 Mar 1799Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I63258
37 Oldham, Abigail Pope  5 Jul 1854Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I73032
38 Pate, Jane Ann  27 Jan 1922Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I18895
39 Pope, Worden  20 Apr 1838Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I31421
40 Prinz, Marian Elizabeth  21 Jan 1986Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I65221
41 Raisor, Frances Ann "Fannie"  20 Mar 1940Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I44994
42 Roberts, Sterling  20 Nov 1947Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I64163
43 Sanders, James Carroll  5 Sep 1966Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I73750
44 Sanders, Joseph Hamilton Lawless  12 Aug 1917Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I44937
45 Skinner, William Burgess "Bird"  6 Sep 1916Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I55654
46 Sliger, Rose Lou "Rosie"  1985Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I77896
47 Terrell, William Henry  3 Mar 1991Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I64724
48 Tingle, Jesse William  16 Apr 1942Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I44954
49 Trigg, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1850Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I117
50 Wheeler, James Marion  19 Jan 2005Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I79534
51 Whitmore, Starling Duward  8 Aug 1957Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I72087
52 Wilson, Mary Elizabeth  17 Jan 1939Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I76514


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Courts, Emma Louise  1956Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I753
2 Forman, Thomas Seabrooke  1839Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I57044
3 Wells  Bef 1827Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky I98037


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Clark / Malloy  Mar 1887Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky F25099
2 Herndon / Netherton (Truax?)  29 Dec 1886Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky F21384
3 Meek / Irwin  1 Jul 1792Louisville, Jefferson Co, Kentucky F29901
4 Yartz / Battrick   F377