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Weston, Platte Co, Missouri


Latitude: 39.43866775400261, Longitude: -94.90264892578125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Cynthia  1869Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I32631
2 Burns, Lucille  Abt 1922Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I57753
3 Burns, Mary Walton  Abt 1920Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I57752
4 Burns, Myrtle Lee  Abt 1918Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I57750
5 Burns, Nannie Sophie  Abt 1918Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I57751
6 Burns, Rebuen Sanford  Abt 1925Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I57754
7 Dye, Margaret C. "Maggie"  24 Feb 1868Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I91765
8 Graves, Estella Belle  17 Oct 1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I49678
9 Henson, Eliza Ellen  1858Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I55360
10 Henson, Ida  1869Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I55376
11 Layton, (infant son)  11 Dec 1882Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I57747
12 Layton, Abigail "Abbie"  21 Jun 1886Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I57748
13 Layton, Myrtle  27 Oct 1883Weston, Platte Co, Missouri  I57745
14 Layton, Perry Smithers "Jack" "Jackson"  14 Feb 1846Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I9567
15 Layton, Sarah "Sallie"  21 Apr 1881Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I9574
16 Linville, Maude E.  1880Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I64947
17 Smith, Sheriff Edward Davis "Dee"  28 Dec 1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I49680


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, Elmore  20 Apr 1940Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I81109
2 Cox, Jacob  13 Feb 1869Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I32731
3 Cox, William  6 Oct 1858Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I32725
4 Dye, James O.  21 Dec 1925Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I91766
5 Guthrie, Lucy Jane  22 Sep 1882Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I91767
6 Layton, (infant son)  11 Dec 1882Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I57747
7 Layton, Abigail "Abbie"  8 Oct 1980Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I57748
8 Layton, Perry Smithers "Jack" "Jackson"  30 Apr 1920Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I9567
9 Lovelady, Maude  26 Feb 1935Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I9577
10 Thorp, David J.  Aft 1882Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I32654


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Allison, James III  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I34211
2 Allison, James Jr.  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I40145
3 Allison, Milton  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I40179
4 Cox, William  1850Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I32725
5 Henson, Andrew  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I32613
6 Henson, Aranza John  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I32621
7 Linville, Abraham Jr.  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I7309
8 Linville, Lycurgus (William)  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I7343
9 Linville, Mahala Evaline  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I7329
10 Linville, Mary Frances  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I7339
11 Linville, Willard P  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I7335
12 Linville, Willard P  1880Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I7335
13 Madding (Madden), Scarlett W.  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I55377
14 Mann, James H.  1880Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I64960
15 Mann, Uriah G.  1870Weston, Platte Co, Missouri I64956


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Dillingham / Oldham  5 Aug 1876Weston, Platte Co, Missouri F30795