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Macon Co, Tennessee


Latitude: 35.1531441, Longitude: -89.4897984


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Alice Matilda "Aly"  Aug 1850Macon Co, Tennessee I62870
2 Andrews, Bertha Jane  5 Nov 1890Macon Co, Tennessee I62974
3 Andrews, Johnnie Richard  18 Nov 1872Macon Co, Tennessee I62967
4 Andrews, Martha Addiville  8 May 1856Macon Co, Tennessee I63009
5 Andrews, Robert Leland  15 Dec 1904Macon Co, Tennessee I62963
6 Andrews, Thomas William "Bud"  Feb 1865Macon Co, Tennessee I62970
7 Andrews, Vada Mai  15 Jun 1929Macon Co, Tennessee I62962
8 Barrow, Ida Elizabeth  1874Macon Co, Tennessee I70533
9 Bransford, Hugh Mordicia  15 Jan 1870Macon Co, Tennessee I70556
10 Brawner, Burford Willard "Bill"  25 Nov 1914Macon Co, Tennessee I62912
11 Brawner, Charles Franklin  3 Feb 1873Macon Co, Tennessee I62727
12 Brawner, Charles R.  1841Macon Co, Tennessee I62737
13 Brawner, Elizabeth Susan  17 Jul 1896Macon Co, Tennessee I63005
14 Brawner, Emma Elizabeth  Apr 1876Macon Co, Tennessee I62731
15 Brawner, Florence Cahella  28 Aug 1889Macon Co, Tennessee I62730
16 Brawner, George R.  1869Macon Co, Tennessee I62725
17 Brawner, Hannah Ada  1865Macon Co, Tennessee I62723
18 Brawner, James Franklin  22 Nov 1860Macon Co, Tennessee I63002
19 Brawner, John Henry  3 Mar 1845Macon Co, Tennessee I62720
20 Brawner, John L.  1868Macon Co, Tennessee I62724
21 Brawner, Martha A.  1849Macon Co, Tennessee I62740
22 Brawner, Martha Susan  19 May 1849Macon Co, Tennessee I63335
23 Brawner, Mittie Lee  27 Jan 1888Macon Co, Tennessee I62960
24 Brawner, Myrtle Florence  21 Jun 1887Macon Co, Tennessee I63004
25 Brawner, Peter H.  1847Macon Co, Tennessee I62798
26 Brawner, Peyton Alexander  1871Macon Co, Tennessee I62726
27 Brawner, Sampson James  26 Jan 1857Macon Co, Tennessee I63336
28 Brawner, Sarah A.  1842Macon Co, Tennessee I62738
29 Brawner, Sarah Frances  22 Oct 1862Macon Co, Tennessee I62718
30 Brawner, Sarah Rebecca  May 1843Macon Co, Tennessee I62944
31 Brawner, Susan Ivy  1879Macon Co, Tennessee I62728
32 Brawner, Thomas Vinson  19 Jun 1862Macon Co, Tennessee I62986
33 Brawner, William Oscar  Oct 1881Macon Co, Tennessee I62729
34 Broner (Brawner), James Newton Leslie  3 Oct 1881Macon Co, Tennessee I62356
35 Burrow, Caleb Franklin "Bud"  26 Mar 1865Macon Co, Tennessee I62715
36 Burrow, Pernessa "Dolly"  13 Nov 1833Macon Co, Tennessee I62836
37 Burrow, Sarah Elizabeth  27 Aug 1849Macon Co, Tennessee I48801
38 Carr, Elizabeth Mae "Lizzie"  29 Jun 1883Macon Co, Tennessee I70553
39 Carr, Lillian Daisy  30 Jun 1881Macon Co, Tennessee I70560
40 Carr, Matilda F.  10 Dec 1817Macon Co, Tennessee I63839
41 Carr, Myrtle Beatrice  21 Oct 1876Macon Co, Tennessee I70557
42 Carter, John Wesley  2 Dec 1883Macon Co, Tennessee I84428
43 Carter, Mary Elizabeth  28 Sep 1842Macon Co, Tennessee I70474
44 Cartwright, Susannah  18 Aug 1805Macon Co, Tennessee I100074
45 Claiborne, George W.  18 Apr 1851Macon Co, Tennessee I95019
46 Clark, Mary Lou Elmerine  27 Sep 1867Macon Co, Tennessee I63307
47 Coker, (infant)  1 Jan 1907Macon Co, Tennessee I63340
48 Coker, Arnet Clarence  12 Jan 1913Macon Co, Tennessee I62982
49 Coker, Betty Christine  Abt 1933Macon Co, Tennessee I62984
50 Coker, Buford C.  8 Jul 1915Macon Co, Tennessee I63337
