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Jones Co, Mississippi


Latitude: 31.604562921359406, Longitude: -89.20005798339844


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boutwell, Margaret Ellen  3 Oct 1861Jones Co, Mississippi I65119
2 Ellis, Ira Robertus  15 May 1829Jones Co, Mississippi I41265
3 Ellis, Lennon Woodson  16 May 1831Jones Co, Mississippi I41266
4 Holliman, Dovie  5 Feb 1906Jones Co, Mississippi I82753
5 Holliman, Jackson C. "Jack"  7 Jan 1872Jones Co, Mississippi I82752
6 Landrum, Elizabeth B.  Jul 1853Jones Co, Mississippi I88382
7 Landrum, Henry Marshall Jr.  22 Sep 1827Jones Co, Mississippi I42066
8 Landrum, Isabella  1854Jones Co, Mississippi I42068
9 Landrum, John  1856Jones Co, Mississippi I42069
10 Landrum, Stephen  1858Jones Co, Mississippi I42070
11 Landrum, William T  27 Aug 1853Jones Co, Mississippi I9063
12 McDonald, Candice Leah  3 Oct 1920Jones Co, Mississippi I34571
13 McNair, Thomas  24 Apr 1925Jones Co, Mississippi I105327
14 Merrill, Eliza  12 Apr 1864Jones Co, Mississippi I41374
15 Robinson, Mary Ann  29 Dec 1827Jones Co, Mississippi I41761
16 Sumrall, Elvira Ann  1860Jones Co, Mississippi I42071
17 Sumrall, James Alfred  6 Feb 1851Jones Co, Mississippi I42061
18 Sumrall, Susie  9 Jul 1875Jones Co, Mississippi I42064
19 Tucker, Drayton L.  2 Mar 1845Jones Co, Mississippi I39558
20 Tucker, James  1847Jones Co, Mississippi I39559
21 Williams, John  1847Jones Co, Mississippi I24015
22 Williams, Thomas Phillip  14 Nov 1840Jones Co, Mississippi I64669


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Clarissa  22 Sep 1869Jones Co, Mississippi I41747
2 Cooley, Harvey Sr.  11 Dec 1994Jones Co, Mississippi I59913
3 Cooley, John L.  24 Sep 1987Jones Co, Mississippi I59915
4 Cooley, Martha  24 Jun 2005Jones Co, Mississippi I59911
5 Dickerson, Charles  15 May 1983Jones Co, Mississippi I59923
6 Holliman, John Riley  1925Jones Co, Mississippi I87357
7 Holliman, Matilda Eleanor  30 Sep 1937Jones Co, Mississippi I88380
8 Hutto, Mary Elizabeth  1918Jones Co, Mississippi I87358
9 Landrum, Beatrice  2 Jun 2007Jones Co, MIssissippi I59916
10 Landrum, Ellender Clark  19 Jul 1891Jones Co, Mississippi I39553
11 Landrum, Henry Marshall  Abt 1855Jones Co, Mississippi I23953
12 Landrum, Henry Marshall Jr.  5 Nov 1900Jones Co, Mississippi I42066
13 Landrum, Jesse M. (son of who?)  4 Sep 1857Jones Co, Mississippi I88383
14 Landrum, Laura Ann  14 Nov 1956Jones Co, Mississippi I59857
15 Landrum, Louise  13 Feb 2010Jones Co, Mississippi I59922
16 Landrum, Margaret Ann  14 Apr 1929Jones Co, Mississippi I82751
17 Landrum, Ulysses Grant  14 Dec 1946Jones Co, Mississippi I42065
18 Langston, Thomas  Aft 1860Jones Co, Mississippi I39339
19 Lewis, Henry Ellis  20 Aug 1961Jones Co, Mississippi I88379
20 Lewis, John Anderson  1880Jones Co, Mississippi I88376
21 Nobles, Elder Almos  25 Oct 1950Jones Co, Mississippi I39332
22 Nobles, Irvin Josiah  1 Apr 1890Jones Co, Mississippi I39202
23 Nobles, Joseph J.  3 Sep 1935Jones Co, Mississippi I39302
24 Parker, Martin Van Buren  28 Oct 1893Jones Co, Mississippi I41723
25 Pate, Cynthia  12 Mar 1912Jones Co, Mississippi I42067
26 Smith, Jemima Ellender  15 May 1875Jones Co, Mississippi I88384
27 Sumrall, Elvira Ann  29 Oct 1921Jones Co, Mississippi I42071
28 Sumrall, Henry  2 Mar 1906Jones Co, Mississippi I42059
29 Sumrall, James Alfred  28 Aug 1935Jones Co, Mississippi I42061
30 Sumrall, John Franklin  4 Aug 1905Jones Co, Mississippi I42058
31 Sumrall, Susie  18 Nov 1975Jones Co, Mississippi I42064
32 Sumrall, Thomas Vincent  24 Feb 1921Jones Co, Mississippi I42063
33 Tisdale, Edward C.  22 Apr 1922Jones Co, Mississippi I88351
34 Tucker, Drayton L.  25 Aug 1914Jones Co, Mississippi I39558
35 Tucker, Matthew  12 May 1878Jones Co, Mississippi I39552
36 West, William A. "Buck"  28 Jan 1933Jones Co, Mississippi I59858
37 Williams, Nancy Ann  26 Feb 1913Jones Co, Mississippi I42060


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Johnson, David  20 Sep 1950Jones Co, Mississippi I23969
2 Johnson, Mrs Elizabeth (..)  05 Oct 1860Jones Co, Mississippi I23970
3 Johnson, Mrs Priscilla (..)  20 Sep 1850Jones Co, Mississippi I23979
4 Landrum, James Johnson  20 Sep 1850Jones Co, Mississippi I23955
5 Landrum, Jesse  20 Sep 1850Jones Co, Mississippi I23985
6 Landrum, Lenson B.  20 Sep 1850Jones Co, Mississippi I23957
7 Landrum, Samuel  20 Sep 1850Jones Co, Mississippi I23964
8 Nobles, Edmond Gains  1860Jones Co, Mississippi I39201
9 Nobles, Elder G.  1860Jones Co, Mississippi I39199
10 Nobles, John  1860Jones Co, Mississippi I39223
11 Parker, Lewis B. Littleberry Abbington  1830Jones Co, Mississippi I41713
12 Tucker, Matthew  1850Jones Co, Mississippi I39552
13 Williams, Philip  25 Sep 1850Jones Co, Mississippi I24006
14 Williams, Thomas  25 Sep 1850Jones Co, Mississippi I23997


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beech / Shows  21 Nov 1878Jones Co, Mississippi F35572
2 Ellis / Moffett  Abt 1825Jones Co, Mississippi F13828
3 Landrum / Pate  Abt 1854Jones Co, Mississippi F14038
4 Landrum / Sumrall  Abt 1900Jones Co, Mississippi F14037
5 Lawson / Holliman  10 Dec 1927Jones Co, Mississippi F27050
6 Lewis / Holliman  5 Aug 1889Jones Co, Mississippi F29310
7 Moffett / Ellis  2 Dec 1824Jones Co, Mississippi F14030
8 Sumrall / Parker  Abt 1878Jones Co, Mississippi F14035
9 Sumrall / Williams  Abt 1850Jones Co, Mississippi F14036

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