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Prince George Co, Maryland



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beanes, William Bradley  24 Jan 1749Prince George Co, Maryland I21059
2 Bowman, Harriet Rachel  9 Jan 1842Prince George Co, Maryland I88581
3 Brooke, Mary  8 Oct 1709Prince George Co, Maryland I16051
4 Carroll, Charles  12 Sep 1729Prince George Co, Maryland I20694
5 Cheney, Ann Nancy  1734Prince George Co, Maryland I96392
6 Contee, Jane  28 Sep 1728Prince George Co, Maryland I21043
7 Dent, Walter  1744Prince George Co, Maryland I21789
8 Dent, William  1706Prince George Co, Maryland I16047
9 Dent, Captain William  8 Aug 1730Prince George Co, Maryland I71417
10 Downs, Mary Anne  1740Prince George Co, Maryland I30956
11 Duvall, Charity  6 May 1733Prince George Co, Maryland I53105
12 Elson, John Harris  13 Apr 1771Prince George Co, Maryland I88576
13 Elson, Richard  1738Prince George Co, Maryland I88575
14 Gover, Nancy  1763Prince George Co, Maryland I81375
15 Haddock, Mary  Abt 1677Prince George Co, Maryland I21824
16 Hanson, Alexander Contee  22 Nov 1749Prince George Co, Maryland I21089
17 Hanson, Catherine  16 Nov 1744Prince George Co, Maryland I21063
18 Hanson, Elizabeth  9 Dec 1751Prince George Co, Maryland I21061
19 Hanson, Grace  19 Sep 1762Prince George Co, Maryland I21064
20 Hanson, John Contee  18 Mar 1753Prince George Co, Maryland I21038
21 Hanson, Peter Contee  9 Dec 1758Prince George Co, Maryland I21062
22 Hanson, Samuel  25 Aug 1756Prince George Co, Maryland I21039
23 Hawley, John  1739Prince George Co, Maryland I30955
24 Hill, Elizabeth  Abt 1733Prince George Co, Maryland I20689
25 Hill, Henry Darnall Jr.  1750Prince George Co, Maryland I20663
26 Hill, Mary Anne Hoskins  25 Aug 1795Prince George Co, Maryland I20664
27 Madden, Dennis  1668Prince George Co, Maryland I72899
28 Magruder, Alexander III  Abt 1716Prince George Co, Maryland I3051
29 Magruder, Ann  1712Prince George Co, Maryland I16035
30 McCarty, Elizabeth  16 Jul 1779Prince George Co, Maryland I104447
31 McGuire, Mrs. Nancy (..)  Abt 1720Prince George Co, Maryland I95472
32 Middleton, John  1677Prince George Co, Maryland I21823
33 Mobberly, Hammond  Abt 1722Prince George Co, Maryland I14571
34 Mobberly, John  2 May 1720Prince George Co, Maryland I14572
35 Moore, Mary  1696Prince George Co, Maryland I29235
36 Moore, William  Abt 1700Prince George Co, Maryland I93345
37 Norwood, Margaret  25 Feb 1760Prince George Co, Maryland I53107
38 Ricketts, Benjamin Jr.  1724Prince George Co, Maryland I96264
39 Ricketts, Drucilla  1720Prince George Co, Maryland I96262
40 Ricketts, Jacob  1725Prince George Co, Maryland I96265
41 Ricketts, Martha  1722Prince George Co, Maryland I96263
42 Selby, William Joshua  1780Prince George Co, Maryland I92908
43 Truman, Henry  Bef 1696Prince George Co, Maryland I3050
44 Wheat, Thomas  21 Jul 1789Prince George Co, Maryland I40598


