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St. Martin Parish, Louisiana



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abshire (Abshier), Asa Jesse  03 Jan 1816St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I28297
2 Angelle, Cesaire  27 Jun 1827St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I101649
3 Barras, Cecile  1908St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I53845
4 Barras, Drauzin  1902St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I53843
5 Barras, Isora  1906St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I53844
6 Barras, Sanders  1910St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I53846
7 Blanchard, Jacques  1909St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I101626
8 Bonin, Marie Elizabeth  26 Aug 1836St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I27879
9 Broussard, Apolonie  5 Feb 1773St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I31632
10 Broussard, Marie Adelaide  16 Dec 1805St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I91118
11 Carr, Levi  13 Aug 1823St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I8381
12 Castille, Severine  1 Aug 1839St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I101701
13 Choate, Eliza Ann  1818St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25777
14 Choate, George Roy  12 Sep 1809St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25741
15 Choate, Julianne  06 Jun 1815St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25779
16 Choate, Samuel  1860St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25735
17 Cormier, Marie (dau?)  19 Aug 1885St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I101608
18 Derouen, Joseph Marie  19 Nov 1776St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I53687
19 Dunman, James Taylor  5 Aug 1811St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I31491
20 Dunman, John Henry  31 Aug 1804St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I100878
21 Faulk, Anne  19 Jan 1798St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I27098
22 Grout, James  1815St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25780
23 Guidry, Aleda  1860St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25736
24 Hamshire, John  15 Jul 1805St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I8382
25 Hamshire, Martha D. "Patsy"  Jul 1808St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I33837
26 Johnson, Azelie  22 Feb 1817St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I33796
27 Lapointe, Pierre Marotte  9 Feb 1797St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I69137
28 Latiolais, Marie Julie  8 Jul 1803St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I80273
29 McLaughlin, Elizabeth  1816St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I60383
30 McLaughlin, Stanton  1820St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I60385
31 McLaughlin, William  1818St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I60384
32 Melancon, Julien  30 Apr 1818St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I101641
33 O'Brien, George  1815St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25778
34 Peveto, Jean Batiste  30 Nov 1804St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I27880
35 Peveto (Pivoteau), Joseph Mosceau  7 Nov 1811St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I31902
36 Quebedeaux, Modeste  26 Feb 1840St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I101650
37 Singleton, Joseph Henry  15 Sep 1844St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I106042
38 Weed, Hannah  08 Jul 1792St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I28309


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bonin, Benjamin  05 Mar 1844St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I27862
2 Broussard, Marie Adelaide  2 Apr 1852St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I91118
3 Castille, Joseph  1853St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I101643
4 Choate, John Sr.  Aft 1820St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25739
5 Choate, John  1840St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25776
6 Choate, Julianne  22 Aug 1888St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25779
7 Forman, Edward Jr  1818St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I1661
8 Guidry, Olivier  19 Aug 1855St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25896
9 Holston, Sarah Celeste  1813St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I25740
10 Newman, Margaret Camilla  11 Oct 1827St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I100873


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barras, Joseph Alcide  1910St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I53816
2 Blanchard, Edgar John (son?)  1920St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I101607
3 Breaux, Modeste  1850St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I27863


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Harmon, John Aarmand Sr  9 Jan 1817St. Martin Parish, Louisiana I2148


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Abshire (Abshier) / Weed  Abt 1810St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F9891
2 Castille / LeBlanc  21 May 1822St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F34273
3 Choate / Mallett  Abt 1859St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F9147
4 Faulk / Ripley  12 Oct 1756St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F32795
5 Guidry / Mouton  30 Jan 1849St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F9185
6 Harrington / Faulk  21 May 1822St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F9592
7 LeBlanc / Savoie (or Savoy)  25 Nov 1793St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F34274
8 McLaughlin / Carr  1817St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F1013
9 Perry / Faulk  23 Nov 1813St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F9488
10 Riggs / Dubois (or Dobouis)  9 May 1864St. Martin Parish, Louisiana F29662

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