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Wayne Co, Mississippi


Latitude: 31.7130601, Longitude: -88.71089640000002


Letter - 1861, 05/11
Letter - 1861, 05/11
from Margaret Butts and Moses Cooley from Wains Co, Mississippi, to her brothers, John and Andrew Butts
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Wayne Co, Mississippi
Andrew Jackson Butts, Jr (I1371)
John William Butts (I1415)
Margaret Ann Butts, (DNA-circle-g) (I2492)
Moses C. Cooley, Sr. (DNA-circle-g) (I1382)


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arrington, Bathsheba  12 Mar 1821Wayne Co, Mississippi I41306
2 Brown, Andrew Jackson  25 Jan 1823Wayne Co, Mississippi I32576
3 Cooley, Albert  1896Wayne Co, Mississippi I59848
4 Cooley, Albert B  1857Wayne Co, Mississippi I9078
5 Cooley, Albert G.  30 Oct 1886Wayne Co, Mississippi I34656
6 Cooley, Andrew Moses  9 Jan 1856Wayne Co, Mississippi I1424
7 Cooley, Anna  1909Wayne Co, Mississippi I41405
8 Cooley, Annie Isola  20 Jul 1890Wayne Co, Mississippi I32458
9 Cooley, Austin  Jul 1898Wayne Co, Mississippi I41395
10 Cooley, Berry C.  Jun 1870Wayne Co, Mississippi I41179
11 Cooley, Bertie J.  May 1883Wayne Co, Mississippi I41387
12 Cooley, Buford  1903Wayne Co, Mississippi I41401
13 Cooley, Burke  2 Sep 1895Wayne Co, Mississippi I34659
14 Cooley, Daniel  1818Wayne Co, Mississippi I28791
15 Cooley, Daniel  1904Wayne Co, Mississippi I59851
16 Cooley, Della  1898Wayne Co, Mississippi I59849
17 Cooley, Dorothy  1923Wayne Co, Mississippi I41198
18 Cooley, Duncan B.  Mar 1870Wayne Co, Mississippi I34644
19 Cooley, Easter  1866Wayne Co, Mississippi I34646
20 Cooley, Ed (or Bob)  1894Wayne Co, Mississippi I59847
21 Cooley, Elias  1834Wayne Co, Mississippi I41208
22 Cooley, Elizabeth  1854Wayne Co, Mississippi I32465
23 Cooley, Ellen  1858Wayne Co, Mississippi I32467
24 Cooley, Eloise  1920Wayne Co, Mississippi I41411
25 Cooley, Ernestine  1908Wayne Co, Mississippi I41398
26 Cooley, Estelle  20 Jul 1919Wayne Co, Mississippi I59844
27 Cooley, Eugina Barthulia  Aug 1899Wayne Co, Mississippi I32462
28 Cooley, Eunice  1903Wayne Co, Mississippi I41396
29 Cooley, Frederick M.  28 Apr 1893Wayne Co, Mississippi I32460
30 Cooley, Garfield  Jan 1895Wayne Co, Mississippi I41393
31 Cooley, George  Feb 1894Wayne Co, Mississippi I41183
32 Cooley, Harbard Hugh Jr.  Jan 1892Wayne Co, Mississippi I32459
33 Cooley, Harriet  1850Wayne Co, Mississippi I32463
34 Cooley, Harvey Sr.  2 Dec 1909Wayne Co, Mississippi I59913
35 Cooley, Ira  1 Jan 1823Wayne Co, Mississippi I28794
36 Cooley, Ira  1873Wayne Co, Mississippi I41385
37 Cooley, James A.  Jun 1893Wayne Co, Mississippi I41169
38 Cooley, James Dewey  31 Oct 1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I59909
39 Cooley, James M. (or W.)  1870Wayne Co, Mississippi I41384
40 Cooley, John  Jun 1869Wayne Co, Mississippi I34651
41 Cooley, John C.  Jan 1828Wayne Co, Mississippi I28796
42 Cooley, John L.  4 Apr 1914Wayne Co, Mississippi I59915
43 Cooley, John Stacey  30 May 1885Wayne Co, Mississippi I34655
44 Cooley, John T.  Dec 1889Wayne Co, Mississippi I41390
45 Cooley, Joseph R.  Feb 1888Wayne Co, Mississippi I41167
46 Cooley, Joseph Wright  21 Jun 1892Wayne Co, Mississippi I59929
