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of, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abshire, Mary  Abt 1800of, Kentucky I46070
2 Allen, Matilda  Abt 1800of, Kentucky I103049
3 Arnold, Ruey  1843of, Kentucky I63452
4 Aydelotte, John A.  Abt 1840of, Kentucky I64063
5 Bunch, Mahala  Abt 1813of, Kentucky I51251
6 Comstock, Helena "Ellen"  Abt 1780of, Kentucky I1883
7 Cooley, Anne (maybe dau of John C?)  Abt 1750of, Kentucky I28371
8 Cope, Nancy Holland  Abt 1828of, Kentucky I52635
9 Cope, Sarah A.  Abt 1813of, Kentucky I52615
10 Davis, Silas R.  30 Jan 1825of, Kentucky I75785
11 Ewing, Chatham S.  Between 1791 and 1800of, Kentucky I45730
12 Falkner-White, Margaret  Abt 1710of, Kentucky I48133
13 Fields, Joseph  Abt 1850of, Kentucky I46103
14 Fitzhugh, Joseph  Abt 1800of, Kentucky I68621
15 Hawkins, John  Abt 1750of, Kentucky I47754
16 Hawkins, Nancy  1826of, Kentucky I19051
17 Hooker, Lucy Jane  1826of, Kentucky I60888
18 Hopkins, John  1834of, Kentucky I46212
19 Hoskins  Abt 1794of, Kentucky I64192
20 Hoskins, John  Abt 1790of, Kentucky I56607
21 Huffman, (child 1)  Bef 1790of, Kentucky I28372
22 Huffman, (child 2)  Bef 1790of, Kentucky I28373
23 Huffman, Jacob  Abt 1750of, Kentucky I28370
24 Hughes, William B.  Abt 1861of, Kentucky I36037
25 Johnson, Reuben  1808of, Kentucky I45537
26 Lyons, Anderson John  Abt 1832of, Kentucky I19424
27 Majors, Darthula  Abt 1860of, Kentucky I20832
28 McDavitt, Edgar  Abt 1805of, Kentucky I103047
29 McDavitt, Thomas  Abt 1800of, Kentucky I103046
30 Mills, Emily   I17317
31 Mulkey, Luke  Abt 1812of, Kentucky I35711
32 Neale, Alfred William  Abt 1820of, Kentucky I75732
33 Orr, Hugh  Abt 1776of, Kentucky I58182
34 Prather, John  Abt 1806of, Kentucky I13843
35 Price, Nancy  Abt 1815of, Kentucky I67551
36 Ray, Eleanor G  Abt 1817of, Kentucky I18964
37 Runyon, Margaret K. "Maggie"  Abt 1830of, Kentucky I55432
38 Rutherford, Frances  Abt 1847of, Kentucky I18873
39 Sanford, Thomas  Abt 1810of, Kentucky I103048
40 Satterwhite, Dr. Thomas Palmer  1795of, Kentucky I226
41 Sharp, Elizabeth  1765of, Kentucky I35906
42 Short, Nancy  7 Apr 1800of, Kentucky I6108
43 Short, Susan  Abt 1850of, Kentucky I57455
44 Smith, Louisa  1817of, Kentucky I45538
45 Steel, Samuel T.  Abt 1832of, Kentucky I89705
46 Studdard, John  1780of, Kentucky I39717
47 Willhite, James W. (son of who?)  Abt 1830of, Kentucky I75889


