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Wythe Co, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alcorn, John  1745Wythe Co, Virginia I5
2 Allison, Daniel  1850Wythe Co, Virginia I64840
3 Allison, David  1834Wythe Co, Virginia I64833
4 Allison, David S.  1843Wythe Co, Virginia I64848
5 Allison, Easter J.  1837Wythe Co, Virginia I64845
6 Allison, Elmira C.  1847Wythe Co, Virginia I64850
7 Allison, Elmyra  24 Apr 1818Wythe Co, Virginia I64860
8 Allison, Francis  2 Apr 1808Wythe Co, Virginia I64854
9 Allison, George (twin)  1848Wythe Co, Virginia I64839
10 Allison, George Washington  8 Sep 1812Wythe Co, Virginia I64857
11 Allison, Hiram  4 Jul 1810Wythe Co, Virginia I64856
12 Allison, Holbert McClure  3 Oct 1800Wythe Co, Virginia I64776
13 Allison, Holbert McClure (Halbert)  Abt 1730Wythe Co, Virginia I35715
14 Allison, Isaac (twin)  1848Wythe Co, Virginia I64838
15 Allison, James  3 May 1780Wythe Co, Virginia I39027
16 Allison, James  25 Jun 1820Wythe Co, Virginia I64866
17 Allison, James  1841Wythe Co, Virginia I64835
18 Allison, James A.  1845Wythe Co, Virginia I64849
19 Allison, John  1779Wythe Co, Virginia I64784
20 Allison, John Craig  18 Jul 1802Wythe Co, Virginia I64841
21 Allison, John Craig  5 Oct 1828Wythe Co, Virginia I64831
22 Allison, Leander  1835Wythe Co, Virginia I64844
23 Allison, Margaret D.  1833Wythe Co, Virginia I64843
24 Allison, Martha  28 Apr 1804Wythe Co, Virginia I64851
25 Allison, Mary  1846Wythe Co, Virginia I64837
26 Allison, Mary A.  1839Wythe Co, Virginia I64846
27 Allison, Mary Craig  16 May 1806Wythe Co, Virginia I64852
28 Allison, Matilda J.  12 Sep 1816Wythe Co, Virginia I64859
29 Allison, Phoebe  1772Wythe Co, Virginia I35717
30 Allison, Rhoda  1832Wythe Co, Virginia I64832
31 Allison, Robert  1789Wythe Co, Virginia I64745
32 Allison, Salinda  22 Sep 1814Wythe Co, Virginia I64858
33 Allison, Susan  1837Wythe Co, Virginia I64834
34 Allison, Susan  1841Wythe Co, Virginia I64847
35 Allison, William  1787Wythe Co, Virginia I64788
36 Allison, William  1844Wythe Co, Virginia I64836
37 Allison, William T.  24 Dec 1822Wythe Co, Virginia I64867
38 Baker, Sarah Jane  Oct 1799Wythe Co, Virginia I105461
39 Bonham, Ann Marie  18 Sep 1815Wythe Co, Virginia I4527
40 Bonham, Belford  1 Oct 1805Wythe Co, Virginia I4526
41 Bonham, Benjamin  Abt 1792Wythe Co, Virginia I4602
42 Bonham, Benjamin Harvey  20 Oct 1803Wythe Co, Virginia I4614
43 Bonham, Catherine (Caty)  1771Wythe Co, Virginia I3411
44 Bonham, Captain Francis Holmes  11 Sep 1806Wythe Co, Virginia I4615
45 Bonham, Hezekiah  1817Wythe Co, Virginia I4667
46 Bonham, Isabelle  1805Wythe Co, Virginia I4661
47 Bonham, Isabelle  1813Wythe Co, Virginia I4617
48 Bonham, James  1813Wythe Co, Virginia I4666
49 Bonham, John  11 Aug 1805Wythe Co, Virginia I4525
50 Bonham, John H  Abt 1800Wythe Co, Virginia I4658
51 Bonham, Joseph  1798Wythe Co, Virginia I3393
52 Bonham, Joseph  1801Wythe Co, Virginia I4612
53 Bonham, Joseph Park  1803Wythe Co, Virginia I4659
54 Bonham, Josiah  1823Wythe Co, Virginia I26634
55 Bonham, Maria  1812Wythe Co, Virginia I4664
56 Bonham, Mary  12 Jul 1792Wythe Co, Virginia I65628
57 Bonham, Mary  1807Wythe Co, Virginia I4660
58 Bonham, Nehemiah Martin  1813Wythe Co, Virginia I4618
59 Bonham, Rachel  18 Sep 1792Wythe Co, Virginia I4524
60 Bonham, Rachel (daughter?)  1806Wythe Co, Virginia I4616
61 Bonham, Rebecca  1810Wythe Co, Virginia I4621
62 Bonham, Reuel  5 Sep 1790Wythe Co, Virginia I4523
63 Bonham, Sarah  Abt 1810Wythe Co, Virginia I4663
64 Bonham, Sophie  Abt 1809Wythe Co, Virginia I4665
65 Bonham, Zedekiah Asbury  Abt 1792Wythe Co, Virginia I4601
66 Breckenridge, Alexander Jr  19 Dec 1780Wythe Co, Virginia I141
67 Breckenridge, Ann  5 Dec 1772Wythe Co, Virginia I133
68 Breckenridge, Eddy Linn  7 Dec 1788Wythe Co, Virginia I150
69 Breckenridge, Elizabeth  1 Feb 1783Wythe Co, Virginia I144
70 Breckenridge, George Gamble  24 Jul 1768Wythe Co, Virginia I130
71 Breckenridge, James  25 Jul 1778Wythe Co, Virginia I138
72 Breckenridge, John  8 Feb 1771Wythe Co, Virginia I132
73 Breckenridge, John  7 Oct 1785Wythe Co, Virginia I146
74 Breckenridge, Rachel  12 Apr 1776Wythe Co, Virginia I135
75 Breckenridge, Robert  27 Sep 1774Wythe Co, Virginia I128
76 Bruce, William Patton  26 Sep 1813Wythe Co, Virginia I37182
77 Butcher, Elizabeth  1752Wythe Co, Virginia I83896
78 Calhoun, Isabelle  1773Wythe Co, Virginia I4478
79 Cole, Majer  1774Wythe Co, Virginia I85365
80 Cole, Rhoda  1770Wythe Co, Virginia I35719
81 Cole, Capt. Stephen Jr.  1772Wythe Co, Virginia I35718
82 Crockett, Ephraim Drake  13 Jan 1813Wythe Co, Virginia I64869
83 Crockett, Mary  2 Mar 1739Wythe Co, Virginia I47424
84 Crockett, Nancy Agnes  1747Wythe Co, Virginia I47428
85 Crockett, Samuel  1740Wythe Co, Virginia I47425
86 Crow, Nancy  1780Wythe Co, Virginia I36667
87 Dillard, Benjamin James  1765Wythe Co, Virginia I85366
88 Doak, (daughter)  Between 1825 and 1830Wythe Co, Virginia I53212
89 Doak, (daughter)  Between 1825 and 1830Wythe Co, Virginia I53213
90 Doak, (daughter)  Between 1825 and 1830Wythe Co, Virginia I53215
91 Doak, (son)  Between 1825 and 1830Wythe Co, Virginia I53216
92 Doak, Rev. Canero Dragtun  20 Jun 1843Wythe Co, Virginia I43742
93 Doak, Edley S.  1869Wythe Co, Virginia I43755
94 Doak, Edward  Abt 1875Wythe Co, Virginia I43787
95 Doak, Elmira  1842Wythe Co, Virginia I44205
96 Doak, Elmira A. "Myra"  1867Wythe Co, Virginia I43751
97 Doak, John  1781Wythe Co, Virginia I52954
98 Doak, Leciester  1845Wythe Co, Virginia I44206
99 Doak, Lula T.  1873Wythe Co, Virginia I43745
100 Doak, Orrelia Crosby  1849Wythe Co, Virginia I44207

