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Madison Co, Texas


Latitude: 30.9888479, Longitude: -95.940971


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrus, Ophelia  1858Madison Co, Texas I33744
2 Andrus, William  Apr 1860Madison Co, Texas I33745
3 Bennett, Emma Jane  21 Sep 1921Madison Co, Texas I31666
4 Campbell, Lewis  1860Madison Co, Texas I23354
5 Crocker, Minnie O.  19 Sep 1903Madison Co, Texas I23861
6 Harper, Wilbur Sanford  2 Jun 1914Madison Co, Texas I106766
7 Harris, Claud  1920Madison Co, Texas I23153
8 Harris, Clyde  1920Madison Co, Texas I23152
9 Harris, Daniel T.  11 Aug 1911Madison Co, Texas I23144
10 Harris, Jacob Eli  08 Sep 1915Madison Co, Texas I22483
11 Harris, Jacob Henry  1896Madison Co, Texas I23136
12 Harris, Joseph  31 Oct 1892Madison Co, Texas I23134
13 Harris, Julia Rebecca  18 Nov 1912Madison Co, Texas I22482
14 Harris, Leroy  28 Aug 1908Madison Co, Texas I22480
15 Harris, Lillie Arbana  28 Oct 1894Madison Co, Texas I23135
16 Harris, R.D.  1 Apr 1914Madison Co, Texas I23862
17 Harris, Walter Harmon  08 Nov 1910Madison Co, Texas I22481
18 Holt, James  1870Madison Co, Texas I39866
19 Holt, Mary  1861Madison Co, Texas I39865
20 Kirkpatrick, Joshua J.  11 Nov 1899Madison Co, Texas I59353
21 Kirkpatrick, Robert Clifton  Nov 1894Madison Co, Texas I59350
22 Kirkpatrick, Wyoma  11 May 1898Madison Co, Texas I59352
23 Kirkpatrick (Brown), Dorothy Catherine "Katy"  11 Jan 1858Madison Co, Texas I57836
24 Means, John William Jr  1909Madison Co, Texas I23377
25 Means, Margaret  Nov 1879Madison Co, Texas I24048
26 Means, Sarah Elizabeth  26 Nov 1882Madison Co, Texas I23186
27 Parker, Daniel Wiley  18 Sep 1858Madison Co, Texas I77123
28 Parker, Lucinda "Lucy"  3 Oct 1877Madison Co, Texas I57829
29 Parker, Martha Caroline "Mattie"  1 May 1862Madison Co, Texas I77122
30 Parmley, Margaret Pearl  06 Jan 1885Madison Co, Texas I22174
31 Ponton, Dora Cornelia  23 Jun 1882Madison Co, Texas I107455
32 Powell, Ned Bumpus  20 Oct 1869Madison Co, Texas I102386
33 Williamson, Calvin Maize  13 Feb 1878Madison Co, Texas I23185
34 Williamson, Charlie D  Jul 1899Madison Co, Texas I23915
35 Williamson, Cora Belle  15 Sep 1920Madison Co, Texas I23869
36 Williamson, Dorothy   I23868
37 Williamson, Ernest L  9 Apr 1918Madison Co, Texas I23859
38 Williamson, Manuel Ray  1923Madison Co, Texas I23857


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Darwin, Ellen  11 Jan 1898Madison Co, Texas I33736
2 Harmon, Jacob T. "Jake"  09 Jan 1895Madison Co, Texas I23128
3 Harris, Clyde  Aft 1920Madison Co, Texas I23152
4 Harris, Peter  Bef 1910Madison Co, Texas I23155
5 Kirkpatrick, John Thomas  19 Nov 1936Madison Co, Texas I59351
6 Kirkpatrick, Joshua J.  Aug 1900Madison Co, Texas I59353
7 Kirkpatrick, Wyoma  16 Oct 1918Madison Co, Texas I59352
8 Rogers, Hattie  06 Nov 1929Madison Co, Texas I23146
9 Shelton, Frances  14 Sep 1909Madison Co, Texas I57834
10 Waller, Mattie A  01 Dec 1937Madison Co, Texas I23132
11 Williamson, Julia H (Indian?)  01 Nov 1941Madison Co, Texas I23129


