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Stafford Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Mary  26 Nov 1756Stafford Co, Virginia I91515
2 Allen, John  1677Stafford Co, Virginia I67424
3 Allen, Joseph  1699Stafford Co, Virginia I67422
4 Ashby, Bounds  1774Stafford Co, Virginia I72703
5 Ball, John Capt  2 Oct 1742Stafford Co, Virginia I18617
6 Bell, Charity  27 Oct 1745Stafford Co, Virginia I20720
7 Butler, Mary  Abt 1721Stafford Co, Virginia I19231
8 Calmes, Ann  1 Jan 1737Stafford Co, Virginia I8618
9 Calmes, Elizabeth "Betty"  1 Jan 1732Stafford Co, Virginia I3420
10 Calmes, Isabella  1729Stafford Co, Virginia I14017
11 Calmes, Marquis III  1726Stafford Co, Virginia I14057
12 Cole, Rachel  1760Stafford Co, Virginia I88447
13 Combs, Benjamin Bullitt  3 Apr 1774Stafford Co, Virginia I60949
14 Combs, Cuthbert Bullett Jr.  8 Mar 1783Stafford Co, Virginia I61068
15 Combs, Elizabeth  Abt 1748Stafford Co, Virginia I14058
16 Combs, Elizabeth "Betsey"  21 Sep 1770Stafford Co, Virginia I61060
17 Combs, Ennis  Abt 1752Stafford Co, Virginia I43452
18 Combs, Evan Ennis  23 May 1794Stafford Co, Virginia I61072
19 Combs, Fielding  Abt 1756Stafford Co, Virginia I14106
20 Combs, John  11 Sep 1777Stafford Co, Virginia I61065
21 Combs, Joseph  Between 1749 and 1751Stafford Co, Virginia I43451
22 Combs, Joseph  Abt 1772Stafford Co, Virginia I61062
23 Combs, Mary "Polly"  4 Feb 1776Stafford Co, Virginia I61063
24 Combs, Nancy  Abt 1789Stafford Co, Virginia I60894
25 Combs, Sarah "Sally"  Abt 1754Stafford Co, Virginia I43454
26 Combs, Sarah "Sally"  1785Stafford Co, Virginia I61069
27 Combs, Susan  Abt 1781Stafford Co, Virginia I61066
28 Corder, William Sr.  1680Stafford Co, Virginia I37613
29 Curtis, John  1735Stafford Co, Virginia I88451
30 Daniel, Hannah Ball  9 Sep 1737Stafford Co, Virginia I46306
31 Daniel, Jean Niven  10 May 1803Stafford Co, Virginia I21758
32 Daniel, Margaret Eleanor  28 May 1807Stafford Co, Virginia I21761
33 Daniel, Rawliegh Traverse  15 Oct 1805Stafford Co, Virginia I21760
34 Fitzhugh, George  24 Apr 1751Stafford Co, Virginia I86875
35 Fitzhugh, Capt Henry  15 Feb 1686Stafford Co, Virginia I46246
36 Fitzhugh, John  1692Stafford Co, Virginia I46249
37 Fitzhugh, Thomas  15 Jun 1753Stafford Co, Virginia I31473
38 Foote, Richard  1704Stafford Co, Virginia I47563
39 Ford, Warner Sr.  1741Stafford Co, Virginia I35368
40 Fossaker, Katherine  Abt 1705Stafford Co, Virginia I47564
41 French, Kezziah  5 Dec 1761Stafford Co, Virginia I36376
42 Graham, Dr. George  Abt 1732Stafford Co, Virginia I31416
43 Greenlee, Peter  Abt 1745Stafford Co, Virginia I68030
44 Grigsby, John  Abt 1701Stafford Co, Virginia I91388
45 Grigsby, Nancy Ann  Abt 1742Stafford Co, Virginia I91391
46 Grigsby, Rachel  7 May 1771Stafford Co, Virginia I80638
47 Hedgman, George  11 Dec 1734Stafford Co, Virginia I46307
48 Helm, Elizabeth "Betty"  Between 1716 and 1725Stafford Co, Virginia I46276
49 Holloway, Asa  11 Mar 1744Stafford Co, Virginia I14020
50 James, Mary Ann  Bef 1730Stafford Co, Virginia I46301
51 Littlejohn, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  Bef 1688Stafford Co, Virginia I93351
52 Littlejohn, Marcellus  Abt 1683Stafford Co, Virginia I93330
53 Lynaugh, Margaret Neill  1698Stafford Co, Virginia I3427
54 Mason, Frances  1727Stafford Co, Virginia I79269
55 Matheny, James Nathaniel  6 Mar 1797Stafford Co, Virginia I83327
56 Orear, John  Abt 1712Stafford Co, Virginia I47553
57 Orear, John C.  1713Stafford Co, Virginia I36394
58 Payne, Col. Edward  18 Nov 1726Stafford Co, Virginia I61004
59 Payne, Theodosia  Abt 1751Stafford Co, Virginia I61006
60 Phillips, William  1744Stafford Co, Virginia I48343
61 Porch, Elizabeth  1739Stafford Co, Virginia I88450
62 Presley, Winifred  Abt 1695Stafford Co, Virginia I47912
63 Rhodes, Sarah  Bef 1717Stafford Co, Virginia I46231
64 Richardson, Ann  10 Oct 1756Stafford Co, Virginia I53632
65 Richardson, Elizabeth  25 May 1747Stafford Co, Virginia I14019
66 Richardson, Mary Ann  31 Aug 1752Stafford Co, Virginia I36417
67 Richardson, Sarah  25 Jul 1750Stafford Co, Virginia I36415
68 Roberts, George  1701Stafford Co, Virginia I64152
69 Rousseau, Elizabeth  1716Stafford Co, Virginia I55145
70 Routt, Hannah  31 Jan 1740Stafford Co, Virginia I58419
71 Simpson, Mrs. Mary (..)  Abt 1713Stafford Co, Virginia I91400
72 Stone, Elizabeth  Abt 1725Stafford Co, Virginia I37005
73 Stone, Josiah (also Jonah) (son of who?)  22 Feb 1762Stafford Co, Virginia I60515
74 Stone, Thomas match 7H  1721Stafford Co, Virginia I19059
75 Stone, Valentine  14 Feb 1751Stafford Co, Virginia I46324
76 Taliaferro, Colonel Lawrence  17 Dec 1680Stafford Co, Virginia I47943
77 Thornton, Anne  22 Mar 1689Stafford Co, Virginia I47910
78 Thornton, Anthony  3 Mar 1695Stafford Co, Virginia I47911
79 Thornton, Francis Jr.  4 Jan 1682Stafford Co, Virginia I47908
80 Thornton, Lucy Frances  Abt 1778Stafford Co, Virginia I91516
81 Thornton, Rowland  1 Aug 1685Stafford Co, Virginia I47909
82 Washington, Charles  2 May 1738Stafford Co, Virginia I42621
83 Washington, Frances Thornton  4 Jun 1763Stafford Co, Virginia I47511
84 Washington, George Augustine  1763Stafford Co, Virginia I47510
85 Washington, John Augustine  13 Jan 1735Stafford Co, Virginia I42620
86 Withers, Ann  2 Oct 1722Stafford Co, Virginia I6026
87 Withers, Ann Sophia  20 Jun 1718Stafford Co, Virginia I6023
88 Withers, Bridget  29 Jan 1716Stafford Co, Virginia I6018
89 Withers, Bridget  20 Jul 1720Stafford Co, Virginia I6024
90 Withers, Elizabeth  23 Dec 1706Stafford Co, Virginia I6006
91 Withers, Irvine  20 Jun 1718Stafford Co, Virginia I6022
92 Withers, James  11 Feb 1717Stafford Co, Virginia I6019
93 Withers, James  9 Aug 1762Stafford Co, Virginia I58420
94 Withers, John  Abt 1699Stafford Co, Virginia I6079
95 Withers, John (GLM-FFDNA-4)  29 Jan 1714Stafford Co, Virginia I6015
96 Withers, John Jr.  15 Dec 1738Stafford Co, Virginia I58418
97 Withers, John  23 Feb 1756Stafford Co, Virginia I18509
98 Withers, Keene  29 Jan 1716Stafford Co, Virginia I6017
99 Withers, Keene  13 Feb 1728Stafford Co, Virginia I6030
100 Withers, Martha  1711Stafford Co, Virginia I6013