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Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allison, Francis  6 Jun 1878Wythe Co, Virginia I64854
2 Allison, Holbert McClure  31 Aug 1866Wythe Co, Virginia I64776
3 Allison, Holbert McClure (Halbert)  14 Sep 1813Wythe Co, Virginia I35715
4 Allison, James  2 Nov 1845Wythe Co, Virginia I39027
5 Allison, John Craig  1 Jun 1862Wythe Co, Virginia I64841
6 Allison, John Craig  13 Sep 1901Wythe Co, Virginia I64831
7 Allison, Martha  11 Jul 1805Wythe Co, Virginia I64851
8 Allison, Mrs. Nancy Agnes (..)  2 Apr 1816Wythe Co, Virginia I35716
9 Allison, Salinda  16 Oct 1864Wythe Co, Virginia I64858
10 Ball, (..)  Bef 1797Wythe Co, Virginia I49417
11 Belcher, Isham  1798Wythe Co, Virginia I86768
12 Bonham, Joseph  1804Wythe Co, Virginia I49490
13 Bonham, Rev. Nathan  Aft 1800Wythe Co, Virginia I4463
14 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  Bef 29 Sep 1790Wythe Co, Virginia I5772
15 Breckenridge, John  5 Mar 1772Wythe Co, Virginia I132
16 Bruce, Joshua  29 Aug 1865Wythe Co, Virginia I37200
17 Carr, John  1799Wythe Co, Virginia I65680
18 Clay, Elizabeth  4 May 1793Wythe Co, Virginia I86767
19 Cox, Mary "Molly"  Bef 14 May 1816Wythe Co, Virginia I64779
20 Craig, Capt. John (Immigrant)  Bef 8 Mar 1808Wythe Co, Virginia I64778
21 Doak, Mrs. Mary "Polly" (..)  1826Wythe Co, Virginia I50345
22 Doak, Nathaniel  1794Wythe Co, Virginia I386
23 Emnentrout, Elizabeth Catherine (immigrant)  1801Wythe Co, Virginia I6224
24 Finley, Capt William  Bef 9 Feb 1802Wythe Co, Virginia I52990
25 Ford, Sarah  Aft 1825Wythe Co, Virginia I4623
26 Graham, Lydia  Bef 17 Dec 1830Wythe Co, Virginia I52887
27 Hearn, Sarah  19 Jan 1857Wythe Co, Virginia I37201
28 Howard, Martha Jane "Patsy"  31 Jan 1876Wythe Co, Virginia I64855
29 Jenkins, Daniel F.  Bef 1873Wythe Co, Virginia I26640
30 Renner, Adam  1796Wythe Co, Virginia I67562
31 Sawyers, David Jr.  Bef Mar 1819Wythe Co, Virginia I69774
32 Thompson, William B.  9 Jul 1797Wythe Co, Virginia I52880
33 Vaught, Barbara  1830Wythe Co, Virginia I83894
34 Vogt (Vaught), Christley  9 Aug 1830Wythe Co, Virginia I83891
35 Vogt (Vaught), Elizabeth "Betsy"  1830Wythe Co, Virginia I83897


