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New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albrecht, Adelaide  1873New Jersey I87344
2 Albrecht, Frederick  1876New Jersey I87345
3 Allen, Elizabeth  1740New Jersey I91102
4 Armstrong, Noble  1913New Jersey I21970
5 Baker, Eliza B.  New Jersey I90628
6 Barnhill, Robert Craig  13 Jun 1796New Jersey I63657
7 Baxter, Charles P  1815New Jersey I24233
8 Begle (Beedle or Bedell), Francis  13 Nov 1758New Jersey I86536
9 Blackwell, Elizabeth  1700New Jersey I86427
10 Bonham, Anna D.  1861New Jersey I59599
11 Bonham, Catherine  1749New Jersey I36309
12 Bonham, Charles L.  1866New Jersey I59601
13 Bonham, Clarra M.  1869New Jersey I59602
14 Bonham, Elam (not son of Samuel & Ruth Bowyer)  1756New Jersey I36311
15 Bonham, Elijah  Abt 1746New Jersey I4213
16 Bonham, Frank H.  1859New Jersey I59598
17 Bonham, Hezekiah  1741New Jersey I3862
18 Bonham, Hezekiah  Abt 1748New Jersey I4214
19 Bonham, Hezekiah  15 Aug 1812New Jersey I4653
20 Bonham, John Barker  5 Oct 1806New Jersey I4652
21 Bonham, Joseph  1735New Jersey I3256
22 Bonham, Lydia J.  1863New Jersey I59600
23 Bonham, Mercy  Abt 1727New Jersey I3860
24 Bonham, Nehemiah Jr  Abt 1724New Jersey I3859
25 Bonham, Nehemiah  Abt 1748New Jersey I4211
26 Bonham, Richard Jarman  4 Apr 1828New Jersey I7246
27 Bonham, Robert M.  1855New Jersey I59597
28 Borden, Allen  New Jersey I57103
29 Borden, Forman  New Jersey I57104
30 Bray, Susan Adeline  3 Nov 1811New Jersey I105760
31 Bray, Watson A. (son of who?)  1826New Jersey I45757
32 Brennen, Beth Ann   I6423
33 Bronian, Isabel  Abt 1901New Jersey I49924
34 Brown, Walter  1717New Jersey I78457
35 Clark, Mary  26 Dec 1780New Jersey I29263
36 Clayton, Anna Elizabeth  15 Jun 1861New Jersey I87464
37 Clugston, Asher  Abt 1801New Jersey I90703
38 Coleman, Ephraim  1766New Jersey I28739
39 Conover, Elizabeth  Bef 1835New Jersey I87462
40 Conover, John W.  20 Jan 1792New Jersey I87461
41 Cooley, Rose (..)  1899New Jersey I59853
42 Cooper, Providence  1748New Jersey I64935
43 Cox, Elizabeth  Abt 1705New Jersey I12218
44 Cox, Hannah  Abt 1745New Jersey I12226
45 Davis, Hannah  1827New Jersey I7247
46 Drake, Randall  6 Jan 1802New Jersey I12105
47 Durham, Marcy  1767New Jersey I40113
48 Flynn, John M.  May 1859New Jersey I48382
49 Forman, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1766New Jersey I56937
50 Forman, Ezekiel  9 Sep 1770New Jersey I57043
51 Forman, Jonathan  Abt 1770New Jersey I7635
52 Forman, Robert J. (son of who?)  Abt 1838New Jersey I90779
53 Forman, Samuel (nephew of Joseph)  New Jersey I57107
54 Forman, Thomas  18 Dec 1740New Jersey I56828
55 Fox, Anchor  1729New Jersey I3896
56 Frazee, Isaac  07 Jun 1697New Jersey I22384
57 Gardner, John  Abt 1792New Jersey I47389
58 Garoutte, David Anthony  1800New Jersey I98416
59 Garoutte, George J.W.  1831New Jersey I98418
60 Garoutte, Isaac  1826New Jersey I98424
61 Garoutte, John E.  1823New Jersey I98414
62 Garoutte, Mrs. Margarette (..)  1807New Jersey I98417
63 Garoutte, William D.  1798New Jersey I98426
64 Garvey, Edna Mae  Abt 1907New Jersey I84122
65 Goble, John  1730New Jersey I71940
66 Haley, George  25 Feb 1842New Jersey I91049
67 Hartwick, Gideon  1785New Jersey I103339
68 Heath, Andrew  Abt 1765New Jersey I11502
69 Heath, Charles Pettit  10 Mar 1773New Jersey I11501
70 Heath, David  Abt 1784New Jersey I11496
71 Heath, Elizabeth  Abt 1768New Jersey I11495
72 Heath, John  16 Mar 1763New Jersey I11498
73 Heath, Joseph Worthington  Abt 1762New Jersey I11497
74 Heath, Richard  16 Mar 1763New Jersey I11499
75 Heath, Samuel  Abt 1770New Jersey I11500
76 Hellings, Nicholas  1681New Jersey I72724
77 Helms, Sarah  Abt 1765New Jersey I71637
78 Howe, Mary  Sep 1881New Jersey I84121
79 Johnson, Abraham  1737New Jersey I49515
80 Johnson, Henry  1817New Jersey I97997
81 Johnson, Mrs. Juliana (..)  1815New Jersey I97998
82 Knowlton, Abigail  Abt 1688New Jersey I4324
83 Leigh, Frank F.  Oct 1867New Jersey I46930
84 Longstreet, James  Abt 1784New Jersey I85265
85 Manning, Dr. James  1771New Jersey I64939
86 Marsh, William M  Abt 1831New Jersey I11514
87 Maxwell, Sarah  1785New Jersey I11675
88 Mitchell, Harriet Jones  23 Apr 1790New Jersey I16142
89 Moore, John  4 Nov 1738New Jersey I11540
90 Moore, Samuel  24 Sep 1788New Jersey I49898
91 Mosslander, Elsie (or Alice)  Abt 1770New Jersey I85090
92 Page, Elizabeth  Abt 1792New Jersey I47388
93 Page, Mary "Polly"  1785New Jersey I47359
94 Page, Samuel  Abt 1790New Jersey I47384
95 Payne, Deborah  Sep 1846New Jersey I91048
96 Quackenbush, Ella Mae  22 Feb 1911New Jersey I87467
97 Rittenhouse, Jeremiah  25 May 1806New Jersey I86633
98 Roberson, Elijah Heath  Abt 1811New Jersey I86636
99 Runyon, Catherine  1784New Jersey I11371
100 Runyon, Sarah  1734New Jersey I86545