47 Cooley, Julia  1907Wayne Co, Mississippi I41404
48 Cooley, Laura  1869Wayne Co, Mississippi I34652
49 Cooley, Lazarus  Jan 1856Wayne Co, Mississippi I32466
50 Cooley, Lazarus Lee  16 Feb 1889Wayne Co, Mississippi I41168
51 Cooley, Leman  1915Wayne Co, Mississippi I41408
52 Cooley, Leo  1916Wayne Co, Mississippi I41409
53 Cooley, Little Berry  20 Jul 1821Wayne Co, Mississippi I28792
54 Cooley, Lucy  1905Wayne Co, Mississippi I41403
55 Cooley, Luther  1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I59850
56 Cooley, M.E.  Jan 1880Wayne Co, Mississippi I34610
57 Cooley, Margaret E.  May 1896Wayne Co, Mississippi I41184
58 Cooley, Martha  Jan 1824Wayne Co, Mississippi I28793
59 Cooley, Martha  Jun 1897Wayne Co, Mississippi I41185
60 Cooley, Martha  2 Jul 1907Wayne Co, Mississippi I59911
61 Cooley, Mary  1904Wayne Co, Mississippi I41402
62 Cooley, Mary Jane  8 Feb 1890Wayne Co, Mississippi I41182
63 Cooley, Mellie  1901Wayne Co, Mississippi I41399
64 Cooley, Melvin  Jun 1893Wayne Co, Mississippi I41392
65 Cooley, Middleton  1826Wayne Co, Mississippi I28795
66 Cooley, Moses C. Jr.  14 Mar 1852Wayne Co, Mississippi I32464
67 Cooley, Nancy L.  Apr 1885Wayne Co, Mississippi I41388
68 Cooley, Nancy Penelope  3 Nov 1832Wayne Co, Mississippi I41207
69 Cooley, Nelson  1836Wayne Co, Mississippi I32454
70 Cooley, Nettie L.   I59846
71 Cooley, Odell J.  1924Wayne Co, Mississippi I41412
72 Cooley, Ollie M.  1912Wayne Co, Mississippi I41196
73 Cooley, Ollie Mae  3 Jan 1902Wayne Co, Mississippi I41186
74 Cooley, Orange  19 Jan 1881Wayne Co, Mississippi I34637
75 Cooley, Oscar  22 Feb 1912Wayne Co, Mississippi I59914
76 Cooley, Phoebe  20 Nov 1867Wayne Co, Mississippi I34645
77 Cooley, Polly A.  Oct 1887Wayne Co, Mississippi I41389
78 Cooley, Rista Bell  25 Oct 1892Wayne Co, Mississippi I34658
79 Cooley, Rosa  Mar 1890Wayne Co, Mississippi I41181
80 Cooley, Roy  1906Wayne Co, Mississippi I41397
81 Cooley, Samp  5 May 1905Wayne Co, Mississippi I59910
82 Cooley, Selb C. (Silvey)  1917Wayne Co, Mississippi I41410
83 Cooley, Sim  9 Aug 1879Wayne Co, Mississippi I34609
84 Cooley, Susan  16 Jul 1838Wayne Co, Mississippi I41209
85 Cooley, Tommy C.  12 Jul 1916Wayne Co, Mississippi I59928
86 Cooley, Trudy  1910Wayne Co, Mississippi I41406
87 Cooley, Wilburn  1920Wayne Co, Mississippi I41197
88 Cooley, William C. III  1837Wayne Co, Mississippi I32582
89 Cooley, William E.  Jun 1892Wayne Co, Mississippi I41391
90 Cooley, William O.  7 Jun 1895Wayne Co, Mississippi I32461
91 Cooley, William S.  1922Wayne Co, Mississippi I59845
92 Cooley, Wyatt  Apr 1896Wayne Co, Mississippi I41394
93 Cooley, Zella  1912Wayne Co, Mississippi I41407
94 Evans, Alexander Lafayette  9 Oct 1858Wayne Co, Mississippi I9077
95 Hutto, Albert S.  Jan 1884Wayne Co, Mississippi I41171
96 Hutto, Con  Mar 1885Wayne Co, Mississippi I41172
97 Hutto, Dosia  Jul 1888Wayne Co, Mississippi I41174
98 Hutto, Frank  Feb 1898Wayne Co, Mississippi I41177
99 Hutto, Gavin  May 1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I41178
100 Hutto, Hampton  Dec 1894Wayne Co, Mississippi I41176

