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Putnam Co, Indiana



Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chadd, Alta  Abt 1826Putnam Co, Indiana I23079
2 Chadd, Mary A.  1855Putnam Co, Indiana I41152
3 Coffman, Mary Magdelene  1838Putnam Co, Indiana I5576
4 Ford, Alexander  1861Putnam Co, Indiana I61103
5 Ford, George Henry  30 Jul 1856Putnam Co, Indiana I61102
6 Ford, George Washington  15 Oct 1839Putnam Co, Indiana I33384
7 Ford, James M.  1854Putnam Co, Indiana I61101
8 Ford, John William  26 Sep 1847Putnam Co, Indiana I61406
9 Ford, John William  1852Putnam Co, Indiana I61389
10 Ford, Marena Ann  1834Putnam Co, Indiana I61396
11 Ford, Mary B. (or Minnie)  1863Putnam Co, Indiana I61104
12 Ford, Thomas Asbarry  1849Putnam Co, Indiana I61407
13 Ford, William  3 Nov 1824Putnam Co, Indiana I61383
14 Garner, Harriett  1826Putnam Co, Indiana I23095
15 Garner, Lucy A.  1853Putnam Co, Indiana I41154
16 Graves, Julia Ann  1827Putnam Co, Indiana I5617
17 Kinsler, America  14 Nov 1825Putnam Co, Indiana I23019
18 Kinsler, Mary  17 Apr 1828Putnam Co, Indiana I23025
19 Moler, Emma  Mar 1856Putnam Co, Indiana I15842
20 Pickel, Flossie Clay  17 Nov 1877Putnam Co, Indiana I67974
21 Rissler, George  2 Jan 1830Putnam Co, Indiana I38474
22 Rissler, Harriet  22 Jan 1832Putnam Co, Indiana I38477
23 Rissler, Hiram  15 Nov 1825Putnam Co, Indiana I38475
24 Rissler, Lewis  3 Sep 1834Putnam Co, Indiana I38478
25 Rissler, Moses Boone  14 Mar 1839Putnam Co, Indiana I38479
26 Siddens, George Washington  1835Putnam Co, Indiana I5564
27 Siddens, James R.  1838Putnam Co, Indiana I5565
28 Smith, Mary Jane  Mar 1841Putnam Co, Indiana I41159
29 Smith, Nancy  1843Putnam Co, Indiana I41160
30 Smith, Ruth A.  1839Putnam Co, Indiana I41158
31 Thomas-Grider, Evan (boarder 1860)  27 Aug 1842Putnam Co, Indiana I77563
32 Williams, John L.  6 Oct 1857Putnam Co, Indiana I39152
33 Williams, Sarah  1871Putnam Co, Indiana I39159
34 Wilson, Addie M.  1860Putnam Co, Indiana I64095
35 Wilson, Alexander  15 Oct 1853Putnam Co, Indiana I64108
36 Wilson, David  19 Feb 1848Putnam Co, Indiana I64113
37 Wilson, Eliza J.F.  1862Putnam Co, Indiana I64109
38 Wilson, Elizabeth Minerva  15 Apr 1839Putnam Co, Indiana I64085
39 Wilson, Emily Ann  29 Mar 1835Putnam Co, Indiana I64083
40 Wilson, Emma  1863Putnam Co, Indiana I64101
41 Wilson, Isaac N.  22 Dec 1839Putnam Co, Indiana I64110
42 Wilson, James Arthur  1843Putnam Co, Indiana I64090
43 Wilson, Jefferson Miller  19 Nov 1845Putnam Co, Indiana I64087
44 Wilson, Mary  1866Putnam Co, Indiana I64103
45 Wilson, Minnie  1864Putnam Co, Indiana I64102
46 Wilson, Nancy Elin  21 Aug 1837Putnam Co, Indiana I64084
47 Wilson, Quincy Adams  4 Nov 1849Putnam Co, Indiana I64106
48 Wilson, Taylor  19 Apr 1846Putnam Co, Indiana I64112
49 Wilson, Thomas B.  9 Jan 1842Putnam Co, Indiana I64111