51 Coker, Carleslie Jefferson "Carl"  27 Jun 1915Macon Co, Tennessee I62466
52 Coker, Charles  1874Macon Co, Tennessee I94879
53 Coker, Derotha Louise  14 Sep 1925Macon Co, Tennessee I62985
54 Coker, Earl C.  6 Jun 1935Macon Co, Tennessee I62983
55 Coker, Elizabeth  1876Macon Co, Tennessee I94880
56 Coker, Haskell Celsor  12 Jun 1907Macon Co, Tennessee I62465
57 Coker, J.T.  23 Dec 1927Macon Co, Tennessee I62961
58 Coker, John Charles  25 May 1843Macon Co, Tennessee I62958
59 Coker, John Henry  18 Sep 1885Macon Co, Tennessee I62959
60 Coker, Joseph  1869Macon Co, Tennessee I63363
61 Coker, Marshall Chester  2 Jul 1921Macon Co, Tennessee I63339
62 Coker, Martha  1877Macon Co, Tennessee I94881
63 Coker, Mary Jane  1823Macon Co, Tennessee I62812
64 Coker, Rufus Jefferson  17 Jul 1870Macon Co, Tennessee I62464
65 Cothron, (infant)  22 Jul 1881Macon Co, Tennessee I62926
66 Cothron, Alvis Alonzo  14 Aug 1887Macon Co, Tennessee I95031
67 Cothron, Ann Lou  1 Apr 1905Macon Co, Tennessee I70548
68 Cothron, Aubrey  23 Sep 1894Macon Co, Tennessee I70545
69 Cothron, Berta  Jan 1885Macon Co, Tennessee I95035
70 Cothron, Charles C. (son of who?)  26 May 1895Macon Co, Tennessee I85814
71 Cothron, Charles Franklin  5 Mar 1850Macon Co, Tennessee I62477
72 Cothron, Cordell  1908Macon Co, Tennessee I70550
73 Cothron, David Franklin  1877Macon Co, Tennessee I70426
74 Cothron, David R.  Feb 1893Macon Co, Tennessee I95036
75 Cothron, Delia D.  20 Apr 1900Macon Co, Tennessee I70539
76 Cothron, Donnie  13 Sep 1896Macon Co, Tennessee I70546
77 Cothron, Elzie Thomas  10 Apr 1895Macon Co, Tennessee I62930
78 Cothron, Iredell Linville  17 Nov 1872Macon Co, Tennessee I62478
79 Cothron, Isaac Marion  17 Jun 1864Macon Co, Tennessee I62893
80 Cothron, James Barton  9 Aug 1857Macon Co, Tennessee I95028
81 Cothron, James Christmas  24 Dec 1916Macon Co, Tennessee I95032
82 Cothron, John B.  25 Sep 1896Macon Co, Tennessee I70429
83 Cothron, John Wesley  23 Oct 1871Macon Co, Tennessee I62924
84 Cothron, Jonathan W.  Nov 1898Macon Co, Tennessee I95037
85 Cothron, Jonathan Wiseman  20 Sep 1856Macon Co, Tennessee I95024
86 Cothron, L.F.  4 Sep 1887Macon Co, Tennessee I62927
87 Cothron, Lambert Wilson  6 Feb 1859Macon Co, Tennessee I62891
88 Cothron, Lawson  12 Sep 1879Macon Co, Tennessee I63028
89 Cothron, Leona A.  1862Macon Co, Tennessee I62886
90 Cothron, Louisa A.  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I62885
91 Cothron, Martha Ann Hesselatine  30 Oct 1860Macon Co, Tennessee I63322
92 Cothron, Mary A.  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I70428
93 Cothron, Mary Idell  12 Jan 1907Macon Co, Tennessee I70549
94 Cothron, Mary Louise  16 Apr 1914Macon Co, Tennessee I70551
95 Cothron, Richard Willis  4 Apr 1917Macon Co, Tennessee I62933
96 Cothron, Samuel Alexander  22 Oct 1856Macon Co, Tennessee I62884
97 Cothron, Thomas Moore  15 Mar 1853Macon Co, Tennessee I48845
98 Cothron, Victoria Frances  3 Nov 1878Macon Co, Tennessee I48844
99 Cothron, Washington Jackson  8 Sep 1861Macon Co, Tennessee I62892
100 Cothron, William Benton  4 Jun 1878Macon Co, Tennessee I70427

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Delilah  24 Jun 1880Macon Co, Tennessee I74333
2 Andrews, John Jackson "Jack"  Bef 1900Macon Co, Tennessee I63012
