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Orange Co, Virginia



Matches 1 to 84 of 84

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Elizabeth Anne  30 Nov 1740Orange Co, Virginia I47535
2 Barnett, Frances  Abt 1742Orange Co, Virginia I47546
3 Barnett, James  1735Orange Co, Virginia I5973
4 Barnett, John  Abt 1736Orange Co, Virginia I47588
5 Barnett, John  Abt 1759Orange Co, Virginia I5965
6 Barnett, William  Abt 1768Orange Co, Virginia I47592
7 Battaile, Alfred Beverley  Abt 1773Orange Co, Virginia I86910
8 Beasley, Ann  1753Orange Co, Virginia I83075
9 Bohannan, Rebecca  1750Orange Co, Virginia I55824
10 Bowman, Mary  9 Nov 1735Orange Co, Virginia I88553
11 Burris, Jane  5 Jul 1759Orange Co, Virginia I64220
12 Burris, Mildred  1746Orange Co, Virginia I47500
13 Bush, . Frances  1772Orange Co, Virginia I65695
14 Bush, Jonathan  24 Mar 1780Orange Co, Virginia I65694
15 Chrisman, Anna Maria  29 Sep 1735Orange Co, Virginia I64802
16 Conway, Catlett  25 Dec 1751Orange Co, Virginia I86881
17 Conway, Elizabeth Catlett  1 Oct 1777Orange Co, Virginia I86865
18 Corley, John  Abt 1719Orange Co, Virginia I86829
19 Ellis, Sarah  1766Orange Co, Virginia I68440
20 Embree, William Simpson  1768Orange Co, Virginia I47473
21 Foster, Frances "Frankey"  1752Orange Co, Virginia I85699
22 Foster, Thomas Jr.  4 Jul 1750Orange Co, Virginia I103106
23 Gibbs, James  Abt 1740Orange Co, Virginia I47536
24 Gordon, Churchill  10 Feb 1761Orange Co, Virginia I65047
25 Gordon, Eliza  1787Orange Co, Virginia I65055
26 James, Catlett  Orange Co, Virginia I91833
27 James, John  Orange Co, Virginia I91835
28 James, Spencer  Orange Co, Virginia I91834
29 James, Thomas Stephen  1748Orange Co, Virginia I89417
30 Johnson, KY Congressman James  1 Jan 1774Orange Co, VIrginia I61078
31 Jones, Benjamin  13 Apr 1750Orange Co, Virginia I85706
32 Jones, Benjamin  1774Orange Co, Virginia I85717
33 Jones, Catlett  15 Jun 1749Orange Co, Virginia I85704
34 Jones, Elizabeth  1756Orange Co, Virginia I85708
35 Jones, George Garnett  13 Jun 1743Orange Co, Virginia I85703
36 Jones, Hugh Jr.  1755Orange Co, Virginia I85707
37 Jones, Hugh  8 Oct 1768Orange Co, Virginia  I85716
38 Jones, Stephen*  Abt 1735Orange Co, Virginia I4207
39 Jones, Thomas  1776Orange Co, Virginia I85718
40 Madison, Leila Bankhead  Apr 1839Orange Co, Virginia I91501
41 Madison, Nelly Conway  14 Feb 1760Orange Co, Virginia I91459
42 Madison, William Taylor  5 May 1752Orange Co, Virginia I91437
43 Madison, William Willis  1826Orange Co, Virginia I91452
44 McClanahan, Elijah  1728Orange Co, Virginia I13
45 McClanahan, Robert  1730Orange Co, Virginia I16
46 McCormick, Francis  17 Apr 1734Orange Co, Virginia I36463
47 McCormick, George  6 Apr 1742Orange Co, Virginia I43396
48 McCormick, Jean  1732Orange Co, Virginia I43392
49 McCormick, John  1735Orange Co, Virginia I43393
50 McCormick, Mary  26 May 1736Orange Co, Virginia I43394
51 Moyers, (daughter)  Between 1825 and 1830Orange Co, Virginia I37185
52 Moyers, Christopher* Jr  1740Orange Co, Virginia I825
53 Moyers (Hart or Manspiel ?), Mrs. Susannah* (..)  1742Orange Co, Virginia I826
54 Nall, John  1763Orange Co, Virginia I60597
55 Osborne, Abigail  15 Jan 1757Orange Co, Virginia I62279
56 Porter, Mary  20 Jan 1741Orange Co, Virginia I72477
57 Province (Purviance), Ann  3 Aug 1735Orange Co, Virginia I36465
58 Renfro, James Jr  1730Orange Co, Virginia I15279
59 Renfro, Peter Jr.  1745Orange Co, Virginia I15032
60 Renfro, Peter "Old Peter" Sr  1705Orange Co, Virginia I15199
61 Roach, David  Abt 1700Orange Co, Virginia I77802
62 Roberts, George  1743Orange Co, Virginia I64150
63 Sharp, Elizabeth  1776Orange Co, Virginia I65706
64 Shropshire, Benjamin  18 May 1763Orange Co, Virginia I72479
65 Shropshire, Edward  1772Orange Co, Virginia I72481
66 Shropshire, Elizabeth "Betsy"  1768Orange Co, Virginia I72480
67 Shropshire, Jeremiah  1780Orange Co, Virginia I72484
68 Shropshire, John  Apr 1733Orange Co, Virginia I72476
69 Shropshire, Nancy Anne  1777Orange Co, Virginia I72483
70 Shropshire, Thomas  1769Orange Co, Virginia I79291
71 Shropshire, William  8 Jun 1775Orange Co, Virginia I72482
72 Shropshire, Winkfield  1700Orange Co, Virginia I72492
73 Sisk, Betsy  Bef 1796Orange Co, Virginia I47586
74 Stapp, Elijah  16 Oct 1783Orange Co, Virginia I59614
75 Taylor, David Miller Sr.  13 Dec 1791Orange Co, Virginia I90538
76 Taylor, Frances  30 Aug 1700Orange Co, Virginia I91462
77 Van Bibber, Esther*  1695Orange Co, Virginia I15082
78 White, James  Abt 1736Orange Co, Virginia I2173
79 White, James* Taylor  1710Orange Co, Virginia I2169
80 White, John*  1744Orange Co, Virginia I2141
81 White, Capt Ruben  Abt 1733Orange Co, Virginia I2172
82 Wooten, Susannah (..)  1715Orange Co, Virginia I92530
83 Wright, MIchelle  Bef 1793Orange Co, Virginia I86911
84 Young, John (son of who?)  22 Feb 1752Orange Co, Virginia I36165


