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Rappahannock Co, Virginia


Latitude: 38.6762327, Longitude: -78.1564432


Matches 1 to 53 of 53

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baber, Thomas  1720Rappahannock Co, Virginia I91791
2 Barber, Ann  16 Aug 1709Rappahannock Co, Virginia I87242
3 Bywaters, Sarah Virginia  6 Apr 1860Rappahannock Co, Virginia I3010
4 Combs (or Coombs), Archdale (son?)  25 Dec 1625Rappahannock Co, Virginia I92016
5 Compton, Burwell  3 May 1844Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14618
6 Compton, Edward H.  1841Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14703
7 Compton, Elias Milton Jr  10 Apr 1848Rappahannock Co, Virginia I3005
8 Compton, Henry C.  1861Rappahannock Co, Virginia I38191
9 Compton, John Albert  18 Feb 1838Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14615
10 Compton, John R  Abt 1868Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14713
11 Compton, Louisa Virginia  18 Feb 1866Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14637
12 Compton, Marcus L.  1857Rappahannock Co, Virginia I38187
13 Compton, Mary Ellen  1835Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14613
14 Compton, Mary Ellen  13 Jul 1840Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14616
15 Compton, Russel  1842Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14718
16 Compton, Stephen Jr  1812Rappahannock Co, Virginia I3014
17 Corder, Absolem Broadeus  1829Rappahannock Co, Virginia I40342
18 Corran, Albert  25 Jan 1843Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14656
19 Corran, Lemuel  22 Nov 1844Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14657
20 Corran, Lutetia  26 May 1846Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14658
21 Corran, Melissa Ellen  29 Oct 1848Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14659
22 Corran, Susan  19 Aug 1841Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14655
23 Davenport, Jane McGuffey  1650Rappahannock Co, Virginia I54254
24 Dodson, Thomas  15 May 1681Rappahannock Co, Virginia I61714
25 Duke, George  1839Rappahannock Co, Virginia I95374
26 Duke, Lewis  1835Rappahannock Co, Virginia I95373
27 Duke, Marcus  1837Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14677
28 Duke, Mary  1844Rappahannock Co, Virginia I95375
29 Foltz, Margaret Moulden  1810Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14610
30 Gaines(?), Elizabeth (or Mary)  1652Rappahannock Co, Virginia I86815
31 Glasscock, Jean  10 Jul 1673Rappahannock Co, Virginia I91786
32 Graves, Thomas  1684Rappahannock Co, Virginia I54255
33 Hartley, Frances C  Abt 1842Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14697
34 Jewell, Mathie  Abt 1898Rappahannock Co, Virginia I40285
35 Jones, Mary  1653Rappahannock Co, Virginia I59162
36 Lawson, Roland  1672Rappahannock Co, Virginia I91787
37 McDougle, Benjamin Sr.  15 Sep 1762Rappahannock Co, Virginia I10448
38 Morrison, Edward  1831Rappahannock Co, Virginia I103643
39 Morrison, Gabriel  1840Rappahannock Co, Virginia I103648
40 Morrison, James  1833Rappahannock Co, Virginia I103644
41 Morrison, Richard  1844Rappahannock Co, Virginia I103649
42 Mosley, Mary  1625Rappahannock Co, Virginia I92017
43 Ramey, Edwin Edward  24 Jun 1841Rappahannock Co, Virginia I18122
44 Smoot, Dorothy  1662Rappahannock Co, Virginia I61722
45 Thornton, Elizabeth  1675Rappahannock Co, Virginia I86826
46 Thornton, Martha Stuart  Abt 1784Rappahannock Co, Virginia I86861
47 Way, Hannah  Abt 1765Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37612
48 Williamson, Margaret  Abt 1645Rappahannock Co, Virginia I42496
49 Willis, Caroline  19 Nov 1837Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14675
50 Willis, Elizabeth  Feb 1833Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14671
51 Willis, Mary  Jan 1829Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14670
52 Willis, Sarah Frances  1836Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14673
53 Willis, William  Abt 1800Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14668


