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Peter Van Bibber, II

Male 1728 - 1796  (68 years)

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Jacob Van Bibber
Male Abt 1778-Aft 1778
Sarah Yoakum
Female Abt 1758-Bef 1838
Chloe (..) Van Bibber, Mrs
Female Abt 1757-Aft 1790
Rachel Greenlee
Female 1779-Aft 1799
Ellenor Van Bibber
Female Abt 1762-Aft 1840
Peter Van Bibber
Male 1757-Bef 1838
George Dixon
Male 1754-Aft 1824
James D Van Bibber
Male 1828-Aft 1888
Caroline Stealey
Female Abt 1828-Aft 1860
Susan Boone
Female 1806-Bef 1843
Irvine Van Bibber
Male Abt 1799-Aft 1799
Frances Van Bibber
Female Abt 1806-Aft 1806
Lucinda Van Bibber
Female Abt 1810-Aft 1810
Melissa Van Bibber
Female Abt 1814-Aft 1837
Lorenzo D Hutts
Male Abt 1814-Aft 1837
Daniel B Van Bibber
Male 1817-Aft 1818
Minerva Van Bibber
Female 1818-Aft 1839
William J Davis
Male Abt 1818-Aft 1839
James Van Bibber
Male 1766-1840
Jane Irvine
Female 1775-Aft 1840
Margaret Robinson Gardner
Female Abt 1776-Aft 1797
Margaret Hutchinson
Female Abt 1774-Aft 1797
Susan Hensley
Female Abt 1833-Aft 1833
Nancy Hensley
Female Abt 1836-Aft 1836
Tabitha Hensley
Female Abt 1840-Aft 1840
Jacob Hensley
Male Abt 1843-Aft 1843
Ruth Van Bibber
Female Abt 1795-Aft 1843
George Hensley
Male Abt 1795-Aft 1843
Peter Van Bibber
Male Abt 1796-Aft 1815
Nancy Devore
Female Abt 1796-Aft 1815
William Van Bibber
Male Abt 1840-Aft 1862
Frances Ann Thoroughman
Female Abt 1840-Aft 1862
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Noah Bryson Van Bibber
Male Abt 1849-Aft 1869
Elizabeth Carter
Female Abt 1849-Aft 1869
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Solomon Van Bibber
Male Abt 1806-Aft 1840
Jane Bryson
Female Abt 1806-Aft 1849
Jacob Van Bibber
Male Abt 1808-Aft 1828
Margaret Bryson
Female Abt 1808-Aft 1828
William Haney
Male Abt 1827-
Arron Haney
Male Abt 1829-Aft 1829
David Haney
Male Abt 1830-Aft 1830
Andrew Haney
Male Abt 1832-Aft 1832
Margaret Haney
Female Abt 1832-Aft 1832
Ruth Haney
Female Abt 1837-Aft 1837
Sarah Haney
Female Abt 1840-Aft 1840
James Van Bibber Haney
Male Abt 1841-Aft 1876
Tabatha Miller
Female Abt 1841-Aft 1876
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Nancy Van Bibber
Female Abt 1811-Aft 1841
Moses Haney
Male Abt 1803-Aft 1841
Elizabeth Van Bibber
Female Abt 1834-Aft 1880
William Nethercutt
Male Abt 1834-Aft 1861
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Benjamin F. Williams
Male 1842-Aft 1880
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Sarah Van Bibber
Female Abt 1839-Aft 1858
John Morrison
Male Abt 1838-Aft 1858
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Hester Ann Van Bibber
Female Abt 1846-Aft 1964
Aaron Lore
Male Abt 1846-Aft 1964
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David Van Bibber
Male 1846-1922
Minnie Ederwine
Female Abt 1846-1935
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New chart
Mary E. Van Bibber
Female Abt 1851-Aft 1871
(..) Crawford, Mr
Male Abt 1851-Aft 1872
Susan Van Bibber
Female Abt 1853-Aft 1873
John W. Green
Male Abt 1848-Aft 1873
Ezekiel Van Bibber
Male Abt 1813-Bef 1867
Susan Rice
Female Abt 1815-1856
Elizabeth Van Bibber
Female Abt 1815-Aft 1815
Christian Kouns
Male Abt 1836-Aft 1836
Thomson Kouns
Male Abt 1840-Aft 1840
Eveline E. Kouns
Female Abt 1845-Aft 1845
Miranda A. Kouns
Female Abt 1847-Aft 1847
Fena Ann Kouns
Female Abt 1849-Aft 1849
Mary Ann Van Bibber
Female Abt 1818-Aft 1849
David M. Kouns
Male Abt 1818-Aft 1849
Jacob Van Bibber
Male 1775-1839
Sarah Miller
Female 1776-1843
Nancy Van Bibber
Female Abt 1778-Aft 1778
Felicita Van Bibber
Female Abt 1780-Aft 1780
Hannah Van Bibber
Female Abt 1782-Aft 1782
Nancy T. Zumwalt
Female 1827-1899
James M. Jump
Male 1818-1867
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Jemima Boone
Female Abt 1803-Aft 1834
Henry Zumwalt
Male 1802-1846
James Boone
Male Abt 1805-Aft 1825
Polly Allen
Female Abt 1805-Aft 1825
James D Van Bibber
Male 1828-Aft 1888
Caroline Stealey
Female Abt 1828-Aft 1860
Susan Boone
Female 1806-Bef 1843
Delinda Boone
Female Abt 1808-Aft 1828
James Craig
Male Abt 1808-Aft 1828
Nancy Boone
Female Abt 1810-Aft 1810
Olive Boone
Female Abt 1812-Aft 1832
Phil Anthony
Male Abt 1812-Aft 1832
Benjamin Howard Boone
Male Abt 1814-Aft 1834
Mary Stallard
Female Abt 1814-Aft 1834
John C Boone
Male Abt 1816-Abt 1836
Mary Wardlow
Female Abt 1816-Aft 1836
Levica Boone
Female Abt 1818-Aft 1838
William Lawfield
Male Abt 1818-Aft 1838
Melvina Boone
Female 1820-1900
James Howard
Male Abt 1820-Aft 1840
Franklin T. Frazier
Male Abt 1820-Aft 1848
Mary Frances Boone Hosman
Female Abt 1842-Aft 1880
Luther Alfred McGowan
Male Abt 1842-Aft 1880
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Mary Boone
Female Abt 1822-Aft 1842
Alfred Hosman
Male Abt 1822-Aft 1842
Sarah Boone
Female Abt 1824-Aft 1844
Winfield Wright
Male Abt 1824-Aft 1844
Mahaia Boone
Female Abt 1826-Aft 1846
Robert Printy
Male Abt 1826-Aft 1846
Elilia Boone
Female Abt 1828-Aft 1828
Olive Van Bibber
Female 1783-1858
Nathan Boone
Male 1781-1856
Marjery Van Bibber
Female Abt 1784-Aft 1784
Miriam Van Bibber
Female Abt 1786-Aft 1806
John Reynolds
Male Abt 1786-Aft 1806
New chart
Margery Bounds
Female 1740-1844

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