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barnett, John  Aft 1 Apr 1750Orange Co, Virginia I47503
2 Bohannan, Duncan Jr.  Between 2 Mar 1753 and 1 Mar 1754Orange Co, Virginia I42682
3 Bohannan, William  Bef 27 Apr 1753Orange Co, Virginia I42687
4 Catlett, Margaret  1750Orange Co, Virginia I86819
5 Compton, Clara Etta  5 Aug 2008Orange Co, Virginia I2984
6 Conway, Eleanor Rose "Nellie"  11 Feb 1829Orange Co, Virginia I91419
7 Corley, John B.  Jan 1743Orange Co, Virginia I89413
8 Gibson, Alice  15 Mar 1761Orange Co, Virginia I86824
9 Gibson, Jonathan II  1745Orange Co, Virginia I86830
10 Golding, Isabella  4 Jun 1747Orange Co, Virginia I93011
11 James, Samuel  27 Feb 1755Orange Co, Virginia I89416
12 Madison, Ambrose  27 Aug 1732Orange Co, Virginia I91461
13 Madison, Colonel Ambrose  26 Dec 1855Orange Co, Virginia I91439
14 Madison, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1773Orange Co, Virginia I91484
15 Madison, James Sr.  27 Feb 1801Orange Co, Virginia I91420
16 Madison, William Taylor  20 Jul 1843Orange Co, Virginia I91437
17 McCormick, Dr. John  1768Orange Co, Virginia I43389
18 Quisenberry, Aaron  1795Orange Co, Virginia I64217
19 Sharp, Elizabeth  1 Jun 1825Orange Co, Virginia I65706
20 Size, Ann  Between 18 Jun 1760 and 28 May 1761Orange Co, Virginia I91464
21 Smith, William  25 Oct 1739Orange Co, Virginia I48166
22 Strother, Francis Thornton  1752Orange Co, Virginia I47899
23 Taliaferro, Colonel Lawrence  1798Orange Co, Virginia I47947
24 Taliaferro, Mildred "Molly"  Mar 1802Orange Co, Virginia I86810
25 Taylor, Frances  25 Nov 1761Orange Co, Virginia I91462
26 Throckmorton, Frances  20 Aug 1832Orange Co, Virginia I91438
27 Tuberville, Edward  12 Dec 1704Orange Co, Virginia I91463
28 Walton, Elizabeth Nancy  1 Jun 1780Orange Co, Virginia I65693
29 Willis, Sarah  1762Orange Co, Virginia I79290
30 Wisdom, Francis  6 Dec 1758Orange Co, Virginia I81924


