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of, Virginia



Matches 1 to 89 of 89

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Hannah  Abt 1714of, Virginia I6016
2 Arnold, Ann  Abt 1717of, Virginia I13796
3 Bell, Frank Ervin  25 Oct 1882of, Virginia I18146
4 Bell, James Alexander  04 May 1796of, Virginia I30948
5 Bell, Thomas (VA)  Abt 1720of, Virginia I30944
6 Brown, William  Abt 1728of, Virginia I28637
7 Browne, Robert  Abt 1775of, Virginia I64943
8 Bryan, Jane Susan  Abt 1810of, Virginia I35157
9 Bush, Mrs. Elizabeth (..)  Abt 1774of, Virginia I49784
10 Butt (or Butts?), Anthony  Abt 1710of, Virginia I90353
11 Carter, Mary  Abt 1670of, Virginia I86797
12 Chandler, Sarah  Abt 1835of, Virginia I53652
13 Chapple, Ann  1780of, Virginia I94701
14 Clark, John I  Abt 1745of, Virginia I7612
15 Cole, Elizabeth  Abt 1708of, Virginia I28614
16 Cole, John  Abt 1705of, Virginia I28612
17 Cole, Patsey  Abt 1716of, Virginia I28615
18 Cole, William  Abt 1715of, Virginia I28616
19 Cole, William  Abt 1742of, Virginia I48061
20 Colwell, Mrs. (..)  Abt 1690of, Virginia I41614
21 Darby, Hugh  Abt 1784of, Virginia I75392
22 Davis, Aaron  Abt 1750of, Virginia I37147
23 Davis, Mary "Polly"  Abt 1775of, Virginia I78546
24 Draper, Mary 'Polly'  Abt 1780of, Virginia I18791
25 Forman, Esther (dau of who?)  Abt 1760of, Virginia I28038
26 Foster, Moses  Abt 1797of, Virginia I4997
27 Gilham, Mary  Abt 1759of, Virginia I65
28 Green, Hannah  Abt 1675of, Virginia I28618
29 Green, James (not son of Thos Abner)  Abt 1740of, Virginia I28320
30 Green, Rebecca  Abt 1680of, Virginia I28619
31 Green, Rudolphus (not son of Thos Abner)  Abt 1747of, Virginia I28323
32 Gwaltney, Margaret  1751of, Virginia I28311
33 Hanna, John  Abt 1726of, Virginia I49992
34 Heath, Susannah*  Abt 1628of, Virginia I16101
35 Hopkins, John  Abt 1784of, Virginia I28382
36 Hoskins, Dolly  10 Nov 1761Of, Virginia I55061
37 Howard, Sarah  Abt 1645of, Virginia I42669
38 Hughes, Mary  Abt 1777of, Virginia I4595
39 Ives  of, Virginia I90340
40 Ivey (or Ivy), John  Abt 1685of, Virginia I90295
41 Jackman, Thomas  Abt 1715of, Virginia I60552
42 Johnson, John  Abt 1776of, Virginia I15189
43 Jones, Charles  Abt 1787of, Virginia I35194
44 Jones, David  Abt 1751of, Virginia I33171
