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Rapides Parish, Louisiana



Matches 1 to 70 of 70

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clark, Roxie Ann (Mu)  13 Oct 1858Rapides Parish, Louisiana I7706
2 Dial, Catherine  1852Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107173
3 Dial, Martha Adeline (Mulatto)  1848Rapides Parish, Louisiana I7646
4 Dial, Solomon  1825Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107153
5 Dial, Solomon (Mulatto)  1845Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107157
6 Dial, William  1846Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107156
7 Droddy, Marion Jackson  5 Feb 1881Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106739
8 Gibson, Amos  21 Mar 1832Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107002
9 Gibson, Gideon  23 Apr 1838Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107006
10 Gibson, Sarah Serena  May 1827Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107010
11 Hawkins, Andrew Howard  7 Nov 1893Rapides Parish, Louisiana I73000
12 Holt, Abraham Winkle  Abt 1824Rapides Parish, Louisiana I28699
13 Holt, James T.  Abt 1823Rapides Parish, Louisiana I28700
14 Hooper, Mary Elizabeth  2 Nov 1858Rapides Parish, Louisiana I85149
15 Johnson, (infant)  1859Rapides Parish, Louisiana I90244
16 Johnson, (infant)  1860Rapides Parish, Louisiana I90186
17 Johnson, Burrell (free colored)  29 Mar 1830Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106899
18 Johnson, Calvin  1845Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106885
19 Johnson, Calvin  1846Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106912
20 Johnson, Daniel  1859Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106909
21 Johnson, Delila  1844Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106893
22 Johnson, Gibson  1848Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106895
23 Johnson, Gideon  1846Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106894
24 Johnson, Gideon  1847Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106886
25 Johnson, Gideon (twin)  1850Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106913
26 Johnson, Henry  1841Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106883
27 Johnson, Henry  1841Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106911
28 Johnson, Letha  1852Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106906
29 Johnson, Letha  1852Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106915
30 Johnson, Letha Ann  1850Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106902
31 Johnson, Matilda  1839Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106910
32 Johnson, Melissa  1852Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106903
33 Johnson, Nancy  1843Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106884
34 Johnson, Obediah "Obey"  20 Aug 1840Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106891
35 Johnson, Rebecca  1842Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106892
36 Johnson, Robert  1854Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106904
37 Johnson, Serena (twin)  1850Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106914
38 Johnson, Sevena  1849Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106887
39 Johnson, William  1856Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106907
40 Madden, Flavilla Eveline  9 Apr 1858Rapides Parish, Louisiana I95963
41 Madden, James Henry Sr.  20 Dec 1845Rapides Parish, Louisiana I95960
42 Madden, Mary Elizabeth  10 Sep 1845Rapides Parish, Louisiana I95959
43 Madden, William Hanna  27 Jun 1849Rapides Parish, Louisiana I95961
44 Mannsell (or Mancil), Muntalvin  7 Jul 1859Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106934
45 Munson, Martha Caroline  1823Rapides Parish, Louisiana I48977
46 Oglesby, Alfred Eliase Sr.  29 Dec 1920Rapides Parish, Louisiana I66264
47 Oglesby, Charles Eligah  31 Jul 1915Rapides Parish, Louisiana I66243
48 Oglesby, Eunice  11 Nov 1910Rapides Parish, Louisiana I66248
49 Oglesby, Flora  1908Rapides Parish, Louisiana I66349
50 Oglesby, Walter S.  21 Oct 1924Rapides Parish, Louisiana I66266
51 Perkins, Alfred P.  1845Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106946
52 Perkins, Almarinda  1857Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106952
53 Perkins, Amanda  1847Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106937
54 Perkins, Appolonia  1850Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106949
55 Perkins, Charles (g-son?)  May 1842Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107163
56 Perkins, Cordelia  1859Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106944
57 Perkins, Francis M.  1858Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106953
58 Perkins, Israel  1852Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106941
59 Perkins, Levisa  1852Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106950
60 Perkins, Mary  1847Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106947
61 Perkins, Matilda  1840Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106930
62 Perkins, Olive  1856Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106943
63 Perkins, Oliver Walter  22 Oct 1865Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107190
64 Perkins, Olivia  1855Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106951
65 Perkins, Robert  1848Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106938
66 Perkins, Sarah  1850Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106939
67 Perkins, William  1854Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106942
68 Perkins, William Allen  10 Jan 1867Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107185
69 Sweat, Robert  1848Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107000
70 White, Ida Cora  22 May 1885Rapides Parish, Louisiana I85150