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allison, Ezra H.  Aft 1807of, Kentucky I39054
2 Arnold, Nancy  Bef 1862of, Kentucky I10876
3 Ashbrook, (..)  Bef 1870of, Kentucky I31530
4 Berry, Elijah Vancleve  Aft 1870of, Kentucky I36659
5 Berry, Letitia Isaphene  Aft 1870of, Kentucky I36662
6 Berry, Lewis Samuel  Aft 1870of, Kentucky I36660
7 Berry, Marion Orton  Aft 1870of, Kentucky I36661
8 Brent, Margaret  Aft 1800of, Kentucky I28539
9 Callison, Robert  Aft 1830of, Kentucky I50404
10 Chadd, (father of Wm and Samuel) (Iowa)  Aft 1825of, Kentucky I41125
11 Compton, Elmira Frances  Aft 1865of, Kentucky I18913
12 Fitzgerald, Nancy  Aft 1820of, Kentucky I45212
13 Gaines, William  Aft 1790of, Kentucky I55397
14 Garr, Dina  Aft 1815of, Kentucky I55911
15 Hay, Peter  Aft 1810of, Kentucky I58180
16 Hill, Thomas  Aft 1810of, Kentucky I43914
17 Hooker, James D.  Aft 1870of, Kentucky I60913
18 House, James "Tippy"  Aft 1855of, Kentucky I57422
19 Jones, Mary  Aft 1793of, Kentucky I37089
20 Lewis, Martha  Aft 1890of, Kentucky I55209
21 Lewis, Thomas  Aft 1786of, Kentucky I61055
22 Long, Jane  Aft 1808of, Kentucky I39055
23 Mannahan, (Mr. ..)  Bef 1850of, Kentucky I51978
24 Martin, Mildred  1827of, Kentucky I81652
25 Masterson, Nancy  Aft 1836of, Kentucky I33151
26 Meekins-Mayfield, Nancy  Aft 1842of, Kentucky I58337
27 Noblett, Ann  Aft 1850of, Kentucky I46029
28 Orr, Hugh  Aft 1810of, Kentucky I58182
29 Overhuls, Mary "Betty"  Aft 1875of, Kentucky I60701
30 Patton, Mrs. (..)  Aft 1830of, Kentucky I31013
31 Patton, (..)  Aft 1830of, Kentucky I31004
32 Payne, Elizabeth  Aft 1786of, Kentucky I61008
33 Penn (or Smith?), Elizabeth  Aft 1804of, Kentucky I78647
34 Pickerell, William  Aft 1836of, Kentucky I33150
35 Pinson, George W.  Aft 1830of, Kentucky I45982
36 Roberts, Jane  Aft 1750of, Kentucky I28585
37 Russell, Lutellus L. Sr.  Aft 1875of, Kentucky I45520
38 Rust, Margaret  Aft 1920of, Kentucky I55164
39 Scott, John  Aft 1830of, Kentucky I23091
40 Shelton, Joel Larkin (or Jesse) (son of who?)  Aft 1820of, Kentucky I67787
41 Shelton, Mrs. Virginia (Ealie) (..)  Aft 1945of, Kentucky I60712
42 Shever, Elizabeth  Aft 1790of, Kentucky I58268
43 Sisk, Frank P.  Aft 1910of, Kentucky I51411
44 Smith, (..)  Aft 1810of, Kentucky I45424
45 Southard, Rebecca J.  Aft 1870of, Kentucky I54787
46 Staten, William  Aft 1815of, Kentucky I45211
47 Steel, Henry  Aft 1825of, Kentucky I48446
48 Stone, Alexander  Aft 1805of, Kentucky I60680
49 Stone, John  Aft 1890of, Kentucky I60800
50 Strother, Ann  Aft 1790of, Kentucky I55398
51 Sutton, David  Aft 1788of, Kentucky I12224
52 Van Bibber, Nancy  Aft 1805of, Kentucky I15523
53 Vincent, Mary Ann  Aft 1870of, Kentucky I52676
54 Wainscott, J.W.  Aft 1860of, Kentucky I75779
55 Waller, Catherine  Aft 1848of, Kentucky I28394
56 Willhite, James W. (son of who?)  Abt 1902of, Kentucky I75889
57 Willoughby, (..)  Aft 1840of, Kentucky I51083
58 Wyatt, Milton Enoch (son of who?)  Aft 1880of, Kentucky I79744
59 Yeager, Frederick  Aft 1815of, Kentucky I55910
60 Young, Bazil  7 Oct 1843of, Kentucky I45866
61 Young, Hannah (dau of who?)  Aft 1805of, Kentucky I56211


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Young, Robert Thomas Jr.  1840of, Kentucky I45861


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Gaines / Strother  Abt 1780of, Kentucky F18186
2 Hainline (or Haneline) / Dumford  Abt 1786of, Kentucky F27921
3 Heath / Heath  Abt 1821of, Kentucky F10487
4 Huffman / Cooley  Abt 1770of, Kentucky F9910
5 Shelton / Webster  Abt 1809of, Kentucky F21923
6 Staten / Fitzgerald  Abt 1810of, Kentucky F15007
7 Wilcox / Wilcox  Abt 1789of, Kentucky F22495
8 Womach (Womack) / Crocker  Abt 1857of, Kentucky F11445
9 Yeager / Garr  Abt 1810of, Kentucky F18369