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, George (immigrant)  1689Stafford Co, Virginia I67426
2 Allen, John  1708Stafford Co, Virginia I67424
3 Baldwin, Frances Ann (immigrant)  1668Stafford Co, Virginia I47985
4 Ball, Hannah  11 Nov 1748Stafford Co, Virginia I42500
5 Barton, Nathan  Bef 4 Oct 1685Stafford Co, Virginia I21660
6 Bell, Charity  Aft 1777Stafford Co, Virginia I20720
7 Combs, John Sr.  1785Stafford Co, Virginia I14063
8 Combs, Joseph  1810Stafford Co, Virginia I43451
9 Cooke, Susanna  27 Nov 1749Stafford Co, Virginia I46247
10 Curtis, George  1805Stafford Co, Virginia I88437
11 Curtis, John  1813Stafford Co, Virginia I88451
12 Edrington, William  Abt 1775Stafford Co, Virginia I46277
13 Fitzhugh, Capt Henry  12 Dec 1758Stafford Co, Virginia I46246
14 Fitzhugh, Henry  16 Jan 1815Stafford Co, Virginia I86866
15 Fitzhugh, John Bolling Stith  23 Apr 1825Stafford Co, Virginia I86868
16 Foote, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  Aft 1715Stafford Co, Virginia I47562
17 Foote, Gilson  Aft 1770Stafford Co, Virginia I46305
18 Fossaker, Katherine  Bef 1745Stafford Co, Virginia I47564
19 Gregory, Mary Frances  22 Jan 1790Stafford Co, Virginia I91486
20 Hedgman, George  11 Dec 1734Stafford Co, Virginia I46307
21 Hedgman, John  Aft 1784Stafford Co, Virginia I46308
22 Keene, Bridget* (..)  Aft 1706Stafford Co, Virginia I5940
23 Lampton, William Jr.  Aft 1750Stafford Co, Virginia I91396
24 Lawrence, Elizabeth  1740Stafford Co, Virginia I92013
25 Littlejohn, Oliver  Bef 13 Sep 1702Stafford Co, Virginia I93348
26 Littlejohn, Oliver (immigrant)  9 Feb 1704Stafford Co, Virginia I93328
27 Lynaugh, Maurice  Bef 12 Aug 1755Stafford Co, Virginia I42514
28 Porch, Elizabeth  1829Stafford Co, Virginia I88450
29 Rosser, Richard*  Aft 1669Stafford Co, Virginia I42858
30 Rousseau, Hillaire  30 Jun 1720Stafford Co, Virginia I55148
31 Routt, Hannah  9 Oct 1774Stafford Co, Virginia I58419
32 Simpson, Mrs. Mary (..)  Aft 1750Stafford Co, Virginia I91400
33 Speake, Sarah  Aft 1766Stafford Co, Virginia I36730
34 Stone, Elizabeth  Aft 1707Stafford Co, Virginia I19071
35 Stone, Hawkins  Bef 11 Jun 1810Stafford Co, Virginia I48340
36 Stone, William  1775Stafford Co, Virginia I92624
37 Stone, William  1785Stafford Co, Virginia I54388
38 Stone, William Barton  Aft 1750Stafford Co, Virginia I48341
39 Thornton, Francis  7 Apr 1749Stafford Co, Virginia I91485
40 Withers, Keene  1756Stafford Co, Virginia I6030
41 Withers, William III  Aft 8 May 1703Stafford Co, Virginia I5942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Ball, Benjamin  1786Stafford Co, Virginia I42655