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Moyers, William Harvey  Between 1825 and 1830Orange Co, Virginia I37118


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Jones, Hugh (immigrant)  1782Orange Co, Virginia I85700
2 Moyers (Myers), William  1830Orange Co, Virginia I37081
3 Rentfroe, James* Sr  1734Orange Co, Virginia I15039


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Boxwell, Robert  19 Mar 1781Orange Co, Virginia I69436


Matches 1 to 93 of 93

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Ball, Gent Samuel  21 Jan 1734Orange Co, Virginia I18606
2 Ball, Gent Samuel  18 Mar 1734Orange Co, Virginia I18606
3 Ball, Gent Samuel  16 Mar 1735Orange Co, Virginia I18606
4 Ball, Gent Samuel  18 Nov 1735Orange Co, Virginia I18606
5 Ball, Gent Samuel  23 Mar 1736Orange Co, Virginia I18606
6 Ball, Gent Samuel  27 Mar 1740Orange Co, Virginia I18606
7 Ball, Gent Samuel  25 Jul 1740Orange Co, Virginia I18606
8 Ball, Gent Samuel  26 Mar 1742Orange Co, Virginia I18606
9 Barnett, John  22 May 1746Orange Co, Virginia I47503
10 Barnett, John  24 Nov 1749Orange Co, Virginia I47503
11 Barnett, John  1797Orange Co, Virginia I5965
12 Bohannan, Duncan III  24 Nov 1749Orange Co, Virginia I42688
13 Bohannan, Elliott  23 Sep 1742Orange Co, Virginia I42691
14 Bohannan, Elliott  26 Mar 1743Orange Co, Virginia I42691
15 Bohannan, Robert  27 Apr 1738Orange Co, Virginia I42689
16 Bohannan, Robert  28 Feb 1739Orange Co, Virginia I42689
17 Bohannan, Robert  28 Feb 1739Orange Co, Virginia I42689
18 Bohannan, William  Orange Co, Virginia I42687
19 Bohannan, William  16 Mar 1735Orange Co, Virginia I42687
20 Bohannan, William  24 May 1739Orange Co, Virginia I42687
21 Bohannan, William  23 Oct 1740Orange Co, Virginia I42687
22 Bohannan, William  23 Mar 1742Orange Co, Virginia I42687
23 Bohannan, William  25 Mar 1742Orange Co, Virginia I42687
24 Bohannan, William  23 Sep 1742Orange Co, Virginia I42687
25 Breckenridge, Adam  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I10
26 Breckenridge, Alexander* (Immigrant) (son?)  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I5805
27 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I5772
28 Breckenridge, James  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I5774
29 Breckenridge, Jane  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I269
30 Breckenridge, John  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I5775
31 Breckenridge, Letitia (immigrant)  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I12
32 Breckenridge, Col/Capt Robert Sheriff  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I5806
33 Breckenridge, Sarah (immigrant)  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I15
34 Breckenridge, Smith  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I11
35 Buchanan, Capt/Gent John Floyd  24 May 1742Orange Co, Virginia I48144
36 Buchanan, Capt/Gent John Floyd  27 Nov 1742Orange Co, Virginia I48144
37 Catlett, Gent John III (son of wife2?)  26 Mar 1742Orange Co, Virginia I86811
38 Frost, John  26 Feb 1741Orange Co, Virginia I42889
39 Frost, John  27 Aug 1741Orange Co, Virginia I42889
40 Gibbs, John  27 Mar 1740Orange Co, Virginia I47538
41 Gibbs, Zachariah  27 Apr 1738Orange Co, Virginia I47960
42 Gibbs, Zachariah  22 May 1746Orange Co, Virginia I47960
