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of, Jasper Co, Mississippi


Latitude: 32.0810429, Longitude: -89.1705998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bosworth, Martha "Mary" Lucinda  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41263
2 Bounds, Mrs. A.M. (..)  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32779
3 Bounds, Mrs. B.E. (..)  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41522
4 Bounds, Daniel  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32771
5 Bounds, J.A.  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32781
6 Bounds, Jane  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41223
7 Bounds, John Chapman Jr.  1936of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41283
8 Bounds, Joseph Christian  26 Sep 1898of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41282
9 Bounds, Larson W.  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41297
10 Bounds, Malissa  Aft 1870of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32782
11 Bounds, Margaret  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32772
12 Bounds, Martha E.  1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41298
13 Bounds, Mary Jane  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32774
14 Bounds, Penelope Eugenia "Nellie"  1934of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41284
15 Bounds, Richard  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32775
16 Bounds, Telitha (Tabitha) Jennsha  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41296
17 Bounds, Thomas  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32780
18 Chambers, Thomas H.  Aft 1853of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62605
19 Chatham, Mrs. Mary (..)  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41699
20 Clark, James  Aft 1849of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I42147
21 Cook, Napoleon B.  Aft 1870of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41523
22 Cooley, Adaline  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41219
23 Cooley, Berry  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41378
24 Cooley, Berry B.  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41202
25 Cooley, C.J.  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41638
26 Cooley, Daniel  Aft 1859of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I28791
27 Cooley, Eliza  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41210
28 Cooley, John  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41217
29 Cooley, John  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41377
30 Cooley, John Wesley  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41694
31 Cooley, Julia Anne  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41216
32 Cooley, Lany  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41695
33 Cooley, Madison  Aft 1859of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41218
34 Cooley, Mary  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41212
35 Cooley, Nancy  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41214
36 Cooley, Nancy  Aft 1859of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41304
37 Cooley, Robert Kinchen  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41697
38 Cooley, Tyre  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41696
39 Cooley, William  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41215
40 Davis, Thomas  Aft 1853of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62607
41 Donald, Edwin T.  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41278
42 Donald, Elizabeth  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I63795
43 Donald, George M.  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41279
44 Donald, James  Aft 1830of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41291
45 Donald, Joseph B.  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41280
46 Donald, Joseph R.  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I63796
47 Donald, Willie L.  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41277
48 Ellis, Bert  Aft 1900of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41491
49 Ellis, Dora  Aft 1870of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41497
50 Ellis, Eliza  Aft 1870of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41498
51 Ellis, Elizabeth  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41245
52 Ellis, Elizabeth R.  Aft 1870of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41499
53 Ellis, James S.  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41272
54 Ellis, John W.W.  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41270
55 Ellis, L.W.  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41502
56 Ellis, Lennon Woodson  1863of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41266
57 Ellis, Leonidas  Aft 1900of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41496
58 Ellis, M.E.  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41501
59 Ellis, Maddie  Aft 1900of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41494
60 Ellis, Martha  Aft 1900of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41493
61 Ellis, Mary Jane  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41269
62 Ellis, Nancy  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41248
63 Ellis, Nancy  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41267
64 Ellis, Ora  Aft 1900of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41492
65 Ellis, Theresa  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41268
66 Ellis, Willie  Aft 1900of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41495
67 Goodwin, Julia  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41365
68 Grayson, Dorinda  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62588
69 Grayson, Eliza  Aft 1861of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62590
70 Grayson, Lee  1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62574
71 Grayson, Lucretia  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62584
72 Grayson, Mary Ann  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62577
73 Grayson, Thomas J.  Aft 1910of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62586
74 Grayson, William  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62585
75 Harrington, Nancy  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I72795
76 Hinton, Alice Ann  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I58537
77 Hinton, Elsey Ann  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I57412
78 Hinton, John Wesley  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I58405
79 Hinton, Julia Catherine  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I58611
80 Hinton, Mrs. M.A. (..)  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I57926
81 Hinton, Martha Jane  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I58380
82 Hinton, Nancy M.  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I57525
83 Hinton, Rebecca Jane  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I58492
84 Hinton, S.J.  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I57382
85 Hinton, Samuel Ransom  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I58088
86 Hinton, Sarah Elizabeth  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I58406
87 Hinton, William Crane  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I58407
88 Jacobs, George  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32754
89 Jacobs, Louella  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32757
90 Jacobs, M.E.  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32755
91 Jacobs, William  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I32752
92 Lang, Mrs. Sarah (..)  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41639
93 Lang, Susan "Susie" (..)  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41508
94 Lang, Willis S.  Aft 1860of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41509
95 Langston, Emily K.  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I39298
96 McDonald, Henry  Aft 1853of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I62608
97 Merrill, Eliza  Aft 1750of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41990
98 Merrill, Susan  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41991
99 Merrill, William Wallace  Aft 1880of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41364
100 Moffett, Mrs. Harriet (..)  Aft 1850of, Jasper Co, Mississippi I41259

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