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Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Oglesby, David Wilson  20 Mar 1868Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I50734
2 Sellers, Nina Jean  13 May 1927Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I59167
3 Shelton, J.Z. "Junior"  10 Aug 1920Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51480
4 Shelton, Joseph Marvin (Martin)  23 Nov 1924Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51481
5 Shelton, Velmer  11 Aug 1878Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51092
6 Shelton, Von Toble Jr.  30 Apr 1951Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51485
7 Shelton, Winfred Cleveland  13 Oct 1893Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51078
8 Thomas, Nellie May  7 Jun 1898Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51079
9 Timmons, Avice  3 Feb 1911Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I44389


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Brackett, Burrell Adkins  25 Feb 1917Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I52453
2 Byers, Elizabeth M. "Lizzie"  4 Dec 1989Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I52473
3 Chandler, Sarah J.  Bef 1863Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I50980
4 Farmer, Zula  22 Jul 1973Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51477
5 Gates, Catherine  24 Sep 1913Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I52150
6 Grayson, Ora Ellen  1940Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51294
7 Grayson, William R.  1909Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51293
8 Huckleberry, Steve Decator  29 Aug 1947Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I52470
9 Majors, Arthur David  11 Aug 1957Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I52465
10 Melton, Joseph  12 Jan 1896Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I52205
11 Oglesby, Sarah E.  1890Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51124
12 Oglesby, Stephen Decatur  8 May 1870Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I50738
13 Parks, Amanda E. "Mandy" (or Annie)  13 Jun 1893Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I31199
14 Shelton, Albert V.  17 Jul 1958Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51060
15 Shelton, Joseph Zealot  9 Nov 1896Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I50974
16 Shelton, Roland D.  4 Mar 1989Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I60830
17 Shelton, Velmer  28 Mar 1901Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51092
18 Shelton, Von Toble Jr.  14 Jun 1974Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51485
19 Stone, Josephus Sorrell "Joe"  5 Aug 1918Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51150
20 Timmons, Aubrey H.  1914Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I52471
21 Timmons, Aunice  13 Feb 1911Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I44390
22 Timmons, Avice  13 Feb 1911Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I44389


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Shelton, Agnes "Aggy"  1900Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51059
2 Shelton, Albert V.  1900Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51060
3 Shelton, Albert V.  1920Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51060
4 Shelton, Joseph Zealot  1880Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I50974
5 Shelton, Lula V.  1900Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51073
6 Shelton, Winfield Scott (Y-DNA source-John sh-62)  1880Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51056
7 Shelton, Winfield Scott (Y-DNA source-John sh-62)  1900Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51056
8 Walker, Lee Jerneld  1920Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky I51077


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Yates / Yates  1930Sebree, Webster Co, Kentucky F20581