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Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Arrington, Arthur III  22 Oct 1849Wayne Co, Mississippi I41345
2 Arrington, Mrs. Milly Ann (..)  15 Nov 1850Wayne Co, Mississippi I41346
3 Bounds, Obediah  Aft 1812Wayne Co, Mississippi I32758
4 Boutwell, Margaret Ellen  2 Mar 1922Wayne Co, Mississippi I65119
5 Busby, Mary Jane  1885Wayne Co, Mississippi I32451
6 Butts, Margaret Ann (DNA-circle-g)  26 Apr 1903Wayne Co, Mississippi I2492
7 Cooley, Albert B  17 Dec 1929Wayne Co, Mississippi I9078
8 Cooley, Albert F.  1885Wayne Co, Mississippi I32450
9 Cooley, Albert G.  14 Oct 1950Wayne Co, Mississippi I34656
10 Cooley, Andrew Jackson  21 Nov 1953Wayne Co, Mississippi I34654
11 Cooley, Andrew Moses  12 May 1934Wayne Co, Mississippi I1424
12 Cooley, Burke  19 Jul 1933Wayne Co, Mississippi I34659
13 Cooley, Duncan B.  Aft 1870Wayne Co, Mississippi I34644
14 Cooley, Elenor  Between 1863 and 1867Wayne Co, Mississippi I32456
15 Cooley, Elmira  20 Aug 1926Wayne Co, Mississippi I34649
16 Cooley, Estelle  2 Mar 1999Wayne Co, Mississippi I59844
17 Cooley, Frederick M.  10 Sep 1973Wayne Co, Mississippi I32460
18 Cooley, Harband (DNA-Circle-g)  Dec 1867Wayne Co, Mississippi I28797
19 Cooley, Harbard (or Harbord)  Between 1865 and 1870Wayne Co, Mississippi I88072
20 Cooley, Jackson Nelson  1 Mar 1871Wayne Co, Mississippi I9069
21 Cooley, James Dewey  12 Jul 1906Wayne Co, Mississippi I59909
22 Cooley, Jane  16 Apr 1909Wayne Co, Mississippi I32452
23 Cooley, Mrs. Julia (..)  Aft 1930Wayne Co, Mississippi I41470
24 Cooley, Laura  Aft 1910Wayne Co, Mississippi I34652
25 Cooley, Lazarus  27 Mar 1920Wayne Co, Mississippi I32466
26 Cooley, Lazarus Lee  9 May 1957Wayne Co, Mississippi I41168
27 Cooley, Margaret E.  1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I41184
28 Cooley, Moses  19 Dec 1912Wayne Co, Mississippi I34643
29 Cooley, Moses  9 Oct 1947Wayne Co, Mississippi I34653
30 Cooley, Moses C. Jr.  15 Dec 1912Wayne Co, Mississippi I32464
31 Cooley, Nancy  27 Apr 1934Wayne Co, Mississippi I34648
32 Cooley, Ollie Mae  24 Nov 1929Wayne Co, Mississippi I41186
33 Cooley, Oscar  10 Feb 1950Wayne Co, Mississippi I59914
34 Cooley, Rista Bell  18 Mar 1942Wayne Co, Mississippi I34658
35 Cooley, Robert Joseph  25 Jul 1955Wayne Co, Mississippi I9070
36 Cooley, Samp  17 Apr 1989Wayne Co, Mississippi I59910
37 Cooley, Sim  24 Mar 1942Wayne Co, Mississippi I34609
38 Cooley, Tommy C.  9 Jul 1933Wayne Co, Mississippi I59928
39 Cooley, William Ira  10 Apr 1952Wayne Co, Mississippi I59860
40 Cooley, William Riley  1949Wayne Co, Mississippi I9066
41 Davis, Ella  24 Dec 1973Wayne Co, Mississippi I59917
42 DePriest, Lydia  1850Wayne Co, Mississippi I88374
43 Douglas, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1933Wayne Co, Mississippi I59863
44 Finley, Albany  2 Apr 1942Wayne Co, Mississippi I59932
45 Hutto, Darly Ann  Wayne Co, Mississippi I93589
46 Hutto, H. Jacob M. Jr.  Abt 1835Wayne Co, Mississippi I86967
47 Hutto, John Lewis  1880Wayne Co, Mississippi I65123
48 Hutto, Maranda  23 Jan 1961Wayne Co, Mississippi I41180
49 Hutto, Purdia Jane  6 Sep 1921Wayne Co, Mississippi I65122
50 Hutto, Simeon  22 May 1922Wayne Co, Mississippi I41170
