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Union Co, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amberson, George William  18 Aug 1851Union Co, Kentucky I71664
2 Below, Elizabeth "Betty"  1829Union Co, Kentucky I61175
3 Below, Franklin  1840Union Co, Kentucky I61180
4 Below, John Lewis  5 Nov 1826Union Co, Kentucky I61173
5 Below, Lucy Ann  25 Dec 1825Union Co, Kentucky I61171
6 Below, Mary S.  Apr 1833Union Co, Kentucky I61176
7 Below, Massie Melvinia  13 Dec 1833Union Co, Kentucky I61178
8 Below, Mercy Massa  1836Union Co, Kentucky I61179
9 Below, Pleasant Ripley  20 Nov 1822Union Co, Kentucky I61169
10 Below, Polyxena  20 May 1824Union Co, Kentucky I61147
11 Below, Sarah R.  15 May 1833Union Co, Kentucky I61177
12 Below, Thomas Jefferson  6 Nov 1828Union Co, Kentucky I61174
13 Below, W.G.  1848Union Co, Kentucky I104025
14 Brown, Betty  1866Union Co, Kentucky I61198
15 Brown, John  1867Union Co, Kentucky I61199
16 Brown, Kate  1869Union Co, Kentucky I61200
17 Brown, Mary J.  1865Union Co, Kentucky I61197
18 Buchanan, Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie"  10 Aug 1884Union Co, Kentucky I60703
19 Clinton, Louisa C.  1835Union Co, Kentucky I61267
20 Gibson, Mayme Lee  29 May 1913Union Co, Kentucky I60707
21 Gibson, Sarah Ann "Sally"  9 Sep 1847Union Co, Kentucky I60794
22 Hill, Anley  1849Union Co, Kentucky I61201
23 Hill, Henry J. Stiles  1856Union Co, Kentucky I61194
24 Hill, Martha S.  1858Union Co, Kentucky I61195
25 Hill, Sarah B. "Sally"  1853Union Co, Kentucky I61193
26 Hoskins, Sidney Joseph  21 May 1875Union Co, Kentucky I84423
27 Lynn, (son)  Between 1820 and 1825Union Co, Kentucky I104097
28 Lynn, (son)  Between 1826 and 1830Union Co, Kentucky I104074
29 Lynn, Alfred  1818Union Co, Kentucky I104089
30 Lynn, Edley Ausbin  5 Feb 1839Union Co, Kentucky I61154
31 Lynn, Elias Smith  Nov 1832Union Co, Kentucky I104005
32 Lynn, Eliza  1849Union Co, Kentucky I104042
33 Lynn, Eliza Ann  20 Apr 1827Union Co, Kentucky I104004
34 Lynn, George  20 Apr 1863Union Co, Kentucky I61166
35 Lynn, Gertie  1851Union Co, Kentucky I104035
36 Lynn, James Miller  Oct 1842Union Co, Kentucky I61155
37 Lynn, James Robert  30 Dec 1837Union Co, Kentucky I104000
38 Lynn, John  1852Union Co, Kentucky I104043
39 Lynn, John Alexander  29 Nov 1846Union Co, Kentucky I61157
40 Lynn, John Harrison  1816Union Co, Kentucky I61673
41 Lynn, John Matthew  31 Jan 1844Union Co, Kentucky I104002
42 Lynn, Joseph James  14 May 1852Union Co, Kentucky I104036
43 Lynn, Joseph S.  3 Oct 1824Union Co, Kentucky I104003
44 Lynn, Katherine Richards "Kate, Kitty"  1 May 1853Union Co, Kentucky I61165
45 Lynn, Marcus  1843Union Co, Kentucky I104040
46 Lynn, Martha W.  1854Union Co, Kentucky I104037
47 Lynn, Mary Ann "Polly"  22 Dec 1818Union Co, Kentucky I104087
48 Lynn, Mary Jane  1838Union Co, Kentucky I104001
49 Lynn, Moses Wilson  Between 1821 and 1825Union Co, Kentucky I104094
50 Lynn, Riley (relative 1850)  1838Union Co, Kentucky I104007
