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Pampa, Gray Co, Texas



1945 Texas, Gray County, Pampa, city directory
1945 Texas, Gray County, Pampa, city directory
Margaret Atnthony Ryther


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (private), T.L.^   I1097
2 Anthony, Loretta Ann  9 Aug 1958Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17841
3 Bell, Julia Marie   I60470
4 Elkins, Marcus Dean   I62173
5 Elkins, Monty Ben   I62172
6 Elkins, ReDonn Marie   I62175
7 Grady, Rose Annette  10 Jul 1916Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I62327
8 Graham, Anita Carol   I83413
9 Graham, Bradley Don   I83414
10 Graham, Thomas Dean  15 Dec 1964Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83412
11 Hamon, John P.  Abt 1915Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I361
12 Killibrew (Killebrew), Mary Sue  21 Apr 1918Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I58904
13 Lewis, Donna Kaye   I105058
14 Oglesby, Joseph Homer Sr.  21 May 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51202
15 Oglesby, Rita Carol   I50659
16 Sharp, Judy Gayle   I83852
17 Stone, Debra Kay  15 Nov 1956Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17854
18 Stone, Loy Dean (adopted)  8 Dec 1929Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I94857
19 Whitson, (one child)   I82239
20 Whitson, Charlotte Mae   I52400
21 Whitson, Dearol Ray   I52401
22 Whitson, Kelly Glenn   I82221
23 Wood, Donald Wayne   I17816
24 Wood, James "Jim"   I17815
25 Wood, Robert Roy   I17814
26 Wood, Zelda Kay   I17813


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Cleo Blanche  1 Aug 1989Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I82799
2 Alexander, Stephen L.  30 Jun 2009Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I33987
3 Anthony, Horace Franklin^  14 Apr 1966Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17821
4 Anthony, Loretta Ann  11 Aug 1958Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17841
5 Anthony, Margaret^ Pearl  2 Sep 1956Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17822
6 Anthony, Robert Horace  24 Dec 1952Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17836
7 Anthony, Ruby May  19 Jan 1974Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17824
8 Batson, . Opha Juanita  24 Sep 1991Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I71335
9 Bell, Arline M.  Bef 2006Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I82800
10 Bell, John Montgomery  18 Jan 1967Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I60466
11 Bell, Mary Carolina  7 Dec 1942Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I82795
12 Emerson, Cleo Montie  24 Jan 1971Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17880
13 Graham, Thomas Dean  3 Jun 2008Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83412
14 Guinn, Earl A.  27 Feb 1989Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17807
15 Guinn, Odis  29 Mar 1969Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I71515
16 Johnston, Bonnie Caroline  5 Dec 1990Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83497
17 Killibrew (Killebrew), Simeon Jackson "Jack"  20 Jul 1959Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51200
18 Killibrew (Killebrew), Theda Belle  2 Jun 1937Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I58905
19 McConnell, Avie Estelle  25 Dec 1978Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I60469
20 McIlvain, Homer D.  23 Nov 1947Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51208
21 McIlvain, Thomas O. "Tommie"  1 May 1991Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I82216
22 Medley, Zelona Claudetta  19 May 2004Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I71514
23 Oglesby, Roy Claud (twin)  15 Oct 1943Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50657
24 Ray, John Henry  3 Jul 1989Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83496
25 Saltsman, Sarah Pearl^ (1/2 Cherokee)  28 May 1971Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17823
26 Shelton, Charles B. (or G)  Oct 1969Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50810
27 Stone, Helen  Aft 1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I60739
28 Stone, Joe Freeman  21 Nov 1976Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17857
29 Tracy, Rena  23 Nov 1978Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I90544
30 Whitson, Elmer Allen  Oct 1979Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I52395
31 Willard, Dora Elizabeth "Lizzie"  18 Jul 1961Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I82195
32 Wylie, Oral Edward "Ed"  19 Feb 2006Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17825
33 Wyllie, James Thomas  5 Nov 1954Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17861


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Anthony, Joseph Oscar "Joe"   I54640
2 Anthony, Ruby May  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17824
3 Armstrong, Roy   I42080
4 Burgess, Henry Ward Beecher "Okie Beech"  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50668
5 Cantrell, Luther M.  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83857
6 Gallagher, Mary A.^  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51190
7 Killibrew (Killebrew), Simeon Jackson "Jack"  1930Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51200
8 Killibrew (Killebrew), Simeon Jackson "Jack"  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51200
9 Oglesby, Albert Connie  13 Apr 1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51193
10 Oglesby, Daisy Evaline  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50665
11 Oglesby, James Thomas "Jimmy"  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51191
12 Sharp, Samuel G. (or Samuel James) "Sam"  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83853
13 Stone, Loy Emmett "Spot"  1930Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I5646
14 Stone, Loy Emmett "Spot"  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I5646


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Oglesby, Albert Connie  31 Oct 1944Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51193
2 Sharp, Lyle O.   I83851


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Oglesby, Albert Connie  Bef 1942Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51193


