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Vidor, Orange Co, Texas



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arterberry, Dixie Kay   I6354
2 Bobo, Galen Hugh  16 Nov 1947Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I28026
3 Brian, Christine Elizabeth   I47325
4 Burrell, Jesse James  9 Jul 1901Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I59779
5 Burrell, Louise Marie  8 Dec 1928Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I59783
6 Burrell, Robert Dolton  28 Nov 1930Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I59784
7 Cole, Frederick Orie  1 Oct 1916Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I59799
8 Cole, Lela Idell  14 Nov 1910Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I59798
9 Court, Tommy  Abt 1944Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I46800
10 Courts, Allison  Abt 1970Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I46799
11 Courts, Kasey  Abt 1969Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I46798
12 Courts, Richard Helmer "Dickey"   I1348
13 Courts, Stephanie E.   I46797
14 Courts, Steven  Abt 1967Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I46796
15 Courts, Sue   I634
16 Gallier, Lawrence Radford  07 Sep 1922Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21476
17 Halbert, Mary Elizabeth  1 Jul 1963Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I60402
18 Halbert, Phyllis Marie   I60394
19 Halbert, Rebecca Sue   I60401
20 Holst, (infant)  20 Sep 1938Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24212
21 Mansfield, Mattie  25 Mar 1895Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I97610
22 Merrill, Norma Rene   I60397
23 Merrill, Willard   I60396
24 Parrish, Mary Lee  9 Feb 1947Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I58468
25 Richardson, Cecil  12 Oct 1913Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I97608
26 Williamson, Calvin Christopher Columbus  15 Dec 1875Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21484
27 Williamson, Joseph Walter  16 Apr 1874Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21483


