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Rutherford Co, North Carolina



Matches 1 to 90 of 90

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Mary Catherine  14 Nov 1831Rutherford Co, North Carolina I98863
2 Allen, Charles  17 Nov 1775Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52745
3 Allen, Cynthia  9 Feb 1806Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52746
4 Anderson, Mary "Polly"  1774Rutherford Co, North Carolina I74991
5 Ashford, Jane (of Sumner)  Between 1810 and 1820Rutherford Co, North Carolina I92612
6 Blackburn, David  1773Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34450
7 Blackburn, Hannah  1780Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34454
8 Blackburn, Jane  1788Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34458
9 Blackburn, Jane  25 Dec 1801Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34462
10 Blackburn, John  1784Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34456
11 Blackburn, Polly Lucretia  Abt 1771Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34453
12 Blackburn, Rankin  1786Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34457
13 Blackburn, Robert R.  1774Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34451
14 Blackburn, Samuel  Abt 1804Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34463
15 Blackburn, Sarah  23 Mar 1789Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34459
16 Blackburn, Thomas R.  22 Mar 1782Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34455
17 Blackburn, William  1776Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34452
18 Cockrum, Jordan Perseley  Abt 1802Rutherford Co, North Carolina I72439
19 Cockrum, Lucy Jane  16 Jan 1794Rutherford Co, North Carolina I72435
20 Cockrum, Rachel  Aug 1795Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63274
21 Cockrum, William R.  Abt 1798Rutherford Co, North Carolina I72437
22 Dilbeck, Charlotte  1813Rutherford Co, North Carolina I84755
23 Dilbeck, William Willis  1805Rutherford Co, North Carolina I99726
24 Doak, Martha  1834Rutherford Co, North Carolina I78753
25 Duncan, Nancy  1790Rutherford Co, North Carolina I88637
26 Frazier (or Frasier), Thomas  9 Aug 1777Rutherford Co, North Carolina I64004
27 Goode, Martha  1812Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63646
28 Goode, Sarah "Sally"  1788Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63634
29 Grayson, John M.  18 Jun 1808Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52208
30 Grayson, Joseph  1780Rutherford Co, North Carolina I51914
31 Hargis, Peter Burro "Pete"  1808Rutherford Co, North Carolina I77846
32 Hogue, Zilpha  1799Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61241
33 Hudlow, George Bowman  28 Aug 1819Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63629
34 Hudlow, Joseph G.  19 Feb 1822Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63638
35 Hudlow, Martha "Patsy"  5 Jun 1809Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63635
36 Hudlow, Nathan  1823Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63648
37 Hudlow, Sarah  18 Sep 1816Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63640
38 Hudlow, Sarah J.  19 Oct 1860Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63647
39 Hudlow, Thomas B.  10 Aug 1826Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63650
40 Hudlow, William  1823Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63649
41 Jones, Richard  1780Rutherford Co, North Carolina I95624
42 Lee, Joseph  1801Rutherford Co, North Carolina I71614
43 Lollar, Isaac  1742Rutherford Co, North Carolina I104943
44 Long, Mary Belinda  14 Sep 1848Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61245
45 Mauney, Sarah L.  4 Mar 1791Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52180
46 Melton, Andrew Jackson  1812Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52187
47 Melton, Daniel  10 Aug 1813Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52752
48 Melton, Daniel  15 Nov 1813Rutherford Co, North Carolina I71665
49 Melton, Elbert Washington  6 Nov 1816Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52181
50 Melton, Eli  10 Aug 1799Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52743
51 Melton, Eli J.  9 Feb 1807Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52415
52 Melton, Elijah  30 Dec 1793Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52189
53 Melton, Elizabeth  6 Jun 1806Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52749
54 Melton, Henry  20 Feb 1810Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52751
55 Melton, Hulda Louisa  16 Jun 1825Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52188
56 Melton, James Landrum  1872Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61246
57 Melton, James Oliver (Oather)  27 Aug 1851Rutherford Co, North Carolina I51952
58 Melton, Jesse Green  1784Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52162
59 Melton, John D.  1840Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52424
60 Melton, John Martin  1779Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52166
61 Melton, Josiah  1795Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52170
62 Melton, Lettice Jones  17 May 1789Rutherford Co, North Carolina I51915
63 Melton, Mary "Polly"  11 May 1808Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52207
64 Melton, Mary E.  1833Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52423
65 Melton, Mary Elinor  1792Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52163
66 Melton, Nancy  31 Dec 1787Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52744
67 Melton, Robert  1810Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52422
68 Melton, Samuel Norvell  31 Jan 1791Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52179
69 Melton, Selah  14 Jun 1797Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52427
70 Melton, Spencer  26 Feb 1804Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52748
71 Melton, William Allen  11 Sep 1801Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52747
72 Melton, William Landrum  31 Oct 1845Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61244
73 Morehead, Enoch A.  5 Nov 1799Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61222
74 Oliver, Mary Ann  1820Rutherford Co, North Carolina I72403
75 Parrick, Elizabeth  May 1802Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61225
76 Ponder, Isom Julian  28 Jan 1795Rutherford Co, North Carolina I103129
77 Potter, Nancy  30 Dec 1793Rutherford Co, North Carolina I96022
78 Reavis, Sarah  8 Jun 1794Rutherford Co, North Carolina I32954
79 Ross, Mary Hannah  10 Dec 1793Rutherford Co, North Carolina I86431
80 Sanders, Green Berry  10 May 1825Rutherford Co, North Carolina I93137
81 Sanders, James Wesley  1817Rutherford Co, North Carolina I84972
82 Shelton, Isaac  1791Rutherford Co, North Carolina I72622
83 Shelton, Solomon  31 Mar 1790Rutherford Co, North Carolina I72621
84 Shipman, Rebecca  1857Rutherford Co, North Carolina I75620
85 Taylor, Olive  15 Oct 1819Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61243
86 Thompson, Joel  1830Rutherford Co, North Carolina I88638
87 Tubb, Mary "Polly"  29 Jan 1778Rutherford Co, North Carolina I73980
88 Vanzandt, Mary  Abt 1774Rutherford Co, North Carolina I34461
89 Welch, Jane "Jenny"  1805Rutherford Co, North Carolina I19166
90 Welch, Samuel  4 Oct 1802Rutherford Co, North Carolina I74992