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Anthony, Horace Franklin^  2 Jun 1958Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17821
2 Anthony, Margaret^ Pearl  29 May 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17822
3 Anthony, Margaret^ Pearl  30 Jun 1947Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17822
4 Anthony, Margaret^ Pearl  7 Oct 1956Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17822
5 Anthony, Ruby May  8 Feb 1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17824
6 Burgess, Henry Ward Beecher "Okie Beech"  1932Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50668
7 Chaudoin, Bertie Faye  14 Apr 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83484
8 Cooper, Lugina Vesti^ (Lingenior or Louisa Jane) "Lue"^  14 Apr 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51325
9 Elkins, ReDonn Marie   I62175
10 Gallagher, Lillie Mae  14 Apr 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I66523
11 Gallagher, Mary A.^  14 Apr 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51190
12 Johnston, Bonnie Caroline  14 Apr 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83497
13 Killibrew (Killebrew), Simeon Jackson "Jack"  27 Dec 1936Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51200
14 Killibrew (Killebrew), Theda Belle  27 Dec 1936Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I58905
15 Martin, Billy Ed   I94280
16 McIlvain, Dovie Della  14 Apr 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51210
17 McIlvain, Lovie Della  14 Apr 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51201
18 Oglesby, James Thomas "Jimmy"  25 Nov 1947Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51191
19 Oglesby, Rita Carol   I50659
20 Oglesby, Roy Claud (twin)  23 May 1932Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50657
21 Ray, Allene Beatrice   I83499
22 Ray, Allene Beatrice   I83499
23 Ray, Allene Beatrice   I83499
24 Ryther, L.P.^  26 Mar 1944Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17804
25 Ryther, L.P.^  10 Jun 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17804
26 Ryther, L.P.^  4 May 1956Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17804
27 Sharp, Lloyd Patrick  26 May 1942Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83854
28 Sharp, Lloyd Patrick  4 Oct 1942Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83854
29 Sharp, Lyle O.   I83851
30 Stone, Joe Ted  10 Jun 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17805
31 Whitson, Dearol Ray   I52401


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Sharp, Lyle O.   I83851

Research Notes

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Research Notes    Person ID 
1 Whitson, Charlotte Mae   I52400


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anthony, Horace Franklin^  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17821
2 Anthony, Joseph Oscar "Joe"   I54640
3 Anthony, Margaret^ Pearl  1941Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17822
4 Anthony, Margaret^ Pearl  1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17822
5 Anthony, Margaret^ Pearl  1948Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17822
6 Anthony, Margaret^ Pearl  1952Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17822
7 Anthony, Robert Horace  1938Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17836
8 Anthony, Robert Horace  1942Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17836
9 Anthony, Ruby May  1952Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17824
10 Chaudoin, Bertie Faye  1993Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I83484
11 Elkins, Marcus Dean   I62173
12 Elkins, Monty Ben   I62172
13 Elkins, Oliver Ben   I20351
14 Elkins, Oliver Ben   I20351
15 Elkins, Oliver Ben   I20351
16 Emerson, Cleo Montie  1936Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17880
17 Gallagher, Mary A.^  1935Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51190
18 Graham, Jackie Don   I82235
19 Lewis, Robert Wesley Jr.  1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I105032
20 McIlvain, Homer D.  1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51208
21 McIlvain, Thomas O. "Tommie"  1987Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I82216
22 Oglesby, Albert Connie  1935Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51193
23 Oglesby, James Thomas "Jimmy"  1935Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I51191
24 Ryther, L.P.^  1941Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17804
25 Shelton, Charles B. (or G)  1945Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50810
26 Shelton, Charles W.  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50814
27 Shelton, Charles W.  1945Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50814
28 Shelton, Charles W.  1986Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50814
29 Shelton, Charles W.  Between 1993 and 2002Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50814
30 Shelton, Charles W.  1993Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50814
31 Shelton, Mrs. Zula Nora (..)  1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50811
32 Shelton, Mrs. Zula Nora (..)  1945Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I50811
33 Stone, Jean Marguerite   I20350
34 Stone, Jean Marguerite   I20350
35 Stone, Joe Ted  1942Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17805
36 Whitson, Charlotte Mae   I52400
37 Whitson, Charlotte Mae   I52400
38 Whitson, Dearol Ray   I52401
39 Wood, Joseph Garner  1943Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17811
40 Wylie, Oral Edward "Ed"  Abt 1941Pampa, Gray Co, Texas I17825


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anthony / Chapman   F27300
2 Bell / McConnell  7 Jun 1917Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F19804
3 Cook / Killibrew (Killebrew)  25 Dec 1936Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F25717
4 Elkins / Cummings   F20316
5 Elkins / Gardner   F20317
6 Guinn / Medley  3 Sep 1953Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F23156
7 Killibrew (Killebrew) / Gallagher  Bef 1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F16827
8 Lewis / Gable  2 Jan 1946Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F35468
9 Oglesby / McIlvain  Nov 1944Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F16828
10 Sharp / Ray   F27418
11 Shelton / Shelton  Abt 1939Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F16730
12 Stone / Oglesby  1921Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F2383
13 Talley / Anthony  Bef 1952Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F27318
14 Whitson / Johnson   F26872
15 Whitson / McIlvain  Abt 1945Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F17171
16 Whitson / Powell   F26871
17 Will / Ryther  11 Oct 1952Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F6572
18 Wylie / Alexander  16 Feb 1979Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F27072
19 Wylie / Anthony  Bef 1940Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F6581
20 Wylie / Bell  4 Oct 1974Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F27073


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Guinn / Ryther  Bef Oct 1952Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F6573
2 Killibrew (Killebrew) / Simmons  Bef 1936Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F19388
3 Stone / Chastain  24 Jan 1983Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F19889
4 Stone / Ryther  24 May 1948Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F6571
5 Stone / Thrasher  5 Mar 1984Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F19890
6 Whitson / Johnson   F26872
7 Whitson / Powell   F26871
8 Will / Ryther  10 Aug 1956Pampa, Gray Co, Texas F6572

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