51 Lynn, Susan Clementine  19 Jul 1858Union Co, Kentucky I104039
52 Lynn, Thomas  1825Union Co, Kentucky I104092
53 Lynn, William  1847Union Co, Kentucky I104041
54 Lynn, William "Willie" E.  1848Union Co, Kentucky I61158
55 Lynn, William L.  7 Mar 1856Union Co, Kentucky I104038
56 Lynn, William Lordner (4th child)  4 Nov 1847Union Co, Kentucky I103994
57 Mattingly, A. (occupant 1850)  1850Union Co, Kentucky I104009
58 Morehead, E.A.  1846Union Co, Kentucky I61210
59 Morehead, Dr. James  1820Union Co, Kentucky I61205
60 Morehead, Joel D.  1859Union Co, Kentucky I61364
61 Morehead, M.A.  1848Union Co, Kentucky I61211
62 Morehead, Nancy Jane  1841Union Co, Kentucky I61209
63 Morehead, S.F.  1848Union Co, Kentucky I61208
64 Morehead, Samuel  1828Union Co, Kentucky I61223
65 Morehead, William F.  1838Union Co, Kentucky I61207
66 Morehead (Jenkins), Elizabeth  1837Union Co, Kentucky I61206
67 Morehead (Jenkins), Squire  1834Union Co, Kentucky I61212
68 Oglesby, Alvateen  2 Feb 1905Union Co, Kentucky I60653
69 Oglesby, Betty Frances  1905Union Co, Kentucky I60705
70 Oglesby, Beulah L.  24 Dec 1911Union Co, Kentucky I60655
71 Oglesby, Calvin  3 May 1903Union Co, Kentucky I60704
72 Oglesby, Clayton Perry  1891Union Co, Kentucky I60650
73 Oglesby, James Harry  17 Nov 1885Union Co, Kentucky I60648
74 Oglesby, Jane B.  1879Union Co, Kentucky I60646
75 Oglesby, Mabel  1889Union Co, Kentucky I60649
76 Oglesby, Maud Bell  May 1881Union Co, Kentucky I60647
77 Oglesby, Omer Lee  13 Aug 1907Union Co, Kentucky I60706
78 Oglesby, Roy Heywood  Abt 1908Union Co, Kentucky I60654
79 Oglesby, Thomas J. "Tom"  1872Union Co, Kentucky I60702
80 Oglesby, William Joseph  29 Nov 1853Union Co, Kentucky I60633
81 Penrod, Sarah  30 Jan 1869Union Co, Kentucky I60652
82 Ramsey, Margaret Mary  6 Mar 1814Union Co, Kentucky I61257
83 Shelton, Alvin  3 May 1896Union Co, Kentucky I60710
84 Shelton, Henry P.  1905Union Co, Kentucky I60848
85 Shelton, James P.  1899Union Co, Kentucky I60846
86 Shelton, Jennie  1858Union Co, Kentucky I61269
87 Shelton, John Thomas  19 Sep 1850Union Co, Kentucky I61140
88 Shelton, L.M.  1848Union Co, Kentucky I61266
89 Shelton, Laura  1856Union Co, Kentucky I61268
90 Shelton, Mahalia "Mahaley" (resident w/ Yates 1870)  Mar 1839Union Co, Kentucky I60884
91 Shelton, Mary J.  13 Apr 1851Union Co, Kentucky I50996
92 Shelton, Mattie  1897Union Co, Kentucky I60845
93 Shelton, Mollie M.  1908Union Co, Kentucky I60849
94 Shelton, Myrtle E.  1896Union Co, Kentucky I60844
95 Shelton, Nellie  1890Union Co, Kentucky I60843
96 Shelton, Virgie C.  1902Union Co, Kentucky I60847
97 Sprague, Nancy Jane  1829Union Co, Kentucky I60631
98 Stone, Alexander Barrett "A.B." (res w/ Yates 1870)  9 Sep 1854Union Co, Kentucky I60695
99 Stone, Ann E.  2 Oct 1850Union Co, Kentucky I60723
100 Stone, Bryant M.  27 Jan 1860Union Co, Kentucky I60729

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Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Amberson, George William  11 Dec 1924Union Co, Kentucky I71664