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Andrus, Samuel (Lemuel)  18 Jun 1860Madison Co, Texas I33735
2 Burge, Eliza Rebecca  1910Madison Co, Texas I23154
3 Burrell, Clarinda  1880Madison Co, Texas I21338
4 Campbell, David  1860Madison Co, Texas I23353
5 Campbell, Elizabeth  1870Madison Co, Texas I39861
6 Campbell, Sarah  19 Jun 1860Madison Co, Texas I23188
7 Campbell, Sarah  22 Sep 1870Madison Co, Texas I23188
8 Campbell, William  19 Jun 1860Madison Co, Texas I23347
9 Campbell, William  22 Sep 1870Madison Co, Texas I23347
10 Chaisson, Mary Rosaline (Chezjean/Cheshire)  1920Madison Co, Texas I23854
11 Chaisson, Mary Rosaline (Chezjean/Cheshire)  10 Apr 1930Madison Co, Texas I23854
12 Harmon, Margaret Arbana  1900Madison Co, Texas I22478
13 Harris, Edgar  30 Apr 1910Madison Co, Texas I23890
14 Harris, John Benjamin  16 Jun 1860Madison Co, Texas I22476
15 Harris, John Benjamin  14 Jun 1900Madison Co, Texas I22476
16 Harris, Joseph  1920Madison Co, Texas I23134
17 Harris, Peter  16 Jun 1860Madison Co, Texas I23155
18 Harris, Peter Benton  1920Madison Co, Texas I22477
19 Harris, Walter Harmon  25 Apr 1930Madison Co, Texas I22481
20 Heflin, Mitchell R  14 Jun 1900Madison Co, Texas I23871
21 Heflin, Mitchell R  1920Madison Co, Texas I23871
22 Holt, John W.  1870Madison Co, Texas I39862
23 Holt, Melissa Catherine  22 Sep 1870Madison Co, Texas I23358
24 Kirkpatrick, Robert Fountain  1870Madison Co, Texas I57832
25 Kirkpatrick, Robert Fountain  1900Madison Co, Texas I57832
26 Kirkpatrick (Brown), Dorothy Catherine "Katy"  1870Madison Co, Texas I57836
27 Kirkpatrick (Brown), John  1870Madison Co, Texas I57835
28 McClendon, Ellis  21 Jun 1900Madison Co, Texas I23917
29 Means, Pauline  14 Jun 1900Madison Co, Texas I23142
30 Means, Pauline  1920Madison Co, Texas I23142
31 Means, Valentine  17 Jun 1880Madison Co, Texas I24045
32 Shelton, Frances  1870Madison Co, Texas I57834
33 Shelton, John Elbert  1870Madison Co, Texas I57845
34 Wilhelm, Mrs Martha (..)  30 Apr 1910Madison Co, Texas I23911
35 Wilhelm, Thaima  30 Apr 1910Madison Co, Texas I23906
36 Williamson, Gilford Garrison  10 Apr 1930Madison Co, Texas I23179
37 Williamson, Travis  1900Madison Co, Texas I23184


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Shelton  Aft 1860Madison Co, Texas F19067
2 Campbell / Parker  18 Jun 1882Madison Co, Texas F19063
3 Harris / Burrell  Abt 1877Madison Co, Texas F8203
4 Harris / Rice  Bef 1917Madison Co, Texas F8405
5 Harris / Rogers  19 Jul 1918Madison Co, Texas F8404
6 Kirkpatrick / Parker  29 Jan 1891Madison Co, Texas F19064
7 Means / Means  1877Madison Co, Texas F8675
8 Parker / Burrell  4 Oct 1884Madison Co, Texas F8202
9 Parker / Carroll  19 Apr 1893Madison Co, Texas F19062
10 Stovall / Ewing  24 Aug 1848Madison Co, Texas F26674
11 Williamson / Chaisson  1 Jul 1885Madison Co, Texas F8621
12 Williamson / Crocker  Abt 1919Madison Co, Texas F8622
13 Williamson / Jordan  1928Madison Co, Texas F8626
14 Williamson / Mosley  4 Aug 1892Madison Co, Texas F8413
15 Williamson / Williamson  1997Madison Co, Texas F8640


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Harris / Burrell  Bef 1883Madison Co, Texas F8203

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