45 Jones, Elizabeth  Abt 1781of, Virginia I35192
46 Jones, Evan  1670of, Virginia I79274
47 Jones, Margaret  Abt 1734of, Virginia I77811
48 Jones, Moses (Henry, KY line)  Abt 1745of, Virginia I35059
49 Jones, William E.  Abt 1784of, Virginia I35193
50 Latham, Mary  Abt 1725of, Virginia I30945
51 Laughlin, Thomas III  1785of, Virginia I1664
52 Lee, John  Abt 1810of, Virginia I35156
53 Lewis, Ann  Abt 1745of, Virginia I3501
54 Lewis, Kitty  Abt 1778of, Virginia I61080
55 Mackenna, Maria  Abt 1740of, Virginia I31085
56 Mansfield, Mary  Abt 1630of, Virginia I16124
57 McClung, Elizabeth  1771of, Virginia I84786
58 Meadows, John  Abt 1775of, Virginia I49794
59 Meek, Ann "Ellen"  Abt 1778of, Virginia I69781
60 Moore, James  5 Oct 1763of, Virginia I84787
61 Morgan, Catherine  Abt 1600of, Virginia I10956
62 Morgan, John  Abt 1738of, Virginia I11011
63 Noblett, Ann  Abt 1761of, Virginia I46029
64 Ott (?), Mary (Catherine?)  Abt 1765of, Virginia I54874
65 Perry, William S  Abt 1845of, Virginia I17548
66 Roberts, Jane  Abt 1720of, Virginia I28585
67 Rogers, Eleanor  Abt 1805of, Virginia I5845
68 Rowe, Sarah  Abt 1743of, Virginia I48439
69 Russell, Alexander  Abt 1787of, Virginia I51856
70 Russell, Ephraim  Abt 1765of, Virginia I52153
71 Russell, Joseph  Abt 1760of, Virginia I51854
72 Sanders, John  1770of, Virginia I71320
73 Scott, Elizabeth  Abt 1720of, Virginia I35704
74 Smith, (..)  Abt 1811of, Virginia I46117
75 Stephens, Anna Christina  Abt 1715of, Virginia I46393
76 Sublett, Charles Jordan  Abt 1775of, Virginia I54007
77 Thompson, John Davis  25 May 1807of, Virginia I40411
78 Thompson, Susannah  Abt 1750of, Virginia I28832
79 Van Meter, Mary  Abt 26 Apr 1709of, Virginia I77806
80 Veny, Margaret Omel  Abt 1805of, Virginia I31069
81 Wade, Richard  Abt 1760of, Virginia I13777
82 Williams, Joseph  1748of, Virginia I49224
83 Wilson (?), Miss (..)* (Welsh descent)  Abt 1755of, Virginia I31091
84 Withers, William C.  Abt 1791of, Virginia I1628
85 Wood, Henry M.  Abt 1800of, Virginia I31068
86 Wright, Hester  Abt 1715of, Virginia I60553
87 Young, (..)  Abt 1730of, Virginia I74552
88 Young, (father of John and Absalom) (Robert or Reuben?)  Abt 1720of, Virginia I45858
89 Young, Mrs. (mother of John and Absalom)  Abt 1725of, Virginia I45903


