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Waco, McLennan Co, Texas



1900 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
1900 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
Henry J Stricker
1920 City Directory Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
1920 City Directory Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
Susan Mariah Jones Wiggins Linthicum
1900 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
1900 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
Linthicum Sue A, (widow of W.P.)
1900 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
1900 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
Stephen Lovelady Jones
1894 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
1894 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
Stephen Lovelady Jones (and Almina Chesnut Lovelady, though not specified)
1894 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
1894 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
Stricker, Annie B (wid) and sons Henry, Herman, Peter, Walter
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1894 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
1894 City Directory, Texas, McLennan Co, Waco
page 2 of 2 - Annie Stricker (wid) and sons, Henry J, Herman, Peter, and Walter W


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Essie B.  Dec 1896Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32292
2 Abbott, John  Sep 1899Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32271
3 Abbott, William  1903Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32294
4 Boyd, Charles Orval Jr.  19 Dec 1913Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I78734
5 Cawthon, Jay Dean   I22488
6 Court, Destiny Rebeca   I14188
7 Harris, Celia Belle  1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9788
8 Harrison, Aaron  1899Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I33286
9 Harrison, Arthur  1904Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I33285
10 Harrison, Dora  Oct 1898Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I33282
11 Harrison, Edwin  1909Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I33287
12 Harrison, Emmie  1904Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I33283
13 Harrison, Hattie  Dec 1896Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I33281
14 Harrison, Quiner  1907Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I33284
15 Henson, Nora D.  20 Oct 1887Waco, Mclennan Co, Texas I83573
16 Jones, Mabra Chesnut  13 May 1892Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I988
17 Leonard, Amanda J.   I83526
18 Leonard, Yalanda Rene   I83525
19 Lyons, Tanytha   I83528
20 Martin, Olen Wright  16 Aug 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I86748
21 McCall, Eleanor  8 Apr 1921Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I44638
22 McCall, Sherwood Pelton Jr.  24 Jan 1925Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I44639
23 Moore, (4 other children)  Between 1885 and 1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I107463
24 Olenbush, Herman Jr.  16 Feb 1895Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56965
25 Olenbush, William W. "Bill"  29 Nov 1922Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56969
26 Richardson, Edwin Aaron Jr   I18029
27 Richardson, Jeffrey Lynn   I18030
28 Riggs, Kermit  1917Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I39959
29 Sherman, Kimberly Lin   I6523
30 Sherman, Kristy Elizabeth   I6525
31 Stamps, Mabel Pearl  13 Jun 1893Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I73128
32 Strange, Alma M.  1905Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32256
33 Strange, Jocie Mae  1909Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32257
34 Strange, Mabel A.  1903Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32255
35 Strange, Michael W.  1918Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32260
36 Strange, Thomas Roger  12 Sep 1912Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32258
37 Strange, Werner Edmond  2 Oct 1914Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32259
38 Stricker, Henry John Jr  1903Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9767
39 Stricker, Mary Anne "Nona"  17 May 1905Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9768
40 Turner, Ralph Milner Jr.  26 Oct 1913Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I87894
41 Wilkes, Adrienne  13 Dec 1897Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56968


