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Clinton Co, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 59 of 59

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Burchett, Henry Rastas  6 May 1896Clinton Co, Kentucky I67642
2 Clark, David  Sep 1891Clinton Co, Kentucky I67758
3 Clark, Dora Ethel  1887Clinton Co, Kentucky I67608
4 Clark, John  May 1885Clinton Co, Kentucky I67757
5 Clark, Laura Mae  15 Jun 1911Clinton Co, Kentucky I67648
6 Clark, Lois  10 Oct 1906Clinton Co, Kentucky I67641
7 Clark, Maggie  May 1893Clinton Co, Kentucky I67759
8 Clark, Nola Ethel  4 Jul 1908Clinton Co, Kentucky I67643
9 Clark, Willam  Jul 1883Clinton Co, Kentucky I67756
10 Guffey, Alvin E.  1923Clinton Co, Kentucky I67691
11 Guffey, Beatrice A.  12 Mar 1917Clinton Co, Kentucky I67693
12 Guffey, Edry S.   I67696
13 Guffey, Ephraim Wesley  21 Jan 1862Clinton Co, Kentucky I67746
14 Guffey, Juniour   I67697
15 Guffey, Owen Estel  22 Jul 1916Clinton Co, Kentucky I67704
16 Guffey, Virgil Garfield  20 Dec 1923Clinton Co, Kentucky I67705
17 Guffey, William "Willie"  16 Aug 1919Clinton Co, Kentucky I67690
18 Jones, Gracie Ann  7 Mar 1872Clinton Co, Kentucky I67712
19 Jones, Malissa "Lissie"  13 Jul 1869Clinton Co, Kentucky I67700
20 Marlow, Talitha  19 Dec 1839Clinton Co, Kentucky I67742
21 Shelton, Alvin Brown  20 Mar 1876Clinton Co, Kentucky I67725
22 Shelton, Anderson Lafayette "Bud"  5 Oct 1906Clinton Co, Kentucky I67682
23 Shelton, Berta May  4 May 1903Clinton Co, Kentucky I67717
24 Shelton, Cora Lee  12 Oct 1893Clinton Co, Kentucky I67676
25 Shelton, Curtis J.  1864Clinton Co, Kentucky I67718
26 Shelton, Docia  3 Aug 1903Clinton Co, Kentucky I67701
27 Shelton, Docia L.  13 Apr 1888Clinton Co, Kentucky I67699
28 Shelton, Dosha Ethel  27 Oct 1900Clinton Co, Kentucky I67716
29 Shelton, General Lafayette  5 Mar 1871Clinton Co, Kentucky I67722
30 Shelton, George R.  1868Clinton Co, Kentucky I67720
31 Shelton, Grace  Apr 1874Clinton Co, Kentucky I67724
32 Shelton, Henry Clay  25 Oct 1883Clinton Co, Kentucky I67728
33 Shelton, Henry Leo  16 Jul 1912Clinton Co, Kentucky I67710
34 Shelton, Herbert Samuel  11 Aug 1901Clinton Co, Kentucky I67680
35 Shelton, Homer Rosco  18 Aug 1895Clinton Co, Kentucky I67677
36 Shelton, James Wiley  8 Aug 1878Clinton Co, Kentucky I67726
37 Shelton, John A. "Shorty"  11 Feb 1836Clinton Co, Kentucky I67732
38 Shelton, John Elmore  4 Feb 1899Clinton Co, Kentucky I67679
39 Shelton, John Wilson  26 Dec 1862Clinton Co, Kentucky I67607
40 Shelton, Laura Bell  1 Sep 1898Clinton Co, Kentucky I67684
41 Shelton, Manerva Jane  5 Aug 1870Clinton Co, Kentucky I67721
42 Shelton, Martha "Mattie"  7 Apr 1872Clinton Co, Kentucky I67751
43 Shelton, Mary A. "Polly"  5 Apr 1834Clinton Co, Kentucky I67731
44 Shelton, Mary C.  23 Feb 1863Clinton Co, Kentucky I67745
45 Shelton, Minerva J.  1831Clinton Co, Kentucky I67729
46 Shelton, Myrtie Ellen  2 Apr 1890Clinton Co, Kentucky I67713
47 Shelton, Parkey Mahaley  13 Jun 1892Clinton Co, Kentucky I67714
48 Shelton, Parkie Catherine "Kate"  27 Nov 1904Clinton Co, Kentucky I67681
49 Shelton, Polly Ann  11 Aug 1890Clinton Co, Kentucky I67675
50 Shelton, Robert L.  10 Mar 1869Clinton Co, Kentucky I67747
51 Shelton, Robert L.  Sep 1872Clinton Co, Kentucky I67723
52 Shelton, Ruth E.  10 Mar 1869Clinton Co, Kentucky I67743
53 Shelton, Ruth G.  9 Jun 1832Clinton Co, Kentucky I67730
54 Shelton, Salonia  20 Sep 1881Clinton Co, Kentucky I67727
55 Shelton, Samuel J.  1866Clinton Co, Kentucky I67719
56 Shelton, William M.  13 Apr 1862Clinton Co, Kentucky I67711
57 Shelton, William Porter  25 Aug 1896Clinton Co, Kentucky I67715
58 Shelton, William Riley  20 Jan 1838Clinton Co, Kentucky I67605
59 Shelton, William Riley  12 Feb 1897Clinton Co, Kentucky I67678