2 Below, Aaron Smith  7 Jan 1837Union Co, Kentucky I61167
3 Below, Agnes (twin)  11 Oct 1867Union Co, Kentucky I60682
4 Below, John Lewis  19 Nov 1925Union Co, Kentucky I61173
5 Below, Mary S.  Aft 1910Union Co, Kentucky I61176
6 Below, Mercy Massa  Aft 1850Union Co, Kentucky I61179
7 Below, Polyxena  3 May 1911Union Co, Kentucky I61147
8 Below, Sarah "Sally" (twin)  11 Oct 1867Union Co, Kentucky I60668
9 Below, Thomas Jefferson  1890Union Co, Kentucky I61174
10 Breckenridge, Alexander Jr  22 Oct 1859Union Co, Kentucky I141
11 Breckenridge, Millicent Helena  25 Jun 1876Union Co, Kentucky I50310
12 Bryan, Margaret Rachel  11 Feb 1906Union Co, Kentucky I32414
13 Cates, Martha "Mattie"  27 Jan 1953Union Co, Kentucky I60692
14 Clements, Mary  1862Union Co, Kentucky I79824
15 Clinton, Louisa C.  Abt 1860Union Co, Kentucky I61267
16 Floyd, Henry Sr.  6 Sep 1816Union Co, Kentucky I3416
17 Foster, James William  14 Oct 1918Union Co, Kentucky I51139
18 Gibson, Vicey (twin)  Bef 1850Union Co, Kentucky I60516
19 Hill, J.S. (son?)  Bef 1860Union Co, Kentucky I61186
20 Holeman, Phillip  1838Union Co, Kentucky I61136
21 Holeman, Squire  1851Union Co, Kentucky I61278
22 Holeman, Squire  22 Dec 1873Union Co, Kentucky I61659
23 Hoskins, Sidney Joseph  28 Sep 1939Union Co, Kentucky I84423
24 Howell, James D.  23 Aug 1894Union Co, Kentucky I50311
25 Hoy, Sarah  1 Dec 1878Union Co, Kentucky I98188
26 Jackson, James Richard Sr.  1960Union Co, Kentucky I88817
27 Jones, Sarah Patience  18 Aug 1855Union Co, Kentucky I74147
28 Kibby, Juliet Ann  13 Oct 1872Union Co, Kentucky I60683
29 Lane, William H.  Jun 1854Union Co, Kentucky I61119
30 Lynn, Aaron Robert  28 May 1941Union Co, Kentucky I61162
31 Lynn, Edley Ausbin  7 Jun 1909Union Co, Kentucky I61154
32 Lynn, Eliza Ann  12 Jan 1916Union Co, Kentucky I104004
33 Lynn, George  1881Union Co, Kentucky I61166
34 Lynn, Henry Jefferson  7 Jun 1930Union Co, Kentucky I61163
35 Lynn, John Alexander  15 Sep 1924Union Co, Kentucky I61157
36 Lynn, John C. Sr.  26 Mar 1850Union Co, Kentucky I61144
37 Lynn, Lucinda  1843Union Co, Kentucky I61127
38 Melton, Emily Frances (FFDNA-no match)  8 Feb 1938Union Co, Kentucky I51975
39 Mitchell, Milenesia (Melissa)  1890Union Co, Kentucky I60721
40 Oglesby, Calvin  11 Nov 1957Union Co, Kentucky I60704
41 Oglesby, Jane B.  Bef 1886Union Co, Kentucky I60646
42 Oglesby, Morgan E.  9 Oct 1944Union Co, Kentucky I60638
43 Oglesby, Roy Heywood  19 Dec 1960Union Co, Kentucky I60654
44 Oglesby, Thomas Floyd  9 Apr 1948Union Co, Kentucky I50741
45 Oglesby, Thomas J. "Tom"  1943Union Co, Kentucky I60702
46 Penny, Jane (or Jean) (immigrant)  Aft 1840Union Co, Kentucky I61145
47 Penrod, Sarah  25 Feb 1949Union Co, Kentucky I60652
48 Ramsey, William  26 Jun 1816Union Co, Kentucky I61674
49 Richards, Sarah Smock "Sally"  Nov 1875Union Co, Kentucky I61168
50 Russell, Letty  Feb 1854Union Co, Kentucky I61270
51 Shelton, Elizabeth F.  1925Union Co, Kentucky I50995