Matches 1 to 65 of 65

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Clara Madoline  30 Jan 1976Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I106044
2 Baker, Mary Jane  06 Dec 1896Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21477
3 Baker, William Chester  13 Jan 1919Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21479
4 Baldwin, Walter Louie  1940Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I17794
5 Bean, Almeda Mahaley  9 May 1984Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I46956
6 Beaumont, Melvin Douglas  05 Aug 2005Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I26160
7 Beaumont, Violet Beau Margerie  21 Apr 2007Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24210
8 Block, Jesse Martin  3 Apr 1968Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I31661
9 Burkett, Joseph Marion "Joe"  4 Jun 1988Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I102123
10 Burrell, Everett  21 Nov 1989Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I59785
11 Burrell, Lou Nettie  09 Mar 1924Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21449
12 Burrell, Mary Alice  14 Mar 1936Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I1996
13 Burrell, Nathan Frederick  14 Mar 1947Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I59782
14 Choate, Joseph Charles  14 Feb 1959Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I25698
15 Cole, Frederick Orie  30 Sep 1919Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I59799
16 Cole, Louisa Jane  01 Jul 1966Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21470
17 Cole, Milam Thomas  30 Mar 1953Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21451
18 Cole, Sina Eleanor  24 Nov 1966Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21453
19 Collum, Lula Mae  27 Sep 1971Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24135
20 Court, Barney Self Sr  18 Aug 1976Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I600
21 Courts, Barney Mabry "Big Bud"  10 May 2002Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I627
22 Courts, Elma Lorene  Sep 1980Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I16154
23 Courts, Hal Ogden Sr  15 Aug 1993Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I1322
24 Courts, Hal Ogden "Son" Jr  3 Jul 2002Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I1343
25 Courts, James Clifton  24 Nov 2001Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I640
26 Cryer, Mary Camelia  17 Jan 1966Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I22645
27 Desmarais, Joissine  15 Mar 1912Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21455
28 DeVries, Henry Lee Sr  29 Feb 1968Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24122
29 Flurry, Ellen Isebelle  12 Mar 1966Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21448
30 Gallier, Noah Erastus  13 Feb 1937Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21443
31 Gentz, Robert Frank  5 Mar 2003Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I31801
32 Goode, Ida Lirlene  8 Nov 1991Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I1341
33 Goode, Lottie  25 Oct 1993Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I76093
34 Gray, Bert Loonis  2 Jul 1969Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I93435
35 Hancock, Morris Mills Sr.  9 Apr 1977Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I65127
36 Harmon, Jesse Emil  1 Feb 1994Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I38779
37 Hogg, Samuel  19 Feb 1965Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I80319
38 Holley, Lucille Lavelle  4 Mar 2004Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I102267
39 Holst, (infant)  20 Sep 1938Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24212
40 Holst, U.B.  Jul 1983Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24209
41 Jimerson, Caroline  16 May 2013Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I73730
42 Jinks, Carl Wayne  29 Nov 2007Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I77533
43 Ling, James Martin  18 Apr 2001Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I87061
44 Maxey, Achsah Elizabeth "Axie"  Abt 1936Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I47324
45 McReynolds (Vieno), Oliver J.  4 Sep 1973Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I23004
46 Myers, Margaret Ann "Maggie"  02 Mar 1905Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21478
47 Nobles, Jan Korla  18 Jul 2006Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I39597
48 Parrish, Wanda Lois  12 Jun 2011Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I58467
49 Patillo, Emma Mae  10 May 1924Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I31989
50 Rearick, Sadie  Nov 1981Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I85733
51 Rutherford, Lula Louise  2 Apr 1986Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I22666
52 Sargent, Argalus George  11 Mar 1933Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I107310
53 Seymour, Alsie  Jan 1975Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I44796
54 Seymour, Otto (Arto)  11 Mar 1964Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I44789
55 Sherman, Betty Louise "Little Betty"  6 Feb 2010Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I56405
56 Simmons, Alice Viola  24 Dec 1944Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I59800
57 Sparks, Clara Alice  1986Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I437
58 Spell, Ernest Murrell  12 Oct 1984Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I54149
59 Stanley, Bertha O.  1 Jul 2000Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I636
60 Trumble, Belma G.  8 May 2006Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I80105
61 Waggoner (Wagner), Dave Joseph  19 Aug 1988Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I98374
62 Williamson, Jasper  24 Aug 1940Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I21456
63 Williamson, Sam  25 Mar 1987Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I22775
64 Wood, Leeaon  8 Jan 2005Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I102269
65 Young, Charles John Sr.  10 Jun 1994Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24261


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brian, John Talmage  1940Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I17795


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Harris-Peveto, Archie Wayne  1942Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I31884


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Sargent, Dougal Lee  11 Mar 1933Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I107311


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Manuel Archibald  1983Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24242
2 Courts, Barney Mabry "Big Bud"  1993Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I627
3 Courts, Barney Self Jr  Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I633
4 Courts, Hal Ogden "Son" Jr  Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I1343
5 Courts, Jill Ann   I14217
6 Courts, Jill Ann   I14217
7 Courts, Marjorie Faye   I1342
8 Courts, Richard Helmer "Dickey"   I1348
9 Frugia, Goldie  1928Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I16204
10 Hamshire, James Antonio  1979Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I100841
11 Harper, Paul Christopher   I14223
12 Holst, Sharon Kaye   I24208
13 Holst, U.B.  1938Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24209
14 Holst, U.B.  1983Vidor, Orange Co, Texas I24209
15 Jeffers, Hazel Mae   I1347


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brian / Frugia  1942Vidor, Orange Co, Texas F6568
2 Cole / Williamson  23 Jan 1871Vidor, Orange Co, Texas F7877
3 Courts / Courts   F335
4 Courts / Haynes   F292
5 Gallier / Williamson  29 Jan 1914Vidor, Orange Co, Texas F7875
6 Hayes / Williamson  26 Apr 1914Vidor, Orange Co, Texas F3137
7 Medley / Bonin  14 Aug 1982Vidor, Orange Co, Texas F385
8 Saunders / Courts   F5366

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