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Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas


From the Handbook of Texas Online

WALLISVILLE, TEXAS. Wallisville is on Interstate Highway 10 and the east side of the Trinity River in northern Chambers County. The town served as the county seat from 1858 to 1908. In 1825 Elisha Henry Roberts Wallis settled his family at Wallis Hill, a site east of the original townsite. The captured Mexican dictator Antonio López de Santa Annaqv was held prisoner at the Wallis family home on December 1, 1836, en route to Washington, D.C. Solomon B. and Daniel B. Wallis, sons of the elder Wallis, had the townsite laid off in eighteen blocks in 1854. A post office was established there in 1857 with Albert G. van Pradelles as postmaster. The town was chosen over Anahuac as the county seat of the new Chambers County in 1858. Officials and merchants of both Wallisville and Liberty tried to attract the Texas and New Orleans Railroad in 1858, and the railroad opted for the Liberty route. Wallisville served as a principal steamboat landing on the Trinity River through 1877; there was also a brief resurgence in the Trinity trade during the 1890s. The town's chief industries from the 1850s to the time of the 1915 hurricane were lumbering and shipbuilding. The earliest sawmill was Union Mills, established by Robert Kilgore and a partner named Clark. A number of mills flourished around the 1880s, and William E. Stephens established a substantial mill in 1897. The largest sawmill to be established was the C. R. Cummings Lumber Company, founded in 1899, when Charles R. Cummings and his brother, Jesse, consolidated their two mills from Liberty and Anahuac and moved to the west side of the Trinity River at Wallisville. The mill was destroyed in the 1915 hurricane. Another mill was owned and operated by John W. Cook. Shipbuilding proved to be a steady industry at various times in the town's history. McLelland and Dunman turned out both steamboats and sailboats as early as 1855. Other shipyards followed, including one built by C. R. Cummings in 1901. The last shipbuilding enterprise came in the early 1940s, when Dunman Marine Services constructed the first steel boat to be built on the lower Trinity.

Arsonists destroyed the courthouse at Wallisville in 1875. A substantial brick courthouse was erected in 1886, and a distinctive jail and hanging tower followed in 1895. A Ladies' Aid Society raised funds to construct a Methodist church in 1895. Prior to that time Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, and Presbyterian services were held in various locations, including the 1869 schoolhouse. An active Methodist church still met in the schoolhouse in 1988. Although black congregations, both Methodists and Baptists, met after the Civil War,qv only the Baptist church continued to operate in the late 1980s. The Age, which Dan H. McGaryqv began publishing at Wallisville in 1897, was the first newspaper printed in Chambers County. Five other newspapers were published there during the first decade of the twentieth century. Other businesses developed: general merchandise stores, a saddle shop, a cotton gin, an ice cream parlor, a skating rink, a hotel, boarding houses, and a cobbler shop. A number of physicians and attorneys practiced in Wallisville. The Harvey Spur, a celebrated item on Southeast Texas ranges, was manufactured at Wallisville for many years. The townsite suffered extensive damage during the 1875 hurricane and was almost completely destroyed in the 1915 hurricane (see also HURRICANES). After the passage of a stock law in 1906, businessmen in Anahuac campaigned for an election to make their town the county seat. Chambers County voters approved the move in 1907. Citing numerous irregularities in the election, Wallisville residents unsuccessfully fought the move in the courts. The county records were moved to Anahuac in August 1908. Efforts to construct a saltwater barrier or reservoir at Wallisville began in 1952, and a contract was signed in 1957 by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the Trinity River Authority, the Chambers-Liberty Counties Navigation District, and the city of Houston to construct a reservoir. After the townsite was purchased by the federal government, work on the project began in 1966. Citing environmental concerns, federal judge Carl O. Bue, Jr., of Houston granted an injunction in 1974 that halted construction of the reservoir. A federal appeals court lifted the injunction in 1987, after the corps reduced the size of the proposed reservoir and made numerous other changes. Environmental groups continued their opposition to the project. The Wallisville Heritage Park was organized in 1979 and planned to rebuild the historic townsite. The Wallisville townsite was added to the National Register of Historic Places in Texas in 1982. The town had a population of 377 in 1990.