3 Andrews, Martha Ann  13 Dec 1930Macon Co, Tennessee I74363
4 Andrews, William Jesse  Abt 1869Macon Co, Tennessee I63010
5 Barrow, Ida Elizabeth  1942Macon Co, Tennessee I70533
6 Beaver, Pincey  Bef 1837Macon Co, Tennessee I48868
7 Bratton, Louisa Jane  2 Nov 1898Macon Co, Tennessee I48822
8 Brawner, Charles Franklin  19 Apr 1946Macon Co, Tennessee I62727
9 Brawner, Elizabeth  Abt 1859Macon Co, Tennessee I62993
10 Brawner, George Washington  3 Jun 1934Macon Co, Tennessee I63309
11 Brawner, Hannah Ada  23 Oct 1928Macon Co, Tennessee I62723
12 Brawner, Henry Lafayette  24 Feb 1900Macon Co, Tennessee I63298
13 Brawner, James Franklin  18 Jul 1908Macon Co, Tennessee I63002
14 Brawner, Jeremiah M.  1868Macon Co, Tennessee I62404
15 Brawner, John Henry  8 Jun 1902Macon Co, Tennessee I62720
16 Brawner, Mittie Lee  2 Apr 1971Macon Co, Tennessee I62960
17 Brawner, Nancy Jane  13 Jun 1921Macon Co, Tennessee I62989
18 Brawner, Sarah Frances  21 Oct 1926Macon Co, Tennessee I62718
19 Brawner, Thomas Vinson  29 Jan 1926Macon Co, Tennessee I62986
20 Brinkley, Winifred  Sep 1859Macon Co, Tennessee I62769
21 Brockett, Elisha  Aft 1840Macon Co, Tennessee I75311
22 Brockett, James Harvey VI  13 Aug 1911Macon Co, Tennessee I75326
23 Brockett, Nancy  11 Aug 1818Macon Co, Tennessee I75312
24 Burrow, John Martin  3 May 1862Macon Co, Tennessee I48803
25 Burrow, Sarah Elizabeth  5 Feb 1936Macon Co, Tennessee I48801
26 Burrow, William James  17 Jun 1892Macon Co, Tennessee I48805
27 Carnahan, James Milican  21 Jan 1913Macon Co, Tennessee I99717
28 Carr, Elizabeth Mae "Lizzie"  29 Aug 1947Macon Co, Tennessee I70553
29 Carr, Elizabeth Rachel  16 Sep 1893Macon Co, Tennessee I70241
30 Carr, Evelyn  24 Jan 1950Macon Co, Tennessee I95073
31 Carr, James Dunn  3 Oct 1865Macon Co, Tennessee I70242
32 Carr, Jane "Jennie"  28 Oct 1857Macon Co, Tennessee I63843
33 Carr, Mahala  16 Nov 1893Macon Co, Tennessee I63845
34 Carr, Marcus Wilson  10 Dec 1914Macon Co, Tennessee I95078
35 Carr, Matilda F.  27 Feb 1901Macon Co, Tennessee I63839
36 Carr, Susan J.  Between 1900 and 1910Macon Co, Tennessee I95079
37 Carr, William King  7 Sep 1885Macon Co, Tennessee I95075
38 Chamberlain, Louisa  30 Nov 1888Macon Co, Tennessee I95077
39 Claiborne, Martha Elizabeth  22 Sep 1923Macon Co, Tennessee I63818
40 Clark, Jane Elizabeth  25 Apr 1959Macon Co, Tennessee I84421
41 Coker, (infant)  1 Jan 1907Macon Co, Tennessee I63340
42 Coker, Betty Christine  Abt 1933Macon Co, Tennessee I62984
43 Coker, Jesse Evans  Nov 1850Macon Co, Tennessee I62662
44 Coker, John Charles  20 Apr 1925Macon Co, Tennessee I62958
45 Coker, John Henry  12 Jun 1964Macon Co, Tennessee I62959
46 Coker, Malinda  22 Feb 1894Macon Co, Tennessee I63882
47 Cothron, (infant)  23 Jul 1881Macon Co, Tennessee I62926
48 Cothron, Alvis Alonzo  19 Feb 1954Macon Co, Tennessee I95031
49 Cothron, Charles Franklin  9 Oct 1929Macon Co, Tennessee I62477
50 Cothron, David Leslie  1864Macon Co, Tennessee I63324
51 Cothron, Doctor Benton  29 Apr 1907Macon Co, Tennessee I62882
52 Cothron, Elvira Avern  Bef 1860Macon Co, Tennessee I62767
53 Cothron, James Christmas  7 Jan 1917Macon Co, Tennessee I95032
54 Cothron, John Wesley  1 Nov 1947Macon Co, Tennessee I62924
55 Cothron, Jonathan Wiseman  5 Jul 1930Macon Co, Tennessee I95024