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Babb, Phebey  Nov 1833Putnam Co, Indiana I61404
2 Boone, Catherine Musedora (dau?)  10 Feb 1839Putnam Co, Indiana I10194
3 Boone, Irv Rissler "Err"  2 Jul 1837Putnam Co, Indiana I38473
4 Boone, Moses "Judge"  8 Mar 1852Putnam Co, Indiana I10482
5 Boone, Ralph Daniel  4 Jul 1918Putnam Co, Indiana I38565
6 Boone, Susan  1885Putnam Co, Indiana I10479
7 Chadd, Daniel  29 Dec 1867Putnam Co, Indiana I23052
8 Chadd, George  Bef 1867Putnam Co, Indiana I23087
9 Chadd, Mary* "Polly" (of Maryland family)  21 Aug 1835Putnam Co, Indiana I271
10 Chadd, Susannah  30 Jan 1909Putnam Co, Indiana I41136
11 Coffman, Sarah  1842Putnam Co, Indiana I5562
12 Duell, Mary M. "Polly"  1948Putnam Co, Indiana I38562
13 Ford, George Washington  20 Nov 1899Putnam Co, Indiana I61387
14 Ford, John William  2 Oct 1853Putnam Co, Indiana I61389
15 Ford, William (Immigrant)  Dec 1834Putnam Co, Indiana I61403
16 Ford, William  21 Apr 1894Putnam Co, Indiana I61383
17 Graves, Julia Ann  18 Oct 1827Putnam Co, Indiana I5617
18 Graves, Peter (related to Richard?)  2 Feb 1860Putnam Co, Indiana I5581
19 Gray, Henry Eugene  26 Apr 1993Putnam Co, Indiana I55180
20 Grider, Mrs. Elizabeth Button (..)  23 Feb 1889Putnam Co, Indiana I77561
21 Grider, Jacob^ Sr.  23 Jul 1860Putnam Co, Indiana I66567
22 Grider, Thomas  8 Feb 1876Putnam Co, Indiana I77560
23 Henton (Hinton), Rebecca^  17 Jun 1842Putnam Co, Indiana I66568
24 Kinsler, Mary  08 Apr 1870Putnam Co, Indiana I23025
25 Kinsler, Thomas  28 Dec 1851Putnam Co, Indiana I23016
26 Lane, Delila (dau?)  15 Feb 1868Putnam Co, Indiana I48744
27 McCarty, Aaron Hardridge (Hardwick)  16 Sep 1889Putnam Co, Indiana I47777
28 Miller, Malinda  2 Mar 1903Putnam Co, Indiana I38485
29 Milton, Jane  11 May 1853Putnam Co, Indiana I5583
30 Moler, John  10 Nov 1866Putnam Co, Indiana I15834
31 Rissler, Hiram  22 Feb 1880Putnam Co, Indiana I38475
32 Siddens, James  11 May 1846Putnam Co, Indiana I48739
33 Siddens, Sarah J.  1870Putnam Co, Indiana I48738
34 Stone, Enoch  6 Jun 1871Putnam Co, Indiana I55442
35 Vice, George W  11 Oct 1860Putnam Co, Indiana I23020
36 Wilson, Alexander  9 Jul 1936Putnam Co, Indiana I64108
37 Wilson, Benjamin  7 Jun 1854Putnam Co, Indiana I5575
38 Wilson, David  12 Apr 1924Putnam Co, Indiana I64113
39 Wilson, Leonard  24 Sep 1933Putnam Co, Indiana I64107
40 Wilson, Quincy Adams  23 Sep 1934Putnam Co, Indiana I64106


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, James William  1850Putnam Co, Indiana I282
2 Chadd, Daniel  1830Putnam Co, Indiana I23052
3 Chadd, Samuel  1830Putnam Co, Indiana I41139
4 Chadd, Thomas  1830Putnam Co, Indiana I41146
5 Grider, Rev, J.P. Jacob Henton^ Jr.  1830Putnam Co, Indiana I66565
6 Grider, Jacob^ Sr.  1830Putnam Co, Indiana I66567
7 Grider, Thomas  1830Putnam Co, Indiana I77560
8 Grider, William  1830Putnam Co, Indiana I77568
9 Siddens, James  1830Putnam Co, Indiana I48739
10 Siddens, James  1840Putnam Co, Indiana I48739


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Chadd, Daniel  Between 1828 and 1830Putnam Co, Indiana I23052
2 Chadd, Patience  1830Putnam Co, Indiana I23015


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Chadd, Daniel  Bef Dec 1867Putnam Co, Indiana I23052
2 Siddens, James  May 1846Putnam Co, Indiana I48739


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burnside / Moler  4 Jan 1871Putnam Co, Indiana F5925
2 Chadd / Allen  07 Dec 1836Putnam Co, Indiana F8387
3 Chadd / Garner  1843Putnam Co, Indiana F8392
4 Chadd / Kinsler  13 Mar 1867Putnam Co, Indiana F8372
5 Coombs (Combs) / Graves  23 Apr 1835Putnam Co, Indiana F2344
6 Doak / Sharp  1834Putnam Co, Indiana F26371
7 Elliott / Breckenridge  16 Oct 1850Putnam Co, Indiana F20704
8 Ford / Ford  1878Putnam Co, Indiana F23380
9 Ford / Siddens  7 Dec 1847Putnam Co, Indiana F20083
10 Ford / Wilson  Abt 1851Putnam Co, Indiana F20007
11 Garner / Chadd  Abt 1852Putnam Co, Indiana F13808
12 Hamilton / Moler  1 Feb 1866Putnam Co, Indiana F5924
13 Kinsler / Clark  14 Jan 1850Putnam Co, Indiana F8385
14 Kinsler / Reeves  03 Mar 1841Putnam Co, Indiana F8386
15 Moler / Crawford  29 Dec 1857Putnam Co, Indiana F5921
16 Moler / Dillie  29 Oct 1868Putnam Co, Indiana F5923
17 Moler / Newgent  1 Nov 1859Putnam Co, Indiana F5919
18 Morrow / Ford  2 Dec 1850Putnam Co, Indiana F20085
19 Siddens / Rains  28 Jun 1842Putnam Co, Indiana F2342
20 Smith / Chadd  9 Mar 1838Putnam Co, Indiana F13810
21 Vice / Kinsler  18 Feb 1841Putnam Co, Indiana F8371
22 Wilson / Connelly  Abt 1842Putnam Co, Indiana F20709
23 Wilson / Kratzer  Putnam Co, Indiana F20710
24 Wilson / Wilson  Abt 1859Putnam Co, Indiana F16636
25 Wilson / Wilson  Abt 1862Putnam Co, Indiana F20714


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Kinsler / Reeves  31 Oct 1846Putnam Co, Indiana F8386

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