52 Shelton, William Josiah  Bef 9 Apr 1860Union Co, Kentucky I60835
53 Sigler, Jacob  20 Jun 1872Union Co, Kentucky I61661
54 Smith, Mercy Massa  1850Union Co, Kentucky I61182
55 Stone, (Mrs. Robert W.)  Bef 1880Union Co, Kentucky I98199
56 Stone, Ann E.  13 Aug 1934Union Co, Kentucky I60723
57 Stone, Bernetta Florence  26 Mar 1913Union Co, Kentucky I88815
58 Stone, Daniel  1882Union Co, Kentucky I60685
59 Stone, Josiah  19 May 1928Union Co, Kentucky I60693
60 Stone, Josiah (also Jonah) (son of who?)  1852Union Co, Kentucky I60515
61 Stone, Levi J. (son of who?)  Dec 1853Union Co, Kentucky I60677
62 Stone, Mary  1847Union Co, Kentucky I60670
63 Stone, Myrtle Susan  9 Nov 1958Union Co, Kentucky I60691
64 Stone, Robert Marion  20 Jul 1931Union Co, Kentucky I60724
65 Stone, Robert W.  24 Jul 1860Union Co, Kentucky I60667
66 Sugg, Major William  10 Aug 1866Union Co, Kentucky I95491
67 Thompson, Andrew  1848Union Co, Kentucky I52891
68 Wilson, Stephen (son of who?)  Between 1850 and 1860Union Co, Kentucky I60785


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Below, John Peter  1830Union Co, Kentucky I61184
2 Below, Mercy Massa  1850Union Co, Kentucky I61179
3 Below, Pleasant Ripley  1850Union Co, Kentucky I61169
4 Below, Sarah R.  1850Union Co, Kentucky I61177
5 Gibson, Burgess  1840Union Co, Kentucky I60779
6 Lynn, (son - John W.?)  1840Union Co, Kentucky I104062
7 Lynn, Elias Givens  1840Union Co, Kentucky I61146
8 Lynn, John C. Sr.  1830Union Co, Kentucky I61144
9 Lynn, John C. Sr.  1840Union Co, Kentucky I61144
10 Lynn, John W.  1850Union Co, Kentucky I61172
11 Lynn, Jonathan  1830Union Co, Kentucky I61148
12 Lynn, Mrs. Nancy (..)  1830Union Co, Kentucky I104058
13 Lynn, Mrs. Nancy (..)  1840Union Co, Kentucky I104058
14 Lynn, William  1830Union Co, Kentucky I61150
15 Lynn, William  1850Union Co, Kentucky I61150
16 Lynn, William Miller  1830Union Co, Kentucky I104085
17 Oglesby, Daniel  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60630
18 Oglesby, Daniel  1860Union Co, Kentucky I60630
19 Oglesby, John B. (son?)  1860Union Co, Kentucky I50662
20 Ramsey, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  1830Union Co, Kentucky I61675
21 Richards, Sarah Smock "Sally"  1840Union Co, Kentucky I61168
22 Richards, Sarah Smock "Sally"  1850Union Co, Kentucky I61168
23 Shelton, Charles P.  1910Union Co, Kentucky I60711
24 Shelton, Elijah Franklin  1830Union Co, Kentucky I51017
25 Stone, Edmond  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60517
26 Stone, Elijah W.  1840Union Co, Kentucky I60687
27 Stone, Elijah W.  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60687
28 Stone, Henry D. Sr.  1840Union Co, Kentucky I60688
29 Stone, Jeremiah "Jerry" (relative 1850)  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60521
30 Stone, John Squire  1840Union Co, Kentucky I60669
31 Stone, Joseph  1840Union Co, Kentucky I60679
32 Stone, Josiah  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60519
33 Stone, Josiah (also Jonah) (son of who?)  1840Union Co, Kentucky I60515