43 Gibbs, Zachariah  26 Jul 1746Orange Co, Virginia I47960
44 Gibbs, Zachariah  26 May 1748Orange Co, Virginia I47960
45 Gibbs, Zachariah  22 Mar 1749Orange Co, Virginia I47960
46 Gibbs, Zachariah  24 Nov 1749Orange Co, Virginia I47960
47 Hollingsworth, Abraham  28 May 1742Orange Co, Virginia I42555
48 Hollingsworth, George  26 Aug 1742Orange Co, Virginia I47665
49 Jones, Gabriel Esq.  22 Nov 1744Orange Co, Virginia I47750
50 Jones, Gabriel Esq.  27 Mar 1746Orange Co, Virginia I47750
51 Jones, Gabriel Esq.  22 Sep 1748Orange Co, Virginia I47750
52 Jones, Thomas  24 Feb 1742Orange Co, Virginia I3317
53 Jones, Thomas  23 Sep 1742Orange Co, Virginia I3317
54 Jones, Thomas  26 Mar 1743Orange Co, Virginia I3317
55 Jones, Thomas  28 Feb 1744Orange Co, Virginia I3317
56 Jones, Thomas  23 Nov 1744Orange Co, Virginia I3317
57 Jones, Thomas  29 Nov 1745Orange Co, Virginia I3317
58 Jones, Thomas  24 Apr 1746Orange Co, Virginia I3317
59 Jones, Thomas  27 Aug 1747Orange Co, Virginia I3317
60 Jones, Thomas  28 Sep 1749Orange Co, Virginia I3317
61 Littler, Gent John Sr.  26 Feb 1741Orange Co, Virginia I47818
62 Littler, Gent John Sr.  27 Aug 1741Orange Co, Virginia I47818
63 Littler, Gent John Sr.  25 Mar 1742Orange Co, Virginia I47818
64 Littler, Gent John Sr.  26 Aug 1742Orange Co, Virginia I47818
65 Moyer, Christopher* Sr (immigrant)  24 Feb 1743Orange Co, Virginia I1399
66 Moyer, Christopher* Sr (immigrant)  28 Jun 1745Orange Co, Virginia I1399
67 Moyers, George Jr.  28 May 1747Orange Co, Virginia I993
68 Neill, Gent John  26 Feb 1741Orange Co, Virginia I42490
69 Patton, Col Gent James (immigrant)  27 Nov 1742Orange Co, Virginia I48121
70 Patton, Col Gent James (immigrant)  26 Jul 1744Orange Co, Virginia I48121
71 Patton, Col Gent James (immigrant)  23 Aug 1744Orange Co, Virginia I48121
72 Patton, Col Gent James (immigrant)  24 May 1745Orange Co, Virginia I48121
73 Preston, Jane* (Immigrant)  22 May 1740Orange Co, Virginia I5807
74 Robinson, George  22 Feb 1738Orange Co, Virginia I49419
75 Robinson, George  22 Aug 1744Orange Co, Virginia I49419
76 Robinson, George  24 May 1745Orange Co, Virginia I49419
77 Robinson, George  23 Aug 1745Orange Co, Virginia I49419
78 Taliaferro, Major Francis  25 Nov 1736Orange Co, Virginia I47945
79 Taliaferro, Major Francis  26 Jan 1743Orange Co, Virginia I47945
80 Taliaferro, John "The Mount"  25 Sep 1740Orange Co, Virginia I47948
81 Taliaferro, John "The Mount"  25 Sep 1740Orange Co, Virginia I47948
82 Taliaferro, John "The Mount"  24 Sep 1742Orange Co, Virginia I47948
83 Taliaferro, John "The Mount"  26 Jan 1743Orange Co, Virginia I47948
84 Taliaferro, John "The Mount"  23 Nov 1744Orange Co, Virginia I47948
85 Taliaferro, John "The Mount"  25 Mar 1752Orange Co, Virginia I47948
86 Taliaferro, Gent William  22 Jun 1749Orange Co, Virginia I47953
87 Taliaferro, Gent William  22 Jun 1749Orange Co, Virginia I47953
88 White, James* Taylor  23 Feb 1743Orange Co, Virginia I2169
89 White, James* Taylor  24 Feb 1743Orange Co, Virginia I2169
90 White, James* Taylor  24 Nov 1743Orange Co, Virginia I2169
91 White, James* Taylor  26 Apr 1744Orange Co, Virginia I2169
92 White, James* Taylor  27 Mar 1746Orange Co, Virginia I2169
93 White, James* Taylor  23 Mar 1748Orange Co, Virginia I2169