Matches 1 to 74 of 74

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, Jane  Aft 1750of, Virginia I36426
2 Allen, Reuben  Aft 1750of, Virginia I28927
3 Allison, Robert (VA to SC to KY) (son of who?)  Aft 1730of, Virginia I40170
4 Allison, William (son or prob g-son?)  Aft 1780of, Virginia I40177
5 Bohannan, Joseph (maybe nephew)  Aft 1710of, Virginia I42608
6 Cole, Thomas  Aft 1720of, Virginia I28611
7 Crawley, John  Aft 1700of, Virginia I28609
8 Crawley, Martha  Aft 1720of, Virginia I28610
9 Crockett, Emaline V.  Aft 1862of, Virginia I47352
10 Crockett, Margaret  Aft 1857of, Virginia I47394
11 Davis, Nancy  Aft 1830of, Virginia I40410
12 Dillingham, Mrs. Ann (..)  Bef 1772of, Virginia I56209
13 Earl, Anna Sorrell  Aft 1860of, Virginia I53630
14 Filmer, Martha  Aft 1720of, Virginia I90610
15 Glasscock, Fanny  Aft 1800of, Virginia I42653
16 Green, Cynthia  Aft 1771of, Virginia I40176
17 Green, Elizabeth  Aft 1700of, Virginia I28608
18 Green, Elizabeth (..) Mrs.  Aft 1710of, Virginia I28604
19 Green, John  Aft 1700of, Virginia I28603
20 Green, Martha "Patsy"  Aft 1730of, Virginia I28607
21 Green, Mary  Aft 1710of, Virginia I28617
22 Green, Obedience  Aft 1795of, Virginia I28594
23 Green, Rebecca  Aft 1706of, Virginia I28619
24 Harrison, (..)  Aft 1718of, Virginia I56956
25 Henson, Mildred  Aft 1810of, Virginia I52706
26 Hollingsworth, Elias  Aft 1770of, Virginia I57549
27 Howard, Sarah  Bef 1 May 1717of, Virginia I42669
28 Hudson, Sarah  Aft 1750of, Virginia I53434
29 Jackman, Thomas  Aft 1740of, Virginia I60552
30 Jackson, Eliza T.  Aft 1900of, Virginia I102091
31 Jarett, Asina  Aft 1845of, Virginia I48140
32 Jones, (father of David Thompson) (son of who?)  Aft 1765of, Virginia I56258
33 Jones, Alexander  Aft 1830of, Virginia I49393
34 Jones, Mrs. Mary (..)  Aft 1780of, Virginia I77817
35 Jones, Robert  Aft 1796of, Virginia I77805
36 Jones, Roger  Aft 1761of, Virginia I84760
37 Lawson, Bathshelby  Aft 1780of, Virginia I40198
38 Lorton, Mrs. Sarah (..)  1787of, Virginia I47439
39 Lowther, Amos  Aft 1852of, Virginia I47353
40 Moore, Aaron  Aft 1810of, Virginia I84796
41 Moore, Hannah  Aft 1795of, Virginia I84791
42 Moore, Isaac  Aft 1800of, Virginia I84795
43 Moore, Jane "Jennie"  Aft 1798of, Virginia I84794
44 Moore, Margaret  Aft 1800of, Virginia I84788
45 Moore, Nancy  Aft 1768of, Virginia I84790
46 Moore, Phoebe  Aft 1798of, Virginia I84793
47 Moore, Robert  Aft 1800of, Virginia I84792
48 Narvell, Martha  Aft 1780of, Virginia I67205
49 Nunn, Theodocia  Aft 1802of, Virginia I66432
50 Parker, Rachel  Aft 1820of, Virginia I54981
51 Pierce (Pearce), Harriet  Aft 1856of, Virginia I47364
52 Pierce (Pearce), Samuel  Aft 1850of, Virginia I47358
53 Price, George  Aft 1856of, Virginia I47365
54 Roach, David  Aft 1735of, Virginia I77802
55 Rogers, Ann  Aft 1740of, Virginia I66820
56 Rust, Jeremiah  Aft 1810of, Virginia I46358
57 Scott, Elizabeth  Aft 1744of, Virginia I35704
58 Shelton, Elizabeth  Aft 1800of, Virginia I50937
59 Shelton, Samuel Franklin  Aft 1857of, Virginia I50926
60 Siddens, Joseph  Aft 1810of, Virginia I5559
61 Sisk, Eleanor  Aft 1800of, Virginia I47587
62 Smith, Susannah  Aft 1720of, Virginia I48223
63 Stone, William Henry Sr.  13 Jan 1707of, Virginia I42668
64 Sublett, Samuel  Aft 1857of, Virginia I47395
65 Wade, Elizabeth  Aft 1780of, Virginia I56584
66 Waller, William John  Aft 1710of, Virginia I36412
67 Warford, Abraham  Aft 1772of, Virginia I86387
68 Warren, William Barton  Aft 1809of, Virginia I48337
69 Wilkinson, Elizabeth (immigrant)  Abt 1673of, Virginia I2828
70 Willis, Deborah  Aft 1778of, Virginia I68031
71 Wray (Ray), John  Aft 1770of, Virginia I40175
72 Wright, Hester  Aft 1740of, Virginia I60553
73 Young, John (VA)  Aft 1741of, Virginia I45789
74 Young, Reuben  Aft 1740of, Virginia I66807


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allison / Scott  Abt 1740of, Virginia F12328
2 Bush / Bush  Abt 1764of, Virginia F16375
3 Moore / Dodds  Abt 1809of, Virginia F22023
4 Russell / Campbell  Abt 1784of, Virginia F17028
5 Terrell / Pope  Abt 1785of, Virginia F12280
6 West / Mackenna  Abt 1762of, Virginia F10966
7 Williams / Edwards  Abt 1772of, Virginia F16246
8 Wood / Veny  Abt 1822of, Virginia F10959
9 Wray (Ray) / Green  Abt 1768of, Virginia F13532