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Barton, William III  Bef 6 Nov 1705Prince George Co, Maryland I21655
2 Beanes, William Bradley  12 Oct 1828Prince George Co, Maryland I21059
3 Brooke, Esther Maxwell  15 Aug 1842Prince George Co, Maryland I20693
4 Brooke, Col., Esq. Thomas Jr.  7 Jan 1731Prince George Co, Maryland I2824
5 Burch, Katherine  Aft 15 Apr 1762Prince George Co, Maryland I16114
6 Burrell, Elizabeth  Aft 1790Prince George Co, Maryland I21790
7 Carroll, Charles  Bef 23 Mar 1773Prince George Co, Maryland I20694
8 Dent, Peter  23 Nov 1757Prince George Co, Maryland I16042
9 Dent, Walter  1794Prince George Co, Maryland I21789
10 Haddock, Benjamin  04 Jun 1703Prince George Co, Maryland I21825
11 Hanson, Sarah Hawkins  15 Jul 1822Prince George Co, Maryland I21051
12 Hawkins, John  Aft 1781Prince George Co, Maryland I21843
13 Hill, Clement II  1743Prince George Co, Maryland I64704
14 Hill, Elizabeth  Bef 1 Nov 1815Prince George Co, Maryland I20689
15 Hill, Henry Darnall Sr.  Bef 26 Apr 1796Prince George Co, Maryland I20660
16 Hill, Henry Darnall Jr.  27 Apr 1822Prince George Co, Maryland I20663
17 Howard, Mrs. Mary (..)  Abt 1725Prince George Co, Maryland I48329
18 Littlejohn, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  Bef 1750Prince George Co, Maryland I93351
19 Littlejohn, Marcellus  Between 3 Nov 1740 and 18 Mar 1741Prince George Co, Maryland I93330
20 Magruder, Ann  Abt 1760Prince George Co, Maryland I16035
21 Middleton, Robert*  06 May 1708Prince George Co, Maryland I21804
22 Reynolds, Mary Louise  17 Mar 1965Prince George Co, Maryland I100195
23 Ricketts, Drucilla  1721Prince George Co, Maryland I96262
24 Ridgely, Col. Henry Jr.  1710Prince George Co, Maryland I55310
25 Shircliffe, William  5 Apr 1740Prince George Co, Maryland I48330
26 Stone, Elizabeth  Bef Nov 1772Prince George Co, Maryland I20590
27 Story, Elizabeth (..) Mrs  Aft Mar 1711Prince George Co, Maryland I21160
28 Swann, Thomas Sr  Bef 14 Sep 1763Prince George Co, Maryland I16113
29 Truman, Henry  23 Mar 1756Prince George Co, Maryland I3050
30 Wilkinson, Rebecca*  Aug 1726Prince George Co, Maryland I2819


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Littlejohn, Mary  18 Mar 1741Prince George Co, Maryland I5943


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Littlejohn, Henry  1741Prince George Co, Maryland I93334
2 Littlejohn, Marcellus  1737Prince George Co, Maryland I93330


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Brooke, Col., Esq. Thomas Jr.  29 Jan 1731Prince George Co, Maryland I2824
2 Burrell, Elizabeth  13 Sep 1796Prince George Co, Maryland I21790
3 Dent, Peter  23 Nov 1757Prince George Co, Maryland I16042
4 Littlejohn, Marcellus  18 Mar 1741Prince George Co, Maryland I93330


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Beanes / Hanson  25 Nov 1773Prince George Co, Maryland F7794
2 Boarman / Hill  12 Dec 1801Prince George Co, Maryland F7612
3 Coffer (or Cofer) / Littlejohn  Abt 1700Prince George Co, Maryland F31417
4 Dent / Burrell  1764Prince George Co, Maryland F8006
5 Hanson / Contee  Abt 1745Prince George Co, Maryland F7787
6 Hawley / Burch  04 Mar 1712Prince George Co, Maryland F10927
7 Hill / Brooke  23 Apr 1781Prince George Co, Maryland F7633
8 Hill / Darnell  1696Prince George Co, Maryland F20969
9 McDougle / Duvall  20 Feb 1757Prince George Co, Maryland F17378
10 McDougle / Norwood  25 Feb 1783Prince George Co, Maryland F17379
11 Middleton / Haddock  Abt 1695Prince George Co, Maryland F8021
12 Mobberly / Pindell  12 Feb 1711Prince George Co, Maryland F5463
13 Shircliffe / Howard  Bef 1719Prince George Co, Maryland F15973
14 Throckmorton / Demoss  1769Prince George Co, Maryland F30429