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Renaud (Reno), Benjamin  1687Stafford Co, Virginia I36709
2 Reynaud (Reno), Lewis Sr.  1688Stafford Co, Virginia I36518


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Jones, Lt. Col., Gov of Bahamas Cadwallander  8 Jun 1687Stafford Co, Virginia I47983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Foster, William "The Elder"  14 Dec 1724Stafford Co, Virginia I47613
2 Foster, William "The Elder"  16 Jul 1728Stafford Co, Virginia I47613
3 Littlejohn, Oliver  Bef 1704Stafford Co, Virginia I93348
4 Renaud (Reno), Lewis Jr.  25 Feb 1700Stafford Co, Virginia I36515
5 Renaud (Reno), Lewis Jr.  7 Jun 1707Stafford Co, Virginia  I36515
6 Renaud (Reno), Lewis Jr.  16 Jul 1728Stafford Co, Virginia I36515
7 Rosser, Richard*  14 Aug 1686Stafford Co, Virginia I42858


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Madden, John* Sr  1724Stafford Co, Virginia I3403


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Keene, Matthew*  21 Jul 1723Stafford Co, Virginia I5939
2 Lynaugh, Maurice  12 Aug 1755Stafford Co, Virginia I42514
3 Stone, Barton  13 Feb 1786Stafford Co, Virginia I36729
4 Withers, James*  8 Jul 1746Stafford Co, Virginia I5908
5 Withers, Sarah  13 Apr 1756Stafford Co, Virginia I36637


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allen / Withers  15 Feb 1743Stafford Co, Virginia F2565
2 Ball / Washington  4 Jun 1763Stafford Co, Virginia F15684
3 Curtis / Porch  Abt 1761Stafford Co, Virginia F29339
4 Daniel / Travers  15 Jul 1736Stafford Co, Virginia F15313
5 Fitzhugh / Fitzhugh  29 Dec 1807Stafford Co, Virginia F28652
6 Fitzhugh / Stith  28 Oct 1770Stafford Co, Virginia F28651
7 Foote / Foote  Abt 1702Stafford Co, Virginia F15708
8 Foster / Booker  28 Mar 1710Stafford Co, Virginia F15723
9 Hyden / Hoskins  Abt 1759Stafford Co, Virginia F7643
10 Jones / Strother  16 Oct 1749Stafford Co, Virginia F15774
11 Lampton / Simpson  Abt 1735Stafford Co, Virginia F30598
12 Littlejohn / Littlejohn  Bef 1708Stafford Co, Virginia F31415
13 Mauzey / Withers  11 Nov 1744Stafford Co, Virginia F2566
14 Simpson / Simpson  Abt 1733Stafford Co, Virginia F30599
15 Thornton / Alexander  9 Oct 1773Stafford Co, Virginia F30654
16 Thornton / Harvey  1701Stafford Co, Virginia F15832
17 Withers / Cave  21 Dec 1747Stafford Co, Virginia F2568
18 Withers / Keene  Abt 1706Stafford Co, Virginia F2506
19 Withers / Littlejohn  Aft 1698Stafford Co, Virginia F2537
20 Withers / Routt  Abt 1760Stafford Co, Virginia F19261