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of, Jackson Co, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Young, Adaire  Between 1826 and 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I37051
2 Young, Angeline  Between 1826 and 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I37053
3 Young, Nancy Adeline  1835of, Jackson Co, Missouri I32693


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bowers, (daughter)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74721
2 Bowers, (daughter)  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74724
3 Bowers, (son - died bef 1830)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74723
4 Bowers, Christian  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74521
5 Bowers, Elonzo  Aft 1880of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74763
6 Burgin, Jesse M.  Aft 1930of, Jackson Co, Missouri I97959
7 Butts, Levina  Aft 1850of, Jackson Co, Missouri I45629
8 Fenn, James E.  Aft 1900of, Jackson Co, Missouri I2120
9 Jent, (daughter)  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74799
10 Jent, (son)  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74798
11 Jent, Catherine  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74816
12 Johnson, Polly  Aft 1846of, Jackson Co, Missouri I40863
13 Johnston (Johnson), Panthey W.  26 Jan 1844of, Jackson Co, Missouri I37034
14 Johnston (Johnson), Rachel W.  19 Mar 1818of, Jackson Co, Missouri I37033
15 Jones, G.W.  Aft 1870of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74727
16 Jones, Mrs. Martha (..)  Aft 1870of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74725
17 Jones, N.W.  Aft 1870of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74726
18 Linville, (dau1)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I32743
19 Linville, (son1)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I32740
20 Linville, (son3)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I32742
21 Linville, Catherine  Aft 1831of, Jackson Co, Missouri I3134
22 Mails, Agnes (boarder 1870)  Aft 1870of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74670
23 Mails, Carry  Aft 1870of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74671
24 Montredie, Celeste  Aft 1850of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74523
25 Smith, Mrs. Alice J. (..)  Aft 1900of, Jackson Co, Missouri I93246
26 Staten, (Mrs. John)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74838
27 Staten, (Mrs. Thomas Jr.)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74835
28 Staton (Staten), (daughter)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74836
29 Staton (Staten), (daughter)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74842
30 Staton (Staten), (daughter)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74843
31 Staton (Staten), (daughter)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74844
32 Staton (Staten), (son)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74839
33 Staton (Staten), (son)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74840
34 Staton (Staten), (son)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74841
35 Staton (Staten), John  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74837
36 Young, (daughter)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74887
37 Young, (daughter)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74888
38 Young, (daughter)  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74827
39 Young, (Mrs. James)  af 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74885
40 Young, (son)  Aft 1830of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74886
41 Young, (son)  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74824
42 Young, (son)  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74825
43 Young, (son)  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74826
44 Young, Adaire  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I37051
45 Young, Angeline  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I37053
46 Young, Ella  Aft 1870of, Jackson Co, Missouri I97965
47 Young, Elvira A.  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74522
48 Young, John  Bef 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74817
49 Young, Nancy  Aft 1870of, Jackson Co, Missouri I97964
50 Young, Mrs. Sallie (..) (wife?)  Aft 1840of, Jackson Co, Missouri I74818


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Beason / Shelton  Aft 1900of, Jackson Co, Missouri F533