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doak, William  Abt 1799Wythe Co, Virginia I53201


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Allison, Francis  1850Wythe Co, Virginia I64785
2 Bonham, Joseph Park  1860Wythe Co, Virginia I4659
3 Doak, Audley (Edley)  1860Wythe Co, Virginia I53206
4 Doak, James  1830Wythe Co, Virginia I53204
5 Doak, John  1830Wythe Co, Virginia I52954
6 Doak, John (of Wythe)  1810Wythe Co, Virginia I334
7 Doak, John (of Wythe)  1830Wythe Co, Virginia I334
8 Doak, Robert  1830Wythe Co, Virginia I53205
9 Doak, Samuel  1830Wythe Co, Virginia I53202
10 Doak, William  1830Wythe Co, Virginia I53201
11 Renner, Jacob Sr.  Between 1794 and 1805Wythe Co, Virginia I54873
12 Wilson, Rebecca  1860Wythe Co, Virginia I340


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Bruce, Joshua  26 Jan 1857Wythe Co, Virginia I37200
2 Doak, John (of Wythe)  Abt 1802Wythe Co, Virginia I334
3 Doak, Margaret  Aft 1794Wythe Co, Virginia I338
4 Doak, Mary  1795Wythe Co, Virginia I336
5 Doak, Capt Robert  17 Nov 1796Wythe Co, Virginia I329
6 Runyon, Mary  1832 and 1842Wythe Co, Virginia I86357
7 Sloan, James  1798Wythe Co, Virginia I52889
8 Thompson, Andrew  1798Wythe Co, Virginia I52891
9 Thompson, Major Archibald  1798Wythe Co, Virginia I52883
10 Thompson, John  1798Wythe Co, Virginia I52885


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Thompson, Lydia  1798Wythe Co, Virginia I52881