Latitude: 29.836325670014147, Longitude: -94.74145889282226


1880 Texas, Chambers County, Wallisville, Sherman and Barnes
1880 Texas, Chambers County, Wallisville, Sherman and Barnes
Lothrop and Mary Sherman, Amanda, 14 years old, and others; Bebecca Sherman Barnes and family; Richard Sherman (bro to Lothrop) and children; and Richard (son of John T) and family
1870 Texas, Chambers County, Subdivision 17, Wallisville Post Office census
1870 Texas, Chambers County, Subdivision 17, Wallisville Post Office census
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Rebecca Stebbins Sherman, John Sherman family; Hamilton Sherman family; Willis Barnes family; Sam Doebner family; also Frank Silva family and Daniel Clark family
1870 Texas, Chambers County, Subdivision 17, Wallisville Post Office census
1870 Texas, Chambers County, Subdivision 17, Wallisville Post Office census
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Rebecca Stebbins Sherman, John Sherman family; Hamilton Sherman family; Willis Barnes family; Sam Doebner family; also Frank Silva family and Daniel Clark family
1870 Texas, Chambers County, Wallisville
1870 Texas, Chambers County, Wallisville
1 June 1870
Lothrop* Sherman family: Lothrop*, Mary* Kirk, William, Esther, Amanda* Petronelle, Mary, Leverett: and Coleman Pleasant Hill family: Coleman, Sarah Adair, Mary, Virginia and his mother Epsy Hill.

Sherman Family of Chambers County
Sherman Family of Chambers County (14)
Jacob Haven Sherman, Sr.,and wife Rebecca Stebbins Sherman left NY with their ever growing young family in about 1828 to began a journey lasting over a quarter a century and to cover over 2,000 miles. Jacob died while they were in St. Louis in 1850, but Rebecca and by then grown children and grandchildren traveled on till they reached Chambers County in 1855. This record is in honor of Amanda Sherman, my great-grandmother and granddaughter of this wonderful Pioneer Family.