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Branham, George Avis  11 May 1936Clinton Co, Kentucky I67753
2 Brown, Michael  16 Feb 1854Clinton Co, Kentucky I72626
3 Burchett, Henry Rastas  28 Dec 1970Clinton Co, Kentucky I67642
4 Clark, Henry Anderson  1909Clinton Co, Kentucky I67754
5 Coop, Mary Frances  1837Clinton Co, Kentucky I67755
6 Davis, Margaret  25 Dec 1866Clinton Co, Kentucky I67599
7 Garner, William Riley  9 Oct 1976Clinton Co, Kentucky I67709
8 Guffey, Ephraim Wesley  9 Apr 1930Clinton Co, Kentucky I67746
9 Guffey, Isaac G.  Aft 1930Clinton Co, Kentucky I67703
10 Guffey, Isaac Grover  22 Jul 1980Clinton Co, Kentucky I67702
11 Guffey, John Calvin  5 Dec 1917Clinton Co, Kentucky I67733
12 Guffey, Sarah  1894Clinton Co, Kentucky I67761
13 Jones, Gracie Ann  28 Apr 1907Clinton Co, Kentucky I67712
14 Jones, Malissa "Lissie"  20 Aug 1903Clinton Co, Kentucky I67700
15 Marlow, Talitha  12 Jul 1882Clinton Co, Kentucky I67742
16 Parmelee, John  25 Apr 1848Clinton Co, Kentucky I33701
17 Prather, Bell  Aft 1889Clinton Co, Kentucky I67698
18 Prather, Laura  1 Apr 1901Clinton Co, Kentucky I67748
19 Reno, Charles  4 Aug 1828Clinton Co, Kentucky I36582
20 Shelton, Alvin Brown  17 Jun 1956Clinton Co, Kentucky I67725
21 Shelton, Anderson Lafayette "Bud"  26 Aug 1980Clinton Co, Kentucky I67682
22 Shelton, Curtis J.  1890Clinton Co, Kentucky I67718
23 Shelton, Curtis Jackson  Aft 1886Clinton Co, Kentucky I67603
24 Shelton, Docia  1903Clinton Co, Kentucky I67701
25 Shelton, Dosha Ethel  Jun 1918Clinton Co, Kentucky I67716
26 Shelton, Elizabeth  1870Clinton Co, Kentucky I72625
27 Shelton, Ezekiel Henderson Sr. (related - son?) (FFDNA-J-5R)  1864Clinton Co, Kentucky I67598
28 Shelton, General Lafayette  21 Jul 1950Clinton Co, Kentucky I67722
29 Shelton, George R.  1880Clinton Co, Kentucky I67720
30 Shelton, Henry Clay  22 May 1951Clinton Co, Kentucky I67728
31 Shelton, Herbert Samuel  5 Oct 1921Clinton Co, Kentucky I67680
32 Shelton, John A. "Shorty"  18 Aug 1899Clinton Co, Kentucky I67732
33 Shelton, John Elmore  2 Sep 1928Clinton Co, Kentucky I67679
34 Shelton, John Wilson  20 Jun 1914Clinton Co, Kentucky I67607
35 Shelton, Manerva Jane  19 Jul 1907Clinton Co, Kentucky I67721
36 Shelton, Margaret  Between 1880 and 1890Clinton Co, Kentucky I67736
37 Shelton, Mary A. "Polly"  11 Nov 1910Clinton Co, Kentucky I67731
38 Shelton, Mary C.  8 Sep 1940Clinton Co, Kentucky I67745
39 Shelton, Parkie Catherine "Kate"  31 Jan 1979Clinton Co, Kentucky I67681
40 Shelton, Robert D. "Robin"  24 Dec 1859Clinton Co, Kentucky I67734
41 Shelton, Robert L.  Aft 1901Clinton Co, Kentucky I67747
42 Shelton, Ruth G.  3 Oct 1909Clinton Co, Kentucky I67730
43 Shelton, Salonia  25 Jul 1910Clinton Co, Kentucky I67727
44 Shelton, Samuel J.  1911Clinton Co, Kentucky I67719
45 Shelton, William M.  16 Apr 1904Clinton Co, Kentucky I67711
46 Shelton, William Riley  29 Mar 1898Clinton Co, Kentucky I67605
47 Shelton, William Riley  25 Jul 1934Clinton Co, Kentucky I67678


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Branham / Shelton  10 Jul 1927Clinton Co, Kentucky F21911
2 Clark / Coop  Abt 1875Clinton Co, Kentucky F21912
3 Clark / Guffey  Abt 1845Clinton Co, Kentucky F21913
4 Garner / Shelton  24 Jan 1923Clinton Co, Kentucky F21901
5 Guffey / Clark  Aft 1915Clinton Co, Kentucky F21893
6 Guffey / Shelton  Jul 1854Clinton Co, Kentucky F21904
7 Guffey / Shelton  21 Apr 1881Clinton Co, Kentucky F21908
8 Guffey / Shelton  30 Nov 1911Clinton Co, Kentucky F21898
9 Guffey / Shelton  13 Jan 1928Clinton Co, Kentucky F21899
10 Shelton / Clark  Abt 1890Clinton Co, Kentucky F21874
11 Shelton / Jones  8 Aug 1895Clinton Co, Kentucky F21902
12 Shelton / Marlow  5 Jun 1856Clinton Co, Kentucky F21906
13 Shelton / Prather  3 Jul 1887Clinton Co, Kentucky F21896
14 Shelton / Prather  27 Mar 1891Clinton Co, Kentucky F21903
15 Vitatoe / Shelton  15 Jan 1889Clinton Co, Kentucky F21907

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