56 Cothron, Kendall A.  Aft 1857Macon Co, Tennessee I62463
57 Cothron, L.F.  16 Dec 1888Macon Co, Tennessee I62927
58 Cothron, Lambert Moore  8 Apr 1891Macon Co, Tennessee I48847
59 Cothron, Lambert Wilson  13 Dec 1933Macon Co, Tennessee I62891
60 Cothron, Phillip Alexander "Bud"  31 May 1949Macon Co, Tennessee I95029
61 Cothron, Phoebe Elizabeth  30 Jan 1925Macon Co, Tennessee I48849
62 Cothron, Ransom Peyton (or Patterson)  8 Jan 1866Macon Co, Tennessee I62711
63 Cothron, Thomas Moore  30 Aug 1900Macon Co, Tennessee I48845
64 Cothron, Washington Jackson  21 Jan 1933Macon Co, Tennessee I62892
65 Cothron, William Benton  15 Aug 1953Macon Co, Tennessee I70427
66 Cothron, William Bumpus  5 Dec 1945Macon Co, Tennessee I63029
67 Cothron, William Dailey  5 Oct 1975Macon Co, Tennessee I70552
68 Cothron, Willis Thomas (or B.)  7 Apr 1954Macon Co, Tennessee I62925
69 Cox, Duncan McFarlin  Abt 1884Macon Co, Tennessee I63853
70 Cox, Samuel B.  14 Sep 1892Macon Co, Tennessee I63895
71 Cox, William Duncan  21 Aug 1928Macon Co, Tennessee I63856
72 Day, Thomas B.  12 Apr 1865Macon Co, Tennessee I48855
73 Day, William Clark  16 Apr 1949Macon Co, Tennessee I74276
74 Dickens, Cyrene  11 Dec 1938Macon Co, Tennessee I71629
75 Dixon, Catherine  28 Jul 1946Macon Co, Tennessee I62456
76 Dixon, Jeremiah  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I48867
77 Dycus, Catherine A. Clarisa "Clarcey"  Aft 1880Macon Co, Tennessee I73476
78 East, John Patterson  25 Aug 1940Macon Co, Tennessee I71617
79 East, Patterson  19 Nov 1892Macon Co, Tennessee I71616
80 Ellis, Emily Caroline  29 Mar 1906Macon Co, Tennessee I48771
81 Ellis, Grace  16 Oct 1846Macon Co, Tennessee I85328
82 Ellis, Hannah Rita  5 Nov 1929Macon Co, Tennessee I48774
83 Ellis, Isaac Lee  23 Dec 1864Macon Co, Tennessee I48819
84 Ellis, Lucinda Elizabeth  6 Jun 1900Macon Co, Tennessee I63032
85 Ellis, Margaret D.  Feb 1923Macon Co, Tennessee I48773
86 Ellis, Mary Jane  30 Mar 1871Macon Co, Tennessee I62875
87 Ellis, Sarah Elizabeth  31 Oct 1925Macon Co, Tennessee I48823
88 Ellis, Sarah Frances  29 Oct 1925Macon Co, Tennessee I63325
89 Ellis, Willis Presnell "Presley"  29 Jan 1870Macon Co, Tennessee I48761
90 Fleming, Mary Elizabeth "Bettie"  30 Jul 1925Macon Co, Tennessee I95064
91 Ford, Leathia Cheston  23 Mar 1936Macon Co, Tennessee I95022
92 Gaines, Martha Caslin  Bef 1891Macon Co, Tennessee I70485
93 Galbreath, All  30 Oct 1894Macon Co, Tennessee I78305
94 Gammon, Carrol Jefferson  11 Jun 1947Macon Co, Tennessee I62881
95 Gammon, Eli Frank  7 Jul 1899Macon Co, Tennessee I48785
96 Gammon, Elijah  Abt 1858Macon Co, Tennessee I48797
97 Gammon, Hugh Franklin  Bef 1860Macon Co, Tennessee I62780
98 Gammon, John Harris  Between 1880 and 1900Macon Co, Tennessee I62368
99 Gammon, John Jefferson  Between 1903 and 1905Macon Co, Tennessee I48795
100 Gammon, John Leslie  24 Sep 1976Macon Co, Tennessee I95033

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brawner, John Henry  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I62720
2 Brawner, John Lee  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I62735
3 Coker, Charles Coleman (Mulatto?)  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I63295
4 Coker, Charles Coleman (Mulatto?)  1870Macon Co, Tennessee I63295
