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Randolph Co, North Carolina



Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Nathaniel Benjamin  1739Randolph Co, North Carolina I87433
2 Broyles, Susannah  1775Randolph Co, North Carolina I84132
3 Curtis, Nancy  1750Randolph Co, North Carolina I36991
4 Elliott, Abraham  15 Jan 1811Randolph Co, North Carolina I67940
5 Elliott, Jesse  23 Feb 1810Randolph Co, North Carolina I67938
6 Elliott, Jonas Albert  1795Randolph Co, North Carolina I32707
7 Elliott, Joseph  1780Randolph Co, North Carolina I67935
8 Elliott, Nancy  1803Randolph Co, North Carolina I67937
9 Elliott, William  1820Randolph Co, North Carolina I67942
10 Field, Tabitha  10 May 1793Randolph Co, North Carolina I100704
11 Hawkins, Benjamin  3 Jun 1803Randolph Co, North Carolina I72936
12 Hawkins, Mary Ann  12 Dec 1842Randolph Co, North Carolina I72935
13 Horner, John Brown Sr.  3 Oct 1770Randolph Co, North Carolina I89507
14 Horner, Miriam Allred  3 Nov 1768Randolph Co, North Carolina I73691
15 Kimrey (Kimbro), Alfred Benson  27 Mar 1846Randolph Co, North Carolina I72150
16 Kimrey (Kimbro), Fannie Isabelle  9 Jul 1884Randolph Co, North Carolina I72151
17 Kindley, Martha Elizabeth  7 Aug 1804Randolph Co, North Carolina I72938
18 Knight, Nancy Ann  6 Feb 1792Randolph Co, North Carolina I50715
19 Lane, Nancy  28 May 1802Randolph Co, North Carolina I72159
20 Lowe, Mary E.  27 Jan 1840Randolph Co, North Carolina I40220
21 Lowe, Quinton  1806Randolph Co, North Carolina I75036
22 Marley, Mary E.  16 Oct 1836Randolph Co, North Carolina I56578
23 McGowan, (daughter)  Between 1790 and 1800Randolph Co, North Carolina I104140
24 McGowan, (son)  Between 1790 and 1800Randolph Co, North Carolina I104137
25 McGowan, (son)  Between 1790 and 1800Randolph Co, North Carolina I104138
26 McGowan, (son)  Between 1790 and 1800Randolph Co, North Carolina I104139
27 Moser, Phoebe Ann  5 Nov 1846Randolph Co, North Carolina I72149
28 Pennington, Isaac  1751Randolph Co, North Carolina I84314
29 Pennington, Isaac  1785Randolph Co, North Carolina I84321
30 Sapp, Benjamin  1800Randolph Co, North Carolina I92764
31 Stone, Joel  1791Randolph Co, North Carolina I37348
32 Stone, John  Abt 1788Randolph Co, North Carolina I37349
33 Stone, Mary "Polly"  1802Randolph Co, North Carolina I37353
34 Stone, Nancy  Abt 1782Randolph Co, North Carolina I37346
35 Stone, Susan  Abt 1794Randolph Co, North Carolina I37352
36 Stone, William  1787Randolph Co, North Carolina I37347
37 Sugg, Margaret  1742Randolph Co, North Carolina I74140
38 Troy, Willie Clem  22 Nov 1919Randolph Co, North Carolina I72154
39 Wade, Sarah^  1763Randolph Co, North Carolina I51487
40 Wood, Clement  25 Apr 1766Randolph Co, North Carolina I100701
41 Wood, Mary  28 Mar 1772Randolph Co, North Carolina I72157
42 Wood, Nancy  17 Mar 1781Randolph Co, North Carolina I67936
43 Wood, Robert  1 Mar 1789Randolph Co, North Carolina I100703