Matches 1 to 94 of 94

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Jesse J.  31 Dec 1929Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32290
2 Abbott, Wilse C.  24 Mar 1962Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32288
3 Adams, Martha J.  8 Mar 1944Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I102859
4 Bates, Aletha Elizabeth S.  Aft 1882Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I101841
5 Black, Anna Belle  10 Mar 1938Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I87889
6 Bradshaw, Emma Angeline  23 Oct 1945Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I84518
7 Bryant, Kenneth Bayne  21 Jan 2007Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I100457
8 Burks, Ethel  9 Aug 1968Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I85252
9 Cherry, Ida M.  6 Jun 1961Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I77104
10 Chesnut, Almina "Allie"  22 Sep 1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I867
11 Chesnut, Joseph B.  5 May 1903Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56553
12 Clonch, James Elias  28 Dec 1943Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I102079
13 Cuniff, Edna Geneve  8 May 1952Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I46971
14 Doak, Alexander Duran  28 Jun 1976Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I50111
15 Dorris, Emma Ann  16 Apr 1942Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I82490
16 Dunman, James Taylor  29 Jul 1886Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I31491
17 Forrest, Everett Edward  7 Sep 1994Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I86779
18 Franz, Anna Barbara  24 Nov 1930Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22784
19 Hague, Ida Helen  29 Dec 2004Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20914
20 Hargraves, Major Roger Prather  14 Feb 2010Waco, McLennan Co, Texas  I31115
21 Harman (Harmon), Walter John  28 Jun 1932Waco, McLennan Co, Texas  I78327
22 Harman (Harmon), William Murdock Sr.  17 Mar 1957Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I78319
23 Harris, John J.  1932Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9785
24 Harris, Samuel Lee  26 Feb 1958Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9786
25 Helm, Anna  3 Jul 1949Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I103317
26 Helm, Lucy Virginia  20 Apr 1928Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I103310
27 Helm, Thomas Walter  1 Apr 1885Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I103315
28 Hildebrand, Alwine Ida  19 Jul 1961Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20851
29 Ivy, Catherine Jane "Kate"  28 Mar 1907Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I44217
30 Jahans, Augusta Emille (Younce)  Mar 1977Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20849
31 Jennings, George Addison  17 Jul 1914Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I86766
32 Jennings, Hallie  22 Jan 1924Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I86747
33 Jett, Eliza J.  11 Aug 1924Waco, McLennan Co, Texas  I78318
34 Johnson, Agness  2 Jan 1962Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I78325
35 Jones, Atwood Jason  28 Jul 1955Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I106771
36 Jones, Mary Madden  05 Oct 1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I615
37 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  7 Mar 1923Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I648
38 Jones, Susan Maria (or Mariah)  20 Jun 1929Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I626
39 Keeling, Mamie Rea  25 Dec 1989Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32254
40 Leonard, SSGT Ret USAF Benny Wayne  25 Jun 2001Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I52397
41 Linthicum, William Pearre  Bef 1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I771
42 Marley, Mary E.  16 May 1891Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56578
43 McCall, Anolu (Hareley) (Hollie)  Aft 1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I28095
44 McCormick, Frank Daniel  4 Jun 1996Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I103900
45 McCown, Ernest Sylvester  3 Jul 1948Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I68892
46 McCoy, Rebecca Marie  13 Oct 2008Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I83523
47 Meek, Temperance  Abt 1875Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I45311
48 Milam, Ruth  Aft 1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22814
49 Mires, Velva Pearl  3 Jul 1948Waco, McLennan Co, Texas  I68891
50 Moore, (4 other children)  Bef 1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I107463
51 Moore, Evelyn Polk  26 Jan 1925Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32263
52 Moore, Runie Mable  06 Oct 1968Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9765
53 Moore, William Calhoun  26 Feb 1904Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I910
54 Morgan, Ella Scurry  12 Sep 1953Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I102078
55 Muckleroy, Gladys Lorita  28 May 1988Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I40933
56 Oldham, Laura "Lena"  1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32485
57 Olenbush, Herman Sr.  15 Jan 1940Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56962
58 Olenbush, Herman Jr.  26 Dec 1968Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56965
59 Olenbush, Mercy  26 Apr 1984Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56967
60 Padgett, Melissa Janie Loucity  1972Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I102198
61 Perkins, Anna (Annie)  22 Sep 1955Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56963
62 Riggs, Mrs. Hattie L. (..)  Bef 1930Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I39958
63 Roberts, John Anderson  13 Sep 1942Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I82478
64 Shaw, Camilla Ann  4 Feb 1930Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I97486
65 Shelton, James Harvey  Nov 1890Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I78459
66 Smith, Jesse Lee  30 Dec 1952Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I84519
67 Smith, Marjorie Elizabeth  20 Jun 1932Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I87891
68 Smith, Thomas Jefferson  16 Apr 1934Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I87890
69 Stone, Mary Margaret  13 Dec 2010Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I59895
70 Strange, Mrs. E. Florene (..)  9 Sep 1983Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32261
71 Strange, Thomas Roger  10 Aug 1982Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32258
72 Stricker, Emma  Aft 1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I33279
73 Stricker, Eugene Nelson  11 May 1931Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9769
74 Stricker, Helen Barbara "Lennie"  1926Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22789
75 Stricker, Henry John Sr  14 Dec 1930Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9766
76 Stricker, Henry John Jr  5 Mar 1993Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9767
77 Stricker, Peter William  21 Sep 1934Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22787
78 Stricker, Walter Werner  1889Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22785
79 Stricker, Walter William  1902Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22783
80 Talliaferro, Henryann "Hallie"  24 Apr 1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I86765
81 Uzzle (Uzzell), George Elmer  6 Nov 1967Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I73876
82 Uzzle (Uzzell), Mark Hampton  20 May 1962Waco, McLennan Co, Texas  I73871
83 Uzzle (Uzzell), Rosa Lee  21 Sep 1984Waco, McLennan Co, Texas  I73879
84 Vandiver, Hettie Lucinda  4 Jul 1927Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I40010
85 Vandiver, Mary Ellen  9 Jul 1946Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I39989
86 Wiggins, Rosa Lee  15 Jul 1964Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9670
87 Wilkes, Adrienne  17 Jul 1997Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56968
88 Will, Albert Charles  16 Jun 1964Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20850
89 Will, Elsie Lydia  29 Dec 1950Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20859
90 Will, Herbert Lee  15 Jun 1978Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20858
91 Will, Herman Albert  24 Mar 1949Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20848
92 Will, Robert Oscar  31 Dec 1921Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20857
93 Wilson, Evelyn Gay  26 Feb 1995Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I87893
94 Wood, Caroline Beatrice  24 Dec 1975Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I107477