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Agatha  25 Aug 1757Orange Co, Virginia I47544
2 Barnett, Ambrose  23 Mar 1769Orange Co, Virginia I5989
3 Barnett, Frances  27 Nov 1766Orange Co, Virginia I47546
4 Barnett, Mary  28 Dec 1796Orange Co, Virginia I47584
5 Barnett, William  1797Orange Co, Virginia I47592
6 Sisk, Betsy  28 Dec 1796Orange Co, Virginia I47586


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Forman, Benjamin Sr.  1734Orange Co, Virginia I57519
2 Jones, Gabriel Esq.  5 Aug 1765Orange Co, Virginia I47750
3 Neill, Gent John  4 Jan 1735Orange Co, Virginia I42490
4 Preston, Jane* (Immigrant)  24 May 1744Orange Co, Virginia I5807
5 Ross, George  20 Apr 1738Orange Co, Virginia I47700


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Barnett, John  1 Aug 1750Orange Co, Virginia I47503
2 Breckenridge, Alexander* (Immigrant) (son?)  24 May 1744Orange Co, Virginia I5805
3 Bush, Phillip P. Sr.  10 May 1771Orange Co, Virginia I47492
4 Jones, Hugh (immigrant)  24 Oct 1791Orange Co, Virginia I85700
5 Smith, William  1743Orange Co, Virginia I48166


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnett / Barnett  Bef 1774Orange Co, Virginia F15715
2 Battaile / Wright  26 Feb 1810Orange Co, Virginia F28675
3 Christy / Barnett  Bef 1757Orange Co, Virginia F15701
4 Combs (Coombs) / Richardson  Abt 1774Orange Co, Virginia F12533
5 Conway / Taliaferro  26 Sep 1810Orange Co, Virginia F28660
6 Corley / Petty  1770Orange Co, Virginia F28634
7 Embree / Burris  24 Sep 1767Orange Co, Virginia F15677
8 Fitzhugh / Conway  3 May 1791Orange Co, Virginia F28650
9 Foster / Jones  25 Feb 1777Orange Co, Virginia F34814
10 Gibbs / Barnett  8 Jul 1771Orange Co, Virginia F15697
11 Hite / Madison  31 Dec 1782Orange Co, Virginia F30626
12 Johnson / Barnett  10 Feb 1770Orange Co, Virginia F15698
13 Jones / Beasley  Abt 1770Orange Co, Virginia F27149
14 Jones / Foster  13 Nov 1767Orange Co, Virginia F28164
15 Madison / Taylor  4 Aug 1721Orange Co, Virginia F30627
16 McCormick / Province (Purviance)  Abt 1755Orange Co, Virginia F12546
17 Parks / Sharp  20 Aug 1832Orange Co, Virginia F16256
18 Renfro / Vawter  19 Jun 1784Orange Co, Virginia F5631
19 Shropshire / Porter  4 Jan 1758Orange Co, Virginia F23479
20 Shropshire / Willis  1755Orange Co, Virginia F25799
21 Taliaferro / Dade  3 Feb 1774Orange Co, Virginia F28661
22 Taylor / Taliaferro  Abt 1747Orange Co, Virginia F28646
23 Thurston / Taliaferro  11 Jun 1773Orange Co, Virginia F28643
24 White / Powe (Poe) (Pou)  1730Orange Co, Virginia F1021
25 Williams / Carrel  1771Orange Co, Virginia F14172


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Rentfroe / Van Bibber  1719Orange Co, Virginia F3961
2 Rentfroe / Van Bibber  1719Orange Co, Virginia F3961

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