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Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Applegate, Kesiah  15 Jan 1892New Jersey I87460
2 Backhus, Joan Emma  Aug 1960New Jersey I86728
3 Bonham, Amaziah "Amos"  5 Feb 1748/49New Jersey I3217
4 Bonham, Anna  30 Oct 1861New Jersey I3805
5 Butler, Mary  Aft 1780New Jersey I86005
6 Conover, Elizabeth  1924New Jersey I87462
7 Conover, John W.  26 Apr 1854New Jersey I87461
8 Drake, Randall  5 May 1852New Jersey I12105
9 Freese, Sarah  1808New Jersey I86002
10 Hull, Johanna  1 Feb 1768New Jersey I87179
11 Lantz, Adam Glen  31 Aug 1954New Jersey I81165
12 Palmer, Joseph R.  21 Mar 1957New Jersey I87466
13 Quackenbush, Ella Mae  2 Oct 1944New Jersey I87467
14 Rittenhouse, Rebecca  Aft 1749New Jersey I3219
15 Runyon, Anne  Bef Jan 1759New Jersey I12061
16 Skinner, Mrs. Eliza (Elizabeth) (..)  Aft 1780New Jersey I55634
17 Smith, John Witherspoon  7 Nov 1829New Jersey I69872
18 Stillwell, Thomas  1787New Jersey I90792
19 Throckmorton, Catherine  31 Mar 1852New Jersey I91044
20 Townsend, Susannah  Abt 1722New Jersey I56877
21 Van Kleif (Van Cleaf), Isaac  1731New Jersey I56816
22 Wandling, Katharine H. "Kate"  1 Mar 1871New Jersey I85997
23 Wood, Ruth  13 Jul 1776New Jersey I47857


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Bonham, Nicholas* (immigrant)  Bef 1658New Jersey I3223


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Bonham, Rev. Malachiah Sr. (dna)  1754New Jersey I3367


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Standsbury  1749New Jersey F21812
2 Baldwin / Crane  11 Apr 1733New Jersey F10760
3 Baldwin / Crane  1767New Jersey F10759
4 Bonham / Dufield  4 Apr 1833New Jersey F2121
5 Bonham / FitzRandolph  3 Jan 1833New Jersey F2122
6 Bonham / McPherson  Aft 1802New Jersey F2091
7 Clayton / Conover  Abt 1852New Jersey F28924
8 Cooley / Cooley  Abt 1923New Jersey F19616
9 Cox / Morris  29 Oct 1769New Jersey F22148
10 Drake / Blackwell  Abt 1728New Jersey F28444
11 Dye / Vanderbeck  Abt 1781New JErsey F28933
12 Forman / Marsh  28 Feb 1767New Jersey F9909
13 Forman / Woolley  24 May 1695New Jersey F18720
14 Frazee / Mills  Abt 1740New Jersey F8170
15 Garoutte / Garoutte  Abt 1825New Jersey F33063
16 Heath / Slater  18 Feb 1847New Jersey F4489
17 Helms / Falkenborough (Fortenbury)  1744New Jersey F23193
18 Helms / Pressley  Abt 1778New Jersey F23188
19 Hyde / Runyon  Abt 1728New Jersey F31354
20 Johnson / Bonham  1763New Jersey F16325
21 Manning / Cooper  Abt 1768New Jersey F21054
22 Palmer / Clayton  Abt 1876New Jersey F28925
23 Parker / Janney  7 Nov 1732New Jersey F8332
24 Rarick / Wood  4 Mar 1779New Jersey F28238
25 Reeder / Leverich  18 Jul 1709New Jersey F30390
26 Runyon / Hageman  Abt 1760New Jersey F28358
27 Runyon / Hyde  1734New Jersey F28425
28 Runyon / Stout  Abt 1835New Jersey F28504
29 Schenck / Harvey  1785New Jersey F30353
30 Skinner / Freese  1795New Jersey F28272
31 Skinner / Osmun  1873New Jersey F28270
32 Skinner / Wilson  3 Oct 1832New Jersey F28271
33 South / Hull  Abt 1771New Jersey F28800
34 Stout / Doolhagen  Abt 1756New Jersey F1869
35 Stout / Hixson  Abt 1741New Jersey F30244
36 Stout / Philips  Abt 1771New Jersey F4575
37 Sutton / Cox  Abt 1725New Jersey F4714
38 Sutton / Sutton  Abt 1785New Jersey F4730

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