5 Coker, Charles Coleman (Mulatto?)  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I63295
6 Coker, John Charles  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I62958
7 Cothron, Lambert Moore  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48847
8 Cothron, Robert Moore  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I62768
9 Cothron, Samuel Alexander  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I62884
10 Cothron, Thomas Moore  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I48845
11 Dixon, William G.  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48615
12 Dugger, John W.  1870Macon Co, Tennessee I37403
13 Ellis, Grace A. (grandau or ggranddau)  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48777
14 Ellis, Isaac Lee  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I48819
15 Ellis, Louisa Jane "Lizzie"  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48778
16 Ellis, Susanna (granddau of ggranddau?)  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48779
17 Ellis, Willis Presnell "Presley"  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48761
18 Gammon, Eli Frank  1870Macon Co, Tennessee I48785
19 Gammon, James Asbury  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I67892
20 Gammon, James R.  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I48821
21 Gammon, Martha Ann  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I70488
22 Gammon, Mary S.  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I70493
23 Gammon, Thomas Robert  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I13344
24 Gammon, William Mitchell  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I48635
25 Gifford, Barnett  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I62739
26 Gifford, Eliza  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I48751
27 Jenkins, George W.  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I70489
28 Jones, Elisha (son of who?)  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I82380
29 Jones, Elisha (son of who?)  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I82380
30 Jones, Harrison  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I94904
31 Jones, Isaac  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I100393
32 Jones, Isaac  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I100393
33 Linville, Henry  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48630
34 Linville, Henry  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I48630
35 Linville, Iredell Hiram  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48663
36 Linville, Isaac C.  1920Macon Co, Tennessee I36819
37 Linville, Leonidas Carrington "Lee"  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I62457
38 Linville, Moses (son of Wm)  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48946
39 Lovelady, Edward J  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I13028
40 Lovelady, Henry M. (or H.)  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I13352
41 Lovelady, Henry M. (or H.)  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I13352
42 Maxey, Edward Columbus "Ned"  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I74368
43 Maxey, Edward Columbus "Ned"  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I74368