51 Ishee, Betty  2 May 1958Wayne Co, Mississippi I59934
52 Kelly, Lula  7 Mar 1916Wayne Co, Mississippi I9073
53 Landrum, Eldridge M.  20 Aug 1968Wayne Co, Mississippi I42049
54 Landrum, Emma  Aft 1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I42048
55 Landrum, Lula  9 Feb 1904Wayne Co, Mississippi I59859
56 Landrum, Rufus  28 Jul 1999Wayne Co, Mississippi I59918
57 Landrum, William T  2 Mar 1919Wayne Co, Mississippi I9063
58 Landrum, William T.  27 Mar 1935Wayne Co, Mississippi I42047
59 Laramore, Sarah  20 Aug 1860Wayne Co, Mississippi I62193
60 Lewis, Lydia  1850Wayne Co, Mississippi I86968
61 Martin, Sarah Catherine  27 Dec 1928Wayne Co, Mississippi I34650
62 McCarty, Simpson  15 Mar 1892Wayne Co, Mississippi I62188
63 Merrill, Eliza  4 Mar 1949Wayne Co, Mississippi I41374
64 Mills, Ruth  10 Dec 1919Wayne Co, Mississippi I59933
65 Nicholson, (infant son)  1920Wayne Co, Mississippi I41190
66 Nicholson, (infant)  9 Jun 1902Wayne Co, Mississippi I59926
67 Nicholson, Ella  23 Nov 1974Wayne Co, Mississippi I59931
68 Nicholson, Godfrey Lee  4 Jun 1937Wayne Co, Mississippi I65118
69 Nicholson, Mrs. Hattie (..)  5 Mar 1906Wayne Co, Mississippi I59927
70 Nicholson, James D.  2 Nov 1945Wayne Co, Mississippi I59862
71 Nicholson, James Thomas  23 Jul 1950Wayne Co, Mississippi I41188
72 Nicholson, Mary  1 May 1965Wayne Co, Mississippi I65126
73 Nicholson, Pearl "Pearlie"  20 Dec 1967Wayne Co, Mississippi I59920
74 Nicholson, Pheobe  12 Mar 1954Wayne Co, Mississippi I59861
75 Nicholson, S. Daniel McCoy Sr.  31 Aug 1925Wayne Co, Mississippi I65121
76 Nicholson, Towner Lee  18 Mar 1934Wayne Co, Mississippi I59930
77 Pitts, William Aught  1953Wayne Co, Mississippi I59856
78 Reeves, Susan "Susie"  Bef 1897Wayne Co, Mississippi I41165
79 Slay, Nathan (FFDNA-J)  23 Sep 1843Wayne Co, Mississippi I42014
80 Stevens, Elizabeth  24 Nov 1936Wayne Co, Mississippi I34634
81 Stevens, William R. Jr.  17 Mar 1899Wayne Co, Mississippi I59852
82 Strickland, Frances  Aft 1875Wayne Co, Mississippi I65124
83 Sumrall, Esther "Easter" (DNA-Circle-g)  1907Wayne Co, Mississippi I28798
84 Sumrall, Martha Ann  11 Oct 1825Wayne Co, Mississippi I42013
85 Sumrall, Moses  11 Aug 1901Wayne Co, Mississippi I42002


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Butts, Margaret Ann (DNA-circle-g)  15 Oct 1860Wayne Co, Mississippi I2492
2 Cooley, Albert B  30 Jun 1880Wayne Co, Mississippi I9078
3 Cooley, Albert F.  1850Wayne Co, Mississippi I32450
4 Cooley, Albert F.  1860Wayne Co, Mississippi I32450
5 Cooley, Albert F.  1870Wayne Co, Mississippi I32450
6 Cooley, Andrew Moses  30 Jun 1880Wayne Co, Mississippi I1424
7 Cooley, Easter Jane  1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I1393
8 Cooley, Harband (DNA-Circle-g)  1850Wayne Co, Mississippi I28797
9 Cooley, Harband (DNA-Circle-g)  15 Aug 1860Wayne Co, Mississippi I28797
10 Cooley, Harbard Hugh Sr.  1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I9067
11 Cooley, Martin Van Buren  25 Jul 1870Wayne Co, Mississippi I32448
12 Cooley, Moses C. Sr. (DNA-circle-g)  15 Oct 1860Wayne Co, Mississippi I1382
13 Cooley, Moses C. Sr. (DNA-circle-g)  1870Wayne Co, Mississippi I1382
