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Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Joyce Marie   I99457
2 Biggers, Margaret  17 Jun 1927Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I83149
3 Burgess, Leorna Mary  29 May 1850Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53550
4 Couch, Edna Elisabeth  12 Feb 1928Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95260
5 Dugger, Pharagus Monroe  19 Jul 1854Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I37436
6 Dugger, Sarah Elizabeth  28 Jun 1854Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I37435
7 Durrett, Mary R.  24 Sep 1815Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I88056
8 Hooper, Jesse  1908Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70423
9 Hooper, Nellie G.  1914Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70424
10 Jones, Wiley  1799Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I90065
11 Lovelady, Moses Armstrong  25 Sep 1830Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I1474
12 Martin, Samuel Harwell  3 Sep 1845Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I60528
13 McBride, Dr/Rev James A.  9 Feb 1802Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I32591
14 McCrary, Wilma Wallace   I83004
15 McGlasson, Mildred Lee  22 May 1934Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I99454
16 Myers (Moyers), Wendell Earl  28 May 1922Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I83148
17 Nickens, Cecil  6 Jun 1930Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I99455
18 Nickens, Larry Eugene  14 Oct 1957Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I99456
19 Phillips, Benjamin Madden Sr.  14 Oct 1881Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I75069
20 Scoville, Marshall Eugene  11 Jun 1907Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I103872
21 Stone, NIcholas  1811Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I88055
22 Stults, George Thomas  27 Jun 1872Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I105005
23 Wheeler, Billy R.  1937Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95262
24 Wheeler, Paul Albert  28 Aug 1930Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95246
25 Whitsett, Reuben Ewing  2 Feb 1813Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53869
26 Whitsett, Samuel Dawson  1799Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53865
27 Whitsett, William D.  1800Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53867
28 Wolfe, Cordelia  21 Apr 1877Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I80174
29 Young, Neva  20 Jul 1862Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I74952