34 Stone, Levi  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60798
35 Stone, Levi J. (son of who?)  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60677
36 Stone, Moses Levi  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60511
37 Stone, Robert W.  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60667
38 Stone, Solomon  1840Union Co, Kentucky I98224
39 Stone, William  1850Union Co, Kentucky I60799


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, Alexander Randy  5 Feb 1859Union Co, Kentucky I50308
2 Howell, James D.  5 Feb 1859Union Co, Kentucky I50311
3 Oglesby, William Joseph  1886Union Co, Kentucky I60633


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, Alexander Randy  5 Feb 1859Union Co, Kentucky I50308
2 Stone, Josiah (also Jonah) (son of who?)  20 Oct 1836Union Co, Kentucky I60515


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, Alexander Jr  4 Nov 1859Union Co, Kentucky I141
2 Floyd, Henry Sr.  Feb 1818Union Co, Kentucky I3416
3 Jones, Sarah Patience  26 Jan 1852Union Co, Kentucky I74147


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Below / Holeman  12 Aug 1847Union Co, Kentucky F20028
2 Below / Richards  6 Feb 1821Union Co, Kentucky F20027
3 Brown / Brown  Abt 1864Union Co, Kentucky F20034
4 Gibson / Gibson  Abt 1840Union Co, Kentucky F32992
5 Gibson / Stone  15 Jul 1845Union Co, Kentucky F19909
6 Holeman / Harmon  4 Oct 1840Union Co, Kentucky F20161
7 Lynn / French  23 Jan 1837Union Co, Kentucky F35134
8 Lynn / Jenkins  18 Dec 1856Union Co, Kentucky F35144
9 Lynn / Lynn  Abt 1818Union Co, Kentucky F20024
10 Lynn / Ramsey  11 Jul 1815Union Co, Kentucky F35146
11 Lynn / Randolph  1850Union Co, Kentucky F35139
12 Melton / Street  21 Apr 1838Union Co, Kentucky F17175
13 Morehead / Holeman  29 Dec 1836Union Co, Kentucky F20037
14 Oglesby / Buchanan  Abt 1902Union Co, Kentucky F19881
15 Oglesby / McKinley  1879Union Co, Kentucky F19863
16 Oglesby / Penrod  1904Union Co, Kentucky F19864
17 Oglesby / Stone  Abt 1917Union Co, Kentucky F19878
18 Payne / Shelton  6 Jul 1855Union Co, Kentucky F19932
19 Shelton / Carner  1854Union Co, Kentucky F20009
20 Shelton / Clinton  6 Jun 1855Union Co, Kentucky F20056
21 Shelton / Holeman  23 Oct 1849Union Co, Kentucky F20019
22 Shelton / Oglesby  7 Dec 1882Union Co, Kentucky F16779
23 Shelton / Ramsey  13 Jun 1831Union Co, Kentucky F20054
24 Shelton / Shelton  1883Union Co, Kentucky F19885
25 Stone / Below  9 Feb 1827Union Co, Kentucky F19874
26 Stone / Foster  7 Feb 1910Union Co, Kentucky F16814
27 Stone / Gibson  20 Aug 1833Union Co, Kentucky F19876
28 Stone / Gibson  1 Feb 1848Union Co, Kentucky F19872
29 Stone / Gray  1816Union Co, Kentucky F12665
30 Stone / Kibby  7 Feb 1852Union Co, Kentucky F19875
31 Stone / Mitchell  21 Feb 1846Union Co, Kentucky F19887
32 Stone / Stone  Abt 1864Union Co, Kentucky F19931
33 Stone / Stone  Abt 1873Union Co, Kentucky F32988
34 Stone / Thornsberry  1873Union Co, Kentucky F19888