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 Breckenridge, Robert  Aft 1794Wythe Co, Virginia I5815
2 Breckenridge, Sarah  29 Sep 1790Wythe Co, Virginia I94
3 Doak, David Jr  1797Wythe Co, Virginia I324
4 Doak, Elizabeth  1797Wythe Co, Virginia I335
5 Doak, Jane (Jean)  1797Wythe Co, Virginia I337
6 Doak, John  Abt 1802Wythe Co, Virginia I52954
7 Doak, John (of Wythe)  17 Nov 1796Wythe Co, Virginia I334
8 Doak, Mary  1797Wythe Co, Virginia I336
9 Doak, Capt Robert  1787Wythe Co, Virginia I329
10 Doak, Samuel  1831Wythe Co, Virginia I53202
11 Doak, Sarah  1797Wythe Co, Virginia I49988
12 Doak, Thomas  Abt 1802Wythe Co, Virginia I330


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bonham, Nehemiah  1798Wythe Co, Virginia I4465
2 Runyon, Adam  1793Wythe Co, Virginia I86348


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Allison, Holbert McClure (Halbert)  14 Sep 1813Wythe Co, Virginia I35715
2 Allison, Mrs. Nancy Agnes (..)  14 May 1816Wythe Co, Virginia I35716
3 Bonham, Joseph  Feb 1804Wythe Co, Virginia I3256
4 Breckenridge, Rev. George* (Immigrant)  29 Sep 1790Wythe Co, Virginia I5772
5 Bruce, Joshua  1865Wythe Co, Virginia I37200
6 Thompson, William B.  17 Dec 1830Wythe Co, Virginia I52880


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allison / Carter  Abt 1853Wythe Co, Virginia F21021
2 Allison / Craig  9 Feb 1801Wythe Co, Virginia F20993
3 Allison / Howard  8 Dec 1831Wythe Co, Virginia F21017
4 Allison / Sawyers (Sayers)  Abt 1832Wythe Co, Virginia F21015
5 Allison / Sayers  17 Nov 1827Wythe Co, Virginia F20994
6 Bonham / Ford  1818Wythe Co, Virginia F2063
7 Bonham / Ford  1821Wythe Co, Virginia F2110
8 Bonham / Ford  18 Nov 1824Wythe Co, Virginia F2111
9 Bonham / Heard  Aft 1825Wythe Co, Virginia F2112
10 Bonham / Hoppess  3 Jun 1824Wythe Co, Virginia F21266
11 Bonham / Kerr (or Carr)  6 Sep 1791Wythe Co, Virginia F21260
12 Bonham / Scott  12 Apr 1798Wythe Co, Virginia F2054
13 Breckenridge / Doak  Abt 1788Wythe Co, Virginia F70
14 Cole / Allison  1789Wythe Co, Virginia F10050
15 Cole / Allison  1799Wythe Co, Virginia F12332
16 Crockett / Allison  Abt 1833Wythe Co, Virginia F21022
17 Doak / Creger (Kreger)  27 May 1841Wythe Co, Virginia F11129
18 Doak / Doak  Abt 1904Wythe Co, Virginia F11167
19 Evans / Breckenridge  Abt 1771Wythe Co, Virginia F1061
20 Farmer / Evans  10 Apr 1804Wythe Co, Virginia F19105
21 Howard / Allison  Abt 1838Wythe Co, Virginia F21018
22 Jenkins / Bonham  Abt 1870Wythe Co, Virginia F9415
23 Jones / Porter  10 Nov 1791Wythe Co, Virginia F18458
24 May / Runyon  3 Mar 1804Wythe Co, Virginia F28411
25 Myers / Doak  Abt 1872Wythe Co, Virginia F11260
26 Sanders / Allison  Abt 1826Wythe Co, Virginia F21016
27 Stephens / Cole  1790Wythe Co, Virginia F12333
28 Vogt (Vaught) / Butcher  Abt 1787Wythe Co, Virginia F27436
29 Vogt (Vaught) / Vaught  Abt 1805Wythe Co, Virginia F27435
30 Weiss / Bonham  18 Nov 1798Wythe Co, Virginia F16293
31 Wilcox / Gray  12 Aug 1866Wythe Co, Virginia F22491
32 Wood / Bonham  17 Sep 1801Wythe Co, Virginia F1652

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