44 Maxey, Joseph P.  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I74425
45 Maxey, Joseph P.  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I74425
46 Maxey, Joseph P.  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I74425
47 Maxey, Joseph P.  1910Macon Co, Tennessee I74425
48 Maxey, Nathaniel A. "Nathan"  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I74373
49 Maxey, Nathaniel A. "Nathan"  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I74373
50 Maxey, William Cullum  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I74379
51 Maxey, William Cullum  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I74379
52 Maxey, William Cullum  1910Macon Co, Tennessee I74379
53 Maxey, William D.  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I74372
54 McClellan, Cassey (or Carry E.)  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I74378
55 McClellan, Charles Bancroft  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I74376
56 McClellan, Charles Bancroft  1910Macon Co, Tennessee I74376
57 McClellan, Clarence Everett  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I74377
58 Meador, Willis William  1870Macon Co, Tennessee I62819
59 Meador, Wilson Turner  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I48885
60 Nichols, George Matthew  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I62766
61 Nichols, William N.  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I62770
62 Oglesby, Archibald C. "Archie"  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I94922
63 Oglesby, Archibald C. "Archie"  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I94922
64 Oglesby, Clifton Allen  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I70239
65 Oglesby, Elisha  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I65984
66 Parker, John A.  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I70510
67 Parker, John Q.  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I48833
68 Parker, Mary "Polly"  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48633
69 Roark, Henry  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I70263
70 Roark, John (son?)  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I70261
71 Roark, William  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I70262
72 Roark, William Burley  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I70300
73 Shrum, Carroll L.  1870Macon Co, Tennessee I13597
74 Shrum, King Emanuel  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I48626
75 Shrum, Mary Angeline  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I59808
76 Shrum, Peter  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I13587
77 Shrum, Peter  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I13587
78 Shrum, Peter  1870Macon Co, Tennessee I13587
79 Shrum, Thomas L.  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I62362
80 Shrum, Tilman D.  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I48587
81 Shrum, Tilman D.  1870Macon Co, Tennessee I48587
82 Shrum, Tilman D.  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I48587
83 Shrum, Tilman D.  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I48587
84 Sisco, James Calvin Jr.  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I62342
85 Sisco, Mary Jane Elizabeth  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I42026
