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Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana



Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bludworth, Alfred  1833Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33328
2 Bludworth, Charity Ann  Abt 1836Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33329
3 Bludworth, James  Abt 1832Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33327
4 Bludworth, John  1829Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33326
5 Bludworth, Margaret Elizabeth "Betsy"  18 Apr 1828Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I32009
6 Bludworth, Mary  1830Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33324
7 Bludworth, Samuel  Abt 1830Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33325
8 Bludworth, William James  1812Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33312
9 Carter, Elias  Abt 1789Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I81133
10 Cook, James Elbert  1910Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59721
11 Cook, Joseph Jackson  25 Jan 1882Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59719
12 Cook, Roy  1907Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59720
13 Gandy, Frances  1871Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33698
14 Gandy, Franklin  1868Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33697
15 Haislip, Reuben Drake  15 Oct 1850Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I54248
16 Holt, Ann E.  1842Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I32012
17 Holt, Benjamin Franklin  27 Mar 1847Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I32010
18 Holt, Cordelia  Abt 1846Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I28706
19 Holt, Edward B.  Jul 1850Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I32011
20 Holt, Henry Madden  23 Sep 1836Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I28691
21 Sparks, Angelina E. "Angie"  Nov 1881Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59715
22 Sparks, Bertha  Jan 1894Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33681
23 Sparks, Callie  1867Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33691
24 Sparks, Cora  May 1899Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33683
25 Sparks, Crawford  1870Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33692
26 Sparks, Donald   I33675
27 Sparks, Ellen  Oct 1882Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33687
28 Sparks, Essie E.   I33674
29 Sparks, Ethel P.  1919Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59725
30 Sparks, Fay E.  1916Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59724
31 Sparks, Francis T.  Oct 1887Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59714
32 Sparks, Harvey C.   I33676
33 Sparks, Ida F.  1876Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33684
34 Sparks, James Edward  1892Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59711
35 Sparks, James W.   I59727
36 Sparks, John Wesley  1856Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33662
37 Sparks, Johnny M.  Mar 1890Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33677
38 Sparks, Joseph  Mar 1892Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33680
39 Sparks, Joseph Hardy  Sep 1864Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33664
40 Sparks, Julia  1861Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33663
41 Sparks, Julia Adeline  Feb 1885Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59716
42 Sparks, Lotty  Oct 1896Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33682
43 Sparks, Louisa  1866Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33665
44 Sparks, Lucy C.  1868Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33666
45 Sparks, Mary Jane  Sep 1887Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33679
46 Sparks, Matthew  1876Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33694
47 Sparks, Melissa Ellen  1874Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33685
48 Sparks, Nancy  1879Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33695
49 Sparks, Paul P.   I59726
50 Sparks, Rubin C.   I59728
51 Sparks, S.J.  1858Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33669
52 Sparks, Sydney  Jul 1877Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33686
53 Sparks, Thomas  Abt 1842Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33689
54 Sparks, Thomas  1873Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33693
55 Sparks, Thomas "Tommie"  Aug 1885Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33688
56 Sparks, Vertie  1902Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33699
57 Sparks, Willie H.  Sep 1887Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59717
58 Wrinkle, Rosana Sophia  07 Dec 1823Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I28730


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Beasley, James  1895Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I28731
2 Bludworth, John  Aft 1870Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33326
3 Bludworth, John Portevent  24 Aug 1900Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33330
4 Bludworth, Portevent  1859Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I95956
5 Boswell, Thomas Jefferson  1969Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59722
6 Dollarhide, Mrs. Leadice (..)  13 Aug 1849Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I103382
7 Horne, Nancy Lupier  1 Oct 1918Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33690
8 Myrick (Myrich), A. Elizabeth "Liza"  Bef 1870Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33668
9 Rhodes, Newton Meser  13 Mar 1894Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I23816
10 Singletary, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1887Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I23817
11 Sparks, Oscar Willie  12 Aug 1998Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33671


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bludworth, John  1830Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33323
2 Bludworth, Portevent  1830Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I95956
3 Bludworth, Portevent  1850Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I95956
4 Hooker, William Noland  1880Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I79243
5 Rhodes, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1930Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33670
6 Sparks, Daniel  1840Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I4455
7 Sparks, Daniel  1850Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I4455
8 Sparks, Daniel  17 Sep 1860Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I4455
9 Sparks, Jacob M. "Jake"  1920Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33659
10 Sparks, James Edward  1910Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59711
11 Sparks, James Edward  1930Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59711
12 Sparks, John Wesley  1900Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33662
13 Sparks, John Wesley  1920Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33662
14 Sparks, John Wesley  1930Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33662
15 Sparks, Joseph Hardy  1880Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I33664
16 Speights, Asa (white)  1840Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I76726


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Sparks, James Edward  5 Jun 1917Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I59711


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jones, Melinda* (maybe dau?)  Between 1837 and 1838Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I402
2 Sparks, John Sidney*  Between 1837 and 1838Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana I401


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Beasley / Wrinkle  Abt 1847Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F10031
2 Bludworth / Wrinkle  Abt 1827Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F11681
3 Boswell / Sparks  Abt 1914Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F19584
4 Cook / Sparks  Abt 1906Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F19583
5 Gandy / Sparks  Abt 1867Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F11778
6 Sparks / Horne  Abt 1866Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F11777
7 Sparks / Myrick (Myrich)  Abt 1855Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F11773
8 Sparks / Norsworthy  1924Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F11775
9 Sparks / Rhodes  1888Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F11774
10 Sparks / Singletery  1875Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F19580
11 Sparks / Sparks  1869Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F11772
12 Sparks / Sparks  1908Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F11776
13 Sparks / Sparks  Abt 1910Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana F19581