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brown, Sarah F  22 Aug 1915Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14619
2 Compton, Edmund Howard  30 Jan 1866Rappahannock Co, Virginia I2978
3 Compton, Edward H.  1867Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14703
4 Compton, Horace Newton  18 Aug 1880Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14705
5 Compton, Howard  Dec 1880Rappahannock Co, Virginia I3017
6 Compton, Martha Middleton  16 May 1881Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14700
7 Compton, Mary Ellen  21 Jan 1873Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14664
8 Compton, Stephen Sr  17 Jun 1853Rappahannock Co, Virginia I2756
9 Corder, Elias  15 May 1879Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37904
10 Corder, Elijah  Aft 1835Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37902
11 Corder, Elisha  7 Sep 1828Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37643
12 Corder, Mary  1886Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37913
13 Cowgill, Alfred  26 Jun 1889Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37918
14 Cowgill, Ceatta  May 1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37916
15 Duke, Edward  Bef 8 Feb 1838Rappahannock Co, Virginia I10443
16 Duke, Eleanor "Nelly"  Aft 1825Rappahannock Co, Virginia I2755
17 Dulin, Mary "Polly"  Bef 1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia I42674
18 Foltz, Margaret Moulden  Aft 1860Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14610
19 Graves, Francis  Abt 5 Aug 1691Rappahannock Co, Virginia I21752
20 Hord, Susannah  13 Dec 1836Rappahannock Co, Virginia I18520
21 Jefferies, Sarah Bond  1892Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37905
22 McDougle, Elizabeth  11 Aug 1837Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14640
23 Partlow, Zachariah Burrell Taylor  28 May 1933Rappahannock Co, Virginia I84807
24 Payne, Sir John (immigrant)  1690Rappahannock Co, Virginia I61049
25 Stone, Col John  1698Rappahannock Co, Virginia I21767
26 Underwood, Elizabeth (immigrant)  1673Rappahannock Co, Virginia I86821
27 Updike, Ruth Valonia  13 Nov 1923Rappahannock Co, Virginia I84809
28 Way, Hannah  Bef 1865Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37612
29 Willis, Eugene A.  Bef 1930Rappahannock Co, Virginia I18149
30 Willis, William  Aft 1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14669
31 Withers, James Sr  16 Oct 1834Rappahannock Co, Virginia I18496
32 Yates, Elizabeth Warfield  03 Jul 1878Rappahannock Co, Virginia I8693


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Catlett, Gent John III (son of wife2?)  1685Rappahannock Co, Virginia I86811


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Compton, John Duke  1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia I3022
2 Compton, Stephen Jr  1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia I3014
3 Cowgill, Tacy  1840Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37892
4 Cowgill, Tacy  1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37892
5 Cowgill, Tacy  1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia I37892
6 Willis, William  1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia I14669
7 Wood, Malinda  1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia I5842


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Hinson, James (Madison?) "Madi"  21 Jan 1863Rappahannock Co, Virginia I42675


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bolen / Compton  1848Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5510
2 Combs (or Coombs) / Mosley  1645Rappahannock Co, Virginia F30900
3 Compton / Bywaters  28 Feb 1878Rappahannock Co, Virginia F1433
4 Compton / Clark  14 Feb 1868Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5488
5 Compton / Compton  29 Oct 1841Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5511
6 Compton / Corran  7 Jan 1858Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5484
7 Compton / Davis  8 Mar 1838Rappahannock Co, Virginia F1434
8 Compton / Partlow  18 Dec 1866Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5516
9 Compton / Swindler  16 Nov 1854Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5517
10 Corder / Way  1783Rappahannock Co, Virginia F12866
11 Corran / Compton  5 Feb 1850Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5485
12 Corran / Conner  20 Mar 1838Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5494
13 Duke / Compton  23 Oct 1856Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5487
14 Duke / Riley  31 May 1842Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5482
15 Goad / Williams  Abt 1692Rappahannock Co, Virginia F33671
16 Hartley / Compton  Abt 1834Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5512
17 Mills / Butler  2 Sep 1890Rappahannock Co, Virginia F13556
18 Partlow / Compton  Abt 1839Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5515
19 Partlow / Gore  15 Mar 1842Rappahannock Co, Virginia F27816
20 Payne / Ball  19 Nov 1837Rappahannock Co, Virginia F6683
21 Payne / Ramey  15 May 1879Rappahannock Co, Virginia F6673
22 Williams / Compton  1 Nov 1893Rappahannock Co, Virginia F5493
23 Willis / Corran  10 Apr 1855Rappahannock Co, Virginia F1438
24 Willis / Ramey  1918Rappahannock Co, Virginia F6682

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