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bruhl, Louis Herman  1 Jun 1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32476
2 Cuniff, Edna Geneve  1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I46971
3 Echner, Johanna Pauline (Ekner)  19 Jun 1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20856
4 Harris, Samuel Lee  1940Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9786
5 Jones, Henry M.  11 Jun 1880Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I660
6 Jones, Samuel Houston  1880Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I73712
7 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  11 Jun 1880Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I648
8 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I648
9 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I648
10 Jones, Susan Maria (or Mariah)  1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I626
11 Linthicum, Leo Dee (or William Perry)  20 Jan 1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9792
12 Linthicum, Pearre Jones  20 Jan 1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9773
13 Linthicum-Williamson, Lydia E.  20 Jan 1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I107470
14 McCahon, Fred Curtis Jr.  12 Jan 1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22782
15 McCall, Jacob Harmon  19 Apr 1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I1497
16 McCall, Sherwood Pelton Sr.  1940Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I28096
17 Moore, Eliza  1830Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32267
18 Moore, Eliza  1 Jun 1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32267
19 Moore, Eliza  7 Jan 1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32267
20 Moore, Ollie Sue  1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9672
21 Moore, Runie Mable  16 Jun 1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9765
22 Olenbush, Herman Sr.  1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56962
23 Olenbush, Herman Sr.  1930Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56962
24 Olenbush, Herman Jr.  1940Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56965
25 Stapp, Runie Markley  11 Jun 1880Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9784
26 Stapp, Runie Markley  1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9784
27 Stapp, Runie Markley  12 Jan 1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9784
28 Stricker, Emma  1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I33279
29 Stricker, Henry John Sr  29 Apr 1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9766
30 Stricker, Henry John Jr  1930Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9767
31 Stricker, Peter William  1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22787
32 Wiggins, Rosa Lee  8 Jun 1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9670
33 Wiggins, Rosa Lee  1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9670
34 Wiggins, Rosa Lee  12 Jan 1920Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9670


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Epps, Dudley George  7 Jun 1917Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I47177


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  1880Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I648


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Jones, Andrew* Prather  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I1209
2 Jones, Cyrus Young Sr.  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I637
3 Jones, George Washington Dr  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I604
4 Jones, Henry M.  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I660
5 Jones, Mabra* Madden Rev  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I583
6 Jones, Mabra* Madden Rev  1919Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I583
7 Jones, Mary Madden  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I615
8 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I648
9 Jones, Susan Maria (or Mariah)  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I626
10 Leonard, Yalanda Rene   I83525
11 Leonard, Yalanda Rene   I83525
12 Leonard, Yalanda Rene   I83525
13 Leonard, Yalanda Rene   I83525
14 McCoy, Rebecca Marie  15 Jun 2012Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I83523
15 McCoy, Rebecca Marie  30 Jun 2012Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I83523
16 McCoy, Rebecca Marie  25 Jun 2014Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I83523
17 McCoy, Rebecca Marie  27 Jun 2014Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I83523
18 Moore, Ollie Sue  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9672
19 Stapp, Runie Markley  10 Jun 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9784


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bruhl, Louis Herman  1890Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32476
2 Cuniff, Edna Geneve  Between 1915 and 1923Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I46971
3 Epps, Dudley George  1917Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I47177
4 Jones, Harvey Mabry Sr  Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I1825
5 Jones, Mary Madden  Between 1886 and 1887Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I615
6 Jones, Mary Madden  Between 1892 and 1893Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I615
7 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  Between 1886 and 1887Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I648
8 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  Between 1892 and 1893Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I648
9 Jones, Stephen Lovelady  19 Jan 1916Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I648
10 Leonard, SSGT Ret USAF Benny Wayne  Between 1994 and 2001Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I52397
11 McCall, Sherwood Pelton Sr.  1923Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I28096
12 Moore, Runie Mable  1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I9765
13 Oldham, Laura "Lena"  1909Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32485
14 Olenbush, Herman Sr.  Abt 1880Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I56962
15 Stricker, Walter Lamont "Monte"  Abt 1909Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I32487
16 Stricker, Walter Werner  1890Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22785
17 Stricker, Walter William  1909Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I22786
18 Will, Elsie Lydia  1935Waco, McLennan Co, Texas I20859


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Abbott / Abbott  Bef 1930Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F14804
2 Clonch / Chilcoat  12 Jan 1924Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F34436
3 Forrest / Winans  6 Jun 1931Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F28607
4 Harrison / Stricker  3 Oct 1894Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F11667
5 Lyons / Leonard   F27311
6 Martin / Jennings  4 Aug 1900Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F28590
7 McCahon / Harris  Aft Jun 1917Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F8299
8 Navara / Bradshaw  5 Mar 1933Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F27693
9 Olenbush / Wilkes  Abt 1922Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F18761
10 Powell / Moore  Aft 1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F8303
11 Richardson / Clark  19 Sep 1959Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F6646
12 Riggs / Riggs  Bef 1918Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F13466
13 Strange / Strange  Abt 1932Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F11317
14 Strange / Stricker  24 Nov 1901Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F8314
15 Stricker / Hackbusch  29 Jun 1929Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F11316
16 Stricker / Milam  16 Jun 1913Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F8302


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Divorce    Family ID 
1 Linthicum / Jones  Bef 1910Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F332
2 Lyons / Leonard   F27311
3 Stricker / Hackbusch  Bef 1953Waco, McLennan Co, Texas F11316