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of, North Carolina



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrus, James (Jacques) William Sr.  1760of, North Carolina I1572
2 Andrus, John (Jean Batiste)  1768of, North Carolina I7153
3 Busby, Elizabeth  Abt 1776of, North Carolina I63880
4 Campbell, James  Abt 1765of, North Carolina I7347
5 Ellis, Reye Rhisa  Abt 1765of, North Carolina I41655
6 Faison, Thomas Kilbey  29 Mar 1799of, North Carolina I78684
7 Farris (Faires), Frances "Franky"  1820of, North Carolina I55513
8 Farris (Faires), Nicholas  Abt 1810of, North Carolina I55485
9 Fogleman, Henry  Abt 1774of, North Carolina I69036
10 Forman, Mr. (..)  Abt 1742of, North Carolina I7945
11 Fox, John Wesley  1764of, North Carolina I48047
12 Haneline, Jacob Jr.  Abt 1788of, North Carolina I58815
13 Hawkins, Frances  Abt 1765of, North Carolina I28477
14 Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  Between 1760 and 1770of, North Carolina I52119
15 Jones, Abraham  Abt 1764of, North Carolina I15052
16 Jones, Moses  Abt 1747of, North Carolina I35179
17 Keithley, Daniel Charles Sr.  Abt 1770of, North Carolina I15831
18 Key, Wade (wadekey) (A-DNA-4th)   I71502
19 Mitchell, James C.  Abt 1794of, North Carolina I40131
20 Parker, Lucretia  Abt 1739of, North Carolina I35655
21 Robbins, Frances  Abt 1766of, North Carolina I19867
22 Sparks, Thomas  1785of, North Carolina I52444
23 Troy, Robert Clark  10 Mar 1873of, North Carolina I72152
24 Wharton, Sarah  Abt 1802of, North Carolina I28484
25 Young, (Mrs. John Sr) (NC)  Between 1756 and 1774of, North Carolina I45819
26 Young, (son)  Between 1785 and 1790of, North Carolina I45820
27 Young, John (NC) Sr.  Bef 1755of, North Carolina I45818


Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allison, Margaret "Peggy"  Aft 1850of, North Carolina I64923
2 Allison, Zilman (or Tilman)  Aft 1850of, North Carolina I64916
3 Bingham, Elizabeth A.  Aft 1760of, North Carolina I100210
4 Bonham, John  Aft 1767of, North Carolina I4564
5 Bounds, Jane  Aft 1785of, North Carolina I15557
6 Bowen, Elizabeth  Aft 1790of, North Carolina I55049
7 Brown (?), Mary "Polly"  Aft 1800of, North Carolina I72860
8 Carson, Rachel  Aft 1805of, North Carolina I64921
9 Carter, Edward  Aft 1800of, North Carolina I55252
10 Carter, Elizabeth Mary  Aft 1790of, North Carolina I52169
11 Clark, Celia  Aft 1880of, North Carolina I64917
12 Clark, William F.M.  Aft 1805of, North Carolina I64920
13 Colclough, Elizabeth  Aft 1795of, North Carolina I64940
14 Denn, Mary  Aft 1780of, North Carolina I63357
15 Dixon, Mary "Polly"  Aft 1870of, North Carolina I56342
16 Fogleman, Eleanor (..)  Aft 1805of, North Carolina I69037
17 Fox, John Wesley  1840of, North Carolina I48047
18 Franklin, David  Aft 1860of, North Carolina I56341
19 Glasscock, Elijah  Aft 1784of, North Carolina I107613
20 Glasscock, Margaret  Aft 1784of, North Carolina I107614
21 Glasscock, Spencer  Aft 1784of, North Carolina I107608
22 Glasscock, Wharton  Aft 1784of, North Carolina I107612
23 Glasscock, William  Aft 1784of, North Carolina I107611
24 Gray, Robert  Aft 1775of, North Carolina I69747
25 Gunter, Hester Ann "Hettie"  Aft 1880of, North Carolina I56344
26 Harding, Sarah  Aft 1803of, North Carolina I55827
27 Hiatt, John  Aft 1779of, North Carolina I49373
28 Hooper, Rebecca  Aft 1790of, North Carolina I55511
29 Howard, Mrs. Temperance (..)  Bef 1785of, North Carolina I58527
30 Jent  of, North Carolina I97889
31 Johnson, Thomas  Aft 1821of, North Carolina I52122
32 Jones, Elizabeth  Aft 1765of, North Carolina I49242
33 Jones, Rachel (dau of who?)  Aft 1770of, North Carolina I80379
34 Kivett, Emily  Aft 1860of, North Carolina I80923
35 Latham, Grace  1808of, North Carolina I94007
36 Lee (or Low?), (..)  Aft 1840of, North Carolina I76559
37 Leger, James  Aft 1788of, North Carolina I38237
38 Lewis, Mary Randolph  Aft 1800of, North Carolina I55253
39 Mitchell, John  1789of, North Carolina I49735
40 Newton, Mary  Aft 1800of, North Carolina I71596
41 Nichols, John* (immigrant?)  Aft 1730of, North Carolina I53443
42 Norton, Peter  Aft 1840of, North Carolina I56333
43 Overstreet, William  Aft 1780of, North Carolina I56315
44 Preston, Elizabeth  Aft 1830of, North Carolina I48141
45 Rector, Mary  Aft 1784of, North Carolina I36348
46 Ricker, William  Aft 1825of, North Carolina I56332
47 Shelton, (Mrs. Joseph)  Aft 1789of, North Carolina I61934
48 Shelton, Elizabeth  Aft 1851of, North Carolina I56324
49 Shelton, Martin  Aft 1870of, North Carolina I56329
50 Shelton, Rhoda  Aft 1860of, North Carolina I56330
51 Shelton, Ursula Ersley  Aft 1842of, North Carolina I56323
52 Shoffner, Mrs. (2nd wife)  Aft 1870of, North Carolina I80771
53 Spoon, Sylvester  Aft 1860of, North Carolina I80922
54 Stewart, Keziah  Aft 1788of, North Carolina I38238
55 Stout, Sara*  Aft 1730of, North Carolina I53444
56 Swift, Mary  Aft 1801of, North Carolina I65300
57 Young, (father of John and Absalom) (Robert or Reuben?)  Aft 1760of, North Carolina I45858
58 Young, Mrs. (mother of John and Absalom)  Aft 1760of, North Carolina I45903
59 Young, Samuel  Aft 1800of, North Carolina I71595


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Denny / Hooper  Abt 1780of, North Carolina F18229
2 Fogleman / Fogleman  Abt 1800of, North Carolina F22311
3 Johnson / Johnson  Abt 1780of, North Carolina F17090
4 Nichols / Preston  Abt 1778of, North Carolina F31237
5 Nichols / Stout  Abt 1720of, North Carolina F17492
6 Parks / Jones  Abt 1759of, North Carolina F16255
7 Redford / Redford  Abt 1827of, North Carolina F11366
8 Scarlett / Laycock  Abt 1829of, North Carolina F24392
9 Slay / Sumrall  Abt 1790of, North Carolina F14022
10 Stephens / Leachman  Abt 1781of, North Carolina F21005
11 Wainscott / Elrod  14 Dec 1769of, North Carolina F15116