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of, Wayne Co, Mississippi



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooley, Mrs. Addie S. (..)  1890of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41195
2 Nicholson, Mrs. Hattie (..)  10 Jun 1882of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I59927
3 Sanderson, Candis Luvenia  1870of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I9076


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Eleanor Boyd "Ellen"  3 Feb 1909of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I33860
2 Chason, Seaborn Jefferson  26 Jul 1907of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I33864
3 Cooley, Mrs. Addie (..)  Aft 1940of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I59843
4 Cooley, Mrs. Addie S. (..)  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41195
5 Cooley, Albert  Aft 1910of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I59848
6 Cooley, Albert S.  Aft 1870of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34647
7 Cooley, Anna  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41405
8 Cooley, Austin  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41395
9 Cooley, Berry  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34640
10 Cooley, Berry C.  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41179
11 Cooley, Bertie J.  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41387
12 Cooley, Buford  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41401
13 Cooley, Callie  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34638
14 Cooley, Cazzie  Aft 1910of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34613
15 Cooley, Daniel  Aft 1910of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I59851
16 Cooley, Della  Aft 1910of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I59849
17 Cooley, Dorothy  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41198
18 Cooley, Easter  Aft 1870of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34646
19 Cooley, Easter  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34639
20 Cooley, Ed (or Bob)  Aft 1910of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I59847
21 Cooley, Elizabeth  Aft 1860of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I32465
22 Cooley, Ellen  Aft 1860of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I32467
23 Cooley, Ellie  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34642
24 Cooley, Eloise  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41411
25 Cooley, Ernestine  1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41398
26 Cooley, Eunice  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41396
27 Cooley, Garfield  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41393
28 Cooley, George  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41183
29 Cooley, Harriet  Aft 1860of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I32463
30 Cooley, Ira  Aft 1880of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41385
31 Cooley, Isa  Aft 1880of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41383
32 Cooley, James A.  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41169
33 Cooley, James M. (or W.)  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41384
34 Cooley, John  Aft 1910of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34612
35 Cooley, John T.  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41390
36 Cooley, Joseph R.  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41167
37 Cooley, Julia  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41404
38 Cooley, Julie  Aft 1880of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41381
39 Cooley, Leman  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41408
40 Cooley, Leo  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41409
41 Cooley, Lucy  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41403
42 Cooley, Luther  Aft 1910of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I59850
43 Cooley, M.A.  Aft 1880of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41382
44 Cooley, Marsie F. (Marrie) (..)  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41400
45 Cooley, Martha  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41185
46 Cooley, Mary  1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41402
47 Cooley, Mellie  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41399
48 Cooley, Melvin  1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41392
49 Cooley, Mrs. Melvina (..)  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41386
50 Cooley, Nancy  Aft 1850of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I32455
51 Cooley, Mrs. Nancy (..)  Aft 1880of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41379
52 Cooley, Mrs. Nancy (..)  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41166
53 Cooley, Nancy L.  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41388
54 Cooley, Nelson C.  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41380
55 Cooley, Odell J.  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41412
56 Cooley, Ollie M.  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41196
57 Cooley, Omie  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34615
58 Cooley, Orange  28 Sep 1957of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34637
59 Cooley, Ozzie B.  Aft 1910of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34614
60 Cooley, Polly A.  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41389
61 Cooley, Rosa  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41181
62 Cooley, Roy  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41397
63 Cooley, Selb C. (Silvey)  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41410
64 Cooley, Trudy  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41406
65 Cooley, Wilburn  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41197
66 Cooley, William  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34641
67 Cooley, William E.  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41391
68 Cooley, William R.  Aft 1930of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I34611
69 Cooley, William S.  Aft 1940of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I59845
70 Cooley, Wyatt  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41394
71 Cooley, Zella  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41407
72 Goodwin, Keziah  Aft 1860of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41362
73 Hutto, Albert S.  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41171
74 Hutto, Con  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41172
75 Hutto, Dosia  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41174
76 Hutto, Frank  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41177
77 Hutto, Gavin  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41178
78 Hutto, Hampton  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41176
79 Hutto, Mary  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41173
80 Hutto, Matthew  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41175
81 Landrum, Alvis  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I107237
82 Landrum, Dora  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I107235
83 Landrum, Edward  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I42050
84 Landrum, Gus  Aft 1920of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I107236
85 Landrum, Hattie  Aft 1900of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I42046
86 Landrum, Rebecca  Aft 1880of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I9079
87 Landrum, Velma E.  Aft 1910of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I107234
88 McCarty, Albania  Aft 1850of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I62190
89 McCarty, Almeda  Aft 1850of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I62191
90 McCarty, Sarah  Aft 1870of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I62196
91 McCarty, Vinson  Aft 1850of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I62189
92 McDonald, Ida Tennessee  Mar 1915of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I32457
93 Miller, Martha  Aft 1880of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I88386
94 Parker, (child)  Aft 1840of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41720
95 Parker, John  Aft 1816of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41733
96 Parker, Johnathan  Aft 1850of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41754
97 Parker, Mary  Aft 1850of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41752
98 Parker, Rebecca (..)  Aft 1850of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41751
99 Parker, Sarah  Aft 1850of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I41753
100 Patterson, Martha Agnes "Nancy"  Aft 1816of, Wayne Co, Mississippi I32759

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 McCarty / Jones  Abt 1840of, Wayne Co, Mississippi F13511