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Alice  Abt 1883Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6198
2 Barnes, Bernia  Abt 1859Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I267
3 Barnes, Bernice Shelton  5 Oct 1896Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6289
4 Barnes, Linus  2 Mar 1856Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5453
5 Barnes, Mary  16 Oct 1854Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5442
6 Carraway, Thomas Jefferson Sr  7 Jan 1844Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6958
7 Clough, Fitzhugh  1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I30305
8 Clough, Harry Clay  31 Aug 1874Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I30308
9 Clough, John H.  1872Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I30307
10 Clough, Joseph Baldwin  1871Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I30306
11 Clough, Mary Leo Garcey  1876Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I30309
12 Clough, Savilla  1853Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I30311
13 Clough, William T.  1868Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I30304
14 Davis, Earl Richard  16 Mar 1892Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6295
15 Doebner, Bertha  12 Nov 1899Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6193
16 Doebner, Gertrude Dale  20 Sep 1893Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6188
17 Doebner, Lucy Silva  3 Nov 1897Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6191
18 Doebner, Samuel Joseph  17 Sep 1895Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6082
19 Doebner, William "Willis"  Nov 1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I288
20 Doebner, Willie  22 Jun 1906Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6194
21 Hancock, Allen Canon Sr.  21 Dec 1877Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I31100
22 Hancock, Dr. Thomas Wayne  21 Aug 1881Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5652
23 Hankamer, Frederick  1862Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I38903
24 Hankamer, Lilly  1869Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I38902
25 Hartwell, Jessie  13 Sep 1883Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I65176
26 Hartwell, Martha Wilson  04 Jul 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I31097
27 Heiman, Robert  Dec 1881Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I24520
28 Hill, Abner A.  1856Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44339
29 Hill, Annabelle  29 Oct 1913Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6634
30 Hill, Georgeanna "Georgie"  1862Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7024
31 Hill, Kate  1867Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I14384
32 Jergins, Daniel C.  10 Sep 1875Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46840
33 Jergins, Florence I.  23 Sep 1873Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46839
34 Jergins, Phebe  22 Nov 1877Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46841
35 Jones, Abbie A  2 Jan 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I310
36 Jones, Oscar  3 Jun 1877Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7101
37 Keienburg, John William  8 Nov 1902Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I9012
38 Mayes, Clinton  Dec 1878Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44316
39 McManus, Dezra  8 Jun 1902Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6656
40 Meeks, Alice Keysie  21 Aug 1917Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6266
41 Munger, Edward Haven  10 Oct 1915Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6712
42 Munger, Ina Belle   I6733
43 Munger, Nellie Alma  21 Jun 1908Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6655
44 Myers, Hance Vernon  23 Sep 1908Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6442
45 Scales, Daisy Lorena  31 Jul 1885Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6622
46 Scales, Mary Emma  8 Sep 1915Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6644
47 Shelton, Mary Ann  25 Apr 1858Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I36
48 Shelton, Susan Sophronia  11 Jan 1856Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5715
49 Sherman, (Daughter)  Abt 1868Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5703
50 Sherman, Aaron Edgar  27 Mar 1865Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5571
51 Sherman, Amanda* Petronile  15 Oct 1863Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I1317
52 Sherman, Andrew  1856Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6379
53 Sherman, Ann Isabelle  1875Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7124
54 Sherman, Augusta Ellen  1 Sep 1854Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5495
55 Sherman, Austin  1855Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7122
56 Sherman, Boyce Odin (Boyd)  21 Oct 1879Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I14512
57 Sherman, Charles  1856Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5505
58 Sherman, Devilla Esther "Het"  27 Dec 1858Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4937
59 Sherman, Edward Haven "Eddie"  15 Jan 1863Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I25
60 Sherman, Edward Homer  18 Feb 1897Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6465
61 Sherman, Emma  1 Jan 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I3
62 Sherman, Ernest Paul  8 Jun 1899Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6467
63 Sherman, James Oliver  1869Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5582
64 Sherman, Laura Velma  31 Dec 1888Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6440
65 Sherman, Leverett Lothrop  26 May 1867Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4716
66 Sherman, Levlor  1868Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5637
67 Sherman, Lucy Mae   I6384
68 Sherman, Martha "Mattie"  21 Sep 1858Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5549
69 Sherman, Mary Sophronia  23 Aug 1861Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4826
70 Sherman, Nellie Cleola  26 Jun 1885Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6425
71 Sherman, Otto  10 Nov 1889Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44186
72 Sherman, Paul William  11 Mar 1855Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5770
73 Sherman, Richard O.  Apr 1863Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5560
74 Sherman, Ruby Darrell  27 Aug 1891Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6452
75 Sherman, Shelby Star (twin)  14 Sep 1879Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7055
76 Sherman, Sidney Scott "Dee"  15 Jan 1857Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5781
77 Sherman, Virginia  1859Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6380
78 Sherman, William  Abt 1856Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7123
79 Sherman, William Nachman Sr.  11 May 1899Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6649
80 Sherman, Winnie Elma  8 Feb 1888Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6645
81 Silva, Annie R.  May 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46922
82 Silva, Arthur  24 Mar 1906Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6630
83 Silva, Elva Clark  7 Jan 1910Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6273
84 Silva, Enos  18 Aug 1884Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6640
85 Silva, Frank Clark  11 Nov 1887Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6272
86 Silva, John Wilson  1875Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46920
87 Silva, Mary  1868Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46842
88 Silva, Thomas J.  1877Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46921
89 Silva, Warren  1871Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46919
90 Silva, Weldon  28 Jan 1908Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6633
91 Smith, Lena  1875Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46913
92 Varn, Henry Austin Jr   I6549
93 Wallis, Daniel Boone  29 Sep 1831Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6962
94 Wallis, Francis Marion "Frank"  29 Sep 1843Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6963
95 Wallis, George Neaville  1857Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6966
96 Wallis, Hansel Roberts "Robert"  15 Jan 1846Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6959
97 Wallis, Sarah Ann  20 May 1825Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I26308
98 Wallis, Solomon Barrow  28 Jan 1829Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6968
99 White, Daisey  Jan 1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I26375
100 White, Joseph Cade  Jan 1849Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6918

