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Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnard, (infant) (twin)  11 Jun 1891Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75380
2 Barnard, Bessie Dean  6 Jul 1886Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75374
3 Barnard, Casey  10 Feb 1893Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75376
4 Barnard, Earl Robert  17 Aug 1887Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75377
5 Barnard, Leila Mae  21 Oct 1888Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75378
6 Barnard, Robert Edgar (twin)  11 Jun 1891Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75379
7 Bean, Michael Wayne  11 Dec 1967Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I102223
8 Devlin, Calvin Alexander  24 May 1912Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34318
9 Devlin, Frances  1909Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34316
10 Devlin, Walter Charley  23 Oct 1910Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34317
11 Hach, Horace Eugene  22 Nov 1898Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I47141
12 Hudgens, Annie  1880Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34075
13 Hudgens, Floy  Nov 1887Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34078
14 Hudgens, Frances Maude  20 Oct 1890Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34079
15 Hudgens, Guy  Jun 1885Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34077
16 Hudgens, Jim  Jul 1892Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34080
17 Hudgens, Joe  1910Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34085
18 Hudgens, Maggie  Jul 1878Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34074
19 Hudgens, Marion Farrow  26 Nov 1875Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34073
20 Hudgens, Sallie  Sep 1882Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34076
21 Johnson, Earl Cooper  Abt 1910Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I87391
22 Parr, Charles Boyd "Charlie"  28 Mar 1912Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I83238
23 Robinette, Glenda  Abt 1932Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I76159
24 Shelton, Mary Jane  6 Apr 1830Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I57718
25 Shelton, William Bunyan  8 Oct 1831Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I57709
26 Vance, Catherine Yvonne  16 Jun 1947Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34067
27 Vance, Jack Hudgens  23 May 1925Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34065
28 Vance, Jackie   I34068
29 Vance, John Hudgens   I34305
30 Vance, Linda   I34070
31 Vance, Susan   I34069
32 Weems, Elizabeth Lavinia "Letsy"  6 Jun 1843Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I51792


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnard, (infant) (twin)  11 Jun 1891Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75380
2 Barnard, Bessie Dean  29 Mar 1899Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75374
3 Barnard, Casey  11 Mar 1895Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75376
4 Barnard, Ray Edgar  22 Oct 1960Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75375
5 Barnard, Robert Edgar (twin)  11 Jun 1891Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I75379
6 Breckenridge, William Jackson "Budie"  30 Sep 1974Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I79672
7 Broach, Neona Alma  1 Apr 1949Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I58883
8 Carman, George Jefferson  10 Mar 1941Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I92187
9 Cox, Franklin Benton  14 Jan 1984Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I93157
10 Davidson, Ransom Gulley  Mar 1969Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I80987
11 Day, Madelon Alvira  8 Nov 1987Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I99595
12 Devlin, Calvin Alexander  8 Jul 1976Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34318
13 Devlin, Josephine Belle  17 May 1974Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34091
14 Devlin, Thaddeus Benjamin  11 Jan 1947Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34090
15 Devlin, Walter Charley  1 Dec 1989Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34317
16 Devlin, William Charley  23 Jun 1936Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34088
17 Gee, Morris Kindrid  11 Jan 1969Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I77300
18 Gordon, Annie Bae  26 May 2009Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I93158
19 Hartwick, Kermitt William Edwin  20 May 1986Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I88321
20 Houston, Pattie Mabel  14 Mar 1860Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I60932
21 Hudgens, Bertha  1 Aug 1914Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34057
22 Hudgens, Catherine  26 Jan 1985Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34061
23 Hudgens, Frances Maude  1 Jan 1983Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34079
24 Johnson, Earl Cooper  Aft 1940Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I87391
25 Johnson, Sidney Bruce  6 Sep 1951Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I87390
26 Jones, Dr. Heber Wheat  26 Jun 1916Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I77213
27 Jones, Judge John T. (son of who?)  10 Mar 1907Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I77209
28 Lane, Herman Horace  16 Oct 1959Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I101890
29 Lockman, Laura  26 Apr 1935Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I92186
30 Lockridge, Charles Ray  Feb 1983Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I100469
31 McNutt, Samuel Finley  3 Feb 1874Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I80613
32 Plummer, Bertha Louise  11 Nov 1923Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I98758
33 Shaver, Neal  3 Oct 1973Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I82571
34 Shaver, Rebecca Jane  12 Apr 1939Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I82563
35 Shelton, Margaret Lucinda  9 Oct 1924Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I58788
36 Spell, Florence Edna  12 Nov 1972Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I82661
37 Stewart, Mabel Leslie  1984Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I99594
38 Stone, Robert Milton  10 Nov 1942Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I60934
39 Vance, Catherine Yvonne  1 Nov 1947Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34067
40 Vance, Elsie Hudgens  7 Nov 2000Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34064
41 Vance, Jessie Burton  23 Nov 1943Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34063
42 Vance, Katherine  Aft 1920Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34295
43 Vance, Mrs. Nanie (..)  Aft 1920Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34296
44 White, Thomas Jefferson  22 Apr 1956Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I87452
45 Wooten, Mary B.  21 Nov 1921Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I35824
46 Wooten, Valerie  6 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I79277


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Vance, Jessie Burton  7 Jan 1920Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34063
2 Vance, Jessie Burton  1930Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I34063


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cox, Haydon Perry  1928Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I21164
2 Sharp, William Franklin III  1928Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee I21165


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Breckinridge / Carson  22 Nov 1876Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee F9920
2 Caruthers / Shaver  17 Jul 1943Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee F26976
3 Devlin / Hudgens  1907Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee F11887
4 Hudgens / Hudgens  Abt 1909Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee F11884
5 McAnally / Hudgens  Abt 1950Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee F11949
6 Vance / Vance  Abt 1919Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee F11953


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Hudgens / Hudgens  Bef 1930Memphis, Shelby Co, Tennessee F11884

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