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Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chamberlain, Gina Lee   I93603
2 Choate, Morgan  01 Nov 1917Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I25733
3 Gallier, Shane   I656
4 Gallier, Shelly   I655
5 Griffin, Willie Jane  9 Jan 1929Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I80126
6 Hanson, Virginia Gay  Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I93601
7 Hanson, William C.  Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I93593
8 Lane, Jacie   I34703
9 Lovelady, Michael  Abt 1958Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I49691
10 Matherne, Barbara Nell   I8514
11 Matherne, Vida Lee   I8513
12 McCleland, Delores   I9729
13 Peveto, Ivan Schley Sr.  31 Jul 1903Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I80054
14 Phillips, Seth Wayne   I31475
15 Swango, Sophie   I34702


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Arvidson, Lenia  26 Mar 1970Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I1358
2 Blanchard, Lucenda  1967Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I98981
3 Block, Clara Ursula  2 Jan 1955Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31590
4 Cochran, Malinda Caroline  27 Feb 1964Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I79979
5 Courts, Barney Self Jr  31 Oct 2006Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I633
6 Courts, Clinton Carroll  5 Jun 1987Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I9761
7 Courts, Clyde Claude "Sonny"  21 Oct 1968Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I1324
8 Courts, Edgar Blewett  8 Nov 1978Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I14122
9 Courts, Gerald Helmer  07 Jun 1992Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I14123
10 Courts, Gerald Howard  25 Dec 2005Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I3772
11 Craver, Joe  31 Dec 1999Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I100815
12 DeVries, Archie A  21 Oct 1933Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I24121
13 Ferguson, James Jackson  11 Sep 1930Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I102526
14 Fontenot, Ronald Paul  15 Oct 1995Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I23585
15 Forman, Edward  Oct 1986Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I26975
16 Forman, Hessie  28 Jul 1974Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I27085
17 Fraser, Elizabeth  2009Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I43906
18 Furby, Asher Barton Jr.  21 May 1988Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31958
19 Gallier, Lessan  9 Nov 1929Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I79988
20 Griffith, Hal  17 Apr 1961Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I43030
21 Hargraves, Martha  15 Apr 1928Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I24346
22 Harper, Frances  17 May 1933Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I66405
23 Harrington, Charles David  08 Mar 1939Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I27277
24 Hearne, Willie Elma  28 Apr 1934Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I107377
25 Jones, Mildred Agnes "Pete"  22 Sep 2005Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I103222
26 Lee, Amy Rebecca  25 Oct 1982Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I8370
27 Matherne, James Joseph  4 May 1968Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I8511
28 McGaffey, Charles Arnold  08 Sep 1966Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I22445
29 Meeks, Hilda Vivian  24 Nov 2004Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I6264
30 Mooman, Norman Leroy  24 Aug 1987Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I98678
31 Nelson, Alfred David  7 Feb 2012Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I43905
32 Painter, Mary Ann  1882Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31668
33 Patillo, Albert D.  12 Sep 1996Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31990
34 Peveto, Giles  5 Jul 1911Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31725
35 Peveto, Jacob Lewis  10 Dec 1968Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31628
36 Peveto, Laura Josephine  9 Sep 1945Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31836
37 Peveto, Lillie Marguerite  5 Sep 1993Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31762
38 Pujol, Alison Kay  10 Aug 2005Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31093
39 Sherman, Edith Raine  25 Jul 1988Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I7049
40 Sherman, James Cerett  14 Aug 2006Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I444
41 Smith, Henry  6 Mar 1933Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I80194
42 Stephens, Julia Ann  12 Apr 1911Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I3161
43 Strahan, Sarah  10 Jul 1912Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31726
44 Sweeney, Sarah Jane  12 Jun 1983Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I31607
45 Wilson, Betty Jean  29 Nov 1927Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I21547


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Choate, Horace  1917Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I8988
2 Courts, Oliver Cole   I635
3 Smith, Leona Estelle  1955Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas I14428


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 James / Matherne  3 Jul 1947Nederland, Jefferson Co, Texas F3441