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Louisa  16 Dec 1899Randolph Co, North Carolina I72148
2 Clapp, John Barnhardt Sr.  1803Randolph Co, North Carolina I80878
3 Conway, Hannah*  1792Randolph Co, North Carolina I19220
4 Cox, Nancy Morilla  19 Feb 1915Randolph Co, North Carolina I72162
5 Curtis, James  1795Randolph Co, North Carolina I36992
6 Elliott, Abraham Jr.  17 Apr 1843Randolph Co, North Carolina I67959
7 Elliott, Joseph  Dec 1850Randolph Co, North Carolina I67935
8 Fields, Anne  May 1820Randolph Co, North Carolina I100702
9 Fincher, Jean  1850Randolph Co, North Carolina I73992
10 Fox, Anderson  29 Sep 1905Randolph Co, North Carolina I67853
11 Freeman, Bobby Lane  23 Jul 2012Randolph Co, North Carolina I103622
12 Hendricks (Hendrix), Mrs. Sarah Jane (..)  Oct 1862Randolph Co, North Carolina I103895
13 Kimrey (Kimbro), Alfred Benson  3 Sep 1926Randolph Co, North Carolina I72150
14 Kindley, Martha Elizabeth  11 Jan 1830Randolph Co, North Carolina I72938
15 Lane, Isaac  Jan 1840Randolph Co, North Carolina I72158
16 Lane, John  1825Randolph Co, North Carolina I72165
17 Lane, Nancy  15 Mar 1880Randolph Co, North Carolina I72159
18 Mendenhall, Martha  27 Nov 1800Randolph Co, North Carolina I80376
19 Moser, Phoebe Ann  8 Jan 1927Randolph Co, North Carolina I72149
20 Ridge, William  24 May 1845Randolph Co, North Carolina I73991
21 Smith, David  1803Randolph Co, North Carolina I87292
22 Stone, William* (Surry NC)  1788Randolph Co, North Carolina I19060
23 Troy, Alfred Lane  29 Jul 1904Randolph Co, North Carolina I72161
24 Troy, John Balfour  26 Mar 1864Randolph Co, North Carolina I72160
25 Wood, Clement  11 Jul 1824Randolph Co, North Carolina I100701
26 Wood, Mary  30 Sep 1837Randolph Co, North Carolina I72157


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Lollar, John  1790Randolph Co, North Carolina I104132
2 McGowan, Pettigrew S.*  1790Randolph Co, North Carolina I7374
3 McGowan, William*  1790Randolph Co, North Carolina I104134
4 Stone, Conway  1790Randolph Co, North Carolina I19223


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Stone, Conway  1793Randolph Co, North Carolina I19223


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Stone, Conway  1786Randolph Co, North Carolina I19223
2 Stone, John  1792Randolph Co, North Carolina I37349


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allred / Aldridge  1795Randolph Co, North Carolina F28911
2 Hawkins / Varner  30 Mar 1831Randolph Co, North Carolina F23635
3 Horner / Allred  17 Aug 1767Randolph Co, North Carolina F29810
4 Hufstedler / Thompson  27 Apr 1892Randolph Co, North Carolina F26485
5 Isley / Allred  2 Oct 1910Randolph Co, North Carolina F26407
6 Kimrey (Kimbro) / Moser  1871Randolph Co, North Carolina F23366
7 Lane / Wood  1792Randolph Co, North Carolina F23369
8 McGowan / Noblet (or Noblett) (?)  8 Jan 1800Randolph Co, North Carolina F390
9 Moser / Brown  19 Nov 1845Randolph Co, North Carolina F23365
10 Pennington / Mendenhall  Abt 1747Randolph Co, North Carolina F26195
11 Pennington / Ray-Beeson  3 Jun 1780Randolph Co, North Carolina F27611
12 Ridge / Fincher  11 May 1789Randolph Co, North Carolina F23974
13 Troy / Cox  1848Randolph Co, North Carolina F23371
14 Troy / Kimrey (Kimbro)  30 Jun 1908Randolph Co, North Carolina F23367
15 Troy / Lane  1816Randolph Co, North Carolina F23370
16 Wood / Coleman  5 Sep 1809Randolph Co, North Carolina F33889
17 Wood / Field  5 Sep 1809Randolph Co, North Carolina F33887

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