14 Cooley, Moses C. Sr. (DNA-circle-g)  1880Wayne Co, Mississippi I1382
15 Cooley, Moses C. Jr.  18 Jun 1880Wayne Co, Mississippi I32464
16 Cooley, Moses C. Sr. (DNA-circle-g)  2 Jun 1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I1382
17 Cooley, Moses C. Jr.  7 Jun 1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I32464
18 Cooley, Mrs. Nancy (..)  1880Wayne Co, Mississippi I41379
19 Cooley, Robert Joseph  2 Jun 1900Wayne Co, Mississippi I9070
20 Cooley, William Riley  1910Wayne Co, Mississippi I9066
21 Landrum, Ruth Carisade  1850Wayne Co, Mississippi I23939
22 Parker, John  1816Wayne Co, Mississippi I41733
23 Parker, Lewis B. Littleberry Abbington  1816Wayne Co, Mississippi I41713
24 Parker, Lewis B. Littleberry Abbington  1820Wayne Co, Mississippi I41713
25 Patterson, Martha Agnes "Nancy"  1816Wayne Co, Mississippi I32759
26 Sumrall, Esther "Easter" (DNA-Circle-g)  1870Wayne Co, Mississippi I28798
27 Williams, William H  1850Wayne Co, Mississippi I23938


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Butts, Margaret Ann (DNA-circle-g)  11 May 1861Wayne Co, Mississippi I2492
2 Cooley, Moses C. Sr. (DNA-circle-g)  11 May 1861Wayne Co, Mississippi I1382


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cooley / Cooley  Abt 1882Wayne Co, Mississippi F13859
2 Cooley / Cooley  Abt 1897Wayne Co, Mississippi F13870
3 Cooley / Cooley  17 Feb 1898Wayne Co, Mississippi F13813
4 Cooley / Cooley  Abt 1900Wayne Co, Mississippi F13860
5 Cooley / Cooley  Abt 1911Wayne Co, Mississippi F13819
6 Cooley / Finley  Abt 1915Wayne Co, Mississippi F19648
7 Cooley / Hutto  1889Wayne Co, Mississippi F13815
8 Cooley / Ishee  Abt 1908Wayne Co, Mississippi F19650
9 Cooley / Kelly  1899Wayne Co, Mississippi F3606
10 Cooley / Martin  Abt 1868Wayne Co, Mississippi F12047
11 Cooley / McDonald  1889Wayne Co, Mississippi F11381
12 Cooley / Nicholson  Abt 1899Wayne Co, Mississippi F19622
13 Cooley / Nicholson  Abt 1915Wayne Co, Mississippi F19647
14 Cooley / Reeves  Abt 1876Wayne Co, Mississippi F13812
15 Cooley / Stevens  1880Wayne Co, Mississippi F12043
16 Evans / Cooley  Abt 1878Wayne Co, Mississippi F3602
17 Holliman / Landrum  10 Sep 1899Wayne Co, Mississippi F27049
18 Hutto / Cooley  1882Wayne Co, Mississippi F13814
19 Landrum / Smith  1 Dec 1825Wayne Co, Mississippi F29312
20 McDonald / Cooley  11 Jun 1893Wayne Co, Mississippi F3607
21 Merrill / Goodwin  Abt 1848Wayne Co, Mississippi F13854
22 Mills / Cooley  Abt 1903Wayne Co, Mississippi F19649
23 Nicholson / Boutwell  25 Mar 1880Wayne Co, Mississippi F21107
24 Nicholson / Cooley  Aft 1906Wayne Co, Mississippi F13816
25 Nicholson / Cooley  Abt 1918Wayne Co, Mississippi F13817
26 Nicholson / Douglas  Abt 1878Wayne Co, Mississippi F19623
27 Nicholson / Hutto  1879Wayne Co, Mississippi F21108
28 Nicholson / Landrum  Abt 1901Wayne Co, Mississippi F19621
29 Nicholson / Nicholson  Aft 1910Wayne Co, Mississippi F19645
30 Parker / Bounds  Abt 1816Wayne Co, Mississippi F13948
31 Parker / Parker  Abt 1844Wayne Co, Mississippi F13957
32 Pitts / Landrum  Abt 1891Wayne Co, Mississippi F19617
33 Robinson / Bounds  Abt 1826Wayne Co, Mississippi F13949
34 Stevens / Cooley  Abt 1850Wayne Co, Mississippi F19615