86 Story, Elizabeth  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I63287
87 Story, Elizabeth  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I63287
88 Taylor, Jeremiah Vanderburg (or Vardeman)  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I70445
89 Taylor, Jeremiah Vanderburg (or Vardeman)  1900Macon Co, Tennessee I70445
90 Wakefield, Elizabeth  1860Macon Co, Tennessee I13368
91 Willis, Susan  1850Macon Co, Tennessee I74388
92 Willis, Susan  1870Macon Co, Tennessee I74388
93 Willis, Susan  1880Macon Co, Tennessee I74388


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other-Begin    Person ID 
1 Lovelady, Asa  Jul 1843Macon Co, Tennessee I13139
2 Lovelady, John Henry Jr., War of 1812  Jul 1843Macon Co, Tennessee I12971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Maxey, Edward Columbus "Ned"  1891Macon Co, Tennessee I74368


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Shrum, Tilman D.  12 Aug 1897Macon Co, Tennessee I48587


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Dixon  1884Macon Co, Tennessee F20349
2 Andrews / Willis  Abt 1827Macon Co, Tennessee F20368
3 Andrews / Willis  Abt 1855Macon Co, Tennessee F20367
4 Barton / Crowder  28 Sep 1912Macon Co, Tennessee F23351
5 Barton / Simmons  3 Dec 1911Macon Co, Tennessee F23352
6 Bransford / Linville  Abt 1867Macon Co, Tennessee F20437
7 Brawner / Dixon  16 Apr 1857Macon Co, Tennessee F20361
8 Brawner / Gregory  Abt 1865Macon Co, Tennessee F19098
9 Brawner / Leath  Abt 1843Macon Co, Tennessee F19161
10 Brawner / Lovelady  2 Dec 1950Macon Co, Tennessee F16115
11 Brawner / Shrum  Abt 1834Macon Co, Tennessee F15522
12 Brawner / Shrum  Abt 1856Macon Co, Tennessee F20448
13 Brawner / Shrum  Aft 1870Macon Co, Tennessee F20457
14 Brawner / Shrum  Abt 1886Macon Co, Tennessee F20356
15 Burrow / Ford  Abt 1833Macon Co, Tennessee F16121
16 Burrow / Gammon  11 Oct 1855Macon Co, Tennessee F16123
17 Carr / Carr  Abt 1868Macon Co, Tennessee F31990
18 Carr / Carr  Abt 1875Macon Co, Tennessee F22821
19 Carter / Shrum  21 Jan 1906Macon Co, Tennessee F27665
20 Chandler / Jones  1881Macon Co, Tennessee F24104
21 Coker / Brawner  11 Dec 1904Macon Co, Tennessee F20343
22 Coker / Carr  22 Jul 1848Macon Co, Tennessee F20628
23 Coker / Cunningham  Abt 1814Macon Co, Tennessee F20635
24 Coker / Ellis  Abt 1870Macon Co, Tennessee F20342
25 Coker / Gammon  Abt 1865Macon Co, Tennessee F20477
26 Coker / Gann  31 Jan 1933Macon Co, Tennessee F20472
27 Coker / Hudson  27 Dec 1932Macon Co, Tennessee F20355
28 Coker / Sullivan  Abt 1869Macon Co, Tennessee F16540
29 Cothron / Burrow  11 Feb 1855Macon Co, Tennessee F9728
30 Cothron / Carr  17 Nov 1907Macon Co, Tennessee F22818
31 Cothron / Cothron  1878Macon Co, Tennessee F31969
32 Cothron / Ellis  1855Macon Co, Tennessee F20467
33 Cothron / Ellis  1 Jan 1897Macon Co, Tennessee F20375
34 Cothron / Gregory  28 Oct 1896Macon Co, Tennessee F20326
35 Cothron / Gregory  29 Oct 1903Macon Co, Tennessee F20327
36 Cothron / Johnson  4 Apr 1856Macon Co, Tennessee F9906
37 Cothron / Jones  Abt 1895Macon Co, Tennessee F22780
38 Cothron / Linville  Abt 1854Macon Co, Tennessee F11248
39 Cothron / McDuffee  1870Macon Co, Tennessee F16136
40 Cothron / Oldham  Abt 1893Macon Co, Tennessee F20328