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Alice Matilda "Aly"  1921Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62870
2 Andrews, Bertha Jane  25 Jan 1963Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62974
3 Beasley, Emily Gertrude "Jinny"  Jul 1981Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95265
4 Berry, Aldyth Ruth  28 Feb 2006Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I105454
5 Blankenship, Cleo  16 Nov 1985Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I80560
6 Boyd, Ofa  15 Jun 1930Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I75112
7 Brawner, Myrtle Florence  16 Oct 1955Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I63004
8 Brumfield, David Patrick  4 Dec 1962Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95066
9 Bryant, Jordon Sr.  23 Feb 1863Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I38974
10 Butts, Carl Shellie  9 May 1998Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I32860
11 Cage, Priscilla Douglas  11 Feb 1916Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I85293
12 Carothers, Andrew Gillespie  2 Nov 1954Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53875
13 Cate, Annie Armistead  16 Apr 1976Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I80647
14 Claiborne, Hershell Manfield  25 Jan 1956Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95020
15 Clark, James Payne  6 Feb 1863Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I77292
16 Clark, Letitia Breckenridge  9 Jun 1861Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I77252
17 Clark, Sallie P.  2 May 1935Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I77294
18 Coker, Rufus Jefferson  23 Apr 1927Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62464
19 Coombs, Carl Brooke  12 Oct 2000Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I100646
20 Cothron, John B.  2 Dec 1937Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70429
21 Cothron, William Gabriel  30 Dec 1947Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62895
22 Crosby, John Overton  1 Jun 1871Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I63314
23 Dallas, Kenneth Gordon  2 Nov 2012Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I99539
24 Day, Earl C.  14 Jun 1960Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I74308
25 Dews, Nellie  19 May 1926Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I75144
26 Dudney, William Henry (grandson?)  15 Aug 1927Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I76007
27 Duncan, Gladys Mae  1986Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95258
28 Floyd, Joe Lynn  17 Feb 1980Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I93183
29 Ford, Nellie Frances  13 Jul 1945Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95023
30 Gipson, William McCalvin  25 Sep 1956Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I67520
31 Golden-Hedrick, Celesta  Dec 1980Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I99174
32 Grace, Thelma Irene  Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I97435
33 Hassler, Mildred Marie  26 Dec 2014Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I98917
34 Henry, Will Wright  14 Nov 1999Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I86712
35 Hill, Judge Lucius Davis  19 Sep 1933Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I74986
36 Jenkins, Richard A.  29 Dec 1937Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70491
37 Jones, Mary  21 May 1882Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I88036
38 Jones, Ollie Washington  28 Nov 1946Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I103088
39 Jones, Prettyman "Capt Purt"  7 Jul 1917Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I87990
40 Jones, Talitha Atta  1 Sep 1951Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I85695
41 Kincaid, John W.  15 Apr 1884Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I72284
42 Lavender, Virginia Mae  10 Aug 1934Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I83147
43 Loftis, Laben Jasper  19 Dec 1905Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I67178
44 Lovell, James Washington  2 Jan 1903Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I85292
45 Madding (Madden), Martha E. "Bessie M"  Aft 1910Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70421
46 Madding (Madden), Thomas Walson  7 Feb 1921Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70412
47 Maddux, Carl Hobart  2 Jun 1893Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I55776
48 McCauley-McDill, Ruby Lee  3 Mar 2009Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I75520
49 McCorry, Susan Hunt  1883Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I77293
50 McEwen, Joe Thomas  25 Sep 1990Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I97436
51 McEwen, Col. Robert Houston  12 Jan 1868Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I52918
52 McGlasson, Mildred Lee  17 Jun 2015Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I99454
53 Menees, Jane Cardwell  1 Jun 1840Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53862
54 Mitchell, Mary  3 Sep 1900Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I100520
55 Mosley, Ina Pearl  19 Apr 1970Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I59443
56 Moyers (or Myers), Ella Mae  9 Dec 1955Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95847
57 Myers (Moyers), George W.  29 Jan 1923Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I8013
58 Myers (Moyers), Robert Greenfield  27 Jul 1929Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I83146
59 Myers (Moyers), Wendell Earl  29 Apr 1964Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I83148
60 Myers (Moyers), William J.  5 May 1917Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I38937
61 Nickens, Cecil  25 Jul 1996Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I99455
62 Parker, Howard Burton  6 Dec 1983Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62833
63 Parker, Ida Mae  23 May 1928Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62830
64 Parker, Ophiarene Pernecca  15 Aug 1975Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62831
65 Parker, Samuel Graves  25 Apr 1939Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62828
66 Parker, Stella  1995Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I85813
67 Payne, Col. Buckner Harrison  Aft 1880Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I60969
68 Phillips, James R.  6 Aug 1912Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I75143
69 Potts, Fannie Bell  10 Jun 1899Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53876
70 Reid, Betsy Jane "Jennie"  9 Jan 1957Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I82999
71 Riddle, Olie  Aug 1981Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I67886
72 Roberts, Dicie R.  26 Feb 1948Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I99169
73 Sapp, Elijah Wilburn  21 Jan 1929Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I38089
74 Scarlett, Minerva Parzetta  1966Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I75204
75 Scott, Mildred Josephine  21 Feb 2009Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I67816
76 Searcy, Reuben  14 Aug 1815Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I65140
77 Shofner (Shoffner), Lois Elizabeth  Jan 1985Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I67875
78 Shrum, Evelyn Louise  31 Jul 2014Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I99538
79 Shrum, James Franklin "Jim"  24 Jan 1929Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I63848
80 Shrum, Medora Elizabeth  13 May 1918Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70481
81 Sloan, Kitty Albin  25 Apr 1984Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95065
82 Sloan, Nellie Alvis  28 Apr 1958Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95068
83 Smith, William Paul  13 Jun 1982Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I101534
84 Spain, Stephen DeWitt  1840Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I76981
85 Stone, Oliver Myers  16 Jan 1932Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I19112
86 Turner, Rebecca Smith  15 Apr 1931Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53859
87 Tuttle, Margaret Elizabeth  14 Aug 1998Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I93317
88 Uhls, Lethia Frances  26 Jan 1945Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62939
89 Wadkins, Mary Dane  6 Apr 2007Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I80309
90 Westerfield, Evelyn Louise  31 Dec 1982Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I86711
91 Westerfield, Herman Albert  18 Dec 1946Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I86709
92 Wheeler, Thomas Curtis  Dec 1977Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95257
93 Wheeler, William Thomas  21 Nov 1947Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I95274
94 Whitsett, Rev./Lieut. James  12 Apr 1849Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53861
95 Whitsett, Priscilla Menees  13 Feb 1922Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I37947
96 Whitsett, Reuben Ewing  12 Feb 1853Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53869
97 Whitsett, Samuel Dawson  Aft 1870Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I53865
98 Wiggins, Charles Greer  26 Sep 1990Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I80562
99 Willis, Dora Lovelady Cordelia  17 Sep 1986Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62948
100 Willis, James Fountain  2 Jun 1998Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I62947

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Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Madding (Madden), Thomas Walson  1910Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70412
2 Madding (Madden), Thomas Walson  1920Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70412
3 Stone, Oliver Myers  1910Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I19112
4 Stone, Oliver Myers  1920Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I19112


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 McClellan, Clarence Everett  12 Sep 1918Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I74377


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hanks, Rev Thomas Reuben  1836Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I31104
2 Maxey, Samantha  1931Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I70333
3 Payne, Buckner H. Jr.  Between 1874 and 1888Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee I61368


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bond / McCrary   F27127
2 Campbell / Pierce  22 Feb 1834Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee F30419
3 Cate / Armistead  8 Nov 1887Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee F26295
4 Hanberry / Pankey  10 May 1916Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee F27170
5 Mullins / Carothers  17 Sep 1902Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee F17644
6 Nickens / McGlasson  Abt 1980Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee F33425
7 Scoville / Stone  9 Oct 1926Nashville, Davidson Co, Tennessee F35082