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Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abshire (Abshier), Benjamin Abshire Jr.  30 Jun 1884Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I47265
2 Barnes, Alice  15 Jan 1894Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6198
3 Barnes, Linus  30 Nov 1923Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5453
4 Barnes, Mary  2 Jan 1871Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5442
5 Barnes, Rebecca Esther  18 Jan 1871Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5377
6 Barnes, William "Willis"  18 Mar 1905Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4499
7 Barrow, Sarah "Sally"  15 Nov 1841Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6964
8 Callahan, Louisa Jane  1861Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I92100
9 Carraway, Patrick Henry  Bef 1849Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6940
10 Clark, Daniel  Between 1870 and 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46835
11 Doebner, Samuel Joseph  25 Apr 1963Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6082
12 Jergins, Florence I.  4 Dec 1884Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46839
13 Jergins, Phebe  4 Oct 1887Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46841
14 Jergins, William Alexander  Bef 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46838
15 Johns, Mary Ann  1875Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I377
16 Jones, Abbie A  26 Jan 1886Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I310
17 Jones, Grover Cleveland  30 Jun 1965Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7103
18 Kirk, Mary* Sophronia  30 Sep 1889Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I3537
19 LaFour, Lois  23 May 1916Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6643
20 Meeks, Henry Franklin  18 Jan 1923Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6260
21 Middleton, Archie David  13 Jun 1949Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44255
22 Miller, James S.  1863Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46914
23 Scales, Daisy Lorena  29 Dec 1963Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6622
24 Scales, Estella "Stella"  1912Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6639
25 Scales, Mable  16 Nov 1915Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6635
26 Scales, Mary Emma  13 Sep 2003Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6644
27 Shelton, Amos Clinton  18 Jan 1881Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I550
28 Shelton, Fannie  11 Oct 1944Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I47
29 Shelton, Thomas W.  Bef 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6907
30 Sherman, Andrew  Bef 1866Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6379
31 Sherman, Ann Isabelle  1894Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7124
32 Sherman, Hoyd (or Hoyt)  1906Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I85880
33 Sherman, Jacob Haven Jr  Bef 14 Nov 1879Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5748
34 Sherman, John T.  18 Jul 1902Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4389
35 Sherman, Lothrop* Brockway  29 Apr 1899Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I3428
36 Sherman, Mary Sophronia  13 Oct 1881Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4826
37 Sherman, Paul William  31 Jan 1926Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5770
38 Sherman, Rebecca  22 May 1900Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4607
39 Sherman, Virginia  Bef 1869Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6380
40 Sherman, William  Bef 1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7123
41 Silva, Antonio  Aft 1890Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44707
42 Silva, Enos  1 Jul 1943Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6640
43 Silva, Weldon  5 Aug 1992Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6633
44 Speights, George M.  11 Oct 1952Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I107064
45 Stebbins, Rebecca*  13 Aug 1873Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I3648
46 Stephenson, Frank Pruett  3 Oct 1980Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6274
47 Summers, Rachel  17 Jul 1902Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5464
48 Summers, Sarah Magdelena  13 Sep 1867Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5759
49 Wallace, Mary Susan  23 Jan 1894Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5659
50 Wallis, Daniel Boone  7 Jul 1887Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6962
51 Wallis, Elisha Henry Roberts "E.H.R."  03 Jul 1846Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6946
52 Wallis, Elisha William  06 Apr 1848Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I26314
53 Wallis, Rachel Ann  08 Jun 1904Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I26306
54 Wallis, Solomon Barrow  15 Jun 1903Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6968
55 White, Juliana  06 Jan 1942Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I26435
56 Woods, Charlotte  4 May 1858Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44291
57 Wooten, Fannie E.  1891Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44307
58 Wooten, John  19 Jan 1885Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44256
59 Wooten, John R.  1903Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44300
60 Wooten, Mrs. Lottie H. (..)  1894Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44305


Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Jacob "Jake"  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5266
2 Barnes, Linus  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5453
3 Barnes, William "Willis"  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4499
4 Clough, William T  20 Jul 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I12242
5 Clough, William T  1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I12242
6 Doebner, William "Willis"  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I288
7 Griffin, Elizabeth  21 Jul 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I14375
8 Hartwell, Timothy Ripley  1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6957
9 Heiman, John Henry Heinrich Sr.  19 Jul 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I24493
10 Hill, Benjamin  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44278
11 Hill, Emily O.  9 Jul 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46911
12 Hill, Hattie  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44277
13 Hill, John Allen  1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44265
14 Hill, Joseph  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44276
15 Hill, Mary Etta  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5648
16 Hill, Pleasant Coleman  10 Jul 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44271
17 Jones, Abbie A  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I310
18 Jones, Oscar  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7101
19 Kirk, Mary* Sophronia  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I3537
20 Merritt, Emily V.  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46918
21 Miller, George C.  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46916
22 Miller, James A.  1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I466
23 Miller, James A.  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I466
24 Miller, William H.  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46915
25 Morse, Mary  1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46836
26 Shelton, Amos  20 Jun 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6938
27 Shelton, Amos Clinton  1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I550
28 Shelton, George W.  17 Jul 1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6939
29 Shelton, Martha Wilson  1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6934
30 Shelton, Mary Ann  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I36
31 Shelton, Susan Sophronia  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5715
32 Shelton, Thomas W.  17 Jul 1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6907
33 Sherman, Aaron Edgar  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5571
34 Sherman, Amanda* Petronile  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I1317
35 Sherman, Ann Isabelle  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I7124
36 Sherman, Boyce Odin (Boyd)  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I14512
37 Sherman, Charles  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5505
38 Sherman, Devilla Esther "Het"  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4937
39 Sherman, James Oliver  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5582
40 Sherman, John T.  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4389
41 Sherman, Leonard Leaner  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44156
42 Sherman, Leverett Lothrop  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4716
43 Sherman, Lothrop* Brockway  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I3428
44 Sherman, Martha "Mattie"  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5549
45 Sherman, Mary Sophronia  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4826
46 Sherman, Rebecca  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I4607
47 Sherman, Richard Hamilton  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I366
48 Sherman, Richard Hamilton  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5484
49 Sherman, Richard O.  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5560
50 Sherman, Sarah Frances (Sarah Belle)  1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I5475
51 Silva, Frank Lawrence  1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46833
52 Smith, Lena  9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46913
53 Smith, William A.  9 Jul 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I46912
54 Stebbins, Rebecca*  24 Jul 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I3648
55 Walter, Mrs Mary (..)  19 Jul 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I24497
56 White, John O  27 Jun 1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I6915
57 Wiggins, Louis W. "Lou"  21 Jul 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44280
58 Wooten, John  1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I44256


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Kirk, Mary* Sophronia  17 Sep 1875Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I3537
2 Sherman, Amanda* Petronile  17 Sep 1875Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I1317
3 Sherman, Lothrop* Brockway  17 Sep 1875Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas I3428


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Barnes / Ainsworth  13 Sep 1897Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2337
2 Barnes / Shelton  5 Dec 1881Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F34
3 Doebner / Purdy  17 Aug 1892Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F132
4 Dunman / Wallis  1833Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F11085
5 Hill / Lacour  3 Nov 1886Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F15503
6 Johnson / Wiggins  Bef 1860Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F14742
7 Jones / Sherman  16 Nov 1882Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2
8 Jones / Sherman  25 Jun 1902Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2722
9 Lands / Wiggins  1879Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F24916
10 Mayes / Gordon  Abt 1878Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F14727
11 Meeks / Barnes  19 Dec 1906Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2660
12 Miller / Sherman  Bef 9 Jun 1880Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F14681
13 Miller / Sherman  22 Sep 1885Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F222
14 Munger / Sherman  23 Jun 1907Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2797
15 Scales / Sherman  24 Dec 1879Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F4
16 Sherman / Kirk  9 Aug 1855Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F554
17 Sherman / Smith  3 Jul 1884Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2476
18 Sherman / Stephenson  19 Feb 1908Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F53
19 Sherman / Wells  17 Oct 1894Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2403
20 Silva / Scales  8 May 1901Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2788
21 Silva / Scales  3 Nov 1907Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2795
22 Silva / Wiggins  Abt 1882Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F14842
23 Smith / Hill  Abt 1874Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F15504
24 Wallis / Kipp  1856Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2935
25 Wallis / Speights  Abt 1863Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2936
26 Wallis / Wooten  1872Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F2934
27 White / Van Pradelles  Abt 1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F9353
28 White / Warren  1869Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F9336
29 Wiggins / Woods  4 Apr 1855Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F14720
30 Wooten / Wooten  Aft 1870Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F14724
31 Wooten / Wooten  Abt 1877Wallisville, Chambers Co, Texas F14725