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Battle, Angelica  Aft 1810Rutherford Co, North Carolina I64007
2 Dye, Henry  Abt 14 Apr 1808Rutherford Co, North Carolina I106477
3 Earle, John  24 Nov 1815Rutherford Co, North Carolina I36645
4 Hudlow, Sarah J.  27 Feb 1915Rutherford Co, North Carolina I63647
5 Kilpatrick, Jane  18 Feb 1810Rutherford Co, North Carolina I104133
6 Long, Mary Belinda  3 Jan 1880Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61245
7 Mauney, Katherine  Aft 1845Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52190
8 McCurry, Margaret  Aft 1850Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52192
9 Melton, Andrew Jackson  Aft 1864Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52187
10 Melton, Daniel  Aft 1902Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52752
11 Melton, Daniel Farr  15 Apr 1848Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52177
12 Melton, Elijah  1 Feb 1851Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52189
13 Melton, Hulda Louisa  23 Jul 1858Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52188
14 Melton, John  14 May 1813Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52193
15 Melton, John Martin  29 Nov 1891Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61242
16 Melton, Sarah  27 Feb 1836Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52194
17 Melton, Silas Cyrus  3 Aug 1847Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52191
18 Melton, William Landrum  9 Dec 1885Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61244
19 Norvell, Elizabeth  Aft 1813Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52178
20 Sanders, James (immigrant)  Abt 1808Rutherford Co, North Carolina I93139
21 Sanders, William Moses  1837Rutherford Co, North Carolina I84981
22 Splawn, James  Aft 1820Rutherford Co, North Carolina I71777
23 Splawn, Moses  Aft 1824Rutherford Co, North Carolina I71778
24 Taylor, Olive  17 Oct 1896Rutherford Co, North Carolina I61243
25 Thompson, Hampton  1840Rutherford Co, North Carolina I88636
26 White, Lettice  Bef 10 Nov 1785Rutherford Co, North Carolina I52176
27 Wilson, Montford Mumford  1 Jan 1807Rutherford Co, North Carolina I64006
28 Young, Samuel (son of who?)  20 Mar 1827Rutherford Co, North Carolina I78604


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Moler, Joseph* Sr. (Rev War)  Jan 1778Rutherford Co, North Carolina I14486
2 Moler, Joseph* Sr. (Rev War)  Feb 1778Rutherford Co, North Carolina I14486


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allen / Melton  5 Nov 1805Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17272
2 Bates / Tubb  19 Jul 1782Rutherford Co, North Carolina F21536
3 Blackburn / Patterson  21 Dec 1797Rutherford Co, North Carolina F11986
4 Blackburn / Vanzandt  Abt 1800Rutherford Co, North Carolina F11996
5 Brackett / Woodward  23 Feb 1792Rutherford Co, North Carolina F2433
6 Dilbeck / Blackwell  1810Rutherford Co, North Carolina F33523
7 Doak / Wilson  25 May 1822Rutherford Co, North Carolina F25592
8 Frazier (or Frasier) / Wilson  19 Aug 1807Rutherford Co, North Carolina F20684
9 Grayson / Melton  1800Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17121
10 Grayson / Melton  19 May 1807Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17043
11 Grayson / Melton  8 Jan 1829Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17120
12 Hudlow / Goode  18 Mar 1858Rutherford Co, North Carolina F20560
13 Hudlow (Hudlough) / Goode  24 Aug 1808Rutherford Co, North Carolina F20555
14 Jones / Melton  8 Oct 1834Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17274
15 Latham / Driskill  1787Rutherford Co, North Carolina F34616
16 Lollar / Kilpatrick  12 Nov 1794Rutherford Co, North Carolina F35157
17 Melton / Allen  21 Jul 1825Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17273
18 Melton / Hogue  Abt 1815Rutherford Co, North Carolina F20048
19 Melton / Long  Abt 1870Rutherford Co, North Carolina F20050
20 Melton / Mauney  Abt 1814Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17109
21 Melton / Mauney  5 Nov 1817Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17112
22 Melton / McCurry  19 Apr 1804Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17113
23 Melton / Melton  14 May 1802Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17104
24 Melton / Melton  8 Dec 1814Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17102
25 Melton / Melton  3 Feb 1841Rutherford Co, North Carolina F17111
26 Melton / Taylor  Abt 1840Rutherford Co, North Carolina F20049
27 Musick / Neavill  14 Dec 1748Rutherford Co, North Carolina F28584
28 Welch / Fleming  24 Apr 1771Rutherford Co, North Carolina F24319