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gibson, Amos  19 Oct 1909Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107002
2 Gibson, Elizabeth  28 Mar 1909Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107007
3 Gibson, Zedekiah  Aug 1873Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107003
4 Guynes, Matilda Ann  5 Nov 1940Rapides Parish, Louisiana I66274
5 Hight (or Hite), Ezekiel  1850Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107008
6 Hight (or Hite), Mary Misaniah  1836Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107016
7 Hight (or Hite)-Gibson, Sarah  11 Jan 1856Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107004
8 Hooper, Mary Elizabeth  30 Oct 1924Rapides Parish, Louisiana I85149
9 Johnson, Louisa "Lou"  31 Aug 1964Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107200
10 Johnson, Obediah "Obey"  19 Jun 1911Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106891
11 Madden, Emanuel (or Manuel) Sr.  1820Rapides Parish, Louisiana I28732
12 Moore, Ollie P.  15 Aug 1925Rapides Parish, Louisiana I66276
13 Perkins, Charles (g-son?)  1868Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107163
14 Perkins, Isaac Jr. (free colored)  Abt 1861Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106919
15 Perkins, Olive  1805Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106822
16 Perkins, Robert A.  24 Dec 1881Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106940
17 Strother, David L.  3 Sep 1959Rapides Parish, Louisiana I107199
18 Sweat, Mary (free colored)  Abt 1865Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106920
19 West, Nancy  7 Feb 1905Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106992
20 White, Ida Cora  24 Sep 1971Rapides Parish, Louisiana I85150
21 White, James Taylor  Abt 1842Rapides Parish, Louisiana I28711
22 Wiley, Cora Ann  1890Rapides Parish, Louisiana I85147
23 Wiley, Mary  Abt 1850Rapides Parish, Louisiana I95954
24 Wills, Bennie Delone  29 Mar 1954Rapides Parish, Louisiana I16207


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dial, Thomas (son of who?)  Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106853


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Clark, John Harvey Sr (Mulatto)  1860Rapides Parish, Louisiana I7166
2 Johnson, Gideon (free colored) (son of who?)  1840Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106875
3 Johnson, James  1860Rapides Parish, Louisiana I90247
4 Johnson, John L. "Saddler" (not son of Moses, son of who?)  1860Rapides Parish, Louisiana I90193
5 Johnson (maybe Davis), Andrew Jackson Davis "John" (adopted, Mulatto)  1860Rapides Parish, Louisiana I68985
6 Johnson (Odom), Gibson "Gippy" (adopted)  1860Rapides Parish, Louisiana I90194
7 Oglesby, Charles Eligah  1920Rapides Parish, Louisiana I66243
8 Perkins, Isaac Jr. (free colored)  1860Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106919
9 Sweat, Nancy (free colored)  1850Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106876


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Willis, Rev. Joseph Sr. (half Cherokee Indian)  Bef Aug 1829Rapides Parish, Louisiana I106825


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Edwards / Fee  12 Aug 1931Rapides Parish, Louisiana F35720
2 Edwards / Richey  1890Rapides Parish, Louisiana F35719
3 Gibson / Sweat  29 Mar 1855Rapides Parish, Louisiana F36199
4 Johnson / Gibson  Abt 1865Rapides Parish, Louisiana F36201
5 Johnson / Gilcrease-Johnson  3 Dec 1865Rapides Parish, Louisiana F36143
6 Johnson / Johnson  Abt 1858Rapides Parish, Louisiana F36176
7 Oglesby / Price  11 Mar 1901Rapides Parish, Louisiana F21551
8 Parker / Ferguson  10 Oct 1882Rapides Parish, Louisiana F34637
9 Perkins / Perkins  1850Rapides Parish, Louisiana F36185
10 Perkins / Ware  Abt 1846Rapides Parish, Louisiana F36183
11 Richey / Rachal  Abt 1843Rapides Parish, Louisiana F4393
12 Smithhart / Clark  29 Dec 1887Rapides Parish, Louisiana F3210
13 White / Hooper  24 Jan 1877Rapides Parish, Louisiana F27949
14 Willis / Sweat  Abt 1836Rapides Parish, Louisiana F36160

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