41 Cothron / Stovall  Aft 1900Macon Co, Tennessee F22781
42 Cothron / Sullivan  19 Nov 1893Macon Co, Tennessee F22815
43 Cothron / Taylor  Abt 1876Macon Co, Tennessee F22779
44 Cothron / Wright  1877Macon Co, Tennessee F20374
45 Cox / Leath  Abt 1879Macon Co, Tennessee F20638
46 Day / Shrum  Abt 1903Macon Co, Tennessee F24088
47 Dixon / Cosby  1 Feb 1866Macon Co, Tennessee F20461
48 Dixon / Gammon  Abt 1846Macon Co, Tennessee F16143
49 Drury / Shrum  Abt 1859Macon Co, Tennessee F19607
50 East / Lee  1846Macon Co, Tennessee F23182
51 East / Parker  1926Macon Co, Tennessee F23184
52 East / Talman  13 May 1886Macon Co, Tennessee F23183
53 Ellis / Bratton  13 Jan 1848Macon Co, Tennessee F16131
54 Ellis / Ellis  Abt 1868Macon Co, Tennessee F20478
55 Gammon / Ellis  Abt 1857Macon Co, Tennessee F8576
56 Gammon / Ellis  Abt 1873Macon Co, Tennessee F16116
57 Gammon / Ellis  Abt 1874Macon Co, Tennessee F16130
58 Gammon / Holland  1850Macon Co, Tennessee F16118
59 Gammon / Taylor   F16128
60 Gammon / Taylor  Abt 1889Macon Co, Tennessee F31331
61 Gammon / Witcher  Abt 1843Macon Co, Tennessee F19566
62 Gammon-Linville / Uhls  Jan 1860Macon Co, Tennessee F20332
63 Garrett / Shrum  Abt 1871Macon Co, Tennessee F19606
64 Goad / Barrow  Abt 1895Macon Co, Tennessee F22813
65 Goad / Cartwright  Macon Co, Tennessee F33658
66 Goad / Roark  Abt 1853Macon Co, Tennessee F22767
67 Goad / Roark  Abt 1857Macon Co, Tennessee F22808
68 Goad (or Goard) / Roark  Abt 1862Macon Co, Tennessee F22755
69 Green / Shrum  Abt 1875Macon Co, Tennessee F19609
70 Green / Sisco  Abt 1871Macon Co, Tennessee F24131
71 Gregory / Burrow  Abt 1868Macon Co, Tennessee F19199
72 Gregory / Cothron  Abt 1844Macon Co, Tennessee F20439
73 Gregory / Parker  Abt 1876Macon Co, Tennessee F5678
74 Hargis / Cothron  1858Macon Co, Tennessee F16138
75 Hargis / Cothron  25 Aug 1881Macon Co, Tennessee F20466
76 Hargis / Dixon  1887Macon Co, Tennessee F20460
77 Hargis / Leath  20 Sep 1857Macon Co, Tennessee F2456
78 Hargis / Linville  23 Oct 1856Macon Co, Tennessee F20462
79 Hargis / Shrum  20 Sep 1860Macon Co, Tennessee F15965
80 Holland / Johnson  1897Macon Co, Tennessee F24108
81 Holland / Sanders  1858Macon Co, Tennessee F24110
82 Hudson / Andrews  7 Jul 1907Macon Co, Tennessee F20351
83 Jones / Doss  19 Sep 1930Macon Co, Tennessee F27711
84 Jones / Hargis  1880Macon Co, Tennessee F24101
85 Jones / Jones  Abt 1878Macon Co, Tennessee F26913
86 Jones / Wakefield  1873Macon Co, Tennessee F28003
87 Justice / Draper  1869Macon Co, Tennessee F20657
88 Justice / Uhls  Abt 1893Macon Co, Tennessee F20656
89 Kerley / Carr  Abt 1844Macon Co, Tennessee F20632
90 Key / Mitchell  22 Jul 1853Macon Co, Tennessee F23273
91 Lauderdale / Sloan  Abt 1867Macon Co, Tennessee F31977
92 Linville / Carr  4 Sep 1902Macon Co, Tennessee F22822
93 Linville / Johns  1887Macon Co, Tennessee F22782
94 Linville / Linville  Abt 1837Macon Co, Tennessee F16155
95 Linville / Linville  Abt 1875Macon Co, Tennessee F22765
96 Linville / Linville  Abt 1880Macon Co, Tennessee F22766
97 Lovelady / Burrow  Abt 1879Macon Co, Tennessee F16120
98 Lovelady / Newberry  1878Macon Co, Tennessee F15045
99 Lovelady / Rose  16 Feb 1904Macon Co, Tennessee F15310
100 Maxey / Maxey  1892Macon Co, Tennessee F24129

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